How to Make Homemade Soup

pot of creamy chicken noodle soup with ladle

Homemade Soup can come to your rescue any night you need a quick meal. Simple and nourishing, soup is good food, especially when you make it yourself. Pictured: Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup When I’m not sure what to make for dinner, especially in cooler months, I turn to homemade soup. Soup is quick to fix, super versatile, and is […]

Sausage Potato Soup

Sausage and Potato Soup | Good Cheap Eats

Cozy up with a bowl of this Sausage Potato Soup. Chock full of potatoes and other vegetables and a spicy Italian Sausage, this soup is delicious comfort food. Last week we had a rainy day — and it was so exciting. That’s what years of drought will do for you. You go outside in your pajamas […]

Pantry Challenge Minestrone

Mix up a pot of this quick and easy minestrone from simple kitchen staples. It’s the perfect answer to a cold and blustery day.

Chicken Chili with White Beans

This chili redolent with spices and bursting with chicken and white beans comes together quickly in 30 minutes or less. I graduated from high school in 1990. That means that I gained a lot of my culinary education (starving college student, food service worker, waitress, newlywed) in the 90s, the era of the Chicken Caesar […]

Make Your Own Stocks and Broths

What to Do with Turkey Bones? Make Stock

Don’t buy processed stocks and broths. You can make your own for less money and better flavor. Now that summer is over, we should see more and more sales on whole chickens, turkeys, and roasts. This is good news. Don’t be intimidated by cooking the whole bird. You can easily roast a small chicken or […]

Soup is Good Food

Soup is oftentimes an economical and easy choice for dinner. Try one of these delicious recipes. As a child the only good soup I knew came from a can. Sorry, Mom. My first few attempts at homemade soup were utter failure. I threw a bunch of things in a pot and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, that […]

Vegetable, Beef, and Barley Soup

Ways to Save Money on Groceries {A Series Recap} | Good Cheap Eats

Prepare for fall and a busy school year by mixing up a pot of this delicious homemade soup, chocked full of vegetables, beef, and barley. It’ll do your body good. For the first ten years of my life, I thought that all soup came from a can. Then on an outing with my mom and […]

Crockpot Chili Bean Soup

Spend ten minutes prepping tonight’s dinner. This crockpot chili bean soup is a crowd-pleaser. Things are starting to heat up now that April is well under way. I got a bit of a sunburn at Legoland earlier this week. Summer approaches! Warm weather aside, I still have been firing up the crockpot, particularly for those […]