The Easiest Grilled Pizza You Can Make

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Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen! Cooking out doesn’t have to be limited to meats and burgers. Try grilled pizza!


The first time we grilled pizza was about five kids and ten years ago. It was amazing! And then we didn’t do it again for quite some time.

Last summer we took up the practice again and were amazed (again) how fun and easy it was!

Here’s how to take your pizza pie outside.


Do you need a pizza stone to grill pizza?

No. You don’t even need a pizza stone to bake pizza. I find using a pizza stone to be very cumbersome and annoying. For years I baked pizza on sheet pans, and then later upgraded to pizza screens.

Pizza screens are a great option as they ensure a crisp crust but are also lightweight and easy to store.

Can I grill a frozen pizza?

You can grill a frozen pizza. However in our testing, we found that, contrary to the frozen pizza box directions, it is best to thaw the pizza before you grill it. Otherwise, you get a burnt pizza bottom before the toppings are heated good enough.

To grill a frozen pizza, remove it from its wrappings while it’s still frozen. Transfer it to a greased pizza screen, and allow it to thaw. Then proceed to grill the pizza.

Can I grill a take-and-bake pizza?

Yes, you can grill a take-and-bake pizza, opening lots of opportunity for very quick, keep-the-heat-outside pizza nights. 

Remove the pizza from its packaging and transfer it to a greased pizza screen. Cook the pizza on a hot grill until the crust is crisp and the toppings are hot and the cheese is melted.

How do you grill pizza?

1. Get your pizza dough and toppings ready.

You’ll need a basic pizza dough and your preferred toppings, including sauce, cheese, and other pizza toppings.

2. Assemble your pizzas.

Form the pizza crust and place on a grilled pizza screen. Spread the sauce lightly, taking care not to press the dough into the openings of the screen. (Do that and the screen will be a nightmare to clean.)

Add your toppings and cheese.

3. Fire up the grill.

You need a big enough grill to hold one or two pizzas as well as one that gets hot enough. Optimally, you want an oven-like atmosphere in your covered grill, so make sure it can heat up to and stay in the 400 to 500 degree range.

We have a Weber Genesis II that works really well for grilling pizza. It operates very much like an oven.

4. Grill your pizzas.

Once you have the grill hot enough, place your pizzas on the grill. Close the lid and bake for 5 to 7 minutes or until the crust is crisp and the toppings are hot.

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  1. Grilling pizza is our new favorite. It is hands down the best way to make it!

  2. We had grilled pizza yesterday! It is interesting how the cooking time varies from grill to grill. I use the charcoal side of our grill and find that I only have five or six minutes per side before the grill marks get dark even when the coals are cooled. I’m going to look for a grill like yours for summer baking because all of last year’s attempts at casseroles, meat loaves and cobblers were best left undocumented.

    I shared a tried-and-true recipe for grilled buns. They are great with burgers and for cheese sandwiches the next day.

    Thank you for hosting this link-up.

  3. Alison says

    I use a new pizza crust recipe which calls for a prebake. After the prebake you can freeze the crusts easily. Now that it is warmer, I am going to make smaller crusts and freeze them for summer grilled pizza. The biggest hassle on pizza night is the crust (and mess) so I look forward to some easy dinners with the crusts done in advance!

  4. Kelly says

    We LOVE grilled pizzas. We place our dough on a stoneware baking sheet and top before placing on the grill. Our favorites are sausage, jalapeno and banana pepper; another favorite is grilled veggie. We make them year round and almost weekly despite the Indiana weather. Delicious!

  5. Lisa says

    Thanks for hosting the link party again! We love to grill, but have never grilled pizza…my husband is always up for trying something new on the grill, so we’re going to try this next week. I linked up with “Joel’s Marinated Chicken”. My uncle grilled it up for our couples’ wedding shower many years ago. We have served this “pink chicken” to dinner guests many times, and without fail, someone asks for the recipe! Enjoy 🙂

  6. Thanks for hosting! I’m linking a recipe for sesame garlic glaze, which is awesome on all kinds of meats and greens. Plus, commenters on my post can win a $25 gift card to Sears.

  7. Kerry says

    Grilled pizza has been a staple in our house since a Cooking Light issue featured it in 1998. The toppings have changed over the years, and my sauce has gotten minimalistic. Here it is, if anyone wants a fast, good homemade sauce:
    28 ounce can crushed or diced tomatoes
    Kosher salt
    Fresh or dried oregano
    Fresh or dried basil
    Red pepper flakes
    Pour tomatoes into mesh colander. Sprinkle with kosher salt and let them sit about ten minutes to drain water/juice out.
    Put in processor or blender with (approximately) 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt, tablespoon of each spice, and 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (increase to taste).
    You can heat up prior to adding to pizza, or put directly on crust on grill. It is a good minimalist sauce that goes great with the rustic taste of grilled pizza, and no sugar/sweet taste that you get on some pizzas. (not a fan of sweet sauce!)

  8. I didn’t realize you could grill homemade pizza. In highschool I worked at an Ace Hardware and a Weber representative came one time and did a demonstration where they grilled everything from frozen pizzas to chocolate chip cookies from store bought dough, but hadn’t ever thought about grilling homemade versions.

  9. Diana says

    We grill pizzas made on tortillas–you don’t have the hassle of crust, and it gets super crispy and delicious. I’ll have to try it this way too, though!

  10. Jessica says

    As soon as the mercury rises, we cook just about everything on the grill! (No central air=hot kitchen) I haven’t mastered the directly on the grill pizza, but I bring my cast iron skillet out, and put it on the grates with the pizza stone on top. Plus we use the cast iron griddle and skillets for gobs of other goodies, right on the grill.

  11. I love pizza on the grill!

  12. Lucy says

    Haven’t tried grilling pizza, but this looks amazing and will definitely be on my to-grill list this year! Yum.

  13. My husband is a pizza “expert” and would love grilled pizza, but we’re still working on that… our grill grates are too wide and the dough falls through, so we may take cooling racks and place those perpendicular so that we have a small grate, instead of a bunch of holes.

    I plan to link up a super-easy and versatile marinade for the grill, but thought I’d make a comment until I can post – margarita mix!!

  14. Patricia says

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks! My husband and I hosted a small gathering of friends this weekend and we tried this. We all had so much fun! It was such a unique way to spend the evening.

  15. Hannah A. says

    What grill temperature should we aim for? 500° F…?

    • I don’t have a temperature gauge on my grill. But, based on what I do in the oven, I’d say 450 to 500 would be a great target. But, I honestly don’t know how hot the standard grill gets.

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