5 Quick Last-Minute Desserts

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Need a quick dessert that doesn’t take advance preparation? These last-minute desserts are quick and delicious.

plate of chocolate dipped fruit

Do you ever have crazy holidays? Where you find yourself doing all kinds of fussing in the kitchen for a meal that is gobbled down in seconds, a huge mess to clean up left in its wake. Those visions of holidays past have given me new resolve in my holiday meal planning.

The holidays are a time when we all want to rest and relax a little bit. Am I right? I mean, if you can’t take the day off on a holiday, when can you?!

So, I’ve decided to scale things back a bit, plan simple-yet-scrumptious meals, and stash away some quick last minute dessert fixings.

5 Quick Last-Minute Desserts

Whether you plan for your dessert prep to be quick and/or last-minute or not, these desserts are sure to please. They don’t take much time to prepare; they focus on easy staples to keep on hand; and they taste great!

What’s your favorite last-minute dessert?

Originally published December 22, 2015.

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  1. Fjords… 😀
    My Gram’s peanut butter pie has always been my favorite. It comes together in maybe 15 minutes, and I recently cracked the code on how to make it dairy free, meaning I can eat it again (it’s been years)!

  2. My favorite is to open jars of homemade pie filling and top with a quick crumb topping. With the food processor, you can combine flour, butter, sugar and oats and have a topping in a matter of minutes. Throw it on a jar or two of homemade pie filling, perhaps add some frozen berries, bake for 30-45 minutes and you have a gourmet dessert to serve by the time dinner is done.

  3. Janet says

    Poached pears in a sauce of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Yum

  4. Karen says

    We call your apple crowns “apple nachos” and also top them with things like mini chocolate chips and coconut flakes. 🙂

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