Freezer Cooking Planning: A Detailed Approach

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Having a plan is half the work of any project. Good planning can ensure that you have what you need when you need it, thus preventing delays and frustration.

And having a good freezer cooking plan is essential.

You can just haphazardly move about your kitchen, cooking up stuff. That is totally allowed. Do what works for you!

However, there are other ways that may better fit other personalities.

Yesterday I shared my plan for this month’s Freezer Cooking and teased you with photos of my planning sheets. These planning sheets are actually a reworking of some that I shared long ago. I realized that they made sense to me, but perhaps were not so helpful to others. FishPapa has been a great help in refining them. Since he knows almost nothing about planning for freezer cooking, he was the perfect one to tell me what needed to be changed.

Be sure to download the free planner before proceeding through this post. 😉

I’ve explained before the basics of developing a freezer cooking plan. Let’s recap:

  1. Choose recipes you know your family likes.
  2. Create a grocery list.
  3. Consider how you will package your meals.
  4. Plan your prep chef list.
  5. Plan out the order in which you will cook your meals.
  6. Shop.
  7. Prep.
  8. Cook.

Those are the basic steps to planning a freezer cooking session. And they work in a pinch. If you’d like a little more details, here are those same steps, fleshed out a bit.

1. Choose recipes you know your family likes.

You may want to consult a list of what freezes well. Once I’ve chosen my recipes, I print each one out or make a photocopy of it. I also jot the recipe names down on my Master Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet. As I do so, I divide them according to the protein or main ingredient included. In this way, we’re grouping “like with like.” The end result is that when you get to cooking, you will prepare all the chicken recipes or all the beef recipes at one time, thus making use of common ingredients and speeding up your work. I also use a Main Ingredient Planning Worksheet to divide up the families of recipes. (Remember, you can get the forms here.)

2. Create a grocery list.

The reason that freezer cooking can save you time and money is that you’re going to prepare multiple batches at one time. Make your grocery list reflect that. Use Master Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet to keep track of your list.

3. Consider how you will package your meals.

There are lots of options: freezer bags, reusable foil containers, plastic containers, and baking dishes. Make sure you have enough supplies for each recipe you are preparing. If you need supplies, add those to your Master Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet.

4. Plan your Prep Chef List.

On the Main Ingredient Planning Worksheet group each family of recipes. For example, one would read, Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet: Chicken across the top. You would then walk through each of your chicken recipes, jotting down the ingredients needed as well as how those ingredients need to be prepped. At the bottom, you can tally all the items that you need to prep ahead of time. Make sure that you double check that needed ingredients and packaging items have been added to your grocery list. As you make your tallies, move those items to the Prep Chef List and Timeline. Here you’ll jot down the ingredients that need to be prepped in the prep chef list, giving you a working to do list.

5. Plan out the order in which you will cook your meals.

Use the Prep Chef List and Timeline to map out an order of meal assembly. Maybe you want to do the Chicken Recipes first and then the Beef. You work out what fits you best and write out a plan.

6. Shop.

Consult your Master Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet.

7. Prep.

Consult your Prep Chef List and Timeline.

8. Get Cooking.

Refer to both your Prep Chef List and Timeline and your Main Ingredient Planning Worksheets to walk you through these steps.

I realize that this appears highly detailed. So, feel free to ask questions. It isn’t as complicated as it seems. I don’t think. Well, we’ll see….

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  1. It all depends on how you organize things in your head. For me, yours is easier to follow. Thank you for sharing! I hope to do a freezer cooking day very soon!

  2. I’m gearing up for a day of cooking tomorrow so I would add that step 0. should be check out your pantry and freezer to see what meals you can prepare from ingredients you have on hand. I’m off to check out your links!

  3. Melanie says

    I just wanted you know you are such a tease! I can’t tell you how much time I spend trying to track down your planning pages! I was bound and determined to make some. Thank goodness I didn’t get that far yet! But, really, I appreciate them very much. Your pages fit me better than any other I have found, including your daily planning, and cleaning pages. Thanks for everything!

  4. tracy says

    What a fab person you are trying to organise me thank you feeling motivated

  5. Misty says

    THANK YOU so much for sharing these! I searched your website for hours yesterday looking for them in an older posts. I willl be printing them off and planning for May now. 🙂 Thanks again! I love all of your worksheets!

  6. carriek says

    Hi, I have never done freezer cooking before but I would like to learn. I can only do probably about 2 weeks worth of meals because we have a top freezer/refrigerator combo. What would be good containers to use that wouldnt take up to much space? Thanks so much.

  7. Ursula Settles says

    I loved your sample of your planing sheets. I have downloaded all of your other forms. How can I get a copy of the planning form featured in the photo. I am a black and white form person, and as usual you are genius. This is a wonderful way to stay organized in the kitchen, during these master cooking events. Thank you or you time and great resourses. God Bless You!

  8. Janel says

    THANK YOU!!!!

    This is exactly what my brain needed/wanted but couldn’t get out!!! I NEED step by step guide for everything!!

    I am printing them and laminating them! I have a FANTASTIC set of markers that are very fine tip that will keep this reusable so I don’t overwhelm myself with 9000 pieces of paper!!!

    I can not thank you enough for this!!!!


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