Serve a Breakfast Burrito Bar

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Everybody loves breakfast burritos for a hearty and tasty first meal of the day.

The chances are good that you’ll have occasion to feed people breakfast over the next month. It might be extended family visiting for the holidays, friends passing through on their way to their family, or simply the peeps who live under your own roof who want to eat a morning meal.

Serve up a hearty breakfast burrito bar.

Not only does this meal soothe the rumbling tummy, but it also has something for everyone. Your simple diners can enjoy eggs while the more adventurous ones in the bunch can roll cheese, salsa, home fries, and all kinds of sauteed vegetables along with the eggs in a large burrito-sized tortilla.

Many of the items can be made ahead like the salsa and sauteed vegetables. Have one person man the eggs while another fries up the potatoes. Breakfast will come together in no time flat.

What else would you add?

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  1. Sandi says

    I vary the pork options between ham, sausage (links or loose ground), and crumbled bacon. Sometimes I have green peppers and/or onions as well, depending on if I want a more southwestern feel. Jalapenos if I have them. It all depends on what I have available and the mood at the time! I keep thinking about making some of these and freezing them since there are times I really need a grab-and-go breakfast. I just never seem to get around to it and use the tortillas for something else once I get them.

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