The Scoop on Imperfect Produce

imperfect produce delivery boxes

Wondering if Imperfect Produce is a good fit for you? I gave it a try and here’s how it worked out for me, my review of Imperfect Produce. A few months ago I heard about this company called Imperfect Produce. The concept of their business was to help farmers get blemished and surplus produce to […]

5 Food Resolutions You Can Rock This Year

salads in meal prep boxes

Have you got some food resolutions for the new year? Consider these five easy things you can do to rock your kitchen. Here you are at the start of a brand new year. There are 12 gloriously empty months ahead of you. What shall we do with you? You could just do what you’ve always […]

How to Buy Tailgate Food on a Budget

Learn how to buy tailgate food on a budget. With these simple money-saving strategies, you’ll score bigtime this season. The following content has been sponsored by Ibotta. All opinions are my own. You’ve got your fantasy football picks all lined up. You’ve secured all the proper cable access so your game night will not have […]

How to Grocery Shop for Freezer Cooking & Save Money

How to Grocery Shop for Freezer Cooking and Save Money | Good Cheap Eats

Freezer cooking can be a great way to save time and money — IF you grocery shop the right way. Don’t just choose any old recipes and throw ingredients in the cart! Learn these tips to grocery shop for freezer cooking and save money. For over twenty years I’ve done this gig called freezer cooking. […]

Slash Your Grocery Spending in 7 Easy Steps

grocery bags in back seat of car

Got big goals that don’t include spending too much on groceries? I gotcha covered. Learn to slash your grocery spending in 7 easy steps. The other day I shared with you some of the strategies that I used last week to reduce our grocery spending by over $400. That’s about 1/3 of our monthly grocery […]

Buy Groceries on a Budget: How To Make it Happen

We all have to buy groceries. Buying them on a budget can be a challenge. Here are my strategies for staying in the black this year. Years ago when we were young newlyweds, I would buy groceries almost daily. If something sounded good to me for dinner, I ran to the store to get the […]

Use a Price Book to Track Grocery Prices & Save Money

Wondering if it makes a difference where you shop? It does! Use a price book to track grocery prices, shop the best deals, and save money. I’ve never been one to keep a price book. I mean, I heard about them TWENTY YEARS ago, when I first picked up a copy of Miserly Moms at […]

Lower Your Grocery Bill in 7 Simple Steps

Since food costs are the most flexible of your monthly spending, taking some steps to lower your grocery bill can really pay off. Follow these easy strategies to help you do it. Food is one of the great comforts of life. Not only does it bring nourishment to our bodies, but it can also bring comfort to […]