Easter Menu Ideas for a Small Celebration

plate of fish, buttered noodles, green beans, and lemon slices

Looking for some fresh Easter Menu Ideas that suit a small gathering over a large crowd? Think outside the ham and potatoes with these quick and easy, but super delicious recipes and meal planning tips. As Easter approaches this year, you may be considering a scaled down celebration. Whether it’s finances, health concerns, or the inability […]

Pantry Staples You Can Make Yourself

Run out of a regular ingredient? Try one of these pantry staples you can make yourself. Once in awhile you may find yourself running out of ingredients that you normally keep on hand. You could run to the store, but what if you really want to stick to your grocery budget this month or just […]

How to Stock Your Kitchen for 14 Days

canned goods laid on table

If you’ve read the news, you know it’s time to stock your kitchen. Consider these tips to do it calmly, affordably, and with a meal plan in mind. You’ve seen the news. You’ve witnessed the frenzy at Costco. You’ve felt the anxiety in the air. With COVID-19 a real threat worldwide, churches, schools, and businesses […]

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans

Do your future self a favor and fill the freezer with a few extra meals to please the family and buy you some time. This Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans will set you up right! Over 20 years ago I was listening to a radio program — remember radio? — and I heard about this thing […]

7 Great Meals That Start with Leftovers

pan of fried rice with potstickers and sauces

Got leftovers? Don’t just want to reheat them? Try one of these recipes for leftovers that will have you wishing you made too much food last night. It happens to all of us. We overestimate how much food to cook. Someone doesn’t show up for dinner. Or appetites aren’t what you expected. The end result? […]

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Food Waste

To avoid food waste is to save money. Have you considered that? You’re throwing money away when you waste food. Good reason to stop, eh? Here’s how. It’s estimated that in the United States 30-40% of the food supply ends up as waste. Imagine if that was happening at your house. A third of what […]

5 Quick Last Minute Desserts

Need a quick dessert that doesn’t take advance preparation? These last minute desserts are quick and delicious. Do you ever have crazy holidays? Where you find yourself doing all kinds of fussing in the kitchen for a meal that is gobbled down in seconds, a huge mess to clean up left in its wake? Those […]

Budget Recipes for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner plate with turkey and all the fixings

Are you planning for a Thanksgiving feast? Need some fresh inspiration? Here are some of the best budget recipes for Thanksgiving you must try this year. Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. That one meal, while special and festive, can add to a pretty pricy dinner tab. Too pricy for the month’s budget. […]