Easy Veggie Tray to Save You Money

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Purchased vegetable trays are convenient, but they can be costly. Here’s all you need to create a super easy veggie tray and save money.

Easy Veggie Tray | Good Cheap Eats

OK, you’re taking a dish to Thanksgiving and you’ve been assigned “the veggie tray.” You could just pick up one of these:

You Can Do Better than a Purchased Veggie Tray

But, you’ll probably pay about $15. Sure, the work is done for you, but sometimes the quality is less than stellar. And it’s just vegetables. You can do this, simply, easily, and economically for about 1/5 the cost. And chances are it will taste a lot better.

Make this dressing or this one and let it chill in the refrigerator. Buttermilk, mayo and a few spices from the cupboard will get you a tasty dip without preservatives and other bad stuff.

Next, grab several cucumber and carrots. Currently I can buy cucumbers for $.77 each and carrots for $.50/pound. So this is a super economical dish. Sure, you can add other vegetables. But, really, these are most people’s favorites. So why not go with that?

Wash veggies with vinegar and water. Peel the carrots completely and the cucumbers intermittently. Leaving a little of the green skin makes them prettier as well as helps them hold their texture longer.

Slice both on an angle. If your carrots are thin, you’ll need to slice at an extreme angle to get enough surface area to make a good sized dipper. Arrange on a pretty plate or platter. Divide the different colored vegetables into sections, surrounding your dish of ranch dressing. Chill until serving.

Total cost: about $3 and 20 minutes of time. Totally worth it in my book for a delicious, easy, kid-friendly, simple appetizer.

Tools to make it EASY:

Got another trick for making a super easy veggie tray?

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