How Much Did You Save During the Pantry Challenge?

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Did you do a Pantry Challenge in January? Tell us how much you saved!


So, the pantry challenge has wound down. Did you survive? I know several of you are continuing on which I think is so incredibly awesome! If that’s you, know that folks are still chatting and keeping each other encouraged on this Chatter page.

Before everyone fades into the woodwork, I’d love to get a working total on how much we saved collectively. I find that to be so encouraging.

I’ll update this post in a week’s time to let you know the total. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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  1. Heather M says:

    I’m bad and don’t keep track of my spending very well. But based on years of shopping/experience, I made an educated guess. I pay attention to the bottom line overall, since I pay the bills and do most of the spending, but it’s folded into a credit card bill and I just don’t break down our budget. I probably should, but after 20 plus years of operating this way, it’s hard to change.

  2. I saved $200 in DEC and JAN in total. Going into FEB with the challenge too but my savings won’t be as large b/c I have needed to restock some of what I have depleted of my supplies. Still, any savings is good savings! It helps to have a non-fussy DH eater and only two adults to feed.

  3. Stephanie M. says:

    I saved about $400.00. I thought I would save more but I’m happy with that. I only bought two pieces of meat during the entire month of January. Other than that, I used up 3/4 of the meat I have in the freezer. I’m hoping by the end of February, the rest is gone. Most of the grocery money was spent on staples like yogurt, bread, eggs, milk, produce, etc.

  4. Tastycook says:

    We spent almost $200 less than usual for the month and am hoping for the same this month. Feeding onky a couple of seniors, it takes a long time to go through food without wasting it but i’m loving the challenge!

  5. A rough guess at my savings would be about $400 for the month of January. I don’t keep track of my grocery spending on a regular basis but that $400 is a good guess!

  6. I actually came in in budget for once! 800$ canadian for 5 people, and two dogs!! Not too shabby for me because we normally spend upwards of 1000$ every month.

    • Me too! I was very happy to come in on budget at $400 US for 3 grownups, 3 dogs, and 1 cat including toiletries, paper goods – everything I buy at the grocery store. Now we are shooting to do the same in February! This was a great challenge.

  7. Catherine says:

    Our budget isn’t entirely monetary as we farm and the meat we keep for ourselves is budgeted in farming expenses (feed, butchering, etc). If it was included it would likely raise our budget by $100/month. However, our out of pocket budget for 5 is $700/month. We saved $54 this month. With a very active teenage boy, we go through a lot of food in a week or month.

    • I didn’t track spending close enough to know, sorry. I think we probably saved some, but my budget for groceries is so flexible that even if I had a firm figure for what I spent, I wouldn’t know what to use for comparison. Since I normally stock up on what’s on sale and cook from the pantry and freezer, I only buy things like dairy, produce and maybe bread at regular price. This means my spending varies greatly depending on whether the sales are something I want or need.

      The pantry challenges this year and last have helped me clarify need versus good price and I have cut back on some of my buying this last year. But, none of that gives me a figure for you, sorry.

      For me, the real benefit has been the effort to use up older supplies and think seriously about what is worth stocking up on and how much to stock. I realize this is different for many of the people participating. I did want to say thank you for leading the challenge. While I didn’t track spending like some and had a slightly different emphasis, it was still both enjoyable and rewarding.

  8. My budget for a family of 5 is $400/month, and I saved $115.82! However, I am 6 days into Feb…and I’ve already spent $163 this month since I had to go to Costco and another warehouse! How do you make sure you don’t overspend the month after the Pantry Challenge??

    • Ashley, I’m in the midst of a pantry challenge as well but it may be more of a modified challenge as I’ve been doing this since DEC and I’ve begun to run out of staples.

      I only spent $50 in DEC and $50 in JAN but two weeks into FEB and I’ve already spent $50. There have been some really good sales that I cannot pass up esp when I’ve depleted my freezer supply of things like sausage, pork chops, chicken quarters and pork butt.

      My advice would be to restock what you have depleted, using sales in any given week to guide you as to when to restock.

    • I’m answering a little late. Sorry about that, but I’m almost caught up to the beginning of the year. lol

      Anyway, as you can see from my monthly spending, sometimes I go over, particularly on a restock, but it all evens out in the end. Here’s the most recent GG post:

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