Tomato Salad on Toast – A Fun Summer Appetizer

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Enjoy the flavors of summer with this juicy Tomato Salad on Toast. It’s the perfect appetizer for summer get-togethers, making use of the produce of the season.

Tomato Salad on Toast | Good Cheap Eats

Tomatoes are probably one of my favorite fruits. And yes, they ARE fruits. What’s a sandwich or a burger without a slice or two of tomato? What’s pizza without a rich and luscious tomato sauce? How can you have a vegetable salad without a few sparkling balls of red tomato.

Clearly, tomatoes go so well in so many things. One of my new favorite tomato-y things? This tomato salad on toast.It’s a little like a salsa. A little like a bruschetta. A little like a salad. It’s a lot good. My kids and I couldn’t stop eating it the other night. A single batch will work for a party of 4. You’ll need to make a few batches for a party party.

I buy sliced baguette at my local Ralphs. It’s better for toasting than fresh baguette and it often goes on clearance. I stock up and stash the bags in my freezer for whenever we want a fun little snack. Often we make bruschetta, like these:

Tomato Salad on Toast | Good Cheap Eats

This Tomato Salad is similar to a bruschetta, only the flavor profile is tweaked just a bit. Instead of basil, we’ve got cilantro. Instead of balsamic vinegar, we’ve got lime juice. Instead of an Italian cheese, there’s just a little bit of feta cheese crumbles. It doesn’t taste like feta, the cheese adds a nice salty tang. Overall, it comes together in a vibrant, refreshing salad that is a great foil to the garlic toasts. I imagine that pita or pita chips or even tortilla chips would also work.

It may seem tedious to cut all those cherry or grape tomatoes, but I find that they have the best flavor until summer-ripe tomatoes are in season. They last longer and seem to burst with more sweetness and flavor. Feel free to sub other varieties of tomatoes if you prefer.

This salad is delicious as an appetizer, but you can also use it to accent a salad or sandwich bar. I’d even add it to Queso Fundido if I didn’t want to use spicy salsa. Just make a lot. It’ll go fast.

Tomato Salad on Toast | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Pat says:

    We will have to try this. Looks yummy and refreshing.
    Step 2??

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