Meal Planning for Different Diets

Meal Planning for different diets can be tricky. What one person loves, the other hates or can’t eat. But, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. There are ways to make it work to eat well and keep everyone happy. Chicken Street Tacos Getting a meal on the table every night can […]

Spring Meal Planning & Unpredictable Weather

You know that meal planning can save you money, but what do you do when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans? It’s true. Mother Nature can make that grilled chicken unappealing or even impossible, depending on the conditions. Consider these tips for spring meal planning and unpredictable weather. This past week has been filled with […]

What Can You Make with Beans?

Beans are an affordable ingredient with great main dish potential. Eating beans adds fiber and nutrients to your diet and may even help you reduce the risk of certain diseases. But what can you MAKE with beans? I’ve gotcha covered. A few weeks ago, I told my family we were going to eat meatless more […]

Save with A Month of Budget-Friendly Meal Plans

Years ago, almost twenty now, my husband and I purchased our first home. We got the wild and crazy idea to buy a house in a different county where we knew NO ONE. Did I mention neither of us had a job, either? Talk about taking a flying leap. Thankfully, we didn’t crash and burn. Bryan […]

Make Soup Night a Success with These Simple Tips

Got people in your house who groan about Soup Night? Time to change that, especially since it’s such an economical meal option. Consider these strategies to making your soup night a success! Pictured: Chunky Potato Soup with Bacon & Tarragon Soup night. It’s that night of the week when you serve, what else? Soup! While […]

Meal Prep Ideas for Quick Dinners All Week

Make dinner quick and easy all week. Check out these meal prep ideas to help you do pull it off without breaking a sweat. Crockpot Potatoes This past few months my husband and I have been digging into our financial records and doing a little strategizing. Since we paid off all our debt years ago, […]

Easy Fish Recipes You’ll Want to Try

Whether you observe a Friday fast for Lent or just want to add more seafood to your diet, fish can be a high-quality, low budget protein to enjoy. Be sure to try these Easy Fish Recipes this week! Herb Butter for Fish My mom grew up in an era where fish served on Fridays was […]

Make Life Easier with a Month of Prepped & Ready Meal Plans

Want to make life easier? How about a month of meals that can be made in advance? Get a Month of Prepped & Ready Meal Plans. Prepped and ready. Like music to your ears, isn’t it? To know that dinner is all prepped and ready can turn around the hardest of days. It can make […]