3 Delicious Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

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It’s one thing to create a welcoming atmosphere when you’ve invited guests over, but it is quite another thing to do so for our families, for our husbands, those that we see everyday.

I confess that it is all too easy to make extra special efforts for other people, instead of for those that I love the most.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to remember to pull out the stops for my family, too. And especially for my husband.

Since he works fairly long days, often doing strenuous work, my husband comes home hungry and thirsty, and I know that he appreciates little touches that welcome him home.

I’m not Donna Reed, nor does he expect me to be, but little things do count.

Like these:

1. A Cool Drink

Whether it’s a pitcher of iced tea or Lemonade, providing a cool drink is one way to welcome my husband home after a long day. Not only does it quench his thirst, but it also communicated to him that I was thinking of him while he was gone. Having a stocked pantry full of favorite drinks helps.

2. A Few Munchies

Chips and salsa are always a hit with my husband, as are cheese and crackers, a fruit or veggie platter, or a few healthy cookies. Since he comes home in the mid afternoon, the rest of us aren’t yet ready for the evening meal.

It’s nice for him to have a something to snack on to hold him over. He can relax while we talk over the day and make plans for our evening.

3. A Satisfying Supper

We are a family of eaters. We love to eat together and plan meals together. On his way home from work, my husband usually calls to see if there’s anything he can pick up. It’s also a time for me to give him a heads up on the dinner plan.

By planning a satisfying supper that I know he likes, I am giving him something to look forward to in our evening. Or to grab a quick burrito in case he hates my dinner plan. 😉

Winning meals include Shrimp Tacos, a Jalapeno Burn Pizza, and Salsa Verde Beef.

These aren’t big things. And in some households, they would go unnoticed. But, at our house, food and drink are an avenue of not only refreshment, but also of relationship. We enjoy time spent over a shared meal or snack. And they are a great thing to be welcomed home with.

How do YOU create a welcoming atmosphere?

Over the next five weeks, I’m collaborating with a great group of bloggers to share ideas on how to “honor the man they call daddy.” Whether it’s your own husband, your dad, your brother, or another special man in your life who is a father, these ideas will be thought-provoking and encouraging.

This week we’re sharing our different approaches to creating a welcoming atmosphere for the men in our lives.

Be sure to hop around and be inspired:

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  1. Oh, this was a great article. I had to sm ile when I saw the glass of lemonade. That’s one of my dad’s favorite drinks 😉 🙂 Or he ju st enjoys a simple glass of water with a nice lemon slice in it 😉 🙂

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  2. My husband gets home from a year long deployment in just a few more weeks so I’ve been working on trying to create a really welcoming home for him! He assures me that simply not having to use port-a-johns will make the house very inviting, haha. I always try to clear out any clutter and pick up toys right before he gets home from work, make sure there are some snacks in the house, and have some ice cream in the freezer. I also love a lit candle and something yummy to eat or drink after we put baby to bed. We hang out on the deck and unwind together. Great post!

    • @Megan, Thank you for your family’s service to our country!

    • @Megan,

      That has been the one thing getting me through my husbands deployment. I have a bit longer to go, but every day I am thinking and planning of all the ways I can let him know how much I love him and missed him. I have been planning out freezer meals and crockpot dishes for those days that I’m too busy or tired to make something good. I even have freezer lunches since we live close enough that he can come home for lunch. I can’t wait until he is home and I can start being wifey again 🙂

  3. Chris loves coming home to a clean house. It doesn’t have to be spotless, (thank. goodness.) but it makes him feel welcome and expected when the rooms he first walks through when he gets home are straightened and tidy, and he can smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. It might be dinner, cookies, or a scented candle I hurriedly whipped out 10 minutes before he got there.
    Since he’s not as much of a foodie as I am, I’ve had to learn this through trial and error. However, it’s awesome how just a few touches like that help set the evening up for success.

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