Samosa Cups Recipe

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Samosa Cups are crunchy little bundles of seasoned ground meat, onions, and African spices. They are a delicious shortcut to traditional samosa.

Samosa Cups Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

My neighbor Alice was born and raised in Tanzania. She’s an amazing mom, nurse, friend, and cook. She has always been quick to offer me advice when one of the kids is hurt or sick, saving me many a panicked moment. However, one of the best gifts she ever gave me was to introduce me to samosas.

Last fall her son ran over to our house with a plate of these deep fried things that I had never seen before. Oh my word. I can’t tell you how amazingly delicious they are! Mmmmm.

Immediately, I was texting her to find out what awesomeness was inside. The woman is amazing. Alice makes the dough by hand instead of buying prepackaged dough, cooks the meat with spices and onion, and then fries each one to a golden brown perfection.

Problem is: I’m lazy. I wasn’t quite up to the task of making a homemade dough as well as a rich filling AND standing over the fryer.

Instead, I came up with a fun little cheat that allows me to enjoy the delicious flavor of samosas with a lot less work. You’re going to love it!

I think I originally saw the wonton cup idea on Pinterest. I knew immediately that it would work well with a samosa filling. While samosas don’t generally have cheese, I added mild jack cheese to help hold the cups together. It is a winning combination.

You can make these with beef or turkey, but after multiple tests, I felt that they are best with ground turkey.

Samosa Cups Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

These Samosa Cups are such a hit with my family! They are easy to make, super delicious, and can be served as appetizers or as a main dish. I’ve served them alongside couscous, green salad, kachumber, and rice pilaf. It was FishPapa’s idea to add some mango salsa.

It’s my idea that you should make these. Soon.

I’m in love, I tell you.

Tools I use to make this EASY:

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Samosa Cups Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Jill says

    It seems like the filling would probably freeze pretty well. Do you agree? I think I’ll try and make some burritos out of it for quick lunches throughout the month.

  2. Whitney says

    Yum! I’ve always wanted to try the wonton “cupcake” idea. This sounds delicious! What kind of curry powder do you use? Just the regular grocery store variety or something different (spicy?)? Thanks!!

  3. Fattima Ali says

    I love samosas and never thought of the cupcake idea, sounds really fun! In countries with Indian influence they would add the curry and it doesn’t matter what type. You should use what you like. In most West Africa, Samosas are made with shredded meat, fish filet, and even tuna minus the curry. Usually, lots of onions, garlic, and with a spicy habanero pepper sauce on the side.

  4. Ashley says

    Do you think you could freeze the assembled cups?

    • I am not sure. I think they might get soggy if you filled them with the meat mixture warm. But, if you chilled the meat mixture and then assembled, I think that would work well. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Amy S says

    Your pictures show an open top, but your directions make an enclosed muffin-samosa. I am just wanting some clarification. My guess is the open version was more photogenic, but there isn’t a note saying so.

    A friend exposed me to the world of wonton cups at a NYE party. I must have been living under a rock. I love the concept although her execution of it was so-so.

    • Actually, the directions say to end with cheese. You basically do two layers of wrapper, meat, cheese. It’s open on the top.

  6. razia says

    I love samosas and never thought of the cupcake idea.Samosas are made with shredded meat, fish filet, and even tuna minus the curry. Usually, lots of onions, garlic, and with a spicy habanero pepper sauce on the side.

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