25 Great Game Day Appetizers

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Football is foodball in my book. Game day appetizers are so yummy, I could eat them all the time, even if I didn’t even like the game! Try these apps for your next game day.

healthy spinach dip with veggies and crackers

I confess. I’m not really a football fan.

But my husband is. Me, I’m just here for the food.

Football, or foodball, as I occasionally call it, gives itself to eating good food. I don’t know what it is.

Baseball is simple: a Dodger dog and a chocolate malt. Hockey: poutine. Basketball? I don’t even know.

But, football? Football calls for all the food! Am I right?

I’ve done you a favor and rounded up some super yummy, easy-to-prep, budget-friendly game day appetizers.

What should I make for game day?

Game day lends itself to fun food. Think about those special treats that you just can’t wait to dig into. Doritos and BBQ potato chips are at the top of my list!

Consider where you’ll be eating. Chances are your TV is not best seen from your dining room table. If it is, well, serve whatever you like!

But, chances are your television — and prime game-viewing seats — are a little more comfortable for sitting. They don’t, however, lend themselves to three course meals with forks and knives.

Focus on finger foods for game day. You and your guests can sit comfortably around the TV and not worry about balancing precarious plates in your laps while you try to cut up your food.

Finger foods for the win, my friend!

zucchini fritters on tasting plates

What are some examples of finger foods?

Finger foods are any items that can be eaten with the fingers. Buffalo chicken wings come to mind immediately for game day, don’t they?

There are plenty of goodies besides wings. Think of chips, dips, bite-size snacks, and easy to eat items, like chicken strips or Zucchini Fritters for your game day appetizers.

How should I serve finger foods at a party?

Consider these serving tips when you set up your game day spread:

No fancy dip and chip bowl?

No problem. Spoon the dip into a martini glass. Place the glass in the bowl before adding the chips. The dip will be elevated above the chips allowing easy access to both without having to buy a dedicated chip and dip bowl. 

Stagger your staging.

Don’t bring out the hot stuff until the bulk of your crowd has arrived. Let the early birds and punctual folk much on chips and dips at first.

Then bring out the warm appetizers as a second shift. Or, if you’d rather, serve the hot stuff to the folks who show up on time. 😉

Keep your cooties to yourself.

With cold and flu season upon us, don’t set up a big bowl of tiny munchies for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to stick his grubby hands in.

Instead, pre-portion these snack foods into smaller vessels, like tasting cups (aka shot glasses), ramekins, or even silicone muffin cups.

What should I serve with hot wings?

I know, you’ve still got hot wings on your mind. Me, too. 

Serve hot wings with a variety of sauces (scroll down to see some of my favorites) as well as plenty of crunchy items like a veggie and relish tray as well as other bite-sized, game day appetizers.

25 Great Game Day Appetizers

You'll be the hit of the party when you serve up a feast of finger foods to your guests. These easy-to-serve game day appetizers will please fans of all ages.

What are YOUR favorite game day appetizers?

P.S. Don’t forget to follow these tips for tailgate food on a budget.

25 Great Game Day Appetizers

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for the yummy appetizer recipes!

    I’m a little confused about the cable. Basic channels (ABC, FOX, NBC, etc) are free over the air. We don’t have cable but do have an HD antenna, so we will get the Super Bowl anyway. Is it not like that for you?

    • We don’t get any channels without a cable hookup. Not sure if the hd TV came with an antennae, but I’ll double check.

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