Day 19, Pantry Challenge 2020

breakfast bowl with tea and planner

Looking to save money on food costs this month? Consider doing a pantry challenge to use up food you already have so you can spend less at the store. Today was a good day in the kitchen. After a few months of struggling with the kids’ kitchen chores, we instituted a new system yesterday and […]

Day 18, Pantry Challenge 2020

taco salad in silver plate

This month I’m working on using up what’s in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. The Pantry Challenge is one of this year’s Grocery Savings Challenges to help us focus our spending to up our savings. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all got content tummies tonight, and I’m starting to see some white […]

Day 17, Pantry Challenge 2020

breakfast bowl with tea and bible study

This year I’m doing twelve Grocery Savings Challenges, one per month. The first is a Pantry Challenge where we focus on using what we have in order to save money and waste less. Wow. The days are just packed, aren’t they? Today was a pretty chill Monday holiday for us. I got up fairly early and […]

Day 16, Pantry Challenge 2020

hot dog on homemade bun on plate with vegetables

Sunday, Sunday. We did okay. Everyone, it seems, was up and at ’em early. I was baking bread and making homemade hot dog buns before 9. My 13yo daughter was baking star biscuits. I also started some Vegetable Bolognese in the slow cooker. Will make that into lasagna tomorrow. Breakfast A quick reheat of the breakfast gravy […]

Day 15, Pantry Challenge 2020

packed fridge

Heading into week 3 of the Pantry Challenge, here’s how we’re trucking. Today was my computer day, so I tried to hide away in my office and avoid people. I’m an introvert mom with six kids. What can I say? All this means is that food photos are scare today. You get fridge and freezer […]

Day 14, Pantry Challenge 2020

cart of groceries at Ralphs

This year I’m hosting 12 different Grocery Savings Challenges. This first Pantry Challenge is a great way to save money, avoid food waste, and clear some kitchen clutter. Here we are at the end of week two and we’re still standing. Everybody yell, “Yay! I woke up, as I predicted, regretting my food choices of […]

Pantry Challenge Savings Pack

None of us in born knowing how to cook or save money. These are things to learn and practice over the years. Check out four good things to help you learn. Keep a budget. Watch for sales. Cook at home. These are things you’ve probably heard or read about how to save money, eat well, […]

Day 13, Pantry Challenge 2020

salad with crackers and cucumbers

Some days are winners in the Pantry Challenge, and some days just are. Here’s how Day 13 went down for us. Whew. It’s been a good day. We used up some things. Everyone ate very well. In my case, a little too well. I had some fun food stashed (BBQ potato chips and Moose Munch). […]