Homemade Mocha Chocolate Syrup Recipe

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This decadent mocha chocolate syrup adds a touch of elegance to simple desserts like sundaes, affogatos, pound cakes, and more.

Homemade Mocha Chocolate Syrup Recipe

We are big fans of mocha flavor in these here parts. Chocolate mixed with coffee?! Yum-O. We’ve spent a small fortune on cafe mochas over the years which is pretty silly when you consider how easy it is to make these things ourselves. I think laziness is the culprit and maybe lack of convenience. It’s so much easier to buy one ready-made or even buy the commercial syrups at the store. The bummer of those two options is that they are expensive and full of weird additives and sweeteners.

This last week I decided to stop with the lazy and get with the tasty. I made chocolate syrup with a twist. Instead of using water with my sugar and cocoa powder, I used decaf coffee. Yes, really. I boiled it down and voila!

Mocha Sundae

Mocha Chocolate Syrup ready to be poured into coffee drinks or hot chocolate, drizzled over ice cream, stirred into milk, or spooned over cake. There’s no end to the uses for the syrup. I confess to eating it off the spoon.

Plan for some quick, impromptu desserts by keeping a jar of this stuff in your fridge. It takes three ingredients — four if you count salt — and comes together in less than 15 minutes.

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  1. June says

    Hi Jessica, I Played with your coffee syrup recipe to make it without sugar, so I replaced it with honey, it wasn’t sweet enough so I tried black strap molasses (can I just say YUCK) then I tried maple syrup ~ that’s the winner! So I used 3/4 of a cup of honey and 1/4 c maple syrup. I Cut your recipe in 1/2. It didn’t thicken but it was tasty in my coffee. 😉 and I think honey is good for me. ??? Thanks for all you do Jessica, you’re amazing . j

    • Great to hear that you found a great naturally sweetened adaptation. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it!

  2. Nancy says

    Give me chocolate anything anytime and I’m all in. This is just wonderful. Just put it in my coffee. Oh my!!! Will make many more times.

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