3 Easter Dinner Menus to Inspire You

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I love menu planning, especially for a special occasion, like Easter. It’s enjoyable to me to think about how to vary textures, flavors, and colors.

Sometimes I can get carried away, though. Just ask my husband. He’s been known to claim widowhood for the days leading up to a big event.

But, I’m getting better. This year, I’m creating menus for YOU to make.

Here are some of the menus I’d love to prepare, but there just aren’t enough Easter Dinners to be had this year:

A Traditional Spread

A Casual Grilled Affair

A Meatless, Mexican Meal

What special meal ideas do YOU have for Easter?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I think the “traditional spread” sounds best for Easter. Lots of good ideas! I haven’t even considered what we will have for Easter dinner. One year I made mini ham and cheese frittatas with cinnamon/sugar, strawberry and cream cheese bruschetta for Easter morning breakfast–one of my fav Easter meals I have made. : ) Jennifer

  2. My dad loves to host Easter dinner with fish (“That’s what Jesus ate” is what he says!).
    We’ll have fish, chicken (for the non-fish lovers), cheese grits, baked beans… and this year I’m hoping to contribute some healthier side dishes, so we’ll see exactly what evolves! 😉

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