Jam-Filled Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Make muffins as good as the bakery with this recipe for Jam-Filled Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Jam-Filled Chocolate Chip Muffins

Muffins have always been a favorite breakfast or snack for me. Years ago — and I mean years — I worked in a small bakery cafe in Santa Barbara. Brigitte’s was one of the happening spots on State Street, before Starbucks took over the world. I often worked the early shift, selling muffins and making espresso drinks to the regulars. A free muffin at break was one of my special treats.

Today is no different. I love to bake muffins at home, making them a big bakery style size and filling them with all kinds of goodies. These babies are filled with mini chocolate chips and apricot jam. Talk about delicious!

Jam-Filled Chocolate Chip Muffins

I have a pet muffin recipe that I mix up and keep on hand for mornings when muffin mania strikes. The beauty of this Mix and Match Muffin Recipe is that you can change the fillings and mix-ins to be whatever you like.

This time I stirred in chocolate chips and then spooned in apricot jam halfway through filling the cups. I sprinkled sugar over the tops before I baked them to give them a tasty, crunchy topping. Lately I’ve been baking them at a slightly higher heat than normal to give them higher tops and slightly crunchier edges.

You can vary this however you like, with different chips or different jam.

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  1. susan says

    thinking about making these, but trying to use what I have on hand. Do you think I could use vanilla yogurt rather than plain, and just cut down on the sugar? If so, about how much sugar would you recommend?

  2. Lizzy says

    Apricot sounds good, but I think I would make these with raspberry!

  3. Belinda says

    Baking cupcakes for my mom’s 60th birthday party this weekend – I think I’m going to make fewer cupcakes and make 2 dozen of these instead!! I have some fabulous strawberry jam in the fridge – going to try leaving out the choc chips and use that!
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Jenni says

    So, not sure why, but whenever I make these types of muffins, my jam oozes out and burns. Any thoughts? ????

    • I had a little jam ooze up the sides, but not a lot. I’d be tempted to just swirl all the jam in the batter and see what happens.

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