A Quick-Fix Dinner (What’s On Your Plate?)

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This week I’ve had a lot of things on my plate, figuratively speaking:

Monday I spent 2 hours at the doctor’s office and another hour touring Costco. I decided it was the perfect moment for a little convenience. Since the lab reports indicated that I might have iron deficiencies, I picked up tri-tip steaks. Steaks cook more quickly than a roast and they were the same price. To my husband’s surprise, I also added pre-made mashed potatoes, something I have never EVER done.
At home, I mixed up a chopped salad, courtesy of Trader Joe’s and steamed some asparagus. Hubs grilled the steaks and the microwave took care of the potatoes.
Was it the cheapest meal we ever ate? No. But, it was less expensive than a trip through the drive-thru for 8 people. Was it the healthiest? Probably not. The potatoes were probably my downfall. I didn’t even read the ingredients list. {gasp} But it couldn’t have been worse than what the Colonel makes.
But, in half an hour, we had a steak dinner that pleased everyone. That works for me.

What’s on YOUR plate?

What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters.

Tell us about a recent meal. Did it meet with rave reviews? Or did it bomb? What side dishes did you pair with the star of the show? Did you try a new ingredient? Find the groceries at great prices?

What’s on YOUR Plate?

Share with us a recent meal you prepared. Either link it up below or tell us about it in the comments. Please make sure that you link to in your post so others know where the dinner party is.

And don’t forget to visit the other good eaters participating today. I’m sure you will be inspired to make all sorts of Good Cheap Eats at your house.

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  1. I think you have a good sense of balance! 🙂

  2. wow you did have a busy week!!!!! thanks for hosting!

  3. Looks like you’ve got quite a bit on your plate! Maybe you can try some dessert with coconut popsicles! 🙂

  4. I would call this a successful meal. You ate at home, and it looks like pretty good food. In fact, I am really, really interested in the veggie pile on the right. It looks fantastic. What did you do to create that?

    • That is a chopped salad from Trader Joes: package of chopped vegetables (peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, jicama), 1/2 bottle of Cilantro Dressing, a few handfuls of pepitas.

  5. I am all about eating real, whole foods, but to be perfectly honest, many real foodies out there frustrate me to NO END with how militant they can be about it! I’d love to serve my family entirely homemade, from scratch, local everything, but that is not practical most (if not all, depending on the season of life) days. Are pre-made potatoes, cereal and bread the best thing to feed my family? No, of course not. But sometimes they help keep mama sane, which keeps the papa and kids happier. And ultimately, God is sovereign and he knows the number of my days. Nothing I eat or don’t eat will change the fact that he is ultimately in control. Thank you so much for your honest and very real perspective!

    Ok, I’ll get off the soap box now. 🙂 Your meal looks absolutely fantastic and I love both of your blogs!

  6. costco sells honest earth mashed potatoes in a box. they are just potatoes, butter, and salt (you add milk & an obscene amount of butter). they are delicious, natural, quick, and cheap! i think they are seasonal.

    • @brandy, That’s good to know. But, they must be seasonal, because there was a dearth of potato products when I went. Slim pickings, but they were good. 🙂

      • @Jessica, I forgot to mention – you can actually reheat them. Most other instant potatoes turn to soup. I also use these potatoes as flakes for bread making. we have a few packs left and will buy again when they return!

        Also try chlorophyll pills for the iron. I get mine from vitacost. Work a million times better than iron pills and no side effects. Cheaper than other iron alternatives.

  7. I love everything on your plate as I am working again…I miss eating real food.Thanks for hosting and sharing.I brought our very own Filipino Chicken Stew

  8. Hey, we all have those days – yours turned out pretty darned well I think!!!!!

    Like Brandy I am a fan of those Honest Earth potatoes – I don’t know if they’re even seasonal, sometimes they’re there, then in a flash it’s replaced by something loaded with chemicals – then I’m sad. But then they’ll be back randomly and I stock up.

    I also love that they really hold up well – I often will send it in a thermos with some leftovers for my eldest non-sandwich-eating dd! And I use them for baking etc too.

  9. I’m sharing a side dish today that I made with carrots we pulled out of the garden this week. On a whim, I had bought a packet of multicolored carrot seeds at Home Depot, threw them in a bed, and forgot where I planted them. We had fun finding the carrots and seeing the different colors.

  10. Don’t be afraid of beef or what seems to be “too easy.” I am not a fan of boxed foods or convenience foods that are touted as quick, easy. I have just started reading your blog and once I get a handle on your family, I might be a better commenter. Howevah, we both agree…the fewer ingredients in a “convenience food,” the better!

    Obviously, stocking up on meat and cheese (cheese is a great condiment) makes sense. But sometimes household cash flow doesn’t allow that.

    THAT being said, a favorite go to meal with beef has always been London Broil, a nearly fat less cut. I always use McCormick’s Meat Marinade to tenderize it. Adolf’s makes it mushy. Using balsamic vinegar instead of other vinegar enhances the beef taste. Pierce MANY times with a fork, it can marinade all day, overnight or just 20 minutes while yer trying to decide what else yer gonna make. Sliced thinly on the bias, combined with a quick sautee’ of green beans (coupla drops of sesame oil makes a huge difference), frozen or fresh depending on the season, with a nuked tater or a flavorful rice, the meal makes great sandwiches the next day.

    I hope all yer tests come out well.

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