Baked Potato Homefries

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One of the best ways to save money on food is not to waste it! When you read the statistics of how much food Americans throw away each year, the number is staggering. And while I am not a proponent of dumpster diving for food, I do think we should be proactive in not letting things go to waste.

A great way to divert good food from hitting the trash can is to eat it up within four days, the USDA guidelines for leftovers that are properly stored. However, sometimes, we get a little tired of eating the same item several days in a row.

That’s when we need to give leftovers new life! A little creative work in the kitchen can take last night’s dinner and make it into something tasty and new. Corn on the cob becomes Corn Salad. A little bit of meat and veggies becomes a great soup. And leftover chicken and gravy create the filling for a delicious Chicken Pot Pie.

One favorite Re-Do at our house is Baked Potato Homefries. Simply chop leftover baked potatoes and saute them in oil with spices, onions, and pepper. Easy, filling and a delicious way to enjoy leftovers.

What would YOU do with leftover baked potatoes?

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  1. This sounds great I just have one question. What is a leftover? hahaha I have teenage boys and even if I cook more than enough there are usually no leftovers after dinner. I will use this recipe though with potatoes that I cook early in the day (while my starved ones are at school)

  2. Nancy says

    when my mom made potato salad, she would purposely boil extra potatoes so she could make fried potatoes for breakfast the next day. nothing better.

  3. Look delicious! I LOVE fries like this! Yum!

  4. Mel says

    Does this freeze well? Anyone tried that?

    • Jessica says

      You can freeze the baked potatoes and then cook. I know that would work. Haven’t tried freezing home fries…. potatoes get funky in freezing.

      • Marilyn says

        I usually bake a 10 lb bag then freeze them. It works well

  5. Leah Moses Wittmer says

    Cut the potatoes for the home fries before or after?

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