Lemon Blueberry Scones

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I am so into this freezer scone thing. Previously, I had mixed up the dry team ahead of time and added the wet ingredients, then formed them, then baked them. But that is just not as much fun as popping flash frozen, unbaked scones in a hot oven and having them ready to eat in less than 20 minutes. Yeah, baby.

These Lemon Blueberry Scones rock. I made them with fresh blueberries, but you could use frozen as well. The lemon flavor comes through quite nicely. If you want to gild the lily, you could drizzle on a glaze, but I don’t think you need it.

Have you tried making baked goods ahead of time?

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  1. Yes I loved the butterhorns that you made. They turned out great and just as good as if they were never frozen.

  2. Tracy says

    How many scones does this make?

    • Jessica says

      It depends on how small you cut them. I make them kid-size, so I think there were at least 20. Good question! Sorry I didn’t pay better attention.

      • Tracy says

        No problem! Just needed to decide whether or not to double the recipe for my horde of munchkins!

  3. Susan says

    These look fabulous! I always love having something sweet first thing in the AM with my coffee, so this fits that bill for sure!

  4. Wendy Prestley says

    Jessica, Made these this morning for my family, which includes 6 kids. GONE very quickly! Thanks, really great…will make these again VERY soon! Thanks!

    • Jessica says

      Can you give me some feedback? Some people are having trouble getting the dough to come together. Did you have this problem?

  5. Nikki says

    I’ve been looking for a great recipe that this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Janet says

    I am going to have to give these a try. I have a ton of blueberries in the freezer and company coming this weekend. Sounds like the perfect breakfast.

  7. These look yummy! lemon/blueberry is one of my favorite combinations!!

  8. Very nice! I keep saying I am going to make scones one of these days but I just don’t! These look so good though!

  9. jan says

    would be wonderful to have them flash frozen and ready to pop some in the toaster (aka small) oven when it’s too hot to bake.

  10. Kim Kauffman says

    Those look so good. I’ll have to make those and have them ready for after our baby is born (hopefully in three weeks or less!) so I can pop some in the oven when we have visitors. I also LOVE your butterhorn recipe. Yum!

  11. AllieZirkle says

    so tell me about half and half. how important is it in a scone as compared to, say, nonfat milk or whole milk?

    i’m thinking blackberry lemon would make my heart sing. 🙂 making them tonight!


    • Jessica says

      Did you make them? Some are having trouble. Would love your feedback.

      • AllieZirkle says

        I just saw your comment (I thought I had subscribed to comments?). this recipe is short on liquid. Your 4th of July uses another 6-8 oz of liquid. I’m going to check it out this am again.

        • Jessica says

          I made them again for this freezer cooking day and they turned out fine. But, I’m wondering if the amount of whole wheat (which I did not specify) is throwing people off. Also, maybe cutting butter in with the food processor makes a difference?

          BTW, you should be getting an automated email every time someone replies to your comments. Is that not happening?

  12. Rebecca says

    I found a recipe very similar to this recently for banana scones, and I added dried blueberries. I flash froze them like you do, and over the next few weeks I would heat up 2 or 3 on the days I needed something sweet for breakfast, and they were excellent. I wish I had a bigger freezer so I could always have something like this on hand.

  13. Jenny says

    We will be making these in the next few days. Love the premade baked goods in the freezer. Love the quick breakfasts, please keep the tasty recipes coming!

  14. Laura Greiving says

    I am getting ready to put these in the oven. I am thinking there is something missing in the recipe. These seem very dry and I sure wasn’t able to knead them with blueberries in them. I have made scones quite a few times, and I am not mad at all : ), I am just thinking some tweaking is in order.
    Also, because they are so hard to handle , I was only able to make 15 scones that are too large but in order to shape them without totally mangeling the berries, that was how I have had to do it. I am sure they will taste good. Thanks and I will let you know how these taste! I love your blog btw

    • Jessica says

      Hmmm…. I don’t remember them being such a problem. But, you’re the second person to say they were difficult to form. I have a huge, huge board that I worked the dough on, so I know I had lots of room to work with. Thanks for the feedback!

  15. Kathy says

    I made these today. My kitchen looked like a bakery with floor from floor to ceiling. It was so difficult to kneed the dough together that I made such a mess. They are baking right now and it smells delicious. I sure hope they taste good because they was such a mess to make! Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if there is an easier way to mix the mixture together in a way that you don’t have flour everywhere or your hands full of sticky batter. It was funny, that is for sure!

    • Jessica says

      I think some of that comes with practice. You could try adding more half and half and see if that makes the dough come together better for you.

  16. i love all your scone recipes! thanks!

  17. i just printed the recipe and cant wait for blueberries to go on sale so i can make these. i LOVE scones!

  18. Yum, yum! I made these tonight for a quick breakfast tomorrow and had no problems with the dough coming together. If anything it was a bit sticky. I use a food processor to make my scones, mixing the dry ingredients and then pulsing in the butter and the wet. I folded in the blueberries as I patted them out to cut. Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Jessica says

      Well, I did the cutting in with the food processor and then transferred everything to a ginormous bowl and used my hands. I’m guessing that slight differences in method could make a difference?

      We’re almost out, so I’ll have to make some more and test again.

  19. Jennie says

    I made mine this morning and did have quite a time. My dough was on the dry side so kneeding it to bring it together was difficult. Also, a lot of my blueberries got crushed in the process. I perservered through and eventually got them formed and cut and cooked a few for beakfast. I kind of left the dough sitting out on the counter until they came out of the oven and I tasted them (just to make sure they were good enough to keep). They were very good just a little on the dry side. I think next time I will use a little more half & half and try to get the dough to come together more in the bowl before I turn it out onto my counter top (because it did make quite a mess). Also, I think that frozen blueberries would hold up better during the kneeding & forming process than my fresh ones did. I do have to add that a glaze on top would make them just perfect. Thanks!

    • Jessica says

      Thanks for your feedback! I’m perplexed. Some people have had great success and others not so much. I’m wondering if we’re measuring flour differently. That could account for some of the changes.

  20. Love this recipe! I keep hearing about all the awesome health benefits of blueberries and I’m trying to integrate more into my diet.

  21. Rebecca says

    I did a version of these using mashed banana and dried blueberry (and just a dash of lime juice). They turned out really yummy.

  22. Lisa says

    I’m loving the flash-frozen dough idea! I would love to have a freezer full of biscuits ready to go like that. Do you think that would work?

  23. Holly says

    Could you use whole milk instead of half and half? We have a 1 year old and have the whole milk on hand, and I’m trying to cook with what we’ve got.

    • Jessica says

      You could. I would use less since it may have a thinner consistency. Just add until the dough comes together easily.

      • Holly says

        Made with whole milk and had no problems.
        Also tried it with orange zest instead of the lemon & blueberries and added a glaze made with melted butter, powdered sugar and orange juice. Delicious! Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. Rhoda Carter says

    I made these today with 3-2 white to wheat flour. Smaller or even frozen berries would have held together better. I didn’t add them to the mix till I turned the dough out on the counter (hoping to keep as many in tact as possible). I ended up with 16 scones from this recipe. They are a little thick because I didn’t want to crush anymore berries. A glaze is nice to cut the crumble, but totally a preference thing like the difference between cake donuts glazed or unglazed.

    • Jessica says

      Yes, I typically use frozen berries for this. That does help a lot in mixing them. Now, I wish we had blueberries.

  25. rachel says

    These are on my list for making this week… although the week is almost over so maybe it’ll be a next week To Do item. Looking forward to them as the lemon-blueberry combo sounds amazing. 🙂

  26. annie says

    the julia child baking cookbook on my shelf gave me the best scone making advice ever. the secret is in the kneading. after pinching the butter into the flour, stir wet and dry with a fork just until incorporated. dump the glop onto a flour dusted surface, and knead 12 or less times only. a scone knead is not the same as a bread knead. fingertips like playing piano scales. hope that helps. will make these soon myself!

  27. Asha says

    Just made these and they are delicious! I cut the butter into the flour in the food processor and then mixed the wet ingredients in by hand. Will definitely make again.

  28. Jennifer says

    This is a delicious recipe – love it! I’ve made it two times now and the only thing I’m struggling with is understanding how in the world you made yours looks SO nice! lol Despite trying two different techniques, I have managed to ‘pop’ (or squish) my blueberries each time I knead, no matter how gentle I am. The dough starts out pretty dry, but doable, until I knead it a few times to bring it together. Despite using frozen blueberries both times (and the 2nd time, I waited until the very last min. before I took them out of the freezer hoping that this would help), my scones end up being not only super gooey/wet but also blueish purple (and not the appetizing kind lol) due to the squished blueberries. I only have a hint of your nice tan colored dough as it weaves and swirls along with various blues & purples throughout my scones. The wetness is no matter in how they turn out, though. They cook just fine and are very yummy. I would just like to find a way to make them look a bit more presentable/less scary. lol Any suggestions? (PS: I’m using the frozen blueberries from Costco and they tend to run a bit large; ideally, I think the wild/smaller blueberries would work better (and perhaps this is the issue??), but until I can find them cheaper, that’s not feasible for me right now. Also, I used a handheld pastry cutter to cut in the butter…) Thanks!

    • Gosh, it’s been awhile since I made them. I’m not sure why that’s happening, but I saw that blueberries are on sale next week at Sprouts, so I will try to remember to make them. I wonder if you tossed the berries with a little of the dry mix before mixing them in. That might absorb some of the berry juice and prevent it from spreading everywhere.

      I, too, have had purple scones or muffins in my time. It happens to all of us, I think.

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