3 Great Cookbooks & Gifts to Give with Them

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great cookbooks

The holiday season is approaching. That means it’s time to put your thinking cap on. Don’t go out and shop willy-nilly. If you decide to be purposeful in your gift giving this year, you’re more likely to save money and give a gift that truly works for the recipient.

Since I’ve always been a cookbook collector, I’ve loved to receive or give cookbooks as gifts. While they don’t all stay on the shelf forever, many of my favorites are those that I received from friends. And many of those same books, like the muffin book from Lorrie Nelson or the soup book from Lisa Jolley, were accompanied by a tool, gadget or other kitchen item to help me put the book to good use. In these cases, Lorrie gave us a great airbake muffin pan that I still use twenty years later. Lisa paired the soup book with a giant ladle for serving up soup.

I think that’s the ideal kind of pairing! Not only are you providing the inspiration (the cookbook) to make some great meals, but you’re also providing some tools to make it happen.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite book and gift pairings. Today here are three easy favorites that are sure to please the budding foodie on your list:

feast soups

A Feast of Soups by Jacqueline Heriteau

A friend gave me this cookbook at my bridal shower almost 20 years ago. A Feast of Soups by Jacqueline Heriteau has been invaluable to my education in soup making. While it is practically vintage and some of the ingredients are almost obsolete, the content of the book is super helpful to your mastering the art of soup making.

Pair it with a soup ladle, a set of soup bowls and spoons, or a fun collection of gourmet toppings and garnishes such as special oils, croutons, crackers, and cheeses. A gift card to a favorite bakery is also a nice touch.

artisan in fiveThe New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois

I love the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. My kids love to help me mix it. This book has made me look like a rockstar baker in the eyes of my family. The method is so easy. And at my last reckoning, I figured that I could make a small loaf of bread for less than fifty cents! This book is a must-have for those who want to trim the budget or just eat a little better in terms of quality bread. It’s a win-win.

Pair it with a baking stone, a baguette pan, a serrated bread knife, or a storage tub to hold the dough.

desserts in jars

Desserts in Jars by Shaina Olmanson

I love the sweet treats that Shaina has included in Desserts in Jars. I got to do some recipe testing years ago when this book was in the works. We made the Pull-Apart Cinnamon Breads for Christmas morning. What a memory-maker! My kids are asking for a repeat again this year. It is such fun to be served dessert (or breakfast) in your own little dish.

Pair this book with a beautiful set of Weck jars, a collection of baking spices and extracts, or a fun whipped cream machine.

These are three favorite cookbooks at our house.

Do YOU have a cookbook that you love and would love to give as a gift?

Disclosure: if you make a purchase through that Amazon link up there, I do receive a small percentage of the sale.

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  1. sarah says

    Funny you should ask…I’m giving your cookbook to my sister in law this Christmas:). I am a cookbook collector as well.

  2. Deb says

    I love the Gooseberry Patch books and have just started the Cook’s Ilustrated, “The Science of Good Cooking” which explains the WHY for my cooking and baking failures and successes! That one is kind of pricey but VERY informative and the Gooseberry Patch are just cute!

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