Jalapeno Cheese Dip

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Hot dips are the perfect appetizer to serve on cold nights. Typically, rich and cheesy, they break the ice at any get-together.

Artichoke-Chile Dip

Savvy readers will have noted that with six children aged 3 to 14, I’ve spent a good portion of my life pregnant. In fact, I think I was continuously pregnant or nursing for about 13 years. As such, what I ate did not just affect me. It affected another little person. I basically ate for two for over a decade.

And while pregnant or nursing, I leaned toward comfort foods — and those rich in nutrients. Once I heard that artichokes were good for pregnant woman, I gave myself carte blanche to eat as much  artichoke dip as I wanted. Oh yes, I did.

I love artichoke dip. Hot, cheesy, and full of flavor, its soft texture provides such a lovely contrast to the crisp toasts I serve with it.

In fact, over the years, I’ve collected a small repertoire of hot dips that we enjoy throughout the winter months as well as on cooler summer evenings. Hot dips are perfect for cold evening get-togethers with friends. In addition to the aforementioned, perfect-for-pregnant-women, Artichoke Dip, herb-baked goat cheese and  Garlic Brie Bread are big favorites with me.

Recently, I messed around in the kitchen to create this Jalapeno Cheese Dip. It started because I was using up some leftover chopped jalapenos and bell pepper and then it kinda morphed from there. It is delicious cold with veggie dippers, but cozily warming if served hot from the oven with tortilla chips.

The leftover was fantastic as the filling for Jalapeno Poppers. And I imagine that it would be great as a sandwich spread, too.

Do you have a favorite HOT dip?

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  1. Laura says

    Buffalo chicken dip. My friends and I have it at every get together, its a requirement. I’ve been craving it lately so I need to make some soon!

  2. Racheal says

    Super Duper Garlic Dip. It is always a hit at every gathering we go to and its really easy.

  3. This looks super yummy!

  4. This looks delicious! My bf’s favorite things: spicy food and cheese 🙂

  5. Jenny says
  6. Jennifer says

    I just made this jalapeno cheese dip, It is heavenly!

    • Jessica says

      That sounds yummy. I might have to go get some jalapenos….

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