How to Cook Great Rice in Your Instant Pot

Make rice quickly and easily in your electric pressure cooker. Instant Pot Rice is a great budget-friendly side dish to include in your weekly meal rotation.

bowl of cooked rice

So, you got an electric pressure cooker, eh? Birthday/Christmas present? Or was it something that your friend raved about and you knew you just had to have one?

It’s been a few months and there it is. Still in the box it came in.

You know an Instant Pot/Insta-pot/Power Cooker can be a lifesaver on a busy night. That informercial said so. And your friend still raves about how she makes dinner in like ten minutes every night.

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Homemade Chicken Curry Casserole Even Better than Your Mom’s

This freezer-friendly, curried chicken and broccoli casserole is fully homemade. No canned soups or packaged mixes in this Chicken Curry Casserole. Just good, real food. 

curried chicken and broccoli casserole in green dishes

So, casseroles get a bad rap. They’re considered dated, unhealthy, unhip.

The reality, though, is that casseroles can be delicious. Many casseroles will pluck at the chords of nostalgia in your heart and have your mouth watering just at the mere mention of their names.

Chicken Curry Casserole is one of those casseroles.

Though not a true Indian curry, this layered dish of juicy chicken and tender broccoli, luxuriating in a bath of a homemade curried cream sauce is divine. Served over rice alongside a few more veggies it’s not only delicious, but also not unhealthful, either. Continue Reading »

How to Make Homemade Breadcrumbs in the Food Processor

breadcrumbs in food processor

Learn how to make homemade breadcrumbs in this easy tutorial! Never buy breadcrumbs again at the grocery store. Use your food processor to make them yourself. Ever find yourself in the kitchen making a meal and you realize that you’re out of a key ingredient? Yikes! Do you really have to go to the store? […]

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These Enchilada Recipes are the Answer to Your Meal Planning Woes

cheese enchiladas in single serving dishes

Enchiladas, that classic combination of tender corn tortilla, savory sauce, melting cheese, and a succulent filling, make for a great meal. You can vary the fillings, cheeses, and sauce to keep things exciting. Try these enchilada recipes and see! Wondering what to make for dinner? Don’t enchiladas sound delicious? Good thing for you, most enchilada […]

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Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Maple Spiced Pepitas

two plates of pear and blue cheese salad

Enjoy a simple but elegant starter with this Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Maple Spiced Toppings. All of it is make ahead so you can enjoy your dinner to the fullest! Ever been to a restaurant that served an out of this world salad? Maybe it had tangy knobs of blue cheese scattered across […]

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Seasoned Rice Pilaf (like Rice-a-Roni but better & cheaper!)

dinner plate with homemade rice a roni

Boxed rice mixes are a thing of the past, especially when you know how to make a healthier, cheaper, and tastier seasoned rice pilaf yourself. Try this homemade rice-a-roni recipe today. Did you grow up enjoying “the San Francisco Treat”? Ever wonder if you could make it yourself? At home? Without a box? Today is […]

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Easy Mediterranean Grilled Steak Recipe (Freezer-Friendly)

Fire up the grill and get cooking! But first mix up some marinade to prep this Mediterranean Grilled Steak recipe. It’s perfect as a main dish protein or folding into pitas. Tri-tip marinated and grilled Don’t you just love the flavors of grilled meat, especially one that’s been marinated in herbs and spices, soaking up […]

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What to Make for Dinner When You Have No Time to Cook

What to make for dinner? It’s a daily question, isn’t it? Here are some simple strategies to help you answer it in an easy, economical way. What’s do you feel like eating? I dunno. What do you feel like eating? I dunno. We don’t have much time…. Sound familiar? What to make for dinner is a […]

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