What You Need to Know About Sourdough

Sourdough bread is so incredibly tasty, and sourdough baking is actually pretty easy to do. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

sourdough boule on cutting board

One of my best friends is named Marilla. She was born on a small island in Canada. She’s pretty steadfast. And so far, she hasn’t failed me.

And no, she isn’t a fictional character.

Marilla is key to my family’s Friday pizza nights. Our weekend bagels. Our daily bread. Continue Reading »

The Scoop on Imperfect Produce

Wondering if Imperfect Produce is a good fit for you? I gave it a try and here’s how it worked out for me, my review of Imperfect Produce.

apples from imperfect produce

A few months ago I heard about this company called Imperfect Produce. The concept of their business was to help farmers get blemished and surplus produce to the consumer, thereby reducing food waste and helping consumers reduce their budgets. 

I love this concept!

I followed them on Instagram and subscribed to their newsletter in anticipation of when they would start delivering to my neighborhood. I never got the email, but I did spy an IP order on a friend’s IG feed and followed up with her.

I was so giddy to sign up, I didn’t even think to ask her if there was a way to get a discount. There is. Continue Reading »

Rock Taco Night with this Salsa Verde Beef (Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Methods)

three tacos on tray

This Salsa Verde Beef recipe is one of the simplest, yet it packs a ton of flavor. It cooks up in the slow cooker or the instant pot, making for the easiest of meals. When dinnertime rolls around, what do you most want to do?  Eat, right? Sure, somedays you look forward to cooking, but […]

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Mother’s Day Recipes to Make Your Mama Happy

cupcakes spelling out We Love Mom

Serve Mom her choice of the classic soup, salad, and sandwich combo. These easy Mother’s Day Recipes will make your mama happy and be easy on your budget. Mother’s Day lunch. Does it bring up visions of being crammed in a cafe foyer with hoards of other people, your legs sticking to the cheap vinyl […]

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What’s Your Meal Planning Personality?

Fascinated by personality tests and understanding yourself a little more? Take our Meal Planning Personality quiz to learn what works best for you! Have you ever wondered why one meal planning system works really well for someone else but it’s a total fail for you? Do you feel like there’s no way that you will […]

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April Grocery Spending

It can be helpful for your own grocery budget to see what others spend and what kind of tricks they use to save money. Here’s what we spend on groceries in April to feed our family of 8 a mostly whole foods diet: Hey hey hey! It’s time for May. I’m coming atcha with a […]

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Makeover Your Meal Plans

Stop spinning your wheels over meal planning! Take charge so that you can save both time and money. Do you ever find yourself staring into an open fridge wondering what to make for dinner? Have you ever dumped more than a few “science projects” when you accidentally let food go to waste? Do you feel like […]

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Budget-Friendly Mexican Food Recipes

Enjoy Mexican food? Looking for some great recipes that are easy and cheap? Check out these ideas and tips for making great Mexican food every week. Nowadays, you can find a decent taco almost anywhere. Even Europe. (Well, Chipotle in London is trying…) But this wasn’t always the case. When I was a kid visiting […]

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