Plan a Meal Rotation for Breakfasts and Lunches

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Plan a regular meal rotation for breakfasts and lunches. You’ll save time and money.

French Toast

One of the brilliant strategies from the Donna Reed era of home cooks is the idea of a regular meal rotation. Sure, Meatloaf Night gets knocked in movies and sitcoms, but honestly, it’s a great idea!

Last summer we talked a little about a weekly rotation or formula for the week. Then I applied it to dinnertime and the variety of ways that you can mix it up (protein, ethnic food, type of preparation). This week I wanted to address it in terms of breakfasts and lunches.

If your kids don’t already eat three meals (plus!) at home, they will be doing so soon with the arrival of summer vacation. Plan ahead for ravenous young creatures, and have a regular meal rotation ready for breakfasts and lunches.

Not only will you have an answer when folks ask what there is to eat, but you’ll save time and money by shopping wisely (you’ll know what you need) and by eating at home. Forget the five dollar foot-long; make it yourself!

I sat down with my tween guys late last week and got their feedback. I listed out what they told me were their favorite meals for morning and midday. Then we plotted them according to the different days of the week. We left Sundays open as a wild card.

Plan Easy Meals

Here’s our summer meal rotation for breakfasts and lunches.

Sure, I’ll embellish and move things around some, but if I’ve got a plan, I’ve got a bigger chance for successful meals than I would without said plan.

Breakfasts for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit.

paso mom tacos sm

Lunches for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

All that said, I don’t really have a meal plan for our dinners this week. We’re going to use up the freezer meals we’ve got and then replenish the stock. I say “we” because my big boys are doing the freezer cooking this month. I’m calling it the “manly plan”. Check in at Life as MOM later this week for the free downloadable cooking plan.


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  1. This is a great idea! I love that you have a plan, especially during the lazy days of summer. When I wing it the kids usually eat pb&j more often than I’d like to admit.

  2. Jessie says:

    I’ve always thought of the meal rotation as a supper thing, and I love variety WAY to much to even do it for a month:) However, now that I’ve got a little girl to provide breakfast and lunch for without Daddy’s help (she wants to be a part of it, but she’s not old enough yet) having something quick and regular is amazing! Adding that third mouth doesn’t leave enough leftovers for all of us anymore.

    • Jessica says:

      This is how I did breakfasts and lunches for years until my eldest got tired of oatmeal on Mondays. LOL. He’s almost 16, so he’s on his own, since he has very particular nutritional goals. The rest are on the schedule that the 12 and 11yos made.

  3. debbie says:

    Your boys are “doing the freezer cooking”?? Wow! I’m impressed. You have come a long way in a short time. My goal is to get my 20 year old, 18 year old and 16 yr old to each cook one night a week this summer. Sounds easy but I tried that last summer too and it never happened. Boo. I refuse to give up!! Thanks for the inspiration! Cant wait to see the results of your freezer cooking day!

    • Jessica says:

      Well, they haven’t done it YET. But, that is the plan. I’ve got too much produce in my fridge right now, but as soon as that is cleared out and they’ve inventoried the freezers, we’re gonna roll.

  4. Claire says:

    I am so thankful i found your blog years ago. You have such a gift! Thank you for your great ideas!

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, thank you! I appreciate that.

  5. Kim says:

    We don’t have scheduled days for certian breakfast, lunch or dinner. I put 6/7 choices per category and then we pick (so we don’t feel so boxed in).
    And I borrowed the idea from you to do fresh fruits and veg with meals instead of cooking everything all the time. Thanks for that, it makes meal prep and follow though much easier with 3 Kids ages 4 and under!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your older kids pitch in to help. I am already showing my 4 year old around the kitchen, she was happy to make air popped popcorn today.

    • My kids would rather have fresh fruit and veg at every meal! So glad it’s working for you!

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