Make Dinnertimes Easier

Wondering how to do all you need to do and still get dinner on the table? Time to make dinnertimes easier!

Make Dinnertimes Easier | Tips from Good Cheap Eats

As a mom who teachers her kids at home, I’ve really benefitted from reading the Simple Homeschool blog over the years. It is so nice to hear how other folks tweak systems to make it work for them.

Last month, Jamie graciously let me chat over there about how to Make Dinnertimes Easier This School Year. Continue Reading »

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Creamy Mushroom Pilaf

This Creamy Mushroom Pilaf is a quick and easy side dish to serve with your favorite meats and vegetable main dishes. It will put all those boxed mixes to shame.

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Creamy Mushroom Pilaf

Rice is one of my favorite quick fixes. It takes only 20 minutes to cook on the stovetop or in the oven. I’ve been testing out the Power Cooker my dad bought me, and have been able to make rice in 11 minutes! If there was ever a quick dinner idea, rice would be it!

Over the years I’ve experimented with all kinds of rice dishes, from brown rice pilaf to Mexican rice to baked rice to fried rice. It’s economical and simple and delicious.

You know that rice dish that’s got creamy mushroom soup in it? Well, I was lying in bed one night thinking about that, wondering how I could make it without the canned soup. And voila! Continue Reading »

Sandwich Recipes for Quick Dinners

Reuben for promotion

Sandwich recipes can be so versatile, why not make Sandwich Night a weekly thing? They make for a delicious, quick dinner.  This post contains one or more Amazon affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. […]

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A Meal Plan Can Speed Up Dinner


Having a meal plan can help you make dinner more quickly and easily than if you were just trying to figure it out as you go along. It can also help you be less stressed at dinnertime. So, you want to make dinner a little more quickly, right? Then, having a meal plan is a […]

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A Mexican Buffet is a Quick Dinner

Slow Cooker Chicken Street Tacos | Good Cheap Eats

No need to wait in line at the local taco joint! Serve a Mexican Buffet, for supper for a quick and easy dinner idea that everyone will love.  I’m a (southern) California girl, born and bred. This means that I have no qualms about serving or eating Mexican food morning, noon, and night — multiple […]

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Easy Chicken and Green Beans

Easy Chicken and Green Beans (1)

Make this Easy Chicken and Green Beans skillet tonight for a quick, delicious meal that everyone will love. Want a quick dinner? Well, this recipe is one that my kids gobble down almost as fast as I can make it. I rely on  those fancy Trader Joe’s chicken tenders from the freezer section. No need […]

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Quick Dinner Ideas: A Series


Quick dinner ideas are life-savers! Not only do they help us make dinner quickly, but they also help us save money and help us eat more healthfully. Let’s say no to take-out this month. Don’t you just love tradition? I mean, Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning, and eating whatever you want on your birthday, and making […]

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Slab Apple Pie

Slab Apple Pie Recipe labeled

You may not know this, but for years I’ve posted some of our family’s favorite recipes over on Life as Mom. Since I also post recipes here, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them. This one? This one you need to know about. This pie is what I call the Lazy Woman’s Pie. You […]

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Sausage Vegetable Frittata

vegetable and sausage frittata

Enjoy an easy, make-ahead egg dish full of flavor. This Sausage Vegetable Frittata is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Next month my brother is getting married. Though he and his fiancee live in Santa Clarita, they’re holding their wedding in Carlsbad, not too far from where we live. He went to college here, and […]

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Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses

clearance green tea

Did you save money on groceries this week? Tell us your Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses. Well, I’m sad to say, I didn’t do much in the way of Frugal Foodie-ism this week. It was a busy, but homebound week for the most part. It’s Friday, and I’m hot and tired. Summer, please go away! […]

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