Day 16, Pantry Challenge 2020

a dozen star biscuits baked on a tray

Sunday, Sunday. We did okay.

Everyone, it seems, was up and at ’em early. I was baking bread and making homemade hot dog buns before 9. My 13yo daughter was baking star biscuits.

I also started some Vegetable Bolognese in the slow cooker. Will make that into lasagna tomorrow.


A quick reheat of the breakfast gravy I made the other day, and the morning meal was pretty easy. Some kids had eggs, too. I had my usual. Bryan made his usual steel cut oats.

The better part of a sourdough boule was also consumed during the morning.

hot dog on homemade bun on plate with vegetables


I had some random hot dogs and brats in the freezer, so I cooked those up at lunch. Served on homemade hot dog buns alongside Doritos and veggies, it worked out well. 

I had a salad with leftover chicken from last night, a hard cooked egg, veggies, and blue cheese. It was beautiful, but then I forgot to take a picture.

As a treat, I pulled out some Cranberry Oat Bars from the freezer. FishBoy15 grinned from ear to ear over that.

array of homemade asian dishes


Two of the boys were gone which left us with only five. I know to some that’s a full house, but down from eight that’s a small dinner party.

This made dinner a hard slog. I really wanted to go get Chipotle. But, when I thought what that $50 would buy in groceries, I turned the other way.

I cooked up two packs of Yaki Soba from the freezer and half a bag of potstickers, and made a huge pan of Vegetable Fried Rice and a smaller pan of Cauliflower Fried Rice

Even though I was standing at the stove the entire time, I burned the potstickers. Didn’t realize how quickly the water had evaporated. I grabbed a partial bag of wontons from the freezer and cooked those instead.

We cut off the bottoms of the potstickers, but it wasn’t quite the same. The crispy bottom is supposed to be the best part!

So, that was our day. Things went mostly well and I’ve got three more loaves of bread to stash in the freezer.

How’s the Pantry Challenge going for you?

Day 15, Pantry Challenge 2020

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packed fridge

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Day 14, Pantry Challenge 2020

cart of groceries at Ralphs

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Pantry Challenge Savings Pack

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Day 13, Pantry Challenge 2020

salad with crackers and cucumbers

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Cheddar Coins – aka Homemade Cheez Its

stack of cheddar cracker coins on white plate

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Day 12, Pantry Challenge 2020

cart of groceries at ALDI

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Day 11, Pantry Challenge 2020

salad bowl with vegetables and pork

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