Oven Pancake with Cinnamon Apples

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Oven Pancake with Cinnamon Apples

Meet the world’s largest popover!

Remember that recipe book I told you I made for my family many Christmases ago? One of the mystery recipes in there was a recipe for Oven Pancake. I never remembered my mom having made it, but it sounded interesting 15 years ago when I was rifling through her recipe box.

Finally last month I made it. My 9-year old was extremely skeptical when I poured the batter into the pie plate. He was even more so when we turned on the oven light to see the batter clinging to the sides of the pan like pie crust.

What neither of us expected was it to puff so high that it nearly touched the ceiling of the oven! Nor did we expect it to be so gosh darn tasty. The kids devoured the first pan and then proceeded to make a second pan. And devour that, too.

It’s hilarious to hear them critique the different pancakes. Some prefer less butter; others want it soaking in butter. You can adjust how much butter you use at the start, 2 to 3 tablespoons. Either way, there’s never leftover or any going to waste. (I hate waste.)

This last time I made it, I prepared some fried Cinnamon Apples to use as a topping. Yum!

Oven Pancake with Cinnamon Apples

It all tasted very much like an apple pie kind of breakfast, which is one of my favorite ways to start the day! And all of it is pretty easy. The batter, much like a popover batter, mixes up quickly. Get the apples going while the pancake bakes in the oven. We made two pancakes to feed me and the six kids. (Hubs has been at work every time we’ve made it.) I could easily make three pans and all would be satisfied.

This could be an ideal winter or holiday breakfast. Add some sausages on the side if you like.

Oven Pancake with Cinnamon Apples




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  1. Veronica says

    That’s cute. They’re called “Dutch Babies”, and they are delicious, aren’t they?

  2. TwoDiffSocks says

    Hi Ya’ll,

    quick question–does the pie pan need to be glass or will metal work?


  3. Crystal says

    Mmm! I love Oven pancakes, and the fried cinnamon apples is a great idea I never would have thought of! We call those German Pancakes, though my nephews call them Star Wars pancakes because of the way they puff up!

  4. Mary G says

    Thank you for sharing this! The orchard/farm stand in my small town (I’m in CT) closes for the season after this weekend, so I’m planning to get a last batch of apples. This will provide yet another great way to enjoy local apples. 🙂

  5. Kjane says

    Fond memories. Those are called Grandma Dottie pancakes at our house as it was one of the favorite things our grandma made fifty years ago. I want to try your recipe-much less butter than mine.

  6. Laura says

    Here in the UK it’s a giant yorkshire pudding (without the sugar). They are often served with mash and sausages inside them. In the olden days people would eat them with gravy before their Sunday dinner to fill up when they didn’t have much meat.

    • Sounds yummy! If we order that in a restaurant when we visit the UK, will it be good? Or is that the type of fare that varies greatly depending on where you go?

  7. Lee says

    Somehow, my pie plate has disappeared….do you think I could do the same thing in an iron skillet??

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