What to Do with Peaches (Recipe: Peach Salsa)

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Summertime is peach season. Take advantage of the bounty with these peachy ideas.

Along with our regular produce box delivery comes the option of “add-ons”. This year one of the regular add-ons has been cosmetically challenged stone fruit. (My farmer has a sense of humor.)

Spring storms pretty much thrashed a lot of the crops, but we’re making lemonade, as they say. The crops don’t go to the cows, and us members get 15 pound boxes of fruit for 10 bucks. Honestly, none of these have been too ugly, but I guess they’re covering their bases by saying they’re “cosmetically challenged”.

So far, we’ve had a big load of nectarines and another of peaches. And while it’s fairly overwhelming in the face of it, I don’t think that we’ve wasted too much. Part of the key has been to keep the fruit flies at bay and to refrigerate the fruit before it’s overripe.

If you get a load of peaches, whether from your CSA or your backyard tree, it’s helpful to have a supply of recipes to go with. I can’t give you peaches, but I can supply some recipes.

Eat peaches fresh.

At our house, we mostly eat peaches fresh. That is the preferred mode. When I have these ginormous boxes of fruit, the kids eat all they want.

It does my heart good to see them pacing the back patio munching on juicy fruit. And my floors appreciate that the drips are falling outside.

Add fresh peaches to stuff.

If eating them by themselves grows old, then slice them up into other stuff. These are Peaches and Cream Zucchini Brownies. Doesn’t look healthy, but it is. Kinda.

You can also slice peaches into your morning yogurt, top a waffle or pancake, and serve them with cottage cheese. They are fantastic atop these Shortcakes with Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Bake with peaches.

I confess, I do not like the taste of cooked peaches. Just not my favorite. I’ve tried. Many times. And so I’ve put that one on the shelf.

But, if cobblers, crisps, and pies are your bag, then check out this collection of peachy recipes from Joy the Baker. I think she’s got everything covered.

(And I love that recipe search function. Gonna have to figure out how that works!)

Add peaches to smoothies.

My fifteen year old son is very into his daily smoothies. I’m not sure exactly what he puts in there, but he’s been researching how to be healthier and more buff, so the smoothie is part of his regiment. I keep a drawer in the freezer stocked with frozen fruit for his smoothie making.

Just peel and slice your peaches. Freeze them on lined trays. Once the slices are firm, throw them in a freezer bag or container. Now, you can pick out as many slices as you like without having to freeze the entire container.

Can peaches.

While I don’t have much experience with canning peaches, the folks over at Simple Bites do. Check out this post for tips on canning stone fruit in general and peaches, specifically.

Puree and freeze peaches.

Freezing peaches into sorbet and popsicles worked amazingly well last week.

Make Peach Salsa.

Peaches stand in for tomatoes in a variety of recipes. I’ve even seen them sliced on a pizza! And they are fabulous in salsa. Eat it with chips or use it to top grilled meats.

What’s your favorite thing to do with peaches?

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  1. Shell says

    Sounds great! I love peach pie with home made ice cream. Or peach preserves, but then I would. I am a Southener and proud of it. When I was growing up, you ate what was served and were happy to get it. Nothing was wasted. Sounds like you are trying to teach your children the same things. I think frugality is not just in the wallet, but also in your mindset for everything. My Aunts pickled, canned, and saved just about everything. Lot of work, but thanks to my Grandfather’s large garden and their dilligence, nobody ever went hungry.

  2. Last year I canned a load of peaches, made jam and then froze peach pie filling for crisps, pies and other desserts. It was so nice to enjoy peaches in the winter months. Home canned peaches taste so much better than store bought cans. Thanks for the great ideas.

  3. I have a great recipe called “Peach of a Pasta” that I make. I usually use nectarines though. It’s really good and one of my favorite summer dishes.

  4. Marilyn says

    We halve the peaches and take out the pit, put a small ball of almond paste, top with riccotta or mascarpone and add a few crumbs of amaretti cookies. Then we grill them on the BBQ for about 5 minutes until warm and cheese soft. DELICIOUS!!!

  5. Yum! Right now, I’m making regular salsa in the slow cooker. I love this time of year:)

  6. NIA says

    Okay Jessica,
    You are doing an amazing job with your produce box, so I’m hoping you can help me? I am at a loss with the turnips. First it was beets-then we realized we could get them down by baking beet buns from Healthy Bread in 5 min. a day. Then it was parsnips- we conquered those by making muffins. Then cantaloupe(which we’ve tried for years and years to eat, but were unsuccessful) until a smoothie with strawberries and pineapple juice took care of that. But I tell ya, these darn turnips are just too sharp, and I really want us to be able to take advantage of the nutrients they have to offer. So, please help if you can. Even roasting and mashing with potatoes just didn’t do it.

    • Jessica says

      @NIA, I can’t remember. Are you doing Abundant Harvest? I’m thinking not since we haven’t had turnips for months. Unless you’ve got radishes?

      But, we like turnips sliced thin, raw, and sprinkled with salt.

      We didn’t get that many turnips over the winter, but I chopped one fine and would throw it into soup or mashed potatoes. But, I never used more than one or two. Hope that helps!

      And I admire you on the parsnips. I hated those. I found a friend to take them.

      • NIA says

        @Jessica, LOL good thing your friend was willing to take the parsnips. We are doing Abundant Harvest and I’m not sure what happened in our are, though I’m not complaining, but we got turnips (they are white with purple at the tops right?) and beets in last Saturdays box. Actually we got turnips the previous Saturday also, so we had two bunches to use up. I hope I didn’t keep them too long, maybe holding them in the fridge is the reason they had such a strong flavor? Anyhow, I’ll have to try them raw as you suggest.

        • Jessica says

          @NIA, we got the beets…. Yeah! (name that girl band). But, we didn’t get the turnips. I hope you like them raw, but I’m a little doubtful since they were so sharp cooked. Let me know.

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