Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake

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This Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake is a quick and easy way to enjoy some of the best fruits of the season: blueberries! This breakfast or snacking cake comes together in minutes.

Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake Good Cheap Eats

Last weekend I found blueberries at my local market for 98 cents a package. I bought three packs without a second thought. I knew I’d figure out something to do with them.

Funnily enough, I grew up thinking that blueberries were gross. The only ones I ever had as a child were those canned blueberries that came with boxed muffin mixes. Those are so not the same animal! Or fruit, as the case may be.

It wasn’t until we were living in Kansas that I ever tasted a fresh blueberry and boy! was I surprised. Crisp, tart, sweet! These were actually good! In fact, it was then when I first started experimenting with blueberries in recipes. 

My kids have a totally different blueberry experience. I’m not sure we’ve convinced FishPapa of their virtues — yet. He had the same canned blueberry experience as I. We are winning him over though, slowly but surely.

Especially when this Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake is on the table.

Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake GCE

Coffeecake is kind of my jam. It’s so easy to make, it bakes all in one pan, AND IT’S CAKE!

How can you say no to cake for breakfast?!

This Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake has the richness you might expect from a fall dessert, but it features one of the best fruits of the summer season: blueberries! The cake itself comes together in minutes even though it’s got three layers: batter, berries, and crumb topping. The ginger and cinnamon add a nice warmth to the cake.

Trust me when I say you’ll be willing to heat the oven this summer when you’ve got fresh blueberries on hand!

Tools I use to make this easy:

I’d love to hear how the folks at your table devour this coffeecake. My kids inhaled it tonight in about 20 minutes. Is that a record?

Spiced Blueberry Coffeecake | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Eileen says

    Hi Jessica,

    I am making this right now! I have all the ingriedents.
    I used the frozen little wild blueberries from trader joes, they taste really good and are great for baking too.

  2. Sam says

    This looks so yummy and I have all the ingredients on hand! I love when that happens. Making this for two–do you think it would freeze well once baked?

  3. Brooke Kingston says

    I made this for my family on Monday, and it has been such a HUGE hit! Thank you, Jessica! Your recipes are always winners in my home. This one is phenomenal, we’ll be making it regularly!!

  4. Leigh says

    Made this for breakfast this morning. I used regular old whole wheat baking flour because I did not have the white whole wheat flour. I also added an extra cup of blueberries because I had them and love them! I liked this recipe because it was not too sugary and you can taste the fruit. Might serve it tonight for dessert with some whipped cream! Thanks for inspiring me to try some new recipes and plan some meal plans.

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