How to Dish Up Afternoon Tea on a Dime

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Afternoon tea can be a wonderful way to break up the day, enjoy a sweet and a hot spot of tea.

Tea time has such a cozy ring to it. My kids embrace tea time, little hobbits that they are, because of all the British literature that I’ve fed them. Well, that, and the cakes and cookies.

Right about two o’clock each school afternoon, I, personally get the doldrums. We still have schoolwork to finish, but a little pick-me-up is so nice to help me finish strong. And sharing a snack with my kiddos helps us all.

How to Dish Up Afternoon Tea on a Dime

Make tea time special.

I don’t have any British blood in me to help me find my way. So, our tea times are simply FishFam inspired. We just make what sounds good! A little sweet, a little hot beverage, and a moment to just  take a break.

Serve a little sweet.

It really doesn’t take that long to prepare a sweet baked good. Cookies and scones lend themselves to tea time. They are small, finger foods that can pack some punch. Muffins and cake work well, too. Quick breads are delicious with tea. And in a pinch, simple Cinnamon Toast hits the spot.

The beauty about so many baked goods — besides their great taste — is that you can make them ahead of time and freeze them. Just bake and cool the goodie completely. Wrap it well in a freezer bag or plastic container and stash it in the icebox. Individual portions thaw pretty quickly.

Here are some of our favorite baked goods for tea time:

Serve a hot spot of tea.

Believe it or not, I developed a taste for tea when I was living in France. My friend Sarah and I would raid the cookie aisle of the local supermarche and head to my apartment for tea and cookies. It wasn’t French, but we loved it nonetheless. Thankfully, Sarah has spent enough time in England, as well, to show me the ropes.

I must confess to liking mine with cream and sugar.

Have you got a favorite way to enjoy tea?

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  1. I find it funny that I read this today. I have started to drink tea instead of coffee (starting today) because coffee has really started to bother my stomach.

    I struggle with liking tea…it’s not strong enough for me…so I’m in experiment mode. I have learned that I need at least TWO tea bags in a mug.

    I like the idea of having tea time in the afternoon with a little something sweet. Gives you something to look forward to later in the day.

    • teresa g says

      @Angell, What kind of tea are you drinking? There are so many different kinds out there. If you want something stronger, you might want to shy away from the green & white teas. However, the stronger the tea, the more chance you will have of that bothering your stomach too 🙁 Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea are both on the stronger side.

  2. teresa g says

    I absolutely LOVE tea. It’s very comforting for me, and also settles on my stomach better than coffee. I’ve never done the tea-time thing but am giving that serious thought. Could really use some sort of little afternoon relaxant these days.

  3. Sandi says

    I love tea time. I don’t do it regularly, but it is always fun when I do. I’ve never been a coffee drinker (unless it has a LOT of cream, sugar, and chocolate!) but I’ve enjoyed tea my whole life. We usually drink it a lot during the winter, but this crazy year was so mild, with maybe a week of actual cold weather, we didn’t drink it as much as usual. I do usually have a pitcher of cold tea in the fridge, though.

  4. M says

    I keep a basket of assorted teas on my counter. Black, green, white, rooibos, or herbal- I love them all. My favorite in the winter is a steamy mug of chai latte. In the summer- a fruity iced green or white. We also keep a stash of Lipton’s cold brew bags handy for unexpected company in the summer.

    My five-yr-old just received a tea set for her birthday. We’ve been having a lot of tea parties in the evening when I get home from work. Who needs dessert when we can have tea?! Although a little sweet with the tea can’t hurt. 🙂

  5. I love tea!!! I drink probably 2-6 cups of normally a herbal tea every day! I found though that having pretty dishes, the right cup, a tea pot can make it more enjoyable! Another thing that helps….is having a friend to share it with! I have a friend who loves tea like myself and is expecting her fourth boy…and I have four boys, so we need some girl time! We plan a weekly tea time together and just bring something we can have with tea to share with each other! Last week, we had open faced sandwiches on Roasted garlic bread toasted and fresh blackberry scones.

  6. I love green tea and pumpkin scones, we’re a lot alike.

  7. Becky says

    I love tea……..never been a coffee drinker.I love mine with sugar and cream as well.When i have black tea i eliminate the sugar and cream sometimes and add a little of hubby’s vanilla coffee creamer instead…..its really good.
    Tea helps me wind down after the day has ended and i usually have it after the kids are all in bed and enjoy the peace and quiet .I someitmes have up to 3 cups a day …..I just love tea!!

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