Slab Apple Pie – Perfect for Fall, Perfect for Freezing

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This easy to prepare slab apple pie takes just minutes. It’s delicious and simple, and a huge hit for fall.

Slab Apple Pie Recipe from

Apple pie is probably one of my favorite foods ever. My Gramma John used to make it when she’d come to visit, but it was one of my mom’s specialties as well. Making it is one of my favorite fall pastimes.

When I luck out and find apples at a great price, I like to make many pies at once and freeze them to enjoy throughout the fall and winter. This Slab Apple Pie is one of my favorite versions of the classic dessert because it’s SO EASY to assemble. No fussing with rolling out the dough or making a pretty top crust. PLUS, it feeds more than 8, making it a perfect fit for my small army.

I experimented with my traditional apple pie recipe recently by baking it into a 9×13-inch pan, thus the name, Slab Apple Pie. This dessert has several things going for it:

  1. It’s super easy to throw together. I’m not worried about fluting edges or getting the topping in a perfect mound. Just layer the ingredients and bake.
  2. There’s a bigger crust to apple ratio. If you’re low carbs, this isn’t your sweet. But, oh my….
  3. It freezes just as well as a regular pie, but has a shape more conducive to your freezer space. If you don’t have enough pans in the house, freeze each layer (prior to baking) in its own freezer bag. Then thaw and assemble prior to baking.

Tools I Use to Make this Recipe:

I have some favorite kitchen tools that help me churn out these pies in rapid succession so I can fill the freezer with homemade slab apple pies.

  • 9×13 Pyrex pan
  • plastic lid for the Pyrex pan for freezing
  • Ergo Chef chef’s knife
  • stainless steel mixing bowls
  • A food processor
  • plastic cutting boards
  • apple peeler corer slicer (when I have lots of apples to process)
  • Have YOU got a favorite apple pie? If not, then I nominate this one.

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  1. Jessika says

    This looks delicious! Love the ease of freezing this too!

  2. Anonymous says

    I don't have my big food processor any more (it went away when we moved) but I actually have a big freezer for the first time. This looks like a good project for it. Thank you!!

  3. Anne says

    I love your blog! I passed on the Over the Top award to you. Find out more at:

  4. Ann Marie says

    ooooooOOOOOO this sounds yummy!! I've recently started using those foil pans for things I need to freeze/take to a potluck (because I only have so many dishes!) I may have to try this sometime!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Miranda says

    Wonderful! I have some apples waiting to be used. This looks like the recipe I was waiting for!

  6. Lauren says

    I've never had a slab apple pie, but I think I'll have to change that! This looks absolutely delicious =D.

  7. Hoosier Homemade says

    I bet that's a lot easier to serve too. Looks yummy! Thanks for joining in the fun at the Holiday Food Fest!

  8. Kris says

    This looks awesome (and do-able by a non-confident chef!) Might try it soon. A question about pans etc. I read somewhere that some folks line pans w/ foil, prep then take out and freeze. That way they just thaw back in the pan to cook. Do you do it this way?

  9. Courtney says

    Just found your blog and saw this pie, then looked at the enormous bag of Fuyu persimmons my neighbor gave me. No one will eat them but me,so I tried them in this pie recipe. It worked! So good and super easy (I made it with my 2 year old and she loved helping). Thanks!

  10. FishMama says

    Kris, I've never done the foil thing. I've heard mixed reviews from others. I have three glass pans that I use and every once in awhile I buy a few packages of the foil pans. I wash and reuse them if they're easy to clean up.

  11. FishMama says

    Courtney, you know what they say…. when life hands you persimmons, make slab pie.

    Or something like that. 😉

  12. heartnsoulcooking says

    What a GREAT!!! recipe. I love that it sounds so EASY!!!

  13. gfe--gluten free easily says

    This sounds like a genius idea! Sometimes a dessert in a 9 x 13 pan is just what you want–for all the reasons you cited. Your Slab Pie looks and sounds very delish. I bet the concept could be a applied to other pies. Great for a big crowd, too!


  14. Brian says

    This looks so good. I think I'm ready to start making some apple desserts. I might have to start with this one.

  15. Marion says

    I made this pie for a function and I loved how easy it was. It tasted wonderful. I did add some oatmeal to the chopped nuts for a more crusty topping. I will be making this again VERY soon!

  16. Lori says

    Does if matter what kind of apples you use? What do you use?

  17. FishMama says

    Use good baking apples, like Jonathan or Granny Smith. Anything that is considered a baking apple.

  18. Fleur says

    Do you freeze this in one portion or cut it up before freezing? I can’t imagine that we would be able to eat all that delicious pie in one sitting.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      We are a family of eight and the kids can often eat one on their own. It’s thinner than a traditional pie. But, if you want, you could divide it into two 8 inch square pans.

      • Fleur says

        @Jessica Fisher, This recipe is fantastic & so easy! I divided the mix into 2 dishes – one for now & one for the freezer. Absolutely delicious! I love the push in crust – so quick & simple. I used macadamia nuts in the topping – divine!

      • Nia says

        @Jessica Fisher,
        I’ve had my eye and mind on this pie for a while now. My 4 year old has been asking for 3 day could we make apple pie and I finally caved in and made your recipe. DELICIOUS. Love your grandma’s crust and I used it in a traditional pie pan ’cause the crust in a pie is my favorite part. Used 4 apples for this pie pan so the pie would be loaded with apples. Also didn’t use the processor for topping so we’d have noticable crunch from the almonds I used. Jessica, I had a crumb apple recipe I was content with but this is by far my favorite and definitely a keeper. Love the loads of cinnamon throughout those apples too. And you are right, store bought pies are gross and don’t hold a match to THIS PIE! Sorry for the long message

  19. Kristine says

    This was delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Michele Choo says

    I just tried this recipe out today! It was so easy and foolproof!!! Thanks! My younger boy loved it! Will definitely use this recipe again. 🙂

  21. We made this recipe recently & divided it between two pie plates. We used 100% whole wheat flour, reduced the butter & sugar & LOVED the results. Thanks, Jessica!

  22. Colleen P says

    Printing the recipe out now in hopes of making it this week…and pinning it to make in the future. Thanks for sharing a yummy-looking recipe. Can’t wait to try!

  23. This has my name all over it! Can’t wait to try it – my charming son-in-law doesn’t care for chocolate, but luvs anything with apples in it! I’m not much of a pie baker, so this looks right up my ally! Thanks for posting!

  24. Kelly says

    This was delicious after our Sunday dinner! This was my first ever pie crust (they’ve always scared me!) and it was easy and delicious. I ran out of AP flour, so I used whole wheat and rolled oats in the crumble. Was delicious served with vanilla ice cream!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I’m so glad to hear it was a success! Yeah!

  25. maria says

    This is in my oven right now! Smells great but how on earth did you use one pie crust to cover the whole pan??? I had to use a 9×9 because there was no way it was covering anything bigger. Its tall and thick but hopefully works out

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Sometimes I double it, but not always. Usually just stretch one thin.

  26. Jaime says

    This recipe sounds so easy and yummy. Unfortunately my son has a nut allergy. Do you have any suggestions on what else I could use for the topping??

    • My daughter has a nut allergy, too. I now leave out the nuts. The crumb top is great without nuts.

  27. Kara says

    9/21/13: This recipe was AWESOME! I love baking and cooking big time, and when I tasted this, it was so good I couldn’t believe it came from my own oven and not some fab bakery! I made a half batch in an 8×8 pan, used 4 fresh/FIRM Golden Delicious apples, 1t cinnamon, added 5-6 taps of nutmeg, sprinkle of salt, and about 1/4 cup of flour because my apples were juicy. For the crust, I used the full recipe and added a good 1/2T of sugar to round out the salt, but just pushed the crust 2/3 up the sides, so there was a nice crust all the way around. I used the full amnt of ingredients for the topping as well, and just added a sprinkle of salt to that too. Baked it for 55 minutes and served with Cool Whip. Entire family was freaking over it, and it was crazy easy. This is going to be my go to crust for pies in general now! Love not having to roll it out. Would definitely recommend to any level of baker! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  28. REGINA says

    Hi there – we made this for thanksgiving. it was DELICIOUS! thank you. quick question – we had a ton of dessert and we have a lot leftover. can I freeze it once it is already baked? or will it be to dry to reheat once it’s thawed? thanks!

    • I’ve never frozen it once it was baked. It doesn’t last that long around here. I don’t think it would get dry. I worry that it would get soggy.

  29. Tammy says

    Question: I want to make this for my parents and was wondering if I could split this and make two 8×8 pans instead of one 9×13. Would the baking time stay the same? (They would be cooking it from “frozen”.)

    • I haven’t done it that way in awhile, but I would check it when you have 5-10 minutes left to go. You want the crust browned and the filling to bubble.

  30. Kim says

    Oh my! This was so, so, so good! I made this to take to a ministry lunch today and it was gobbled up. I served it still warm from the oven with a little bit of jarred caramel sauce drizzled over the top. This is definitely a keeper recipe and my go-to way to make apple pie! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. So long Pillsbury! I’m no longer intimidated by making homemade pie crust!

    • Yay! I love the empowerment that a homemade pie brings! So glad you enjoyed it. And will be making it again. 😉

  31. Beth says

    I made this last night for Thanksgiving. Swapped oats for nuts due to allergies but the rest was as written. It’s gone. .. and they loved it. Thank you ?

  32. Joybird6 says

    Gee. Thanks for pointing out that it’s PI Day – means I have to go and make this pie!!! More work for me… BUT I CAN’T WAIT! 😉 I’ll enlist my little girlies to help!

  33. Linda says

    I made this tonight and it came out amazing, rich and full of sweet, apple cinnamon goodness–delicious! And I used Gramma John’s Pie Crust recipe and Omg, so flaky and I am thrilled! I am using this recipe for Holiday Pie baking! Thank you, Jessica, I am sharing both recipes with all of my friends and will try more of your recipes as well!

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