Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas

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Breaking the hold of quick, processed foods can be hard. Try these Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas to eat real good food, real quick.

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Hash

One of the reasons that our culture is hooked on convenience foods and take-out is that these foods are quick. They’re easy. They don’t take a lot of work. Instant gratification, my friend!

We all know that the days are busy, and it’s hard to carve out time to prepare a really good meal. It’s even more difficult when you’re tackling an elimination diet like the Whole 30 or making other diet changes that go against the grain of your culinary habits.

While home cooked will always take a little effort, it doesn’t need to be a crazy chore. Consider these Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas to help you enjoy a good wholesome meal without spending a ton of time.


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Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas

Remember: any time you’re changing up your diet, trying out better eating habits, or just want to save money, doing a little prep work in advance can help you bridge the gap between busy schedule and hungry tummy.

My post over on Life as Mom this week offers tips to Organize Your Meal Prep. A little planning ahead can save you so much at meal time.

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

Denver Scramble with Prosciutto

Make breakfast for dinner.

Whether Whole 30 or not, making breakfast for dinner is a quick and easy meal that everyone loves. I particularly love these Whole 30 dinner ideas that double as breakfast:

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

Salade Nicoise

Get your salad on!

You could prep salad a different way every day and not get bored — providing you use fresh ingredients and mix things up a bit.

These salad recipes are some of my very best friends:

Speaking of chicken…

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

Grab some chicken tenders.

I love chicken tenders for their quick and easily portioned preparation. I keep bags of these frozen chicken tenders on hand all the time. They can be cooked from frozen!

Season heavily with one of these homemade spice mixes for great flavor and then serve on a salad or a bed of veggies.

It’s so simple, you’ll be surprised how great it tastes!

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Cook a squash.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that spaghetti squash is the new kale. I love it topped with homemade bolognese, but I’m seeing all kinds of recipes for spaghetti squash served in a myriad of ways. Bust out and be creative or try one of these tried and true meat sauces:

See this tutorial for cooking a spaghetti squash in 7 minutes and then top it with whatever meats and veggies you have on hand. Yum!

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Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas | Good Cheap Eats

Chicken Street Tacos

Fill a lettuce leaf.

Say what? Yep. Fill a lettuce leaf. Lettuce and cabbage make great wraps for all your favorite taco and sandwich fillings. Minus the cheese, of course. Some of my favorites:

Tools I use to make meals more quickly:

A great skillet with a lid – I love this one because of its size and its non-stick, yet hard-to-scratch surface. Treating myself to a second one in the new year.

Ergo Chef cooking tongs – These are great for grabbing food quickly and easily.

Salad spinner – Don’t waste time drying salad greens. Spin them dry!

While you can’t wave a wand and have food magically appear — oh wait, that’s called going to a restaurant — you CAN make some quick, healthy meals at home. I’d love to hear what quick whole 3o dinner ideas you lean on.

Got any great Whole 30 Dinner Ideas that are quick and easy?

Be sure to read the entire series: Quick Dinner Ideas.

Quick Dinner Ideas

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  1. Diane says

    I am so thrilled! I just started the Whole30 today and you are always my “go to” and you don’t disappoint! Thank you for all of this.

    Do you have a great recipe for hash with white potatoes?



  2. juliet says

    One of my favorite go to dishes is spinach with avacado sliced up and a grapefruit, sliced I drizzle olive oil on top and sprinkle salt and pepper

    • Amanda says

      With what protein source? Eggs would probably be good with that.

  3. Amy says

    Seriously, these kinds of recipes are what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for these ideas, I can’t wait to make my busy life easier. So excited!

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