Orange Cinnamon Rolls

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These Orange Cinnamon Rolls mix up with ease and are so delicious for breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert. The orange zest and vanilla extract give the rolls a Creamsicle-type boost.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

The bread machine pan broke in January, and I kinda thought it was the end of the world. However, it wasn’t. This was the result of that happy accident.

You see, previously, I had had a love-hate relationship with my KitchenAid mixer. I think it’s about ten years old this Mother’s Day. FishPapa bought it for me when we lived in Kansas. I never really got the hang of it. Until I had to.

And honestly, I couldn’t have made these rolls, these big, ginormous, fluffy, orange-scented cinnamon rolls in the bread machine. At least not if I wanted them supersized as they were meant to be. So it all worked out okay.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Being brave to make dough in the mixer was a big step, and surprisingly, it wasn’t as messy as I had thought it would be. I used to think that the bread machine was the only mess free way to make dough, but I was wrong.

I might even be smitten with this machine.

Now, don’t worry, if you have a bread machine with a working pan, you can still make these rolls, you’ll just need to make a half batch. This amount of dough will not work in a bread machine.

If you have neither a bread machine nor a stand mixer, you can also make these orange sweet rolls. You’ll need to stir and knead the dough by hand instead.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

I’m even more smitten with this easy cinnamon roll recipe.

We’ve had these Orange Cinnamon Rolls many times over the last month. They are so amazingly good. I’m hoping to get up early tomorrow and make them for breakfast. That’s how I want to greet a Monday. Yes, ma’am.

In making several batches in a short amount of time, I’ve also learned which of us in the FishFam like lots of glaze and which like a little. I fall into the lots category. To please the masses, I often leave a bowl of icing next to the pan so that each person can do the glazing himself. Else I go light with a drizzle.

These rolls are a combination of two of my childhood loves: the sweet orangy flavor of the canned orange sweet rolls that are made with every number of Reds, Yellows, and Blues AND the ginormous, homemade cinnamon rolls that my Aunt Sandy used to bake at the Monroe Cafe in South Dakota. Those suckers were huge.

I’ve attempted to bring the hugeness home to California.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Once you prepare the dough in the mixing bowl, you’ll let it rise for about an hour. At that point, flour your work surface, soften some butter, and mix up some brown sugar and cinnamon. Get the rolling pin, your baking sheet, and your unflavored dental floss. Yes, really.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Roll out the dough into a very large rectangle. Mine covered my cutting board and measured about 16×22-inches. Spread the softened butter all over the dough, leaving a one inch border on one of the long sides. Next spread the cinnamon-sugar mixture all over.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Starting on a long side, roll up the dough into a spiral; pinch the outer edge into the roll to seal.

Thanks to a brilliant tip from Amy, I use unflavored dental floss to cut the rolls. Because I wanted to make each roll ginormous and about the same size as the others, I cut off the uneven ends and baked those separately. Then I cut the main section into twelve thick chunks.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Place the rolls evenly on a greased baking dish and let them rise for about 30 minutes.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Ginormous these are. I used this sheet pan in case you need one. I love it!

When they are done rising, they may look pretty puffy. This is good.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes until golden. Cool them on a rack but glaze them while they’re still a bit warm.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

Get them before they disappear!

I have a feeling that you and your family will love these Orange Cinnamon Rolls. Feel free to omit orange or cinnamon for a different flavor roll. I’ve also got these other cinnamon roll recipes for you to choose from:

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  1. Karen says

    How much cinnamon did you use? I don’t seem to see it in the recipe.

    • Good catch! I’ve fixed it. 1 tablespoon. Thanks!

      • Vivian Blossom says

        I don’t see the fix for the cinnamon on the recipe. Glad to see your reply that it is one T though.
        Thanks! I am going to do these for Christmas morning.

        • I have no idea how that happened. Maybe the corrections to the code reverted to the old. Thanks for pointing that out. Should be fiXED now. Thanks!

  2. Amna says

    These look absolutely delicious! I love those canned orange rolls, and hadn’t found a similar recipe until now! Thank you!

    BUT I am not a morning person. 🙂 Any chance these could be frozen at some point in the process and taken out to bake or even refrigerated the night before?

  3. cinnamon rolls are my favorite thing ever. in fact, my bday was monday & my husband made them for my dessert instead of a cake. i know we’ll be trying these soon! yum!

  4. Wow…I’m impressed with how pretty and round you were able to cut these! Mine always look totally squished. Oh well…they taste good. Anyway, Pillsbury orange danishes are SUCH a comfort food for me. We had them at my grandparents’ house every Christmas. I’ve been trying to recreate a homemade version without success. I’ll have to try these!

  5. Kristen says

    Planning to make these for Father’s Day morning! When we were first married, those canned Pillsbury orange rolls were our go-to movie watching snack. Excited to make a artificial coloring & flavoring free version! Thanks for the recipe.

    • Kristen says

      Grand slam home run! These rolls were amazing! My whole family loved them. After one bite, my husband deemed them “keepers” and my 7 year old son said “Mom, these are awesome!” Thanks for such a great recipe. I made them the day before and froze them so they could rise on the counter overnight. Easy and delicious!

  6. Shyleigha says

    These are great !

  7. DinaS says

    I haven’t tried these, but I’ve tried other orange juice glazes that have the subtle orange flavor. If you want a much stronger orange flavor and color, you can use same quantity orange juice concentrate (defrosted).

  8. Starla says

    I was wondering if you omit the orange stuff, would it make regular cinnamon rolls. My family is not big on the orange rolls. I don’t understand why. I think these would be amazing and could add then to our meal prep.

    • Yes, just omit the orange and use cream or milk in the icing and you’re good to go. I made them without orange at a recent brunch and they were a hit that way.

  9. Crystal says

    We love orange rolls, but not the ingredients in the packaged varieties. I will make these today!

    • Crystal Burks says

      Finally got around to making the dough tonight for breakfast in the morning, so excited and super easy in the stand mixer!! Thanks!

  10. Megan says

    I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a long time because my husband’s granny always made the pillsbury orange rolls when we stayed at her house. I’m all about making things from scratch. Especially because my grandmother made excellent homemade cinnamon rolls. She didn’t use a recipe, so none of us know how to make rolls like she did. Anyway, I finally made these orange cinnamon rolls last night and they were amazing. As close to my grandma’s as I’ve ever made, plus the orange makes them nostalgic for my husband (and I love the subtle citrus flavor). I also love how huge they are – as did my kids. The dough was really easy to work with, which is usually where I run into problems with other recipes I’ve tried. I formed the rolls last night and let them rise on the pan in the fridge overnight. I let them come to room temperature for about an hour before baking them this morning. Worked out well! I don’t think the puffed up as much since they were in the fridge, but they were still awesome. Next time I may try to let them stand at room temperature for a little longer. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Yay! So glad that you were able to reclaim memories of the past and make them new again!

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