Sorbet Punch

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Sorbet, juice, and club soda combine for a refreshing punch, perfect for showers and other special occasions.

This time of year is one in which I got married and years later had several babies. That also means that it is bridal and baby shower season — at least in my memories.

One lovely shower recipe that I’ve enjoyed over the years is Sorbet Punch. It’s amazingly easy to make.

Simply scoop ice cream and/or sorbet into glasses, pitchers, or punch bowls. Then pour over juice and club soda. The result is a creamy “float” for a crowd. You can create a multitude of flavor combinations by mixing and matching the flavors of ice cream, sorbet, and juice. Depending on the combination you choose, you could also garnish your concoctions with sprigs of mint or citrus slices. For a sweeter drink, use ginger ale instead of soda water.

Some flavor combinations to consider:

  • orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, orange juice, and club soda
  • raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, raspberry blend juice, and club soda
  • lime sorbet, lime juice, mint syrup, club soda, and mint leaves
  • peach ice cream, peach nectar, and club soda
  • coffee sorbet, vanilla or chocolate ice cream, cold, strong-brewed coffee, club soda

In this rendition, I used mango sorbet, pineapple juice and club soda. But, really the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Thank you for hosting this link-up! Anyone planning a shower or reception will want to “pin” this collection.

    I shared a super-easy recipe for raspberry vinaigrette. Made with raspberries, olive oil and a touch of maple syrup, this version makes an elegant topping over mixed greens.

  2. Thank you for hosting. I shared cheesecake squares. I hosted a bridal shower for my sis in law and this is one of the desserts I made. Almost everyone likes cheesecake squares.

  3. Diane says

    I am sharing my recipe for oatmeal muffins. They are so good 🙂 Have a wonderful day and thanks for hosting. I am hosting my 3rd blog hop @ Maybe you could link something up!

  4. MH in OH says

    This is the grown-up version of the punch I remember from Girl Scout court-of-awards ceremonies – then it was lime sherbet, green Hi-C and 7-up. Or orange sherbet, orange Hi-C and 7-up. Your combinations sound delightful!

  5. Jennifer says

    my family has used this for years and it is always a hit at our special occasions 🙂

  6. These punches are one of the reasons I LOVE showers. My favorite is lime… maybe it has to do with drinking something green that gives it a “cool” factor, lol!

  7. My girls and I love using a simple pink lemonade for our party punch. : ) Link is above.


  8. Lisa says

    Thanks for hosting this great link-up! My “baby” sister is pregnant with her first, so we will be having a shower this summer…at which time I will definitely be referring back to this post! I linked up with Feta Pear Salad…deliciously different!

  9. Jan says

    Ahhh…you had a GREAT wedding! 🙂 I always cringe when I hear about the amount of money spent on some of these weddings … certainly going into a marriage in DEBT from your wedding is NOT a good idea 🙂 Hubby and I got married at the courthouse … we just decided to up and do it after 10 years of dating (high school sweethearts) … do NOT regret it one bit to this day (21 1/2 years later)

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