Pumpkin Recipes To Love This Season

Pumpkin doesn’t have to be just sweet. Enjoy the taste of fall with these delicious pumpkin recipes, both savory and sweet!

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Pumpkin Recipes To Love This Season | Good Cheap Eats

As you know, pumpkin season is upon us! At least for another 6 weeks or so. While I’ve been tempted to shun the favorite fall flavor because it’s trendy to like it and I prefer to be a rebel, I can’t help but want to dig into all things pumpkin. At least through Thanksgiving.

Believe it or not, not all my favorite pumpkin recipes are sweet. In fact, some of my most beloved are savory, like the Beef Stew with Pumpkin and Hominy in my Good Cheap Eats Cookbook or the Pumpkin Biscuits pictured above. Pumpkin brings some rich flavor to savory dishes, so don’t save it just for sweets and baked goods. Continue Reading »

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A Simpler Season is Worth Planning

Plan now for a great holiday season. With a little planning and forethought, it can be a simpler season full of great joy.

A Simpler Season

The holiday season will be quickly upon us. With Halloween in less than two weeks, I know that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will practically spring themselves on us. If I don’t put a little thought into those winter holidays, I will find myself making do or making haphazard decisions and then wondering why I didn’t plan ahead.

If you think back to last year and recall yourself in that kind of situation, then I highly encourage you to go make a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows, turn on the Christmas music, and spend 30 minutes thinking through the holiday season. Just a little pre-planning, if you will.

Better yet, grab a copy of my ebook, A Simpler Season. Continue Reading »

8 Great Meatless Meals You Should Try

8 Great Meatless Meals You Should Try | Good Cheap Eats

Meatless meals have saved my budget more times than I can count. If I plan wisely, not only do they save me money, but we also get some extra veggies in our diet. Greek Eggs; Pin Meatless meals have come to my rescue many times over the years. When I hadn’t thawed any meat, when […]

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Ham and Swiss Sliders (Freezer-Friendly)


Come home to an easy supper: hot Ham and Swiss Sliders! Not only do they taste fabulous, but they’re also freezer-friendly. Sandwich Night need never be boring, particularly when you’ve got a stash of these spicy Ham and Swiss Sliders on hand. These small but mighty sandwiches, packed with ham, swiss cheese, and spicy horseradish […]

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Barbacoa Beef for Tacos, Lettuce Wraps, Bowls, & Burritos


This Barbacoa Beef comes together quickly and easily in the slow cooker. The tangy, tender beef filling is perfect for tacos, lettuce wraps, bowls, and burritos. It’s that season again when you’ll start seeing chuck roasts and steaks go on sale. Do me a favor, and buy a few the next time you see a […]

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Red Burritos with Beef and Beans


Red Burritos, particularly those stuffed with savory beef and beans and topped with luscious enchilada sauce and cheese are so tasty. Even better, you can make them and freeze them in advance! This post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. […]

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FREE Meal Plan to Help You Eat Well All Week


Get a free meal plan full of affordable, delicious dinners you can prepare in 30-minutes or less! Wondering what’s for dinner? Feel overwhelmed when you go to the grocery store? Perplexed as to how to eat well without spending too much of your hard earned money? A meal plan can be your answer to all three […]

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8 Great Rice Dishes You Should Try

Vegetable Fried Rice Good Cheap Eats

Rice is a good cheap eat! Not only that, it tastes great, is gluten-free, and serves as a great base for any number of delectable dinners. Check out these 8 great rice dishes for inspiration. I grew up eating simple boiled rice or the wide variety of Rice-a-Roni boxed mixes. I’m still stunned that my […]

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A Month of Meals: Back to Basics Meal Plan


Are you looking for some easy meals that taste great and fit the budget? This Back to Basics Meal Plan is your answer for simply delicious dinners all month long. Can you believe it that October is already here? We’ll be decking the halls before we know it. I know that for me, September rushed […]

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Grocery Geek: What We Spent in September

GG September

Want a peek into our grocery cart? Here’s how I’m grocery shopping and feeding eight people on the cheap. This post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. This month was a weird […]

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