Sourdough Pizza Crust

step by step photos of pizza dough process

Use up that sourdough starter discard in this delicious and flavorful sourdough pizza crust. Mix the dough in the morning and it’s ready to bake into pizzas at dinnertime. Should you decide to tackle the art of baking with sourdough, then you’re going to want to make a few things besides bread. I know I […]

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Day 10, Pantry Challenge 2020

fried eggs on toast piled with veggies

We’re almost halfway through the first of the Grocery Savings Challenges. This month’s Pantry Challenge continues to go well even if I don’t always  follow the plan. Not too much to report today as I didn’t really do much cooking. Or photographing. Sorry! But, some days are like that. Food is fuel. So, just make […]

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Day 9, Pantry Challenge 2020

plate of eggs and rice

Nine days down in the Pantry Challenge! Here’s how we are focusing on what we have and buying enough to supplement it. Today’s is a quick update.The day kinda of got away from me. Breakfast I missed breakfast. You know that rarely happens. LOL! The kids fed themselves: eggs, toast, and smoothies. No surprise there.

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How to Make Brown Sugar When You Really Need It

homemade brown sugar in white bowl

Run out of brown sugar? No problem. With white sugar and molasses you can make your own to use in your favorite baking recipes. Brown sugar is sometimes essential to a recipe. You can’t make a good Cinnamon Roll without it. And Not Mushy Oatmeal really tastes its best with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Forget about making Chocolate Chip […]

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Day 8, Pantry Challenge 2020

taco bowl

Ready to tackle another week of the Pantry Challenge? This month we’re working on using what we have to save money and avoid waste. Feeling pretty good going into Week 2. Our spending for the month so far is at a fairly low $131 and I’ve yet to make much of a dent in our […]

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Baking Substitutions to Use When You Run Out

baking ingredients measured out in various dishes

Find yourself baking and run out of a key ingredient? No problem. There are a number of baking substitutions that you can choose from and avoid an extra trip to the store. You run to the store with your carefully crafted grocery list. But, distractions draw you away from checking to see that you have […]

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Day 7, Pantry Challenge 2020

sourdough starter exploding out of container

Here we are winding up week 1 of the 2020 Pantry Challenge, the first of our Grocery Savings Challenges. It’s been a good week where we’ve eaten great meals, spent less on food, and used up some stuff on hand. The last thing I did last night before I went to bed was feed my […]

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Day 6, Pantry Challenge 2020

paris mug with green tea bag

Looking to save money on food costs this year? Take the Grocery Savings Challenges! This month, the Pantry Challenge has us using up what we have to save money and avoid food waste. January blahs have started to set it. The weather is cold. The school year long. And I just haven’t found my groove. […]

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