Cheesy Sausage Enchiladas

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These Cheesy Sausage Enchiladas are a delicious, yet simple dinner that will feed a crowd as well as provide great leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

Cheesy Sausage Enchiladas | Good Cheap Eats

Enchiladas are probably one of my favorite foods to prepare — and to eat. I rarely get them when out to eat because it’s so easy to make them at home. They are one of my ultimate comfort foods.

Over the years I’ve played around with the fillings and sauces to see just how many great tasting combinations I can find. It’s been a very fun pastime, if I do say so myself.

One of the combinations that my 11yo has become very attached to over the last few months is this one I’m sharing today. He tends to be my pickier eater, so when I find something he loves, I am over the moon with excitement.

Basically, I took the flavors on another family favorite, Queso Fundido, and stuffed it into an enchilada. Topped with homemade enchilada sauce, these sausage enchiladas are a hit with pretty much everyone at my table. Hot italian sausage, sauteed with a generous portion of chopped onion, jack cheese, and pepper jack, rolled up in soft corn tortillas? Yum-O!

Cheesy Sausage Enchiladas | Good Cheap Eats

We’re a double¬†batch family when it comes to sausage enchiladas, but I’m usually able to make a few to tuck into FishPapa’s lunch the next day. Rather than try to fend off the hungry hoards from the leftovers, I will make a few individual servings to tuck into these microwaveable meal prep containers. FishPapa just “bakes” the enchiladas at work the next day in the microwave.

The process of making enchiladas is not difficult, meaning I can make a batch in about 20 minutes. Meaning this is a great dinner!

Tools I use to make it EASY:

Other favorite enchilada recipes:

Cheesy Sausage Enchiladas | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Allie Z says

    This sounds so right and flavorful! I’m confused with the sausage though… Do these have an Italian flare to them? Also, do you have a recommendation on enchilada sauce?

    • No, they don’t taste Italian. The hot sausage just adds spicy good flavor. I’ve linked to my homemade enchilada sauce recipe in the post.

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