How Writing a Cookbook Changed My Kitchen


Ready to save some money and eat great meals? You will find everything you need to know here at Good Cheap Eats, from meal planning to savvy shopping to eating down the pantry. Join thousands of people who’ve decided to eat well, spend less, and enjoy time at the table a whole lot more. Become […]

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Turkey Avocado Baguette Sandwich with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Chipotle Turkey Sandwiches

Currently, we live about 20 to 30 minutes from my husband’s work. It’s not the worst of commutes, but with gas prices what they are, we often consider moving closer. However, we live less than five minutes from an authentic French bakery. It’s a regular stop on our weekend jaunts. He commented recently that it […]

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Smoked Chicken Salad

The following is a guest post from Phoebe of Getting Freedom: Something quite interesting has taken place in our household since we started to really watch our grocery spending. We went from eating red meat almost every single meal, to enjoying meatless meals and poultry more often. I used to be a boneless skinless chicken […]

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Meal Planning with Plan to Eat


Taquitos with Avocado Salsa and Mexican Rice Sooner or later, most people realize that if they have a meal plan for the day or even the week, that mealtimes will come together much more quickly and economically. I’ve been doing it so long, I forget that there were days when I didn’t ┬áplan out our […]

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Backyard Barbecue, Anyone?


My friends Mandi and Shaina have rounded up a great collection of BBQ recipes, ideal for your Father’s Day get-togethers this weekend. If you don’t have it planned out yet, head here to check out the downloadable planning pages as well as the downloadable recipe ebook.

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Pizza Bagels

Pizza Bagels

That’s me in high school. I attended your typical high school in suburban Los Angeles county in the late 1980s. And, yes, I really drove that car. Good times. But, before I was allowed to drive that car to school — yes, I had to get permission — my friends and I ate from the […]

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Visit a Tropical Island with the World Harbors Sweepstakes

beach hotel

While our family lives in “America’s Finest City,” that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of taking trips to places unknown and seeing a little bit of the world. Hubs once lived in Hawaii for a time and the desire to return is strong. A trip to Hawaii is on our family’s bucket list. So, the […]

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5 Great Ways with Chicken

Jalapeno Burn

Lately it would seem that chicken breast has gone on sale frequently in my neck of the woods. Ground beef? Not so much. It reminds me of the year my parents took red meat out of our diet. We ate chicken for 365 days. I know, memory is a funny thing. I’m sure it has […]

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Grilled Mini Peppers

grilled peppers on the plate

Grilled peppers are one of the easiest side dishes to pull together. Not only are they full of flavor, but they also add an element of vibrant color to the plate. Recently I found a package of mini peppers marked down at the store. They were still fresh, but the store simply had more than […]

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Portion Control and A Typical Dinner (What’s On Your Plate?)

Orange-Ginger Marinated Chicken

Years ago my friend Christina, a nutrition science major, told me that half your plate should be fruits and vegetables. That stuck with me. And while I don’t always adhere to that rule, I try to. Loving salads helps. Pictured is a typical dinner plate for me: a large portion of salad, covering about half […]

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