Freezer Cooking Prep Work

freezer cooking prep work

Food shouldn’t be complicated. Or bad for you. Or expensive. I’m working to craft good cheap eats that we can both enjoy. You can read more about this site here. Check out my cookbooks if you’re needing some budget-friendly inspiration. Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here. I spent the day […]

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Freezer Cooking & Costco

freezer cooking and costco

I spent time this weekend finalizing my freezer cooking plan as well as getting some shopping in. BIG batch cooking is on the agenda this week. While I still shop at a number of stores, Costco is often my go-to spot for groceries when bulk cooking. There are some great deals to be had, though […]

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The Beauty of Casseroles

When critiquing freezer cooking, lots of folks will say, “but we don’t like casseroles.” And to a point, I get that. Especially if those casseroles are filled with metallic-flavored, canned cream of something soup. It can get a little trite if all your casseroles come from the same sauce or feature the same flavor profile. […]

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Grocery Geek: End O’ Month Report

abundant harvest organics

I’m calling this the end of the month. I know, it’s only the 27th. But, I’m going to be doing a big freezer cooking fill on Monday, so my mind and my budget will be in November by this time next week. The Eat-Down-the-Freezer experience went fairly well. We chipped away at quite a few […]

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Fill the Freezer with Pumpkin Love

Celebrate National Pumpkin Day and fill the freezer with these tasty treats. Today is National Pumpkin Day. Who knew, right? In honor of that noble squash, I present some of our favorite pumpkin recipes that can be made ahead and frozen. Yeah!

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Freezer-Friendly Desserts

I confess. I have a sweet tooth. And I’d much rather indulge it with homebaked goods. I might have liked storebought in high school. Heck, storebought might have been tasty back then. But, today? It’s usually a disappointment. Homemade is better. And if you’re watching what you eat, it’s better for you, too. I like […]

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Fair Trade Coffees and a Chance to Win a Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System

cup of coffee

Win a Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System.  This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner, dgsimpson45@ We are coffee people around here: hubby, me, our 15yo. The three of us are the “big” coffee drinkers, but the young ones have no problem taking sips of my mochas. If it’s decaf, I let them. Now that […]

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Keep Track of What’s in the Freezer

freezer inventory

It’s great to have a full freezer, but unless you know what’s IN your freezer and actually serve it for supper, it’s not really a help to you. And if you have a large freezer, it can be easy to forget what you have or how long it’s been there. I defrost my freezer at […]

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Store Up Apples for Winter — in the Freezer


Apple season is one of our favorites. I’ve lost count as to how many pounds of apples I’ve bought so far this year. But, I think we’re up to at least 100 pounds. At 77 cents/pound, it’s a steal. We’ve eaten lots of apples fresh. But, I’ve also stored up apples for winter, spring, and […]

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Freeze Compound Butters for Easy and Instant Flavor

Mashed potatoes with gorgonzola butter 375

A compound butter is nothing more than good old fashioned butter, softened and combined with herbs, garlic, citrus zest, fruit, and/or cheese. They are fabulous additions to grilled meats or vegetables dishes; the butter melts and creates an instant sauce. They are delicious stirred into mashed potatoes or soups. They are tasty spreads for breads […]

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