Iced Mocha

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It’s true that a Frappucino or an iced mocha is one of my favorite indulgences, particularly in summertime. But, at 4 bucks a pop, it’s not the best use of our money. Instead, with some good coffee, sugar, cocoa, milk, and ice, I can make my own. This particular recipe is on the milkier side, but you can adjust the ratio of coffee to milk to suit your tastes. I use nonfat milk, but it will certainly be creamier if you use milk of a different percentage milkfat.

Iced Mocha
3/4 cup strongly brewed coffee (I used 4 Tablespoons coffee grounds for 1/2 cup)
1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 cup milk

In small bowl or mug combine hot coffee, cocoa, and sugar. Stir until cocoa and sugar are completely dissolved. Stir in 1 cup milk. Pour over ice in large mug or glass.

Makes 1 large or two small beverages.

** If you ever have leftover coffee, freeze it in ice cube trays to use in coffee drinks like this. As it melts, it will keep your drink from being diluted.

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  1. jess says

    have you tried making a simple syrup at home?
    boil water and sugar, add vanilla extract (if you like). Cool, put in bottle, keep in fridge. Cheaper than the flavored syrups, and make it easier to make iced coffee drinks. 🙂
    ( I don’t remember the exact ratios – but Martha Stewart has a good recipe.)

    • Jessica says

      @jess, yes, I just started doing that. Love it for iced coffee.

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