Basic Pancake Recipe – An Easy Pantry Staple

plate of pancakes on breakfast table with other breakfast foods

These easy pancakes are perfectly delicious and excellent for feeding a crowd. You can even make this basic pancake recipe as a mix or as a freezer meal! From tortillas and lefse to crêpes and pita, flatbreads are popular in every culture. And for good reason! Not only are they quick to prepare and simple to eat, […]

Pantry Challenge Finale – How Much We Saved in January

shrimp bowl with tomatoes peas and cauliflower rice

This year’s Pantry Challenge is over. Wondering what to do next? Answer these questions to identify your lessons learned and how to shop going forward. So, here we are, winding up the 2020 Pantry Challenge. Things dragged a bit during week 3, but the end came up quickly, didn’t it? If you’re new around here, […]

Day 27, Pantry Challenge 2020

oceanside sunset

This Pantry Challenge post is brought to you by 61 degrees and calm skies. I know those of you inlanders will find this hard to believe, but it’s easy to forget how beautiful the beach can be. Tonight our family got a reminder of how blessed we are to live here. Bryan got home at […]

Day 26, Pantry Challenge 2020

omelet for breakfast with daffodils

Hey hey hey! Here we are with just two days left in the month. It went by fast, didn’t it?! My apologies for somehow not hitting publish last night when I wrote yesterday’s post. I wondered why y’all were so quiet this morning until I realized that yesterday’s update was still in draft mode. Sorry […]

Day 25, Pantry Challenge 2020

ALDI grocery cart for pantry challenge

“It was a tasty day!” She says, patting her belly. Today was a pretty chill day with four of the kids home. We’ve got only three more days of the challenge, and I think we’ll be going out on a high note. February’s Grocery Savings Challenge Have you signed up to get your Grocery Savings […]

Day 24, Pantry Challenge 2020

egg bake in casserole dish on red cloth

Happy Monday, folks! I hope it’s been a good one. While the day itself felt scattered and overwhelming, I must admit we’ve got full tummies tonight! The freezer is looking fairly bare. Though there is still a fair bit of stock to burn through, it’s in good shape to be so much more functional! I […]

Day 23, Pantry Challenge 2020

bowl of salsa and burrito bowl

Alrighty, we’re humming along here. I went to the freezer today and saw lots of white space. There are a few proteins left to go and, of course, some grains that take longer to use, but we’ve cleared out a lot of things, including all the extra baking that happened over the holidays. One good […]

Day 22, Pantry Challenge 2020

pasta in skillet on stovetop

Another quick update tonight since I am running out of steam! Even though I’ve had date nights where Bryan and I have gone out to eat, I realized today that I’ve cooked at least three times a day/every day for the last three weeks. I’m beat! I may succumb to some kind of take-out tomorrow […]