How to Cook Couscous the Easy Way

Enjoy couscous in just six minutes with this plain and simple, no-fuss recipe. Couscous is perfect as a simple side dish, base for Buddha bowls, or as the main grain in a salad. Learn how to cook couscous the easy way.

bowl of couscous salad with serving hands

Easy recipes are among God’s blessings to busy home cooks. You want to feed yourself and the people you love, but sometimes you’re on a time crunch — or a brain freeze, as the case may be.

You need something easy that doesn’t take much time or effort.

Couscous is probably the quickest and easiest thing I know how to make. Well, besides toast.

It literally takes 6 minutes from start to finish, requires no fancy equipment, and can even be made without a stove top! Couscous can serve as a simple pasta side, as the base to bowl meals, or as the star ingredient in cold summer salads. It’s perfect for soaking up your favorite sauces and dressings.

Sure, you can get elaborate and fix fancy couscous. But for a simple side dish, this recipe can’t be beat. Continue Reading »

The Best Strawberry Recipes to Make Your Summer Special

Make your summer extra special with these best strawberry recipes. They run the gamut from fresh to frozen to baked goods, from breakfast to lunch to dessert, from savory to sweet. 

spinach salad with chicken, strawberries, and other fruit

So there you are. Minding your own business in the produce section when you’re overcome by the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries.

The scent takes you back to a Proustian/Ratatouille moment in your childhood when your parents took you berry picking. You got to stand in the field and eat berries until your cheeks were stained red and your belly was full.

Strawberries are here! And with them that feeling that winter is truly gone. Summer is here. And life is good.

It’s a fantastic season, isn’t it? Not only can you find fresh, in-season strawberries at the farmer’s market and in the pick-your-own field, but the grocery store sales are plentiful, allowing you to snatch them up for as low as 98 cents a pound. Continue Reading »

How to Freeze Berries and Make Good on Summer Sales

frozen blueberries on a rimmed, parchment-lined tray

Freeze berries at home so you make good on summer sales. Whether you grow your own or find great deals at the store or farm stand, building your own stock of frozen berries in the freezer is like having a hoard of riches. Who doesn’t love a good berry pie bubbling with juices and enrobed […]

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The Easy Meals You Need to Make When There’s “Nothing” to Eat

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Sometimes it can seem like there’s “nothing” to eat. Nothing easy jumps out at you. This list of easy meals will change how you eat on those nights. It’s happened to all of us. You return home famished after a hard day full of grumbling coworkers, whiny children, […]

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The Best Dijon Mustard Marinade for Chicken {Ever}

dinner plate with bite of chicken on the fork

Liven up Chicken Night with this delicious Dijon Mustard Marinade. It mixes up quickly and tastes amazing on grilled chicken breast. Bonus: it’s freezer-friendly. “I think this record has a skip in it.” That was my husband’s reply when I told him what we were having for dinner. And honestly? He was right. It was […]

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May Grocery Spending

girl in grocery store with coupon and box

It can be helpful for your own grocery budget to see what others spend and what kind of tricks they use to save money. Here’s what we spend on groceries in May to feed our family of 8 a mostly whole foods diet: Meet my youngest child, born just a few months before this blog […]

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Make the Most of Lunch on the Go: Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches

cut side view of chicken salad sandwich with cucumber

Ready to get up and go? Make sure to save money on your lunch bill by packing up some easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches with crisp, crunchy cucumbers. Lunchtime is pretty awesome. A delicious respite in the middle of a busy day.  Problem is if you’re away from home, lunchtime can be tricky. To get take-out […]

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What You Need to Know About Sourdough

sourdough boule on cutting board

Sourdough bread is so incredibly tasty, and sourdough baking is actually pretty easy to do. Here’s what you need to know to get started. One of my best friends is named Marilla. She was born on a small island in Canada. She’s pretty steadfast. And so far, she hasn’t failed me. And no, she isn’t […]

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