What to Make with Fish

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Whether you’re in the midst of a pantry challenge or want to stock up on fish and other seafood when it’s on sale, having a repertoire of go-to recipes is essential to making the most of great deals and good food.

Spicy Fish Rub

Last fall a friend of mine from our homeschooling group had a wealth of deep sea fish to share with us. Again, the result of another “hunting” trip that filled the freezer. We were overjoyed at the bounty!

While I have never been a great fan of fish, my husband and sons love fish. And since we wanted to include some fish recipes in my cookbook as well, I had a great time experimenting — and falling in love with seafood.

We’re coming up on a season when fish becomes more affordable. Whether it’s Lenten observations or simply the season of year, grocery stores will soon be offering shrimp, salmon, and other fish for great prices, often under $5 a pound. When you can, stock up on sustainable, wild-caught fish and shellfish.

If you’re curious about which fish are the best to buy in terms of safety and sustainability, you can download a regional seafood guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The market of ocean-friendly fish can vary depending on where you live. I love it that my favorite, wild Alaskan salmon is on the best choice list for my region.

Here are some of the ways we enjoy fish and seafood at our house:

Fish Taco Salad

 Tuna Salad with Celery Seed and Dill Weed

Soy Grilled Fish

Cilantro Shrimp Pasta

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  1. teresa says

    all of these recipes for fish sound delicious. thanks!

  2. tracy says

    I made fish last night for dinner. I had two packages of sole that I fried in panko and the kids loved it. I was sure there would be left overs because my husband does not eat fish and there was a big casserole dish full, but nope the four kids ate every last fillet. I have salmon in the freezer so I think I will tackle that with one of your recipes.

  3. Sara says

    Some fish/seafood, like trout and scallops, you do want to buy farmed (not wild caught)- this according to the Montery Bay Aquarium’s pocket guides you’re referenced here. I’ve used their pocket guide for several years and love having it in my wallet to consult when I see seafood on sale! Thanks for the post!

    • Jessica says

      @Sara, thanks for pointing that out. I guess you can tell I only know my own favorites.

  4. christy says

    We have a lot in our freezer so I am anxious to try some of this. I loved the idea from Tracy to bread with panko and fry. My kids love anything breaded with panko!

  5. Steph says

    We just made salmon into a “fancy” tuna cassarole yesterday. Love fish!!

  6. Stacy says

    Where do you see the best deals on fish and seafood? Also, do you know how long you can keep it frozen so that it will still be good? I wanted to make a Louisiana shrimp boil recipe last summer, but when I checked into buying shrimp it was ridiculously expensive. My favorite fish is wild salmon, and I buy small pieces at Trader Joe’s for the three of us to share, and I supplement with other things. It’s pretty pricey per pound, but it’s so good for you, so I buy less than a pound.

    • Jessica says

      @Stacy, I have bought it at Costco and Trader Joe’s. Ralphs (Kroger) often has good prices during Lent.

      • Stacy says

        @Jessica, I’ll look more carefully at Costco. I did some reading on farm-raised fish, and a lot of it is not good for you. When it came down to it, it seemed like wild salmon was usually pretty healthy in terms of mercury and bacteria.

        • Jessica says

          @Stacy, yes, I think you’re right. I only buy wild Alaskan salmon.

  7. Stacy says

    That was a really long run-on sentence. 🙂

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