Cherry Crisp Recipe for One or a Crowd

cherry crisp with milk jug and glasses

Whether you make Cherry Crisp for one or for a crowd, it makes for a delicious dessert any time of year, but particularly fun at Valentine’s Day. When I think of February desserts, I think of cherries. If it’s not the Valentines Day red, then it’s George Washington’s birthday that rallies the cry for cherries. […]

5 Quick Last Minute Desserts

Need a quick dessert that doesn’t take advance preparation? These last minute desserts are quick and delicious. Do you ever have crazy holidays? Where you find yourself doing all kinds of fussing in the kitchen for a meal that is gobbled down in seconds, a huge mess to clean up left in its wake? Those […]

Chocolate Dessert Board – The Easiest Dessert Ever!

dessert table with fruit nuts chocolate and popcorn

One of the easiest desserts you can serve is a Chocolate Dessert Board. Set out an array of chocolates, fruits, nuts, and popcorn for an elegant and simple sweet touch to your evening. The internet will surprise you sometimes. It will make something super simple look NEW! FRESH! DIFFERENT! You’ll come across a food image […]

Oslo Kringle Recipe – Easy & Delicious!

whole kringle on board with coffee

Oslo Kringle is a delicious Norwegian dessert, with the flavor and texture of a cream puff, but with a simpler preparation and fjords of delicious, almond icing. My paternal grandmother, Gramma John, was full-blooded Norwegian. Though she was born in Minnesota, both her parents had emigrated from Norway in the early 20th century. She grew up […]

Winter Fruit Tray – a Simple Holiday Dessert

Dessert will be fresh and easy when you serve a Winter Fruit Tray, laden with seasonal fruit. Follow these serving tips to make it simple for your guests. Remember last week when I said that food doesn’t have to be so complicated. Food is food. And while it’s nice to spend time preparing a lavish […]

8 Great Cookie Recipes for Your Holiday Tray

Make some cookies! Try one of these 8 great cookie recipes that your family will love to see on your holiday tray this year. Pictured: Baby Cakes Cookies have been on my mind lately. Have you ever seen the movie Stranger than Fiction? It’s one of those movies that proves to you Will Ferrell isn’t […]

Easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting – Better than the Can

chocolate frosted cupcake with candle

Homemade chocolate buttercream frosting comes together easily and tastes so much better than the canned variety.

Bilbo’s Seed Cakes – Perfect for a Hobbit Tea

tables set with cakes cheese fruit nuts and tea

Time for a hobbit tea! Seed Cakes are a tasty pound cake filled with caraway seeds. Their distinct flavor makes them delicious as well as memorable. Are you looking for something unusual to feature on your tea or dessert table this season? Hungry for something fun as well as fancy?  Seed cakes are for you! Bilbo’s […]