Easy Roast Potatoes

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Want an easy potato side dish? This is it.

Easy Roast Potatoes

These uber-scrumptious potatoes are so easy to make, I’m not really going to spend a ton of time telling you about them. They are similar to my Simple Dill Potatoes — only SURPRISE! No dill. The main differences are that I used itty bitty gold potatoes and copious amounts of FishMama Spice. It took about five minutes to mix up the potatoes since I already has the spice mix on hand.

Remember to make a double batch of this amazing concoction of joy and happiness.

Then slide the pan into the oven at high heat and let the heat and spice do their magic. The oil helps the potatoes crisp and develop this delicious caramelization. Need I tell you that I was — for once — happy that my people dawdled on their way to the table when I made these recently.

You snooze, you lose, people! More potatoes for me!

If you only have room for russets or reds in the budget, that’s totally cool, just cut them into chunky bite-size pieces. But, if you can get golds, do it. They have a buttery, rich taste that is amazing.

Easy Roast Potatoes

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  1. Kirstin says

    But you got my hooked on 21 Seasoning Salute. : )

  2. Kirstin says

    I meant “me.” Oh well.

  3. Stacy says

    Can you elaborate on making a double batch?? Cook all the way and then flash freeze and bag to serve at another date?

  4. I”m always amazed that the humble potato, some oil, and a little spice can make such a great side dish! Thanks for the Fish Mama Spice recipe.

  5. Kim says

    Oh my goodness! These were delicious! I used red potatoes because that’s what I had. My 4yo wasn’t going to eat them, but once she did she LOVED them! Half of the recipe was enough for us, but I could have finished off the rest of them by myself. Delicious!!!

  6. Shelly says

    I love the FishMama Spice recipe! Really amped up the flavor of simple roasted potatoes!

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