Sundried Tomato & Brie Pasta

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tomato brie pasta

Two of my favorite splurge ingredients are Brie cheese and sundried tomatoes. Usually I buy both at Costco since that store offers the best price on these “gourmet” ingredients. Both flavors pack a lot of punch so you can stretch your ingredients investment over several meals.

This pasta is one of the easiest on the planet to make. It’s an upscale mac and cheese that takes just minutes to prepare.

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  1. TwoDiffSocks says

    Hi Ya’ll,

    double check your ethnic grocery store…i found my fave brand of Brie for $2.00USD instead of in my tiny {Key Food} regular grocery store at $6.00USD.

    Also {same ethnic store} I found a HUGE package of fave chocolates: Merci at the $15.00USD instead of the tiny packages in my CVS at $6.99USD.

    Always pays to check out your Ethnic Grocery Stores 🙂

  2. Thank you for hosting. I shared my whole wheat rolls recipe. This is a quick one.

  3. I love costco prices for things like this. I’ll bet the flavors go excellent! This is a mac and cheese that I would LOVE to try! Thanks!

  4. This looks so delicious! Love anything with pasta and cheese. Can’t go wrong! Thanks!

  5. that looks awesome!

  6. Jessika says

    I made a similar dish for friends recently but with the multi colored mini heirloom tomatoes from TJ’s. So delicious!

  7. AllieZirkle says

    This looks so stinkin’ tasty!!

  8. Patricia Staino says

    Did you use sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil or the dried ones you can buy loose? This sounds delish. May be trying it tonight!

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