What Can You Make with Eggs?

Eggs are a wonderful protein to work with. They can be served any time of the day, even if you’re having “breakfast for dinner.” Searching for a new Egg Dish to try? Look no further!

Triple Cheese Italian Sausage Frittata from GoodLife{Eats} – packed with flavor, this would be a beautiful addition to any meal: breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

Deviled Eggs from The Finer Things in Life – you know you’re going to want a plate of these in a few weeks when you’ve done your Egg Dyeing Eggstravaganza.

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures – doesn’t that look delish? Why pay high prices for a breakfast on the run when you can do it yourself, better and for less money?

Crustless Hamburger Spinach Quiche from The Gluten-Free Homemaker – another excellent main dish that works for any time of the day.

Les Crepes from Sleepy Pendoodle – Crepes do have flour, but they have quite a lot of eggs in them as well. They are so fun! Reminds me of my days in la belle France. Sigh….

Quick and Easy Breakfast Casserole from Kingdom First Mom – this is a great make ahead recipe, perfect for a ladies’ meeting, book club, or Easter brunch.

Homemade McGriddles from Hoosier Homemade – great breakfast on the go. Beats a McRipoff anytime!

Don’t forget! Ultimate Recipe Swap this week is featuring EGGS! Come by LifeasMOM and share your favorite egg recipe.

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  1. i thought that these we all great suggestion but all i have in my house is bread and some egg and flour and some other basic stuff i cannot make any of these the crepes looked really good but i did not find the recipe and what was i going to put in them

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