Save More at Albertsons with the just for U App

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies . The opinions and text are all mine.

Are you working to reduce your grocery spending and enjoy healthy meals? Now you can save more at Albertsons with the Just for U app.

Save More at Albertsons with the just for U App | Good Cheap Eats

I am a big believer in never spending more money than I have to. At least whenever I can help it. I shop my pantry before I head to the store. I peruse the grocery sales when I make my meal plan. I save coupons for items that I know I’m going to buy anyway. I browse the clearance racks before I fill my cart.

While I have some pretty decent habits when it comes to saving money on groceries, I’m always looking to up my game. That’s why I was super excited to hear that I can now save more at Albertsons with the just for U app. The app launches in Southern California today as a mobile savings tool to help you save more money. In addition to great in-store prices and deals, you can find over $300/week in digital coupons and personalized deals “just for you”.

The app is available on iOS and Android, as well as on desktop, and works with your purchase history to offer you savings on items you regularly buy. It takes just seconds to create an account and can save you loads more time by helping you quickly scan the sales and create a shopping list on the go.

Save More at Albertsons with the Just for U App | Good Cheap Eats

In fact, I did this process in my car in between errands and was surprised at how quickly I was able to do some quick planning. Since I typically stock my pantry with sale items that we normally use, I was able to scan the sales items and match them to digital coupons, enabling me to stock up on pantry staples like cereal, pasta, and beans at premium prices.

The app is brand new so I chatted with my local store’s manager about how it works. While I was shopping, I found a small glitch where the sale ending date had been incorrectly input. The app showed that watermelons were on sale, but the sale had actually ended. I asked what he would do in that case. Not only did he go grab me a watermelon, but also manually adjusted the price so that I paid the sale price! Whoo hoo!

Save More at Albertsons with the Just for U App | Good Cheap Eats

What I love about the app is how much time it saves me in finding great deals. Believe me, in my early days of couponing and grocery geeking, I spent HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS each week hunting for deals and matching them with coupons. I love how seamless the experience is with the just for U app. I can’t wait to see what deals it generates for me going forward. You can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on it!

Some deals I found:

  • Cheerios – $1.99/box when you buy 5
  • Artesano bread to make bostock – $1.99/loaf
  • pasta – $0.99/bag
  • large cans beans – $1.99
  • personal watermelon – $1.88
  • nectarines $0.99/lb
  • limes 4/$1
  • large bottle vinegar $1.99

Save More at Albertsons with the Just for U App | Good Cheap Eats

I’d love to hear about your experience! Do you download grocery store apps? What works for you?

How do YOU save more at Albertsons?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies . The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Katie says

    Thank you for saying up front that this is a sponsored post. I appreciate it.

    • I don’t do many sponsored posts here on Good Cheap Eats, but I ALWAYS disclose at the top of each one.

  2. Robin says

    I love the ‘load to card’ part of the Just for you app. I go through and click the things I need and check for specials, then I can stop by the store whenever it’s convenient for me while I’m running around during the week. I never have the horror of realizing I’m at the store, but my coupons are at home pinned to my refrigerator. I try to keep my grocery list up to date on my phone too, since that’s another headache….forgetting my list!

    • I use the Reminders app to create a list for every store I go to. That way I get the best deals everywhere!

  3. Erica says

    I live on the East Coast and Safeway is the smiley family as Albertsons. I’ve had the Just for U deals for awhile now (although I rarely shop Safeways because other stores are cheaper). I like the weekly emails they send telling me what my just for u price is (based in part on usage, they have an algorithm set up with my loyalty card). Then I actually don’t have to peruse the app every week but just add what I want.

  4. Erica says

    Same family, not smiley. Although it may be that too! Lol.

  5. tastycook says

    I live in a tiny town on Lake Ontario (Canada) and we have 3 grocery stores in town. Trust me, during tourist season we need all 3!!

    All 3 have a similar kind of loyalty program that you are describing. All base MY benefits on my past shopping history. With one store, I have to print out the coupons they send me ( or if I used a smart phone I could use the app). The other 2 link my savings to my loyalty card. Love ’em.

  6. Karen J says

    In my area Safeway/Albertsons share the exact same sale ad and you can use your Just for U app at both places. I call it my Wednesday “business” to go online and lock in what I want to my list. I use the feature to separate categories for what I’m looking for (example-just dairy or breakfast) so don’t have to look through every single thing. If I find something at the store that I haven’t put on my card I scan the bar code from the Safeway app on my phone. Easy! I especially like my personalized deals and the ones that give me extra x for gas discounts. Just wish they’d add a free download Friday like Fred Meyer has.

  7. Alice E says

    I only have a plain vanilla style phone so don’t use apps, but do use the loyalty card at a local store and enjoy the benefits. I stock up when things are on sale, but do buy some produce regardless, such as sweet onions. One thing I have found in my area of the Midwest is that some grocery chains are operated as franchises and the prices can vary at different stores in the chain by 10 cents or more on some staples such as eggs. If it is an advertised sale, then they all honor that, but non-sale items vary. I shop at one of the smaller stores of my favorite chain because it is easier to fine what I want and the day to day prices are lower. The other side of this is that stores with totally different names are often owned and operated by the same company.

    The point of this is for people keeping a ‘price book’ to compare, be aware that not all XXX stores always have the same price for the same item.

    • That is the same here, even if they aren’t franchises. The stores base their prices on their competition. Even within the same zipcode you might have different prices.

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