Ginger Syrup Recipe

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Do you enjoy homemade sodas, cocktails, or coffee drinks? Then you’ll want to give this easy Ginger Syrup Recipe a whirl. Make it with your choice of sweetener for a delicious, refreshing syrup for ades, ales, coffees, teas, and other tasty beverages.

Ginger Syrup Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Flavored syrups are what give some of your favorite beverages their zip and zing, sweetness and flavor. Syrup is what fuels the fast food soda bars and what the bartender uses to give your cocktail just the right flavor. A simple syrup is, by virtue of its name, simple to make, and a great thing to have on hand during the summer months. A flavored simple syrup can make things even more exciting.

Simple syrup is basically a sweetener that easily dissolves in cold drinks. It’s what you’ll find at the base of many an iced coffee drink, soda, or cocktail. It’s also great for flavoring ice tea or lemonade.

One of my kids favorite syrups that I make is this Ginger Syrup Recipe. It comes together in about 30 minutes and could last a few weeks in the fridge — if the kids didn’t get to it first.

Ten years ago soda was a regular thing at our house. I drank one Vanilla Coke a day and let the kids have pop on Pizza Night. About five or six years ago, we quit our soda habit. It’s very rarely something I buy at the store or at a restaurant. There’s just too much junk in it.

But, we do love a sweet drink every once in awhile. That’s where homemade sodas — and this Ginger Syrup Recipe — come in handy. With a flavored simple syrup and some club soda, you can make your own sodas to meet your own taste and ingredient preferences. Plus, you can choose what kind of sweetener to use: sugar or honey. This recipe uses sugar but you can substitute honey for the sugar if you prefer.

Other flavored syrups you can make:

Ginger Syrup Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Uses for this Ginger Syrup Recipe

Homemade ginger ale is super refreshing on a hot summer day. We’ve also used this Ginger Syrup Recipe to doctor iced tea, lemonade, and lemon popsicles. I imagine there are a wide variety of uses, if you want to get creative with it. I’ve even read about using it in margaritas. Sounds yummy to me!

Tools I use to make this recipe easily:

Ginger Syrup Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. MCL says

    I make a fruit salad in ginger syrup that is so delicious and the fruit salad lasts day in the fridge.

  2. Brighid says

    I’m not sure if you end up with candied ginger at the end of this recipe but it’s essentially the same process to make candied ginger. In that case, the ginger syrup is a bonus by-product. Candied ginger is great to add to granola; I’ve been making a homemade version of Trader Joe’s Ginger Granola for years. And while chopping and peeling a lot of ginger is time consuming, it smells heavenly while cooking and is pretty frugal when you compare it to already prepared, small diced candied ginger.

    • Well, that is really interesting. How do you get the ginger bits dried?

      • Brighid says

        You simply coat the candied ginger in granulated sugar! The original recipe that I found on the web for candied ginger bits is gone but I think this should work. A test of a couple pieces is probably a good thing first!

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