Take the Pantry Challenge

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Are you ready to save money, prevent food waste, and bring some order to your kitchen? Take the Pantry Challenge.

Pantry Challenge

The Pantry Challenge is something I practice once or twice a year as a kitchen discipline.

What is a pantry challenge?

A pantry challenge is a focused time when you use up what you have before buying more food. In doing so, you waste less food, spend less time shopping, and save money by not overbuying. It’s a great way to save money and be a better steward of your kitchen resources.

Having done a pantry challenge dozens of times over the last decade, if find that during a 2 to 4 week focused time period,

  • I use up what we have.
  • I save money on groceries that month.
  • I learn what ingredients our family really loves. Or hates.
  • I save time because I’m not spending hours grocery shopping during the month.

I’ve been doing this type of challenge every year since 2009. It’s become super successful for my family to offset our grocery spending and to refine our shopping habits to better suit our lifestyle.

Each time I set specific goals for the Pantry Challenge, like in December of 2013 when I spent 2-weeks cleaning out our cupboards to make room for healthier ingredients. And every time I do it, I help our overall grocery budget even out so that I can allow myself splurge months when the circumstances of life require it.

Learn how to Do a Pantry Challenge.

Read through my archives.

I typically keep a daily diary of how I feed my family of 8 during the challenge as a way of keeping record for myself as well as sharing with others some of the discoveries we make and lessons we learn. You can read through the pantry challenge archives to get a taste of what a it can be like.

Get the Pantry Challenge ebook.

I’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you do a Pantry Challenge on your own. You can get the instant download here.

Learn some tips and tricks.

Read up on how to improve your Pantry Challenge experience in these posts:

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  1. Maria says:

    I love this and I will be doing the challenge in July! Will be coming back for more tips.
    I also just finished a post on my blog about saving $on food, even though the blog has a slightly different theme, I am putting the pantry challenge post as a resource link. Please take a look and let me know if that may be not be OK

    Thank you,


    • Thanks so much! If you’re not a spammer, all’s good. 🙂

      • Maria says:

        🙂 no:) love your site and will be back for more!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is awesome. I’m so excited to start this. I just moved from a house (that had a pantry as well as a lot of cabinet space) to a small apartment with no pantry and not much cabinet space, and found myself with a lot of canned goods that I don’t have a place for! This is perfect way to get rid of those while saving money, which is what I need right now! 🙂

    • Good luck! I’m not currently doing the challenge, but am happy to help in any way. Just holler!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m definitely going to be participating! I just finished doing a Pantry Challenge with a friend of mine, long distance! She’s in Alberta, I’m in BC! We did it from mid-November to mid-December, and it was great for me to be continually mindful of using what we have, and not zipping out to shop for more. We made the full “month” with only picking up produce, milk and cheese! I was also able to stock up my freezer with lots of great meals and meal components for the future! Christmas week, we spent a bit more time shopping, but now that the holidays have basically wrapped up for us, I’m glad to be able to commit again to eating up what we have, and spending less time in the grocery store! Like you, I love grocery shopping, but it can also be my downfall if I let it!

    Thanks for continuing the pantry challenges!

  4. Jolene says:

    Love your site! I just received 3 of your books yesterday, Christmas gift. So many yummy looking recipes! I so need to do this, and I may. My small chest freezer and refrigerator freezer are stuffed. Need to make room to try some of your freezer meals, ;).

  5. Anna M. says:

    2016. I am so in. We are stuffed to the max and now kind of broke. LOL. If I had any kind of indoor green thumb I’d be looking at raising cool weather veggies in pots. But alas, stuff only grows for me when it’s outside. 🙁 I’m looking forward to all sorts of ‘use the crumbs’ recipes. 🙂

    My first two weeks could probably just be frozen leftovers. LOL.

  6. Linda says:

    I am so up to this, have actually been doing the pantry thing for about six months as i can and freeze a lot of my own produce over the summer

  7. I’m a few weeks behind, but we will be starting the pantry challenge in our family this week and I’ll be sharing all about our experience at my blog, as we’ve NEVER done this before! I’m excited and can’t help but chuckle at the odd meals I’m sure we will be eating in a few weeks haha 😉 Thanks for sharing your tips!

  8. Julie says:

    Going to use up the rest of some flour I had bought during holiday season 2016, frozen milk, and the clearance chicken I bought last week and an Omaha steak set we were gifted. Going to focus on Keto type stuff for hubby and produce for the rest of us for our spending this month.

  9. Alice E says:


    Thank you for providing this venue for us to continue the challenge. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. tasty says:

    Again, Jessica, a big thank you for providing this venue for those of us who are so way overstocked that we need to keep going with the pantry challenge for yet another year!!!

  11. Pat says:

    Thanks again for giving us a place to continue the challenge!

  12. Terry calkins says:

    Continuing on now. I did go to the store this morning for milk and yogurt. Got a good buy on lemons and a honeydew melon plus a stop at papa Murphy’s for a 10$ pizza and free cookie dough.
    Ham and broth from the freezer made a nice batch of navy bean soup which I shared with my mom. Roast beef from the freezer to shred and mix with BBQ sauce for BBQ burgers. We won’t need much cooking for a few days.
    Looking forward to the ongoing comments!

  13. Roberta says:

    I’m in for February!

  14. Stephanie M. says:


    B – Paul had cereal and a banana; I had one slice whole wheat raisin toast, yogurt, and strawberries

    L – Paul had the last piece of quiche from the freezer, leftover wild rice from the other night and leftover broccoli; I had a roast beef sandwich on whole grain rye and an apple

    D – Leftover pasta primavera

  15. Laurie in CA says:

    B – bacon, eggs and sprouted wheat toast (last slice from the freezer) for me, hubs had corn Chex
    L – I had l/o Senate Bean soup and carrots, hubs had l/o chicken enchilada casserole
    D – l/o steak from our dinner out last night

    I made a double batch of turkey stock from bones/carcass in the freezer and veggies in the bin past their prime. First time I made stock in the instant pot. I took some meatballs from the freezer to my daughter (she is still under the weather). I’m making good progress on the inside freezer.

    • Karen J says:

      How do you like using your Instant Pot for making stock? I have one, but don’t use it much. It’s easy for me to use the crockpot (because that’s what I’m used to)

      • Laurie in Ca says:

        I haven’t tasted it yet to see if I like the finished product. You run it on the soup setting for 30 minutes. I drained off the first batch and filled the pot up with water and ran the same bones/veggies through a second time. I combined the liquids into the biggest Tupperware bowl to chill so I can pull the fat off. I’ll let you know how I like it when I taste it.

        • Heather M says:

          I’m also very curious— just started using my new Instant Pot this week. I have chicken carcass w/some meat still on it and wondering about that. I too could run it twice, making soup with one batch and the meat maybe, or pulling the meat for another purpose. I usually just do it on the stovetop.

  16. Tasty says:

    Thursday February 1st

    B – fruit and yogurt toast and marmalade for hubby, rhubarb and raspberries for me with a toasted English muffin and marmalade – can you tell I made a batch of grapefruit marmalade yesterday?

    L – i had a ham salad (last of the salad and the last of the beets), hubby ate lunch out – a brie and apple croissant and a latte

    S – pot roast (from the freezer) with home-grown veggies (alsofrom the freezer), ice cream for dessert

  17. Karen J says:

    Hey friends, I’m back in! We had a good vacation snowshoeing and enjoying our condo for two nights. Three great meals out (and one mediocre one, grrr) Snowshoeing is a great workout!

    I bought groceries for the first time today since the end of December. Well, I did purchase my daughter two cans of requested tomatoes earlier this week but she paid me back and I had bought wine and paper products. Is it weird that I felt a little guilty shopping again? I only bought a few things and it was great fun to be back into the store. My big, huge goal is not to over shop for the two of us. We will see how that goes this year.
    Dinner-Our end of pantry challenge meal! Steak, shrimp, roasted potatoes and fresh broccoli (that I bought today) We were going to have this meal before we left on vacation, but didn’t get to it. I really am not totally out of PC, but will continue to use what we have-lots of grains and pasta-and buy what we need.

    • Heather M says:

      Yummy dinner, and welcome back! I think I’m like you– lots to finish off/rotate out but still will need to buy what we need, esp. fresh. And I also need to watch what I buy. Why do I have those bizarre things in the cupboards?

  18. Alice E says:


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – He took pb sandwich, I had chicken pasta soup.
    D – l/o meatloaf, l/o green bean casserole both from freezer, and the last of the egg roll casserole

    I went grocery shopping, mainly dairy and produce. I did restock chunky salsa as the kind I like was finally on sale again.

  19. Pat says:

    Well here we are into February!
    Feb 1
    Breakfast was the usual.
    Lunch–He took roasted pork, roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower from the freezer. I had a hard boiled egg.
    Dinner was taco salad with taco meat and black beans from the freezer and shredded carrots, chopped celery. cheese, and salsa from the fridge. We canned the salsa from the garden a year and a half ago and it’s the last jar.
    I need to track our spending to figure out what our grocery budget should be. I am going to separate the needed items from the restock items and see how it goes. I know we are out or almost out of onions, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and broccoli. We also need salad stuff. We will see how it goes!!

  20. Mona says:

    Thursday 2/1

    Breakfast – Nutella toast

    Lunch – Ham sandwich for hubby, Salad for me

    Dinner – Spaghetti w/meatballs, garlic bread

  21. Terry calkins says:

    Eggs and hash browns with ham for hubby. I had a chili omelet.
    Fed the rest of the chicken enchilada to the chickens and the dog. Late lunch was the papa Murphy’s pizza 10$ special with free cookie dough. I baked cookies after the pizza.
    No dinner needed

  22. Roberta says:

    Thurs. 2/1/18

    B: Cereal (the last of the cold cereal), toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their usual PBJs, string cheese, apple slices, mandarins, pineapple, dried cranberries, and cookies. (Hubs added yogurt w/ granola and compote.) I had yogurt w/ granola and compote, a blueberry muffin, and some pistachios.

    D: LO pizza, salad, apple and orange slices. (Used up the last of the salad; must go to the store.)

    S/D: I made a chocolate nut pudding (it’s like a hm lava cake, actually). Feb. 1 would have been my mom’s 89th birthday, and she loved chocolate and pecans so I made it as a way to remember her.

    I made a quick trip to Vons to get some staples (salsa, sour cream, whipped cream, and frozen OJ). I spent $15.56. We’re heading to Sam’s today for some more essentials (i.e., cereal, cheese, coffee, etc.), and I’ll probably go to Sprouts as well for produce. I’ve gone online/looked at the grocery flyers to compare prices, and I’ve made my lists. Now we’ll see how I do. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, all!

    • Mona says:

      A belated Happy Birthday to your Mom Roberta. I’m sure she would have enjoyed your chocolate nut pudding.

      • Roberta says:

        Thanks, Mona. I’m sure she would have as well. We sure did. 🙂

    • Heather M says:

      LOVE that you made the dessert in honor of your mom. So wonderful.

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      What a sweet way to remember your mother with her favorite flavors.

  23. Sandy says:

    Thurs. 2/1/18
    B-Granola parfaits with blueberries or meat grits with hash browns
    L-Spinach salad for me with a tiny bit of chicken salad that was left with crackers, hubs had a ham sandwich and some fruit
    D-Made sausage corn chowder full of veggies and cleaned out a lot of bits in the frig and freezer, homemade bread
    I baked bread today and made cottage cheese bread for the first time. In laws gifted us with their perishable groceries before heading to Florida for the winter a few weeks back. No one is a fan of cottage cheese here, so had to find a use for it or it would have gotten pitched. Bread wasn’t bad, it didn’t rise the way I would have liked, but it tasted good. Hubs still not feeling good from the influenza, so soup and bread were my easy go to and a good use of using things up! Went to grocery today to pick up fresh produce and dairy. They are calling for bad weather here starting Sunday and I didn’t want to get caught with kids home and not enough food. Just went to the local grocery so prices were higher than I liked on things, but was able to snag a few deals due to Superbowl. It wasn’t worth the longer drive to Aldi or Kroger for the things we needed. Spent $68 already for the month! Not a good start since it didn’t seem like much coming home with me:(

    • Heather M says:

      But sometimes it’s necessary. You’ll be grateful to have the fresh items. And maybe you’ll make up for it later in the month? Hope the weather isn’t too bad for you guys.

  24. Terry calkins says:

    Another great use up day. Breakfast for hubby was french toast and an egg. I had ham fried rice
    Lunch was BBQ beef sandwiches using leftover roast beef and freezer buns. Hubby also had leftover bean soup

    Dinner was leftover pizza and leftover cookies.
    My brother called today to offer me a rosemary plant. I’ll go over tomorrow and dig it up. Plan to make rosemary and olive oil fococcia soon

  25. Stephanie M. says:


    B – Paul had a breakfast casserole that I made late yesterday afternoon; I had one slice of whole wheat raisin toast, strawberries, and yogurt

    L – Paul worked at home today and I had some apple sauce in the freezer so I made him crepes. (Never knew I could freeze apple sauce until Mona told me last year – thanks Mona!!! I had a roast beef sandwich on whole grain rye and an apple; all roast beef gone now

    D – The last of the pasta primavera

    A note about the breakfast casserole: I had two 8 oz. vacuumed packed packages of cubed ham sitting in my fridge since Christmas that I bought too much of for an appetizer so I decided it was time to do something with it. I found a delicious breakfast casserole and all I had to buy was frozen shredded hash browns. This is not something I would normally eat due to my way of eating now but I did have to try a very small corner piece just to see what it tasted like and it was “the bomb”!!! Paul loved is so much. I thought I would share this recipe:

    Ham and Cheddar Breakfast Casserole

    12 oz. shredded hash browns, thawed
    1/2 cup melted butter
    6 eggs
    1/2 cup milk
    1 lb. chopped cubed ham
    1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar

    Thaw potatoes and squeeze out excess moisture, if any (I didn’t need to do this)
    Mix potatoes with melted butter; press into a 13×9 inch baking dish coated with baking spray. Bake at 425 for 25 minutes. Remove from oven.

    Sprinkle ham over potatoes and cheese over ham.

    Whisk together eggs and milk. Pour egg mixture over meat and cheese.

    Bake an additional 30 minutes or until set

    Serves 6

    Can be cut and frozen into pieces

    • Mona says:

      Your welcome Stephanie!! Will have to try the Breakfast casserole.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        You need to Mona. This is really delicious!!!

    • Laurie in CA says:

      Yum, that recipe sounds good! I’ll sub out sausage for the ham as that’s what is in the freezer.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Let me know how you like it!! 🙂

    • Roberta says:

      Mmmm. That sounds really tasty. I think it would be a big hit around here.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        It is DELICIOUS!!! And the best part is, it can be frozen if needed.

    • Pat says:

      I will try this! It sounds delicious!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        It is really good, Pat. I’m sure you’ll love it!!

    • Cindy says:

      I am definitely going to try this recipe and like Laurie, mine will be with sausage; in our case turkey sausage.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Sounds good. If I had dug through my freezer just a little, I would have found a package of sausage which I could have used. But I had the ham where I could see it and now it’s gone. It worked out better though because I already make a different breakfast casserole that uses sausage (probably why I had it) so it was nice to use ham in a completely different casserole. If you would also like the breakfast casserole that I use sausage for, I will send it to you. But it will work just as well here. Enjoy!!

        • Cindy says:

          I’m always looking for new recipes Stephanie! Please share if you have a minute! Thank you

          • Stephanie M. says:

            Hi Cindy:

            Here is a recipe for another breakfast casserole that I sometimes make; different from the one I posted the other day but good also.

            1 lb. breakfast sausage links
            7 or 8 eggs
            3 TBS. water
            1 lb. grated cheddar cheese
            2 – 3 slices bread – You can use potato bread or whole wheat – whatever you prefer

            Brown sausage in a pan in a little oil. Remove and place on paper towels to drain grease. When cool, slices sausage links into small rounds. Beat eggs with water. Spray a 1 qt. casserole dish with baking spray. Place bread slices at the bottom of the casserole dish in one layer covering the whole thing. Add sausage, then egg mixture, then grated cheddar. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Next morning, bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes. Done.

            It is nice to be able to do the prep work the night before. However, I have more often than not made this in the morning and then just stuck it in the oven and I don’t see a difference either way. This also can be cut into squares and frozen. Enjoy! 🙂

        • Cindy says:

          Thank you!

  26. Alice E says:

    B – He had oats, eggs and hot tea, I had malt-o-meal and hot tea
    L – He took the usual pb sandwich, I had ravioli
    D – Last of the l/o meatloaf and green bean casserole with baked potatoes.

    Not sure what the weekend holds, but probably soup and using up some more of what’s on hand.

  27. Mona says:

    Friday 2/2

    Breakfast – Grabbed a banana on my way to daughters to get Granddaughter #5 ready for her 100th day of school. She made a beautiful old lady! The little guy will have his on Monday since Kindergarten had some thing else going on today and with it being Martin Luther King Day and Ground hog day they didn’t have enough time to do it all.

    Lunch – Taco wraps

    Dinner – I made Felicia’s Crockpot honey bourbon chicken (without the bourbon) with ranch potatoes and peas. I highly recommend the chicken it was so easy with only a few ingredients and delicious!

    • Karen J says:

      Is it the 100th day of school already? This is my first year being a retired teacher (after 38 years in the classroom) and I have tons of great memories about celebrating the 100th day.

      • Mona says:

        It was Karen! I know we say that every year they are involved and the littles love it! We always have fun seeing how to dress. Of course Grandma gets to do lots of work with the make up and hair making them look old since she knows what “old” people look like. lol Only have our little guy left now so won’t be the same or as much fun as the girls!

        • Karen J says:

          Being a grandma is the best! I have four-looks like you have several more!

          • Mona says:

            I totally agree Karen J. We have 6 babes, 5 girls and 1 boy. The little guy was a surprise as he wasn’t a planned one. He is my first boy, since I had 3 sisters, 2 daughters and 5 granddaughters. Wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with him but he is the sweetest little guy. He started out being Pap’s boy but for the last 3 years its all about him and Grandma. They are all such sweet and good littles, our oldest is 17 but I keep reminding her she is still my baby! I was a young Grandma….lol

    • Felicia says:

      Glad you liked it, Mona! I’ve been away from the site for a couple of days, but I’m back. Well, as much as I can be.
      Been a busy for days!

      • Mona says:

        It was very good Felicia so want to thank you for a quick delicious meal. I did see you were called for Jury Duty. Lucky you…. That is always fun! lol Hopefully, things will slow down for you now.

  28. Karen J says:

    I shopped for a few things at two stores and spent around twenty-five dollars-hamburger for $1.99 lb, fresh produce, but also two bags of double chocolate Milano cookies for $1.49 each-which is a good buy and we needed them SO much. (Ha!)

    Breakfast-out with granddaughter
    Lunch-chef salad
    Dinner-jambalaya with sausage and a few shrimp

  29. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shakes for the myself and the boys
    Hubby still gone for work.

    L- I had sub bun with cheddar and salami. Son1 had sub bun with cheddar and deli roast beef. Son2 school lunch. Hubby??

    Snack- Salsa and chips for 2 of us.

    Supper- Used the George Foreman grill to cook up 1 hamburger, 3 brat patties and 3 pork patties. These were all leftover from different camping trips over the summer that got put into Ziplocs. It was time to use up those odds and ends. Made French fries also. There were some patties leftover that will work for lunch this weekend. Hubby still wasn’t home from his work trip.

    That took care of 3 small packages out of the big deep freeze. I’m calling this progress, even if they were small.

    • Heather M says:

      Those small things are the hardest to get rid of and pile up so easily, too, so great job for dinner! I think I’ll be using 2 small bags left in the freezer for Sunday. I have a small freezer, just the one at the bottom of my fridge, and nowhere I can put a larger one, sadly, so space is always at a premium.

      • Joa in IA says:

        You probably have a better idea what is in there and keep it organized since it’s your only one. I too have a bottom freezer in my upstairs fridge (downstairs 2 deep freezes and a smaller fridge/freezer way too storage I think). Mine is definitely not organized. You motivated me to go look through it and see for sure what was in there. Most of it I remembered but I forgot about the 2 butter braid pastries in there. So I’ll take them out tonight and let them defrost and raise. I’ll bake them for breakfast tomorrow morning. Butter braids are made in a small town (West Bend )here in Iowa where my parents are from. A lady started it out if her house and it’s grown into a pretty big business. If you google butter braid pastry you can see what they look like. They have a sweet flaky outside and are filled with a lot of different filling choices. I have cinnamon and raspberry. Slowly, but surely making progress.

        • Pat says:

          I love Butter Braids! I’ve gotten them thru fundraiers .

        • Cindy says:

          We had a raspberry butter braid for breakfast this morning! We too purchase our’s thru our granddaughter’s fundraiser, they are probably from your local bakery since we’re in southern Minnesota

          • Joa in IA says:

            If you ever make it down to the West Bend area they sell them for half price at the local grocery store and meat locker. They are irregular and have a sticker on them that say it but I can’t tell.

            My dad likes it when they are looking for that taste testers. He has done that a few times over the years.

        • Heather M says:

          I went and looked! YUM!! Where is West Bend in Iowa? We drove through Iowa in August, on our way from DC to Utah. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the countryside is there. All rolling hills amid the farms. We definitely took our time in Iowa, stopping at random little places to see. So much so that we drove through Nebraska completely in the evening!

          • Joa in IA says:

            If you know where Des Moines is? Its about 2 1/2 hours north and a bit west from there. They are closer to MN than Des Moines.

            It’s a small farming community and not really very close to a good sized town. There are a lot of flat areas but lots of rolling hills like you said through out Iowa. I live about 40 minutes north of Iowa City. So it’s close to 3 1/2 hours for me to get to West Bend.

            My sister and her husband live there also. They have 8 kids and 2 grandsons. They farm over 5,000 acers in crops some organic and some are not. They have organic hogs and raise broilers (fast growing chickens- done at 6 weeks of age). They use to have half a million laying hens but switched to broilers last summer. I have no idea how many broilers they can raise at a time. This is probably more than you wanted to know…

  30. Tasty says:

    Friday February 2nd

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby with an English muffin. I had rhubarb, raspberries and yogurt with a toasted crumpet

    L – l/o soup from the fridge and a banana

    S – sole/haddock and baked beans

  31. Pat says:

    I went shopping at Sam’s today while I was having a tire replaced. I had 2 pieces of metal in the sidewall. The other 3 tires were fine. I spent $36.45 on 10lbs of oatmeal, 4lbs of frozen broccoli, 5lbs of cheddar cheese and 2lbs of shredded lettuce. I figured I should get the stuff we needed since I was there anyway. Everything but the lettuce will last thru February or longer. I will hit Aldi’s for the rest on Monday.
    Feb 2
    Breakfast was the usual for my husband. My youngest daughter works 12 hour overnight shifts as a nurse and needed to be by my house at 9am so we went to breakfast.
    Lunch–My husband took the last prepared lunch from the freezer. I skipped.
    Dinner–My DIL is also a nurse and works 12 overnight shifts and my son bowls on Fridays so Grandpa and I spent the evening with the grandkids (ages 6,2 & 3months) and I made supper. We had meatloaf, cheesy potatoes and corn. I also made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.Everything came out of the pantry, fridge and freezer.

  32. Kathy in ohio says:

    This will be my first pantry-challenge, have been reading everyone’s comments in January while I was laid up with foot surgery!! It is just me and my husband and I have way too much in the pantry and 3 refigerator freezers! Have yet to be able to see exactally what I have but will work on that. Also have no idea what I spend so I can set a budget(have to figure that out too.) Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

    • Roberta says:

      Glad you’re joining us!

    • Joa in IA says:

      More the merrier! I’ve been reading comments with the Pantry Challenge since 2015. Finally decided to join in this year. Sure helped keep my grocery bill lower for January by joining.

      • Kathy in Ohio says:

        Thanks for the encouragement, looking toward to the challenge!

    • Alice E says:

      Welcome to the challenge. The important thing, I think is to start and you are doing that.

      I found the easiest/best way to track my grocery spending was with a spreadsheet and entering all my purchases for the month in a column. After several months patterns emerge and you get a feel for what you are spending.

      As you dig around in pantry or freezer you can start to get it organized and have a better idea of what you have. You don’t have to do it all at once, just keep taking steps that get you closer to where you want to be.

    • Mona says:

      Welcome Kathy in Ohio!! I think once you get things going the way it works best for you, you will see how easy it is to not waste and save money. And there are a lot of great ladies on here that help with any questions or problems, no matter what they are and they aren’t always food related. Glad you have joined us!

      • Kathy in Ohio says:

        Thanks Mona looking toward to cleaning out!!

    • LeslieT says:

      Once you get one of your refrigerator/freezers cleaned out, maybe you could turn it off, or even sell it, to save money. Do you really need all that cold storage?

      • Kathy in Ohio says:

        No we really don’t need three refigerators with just the 2 of us. My goal is to empty the one in the basement, it is old and and not energy efficient.

        • Felicia says:

          Welcome, Kathy in Ohio!!! It’s never too late to start. Look forward to reading your posts. I, too, am full with food as I stock pile in NOV/DEC to carry me well into the New Year. When I find a rock bottom, can’t pass it up sale, I’ll add to my supplies. About 2 wks ago, I found pork shoulder/butt for .99/lb and bought a 9 lb piece. It’s just the Journeyman (hubby) and I as the trio of offspring are all grown and living lives of their own.

    • Sandy says:

      Welcome Kathy in Ohio! I’m from Ohio too! Hope you enjoy the challenge.

  33. Terry calkins says:

    Stopped at cash and carry on my way home after checking on my mom. Snagged a honeydew melon for 1.00 and a bag of lemons normally over 7.00 for 2.00
    Plan to have some honeydew for breakfast and then bake maybe lemon bread. Might get it done in time to take some to my brother in thanks for the rosemary plant. Better get busy

  34. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs had cereal, I had a piece of peanut butter toast, half banana, glass of milk
    L – I had the last piece of l/o pizza and raw cauliflower, hubs had l/o Senate Bean Soup
    D – hubs picked up Mediterranean food on his way home from dropping off our grandson.

    My little germ factories (3 yo grandchildren) have passed on their cooties to me. I went to the grocery store to pick up some some loss leaders and goodies for Super Bowl before I get too sick to do much. I’ll have to figure out how much $$ went to actual food.

    • Heather M says:

      Let’s hope it isn’t too bad for you- my son was sick last week, but it was only a garden variety cold luckily and not the dreaded flu. Hoping the same for you, if you have to be sick.

      • Mona says:

        Laurie, like Heather I hope you don’t get the nasty and only have a mild case. I am still praying every day not to get it. Rest up and enjoy the game.

  35. Heather M says:

    Hi All! Definitely sticking around this month, to keep me honest and keep me on track to clearing out the random things that have been lurking in the cupboards(we don’t have a pantry-all the food is in our tall upper kitchen cupboards), as well as actually using up ALL the last bits of proteins in the freezer so that we can replenish with new and nothing gets too old or freezer burned. I’m trying hard not to buy anything for the freezer until that’s accomplished, but I’ll probably buy a few things we’re out of when I go to Costco later in the week. Just not all the things I want to buy. I stopped by Trader Joe’s 2/2. I had a terrible headache all day, but dragged myself there because we needed milk and it’s the best price by far, aside from Costco. $2.59/gallon, or $1.39/half. Also wanted a few different fruits since variety is slim at this point. And dinner-decided we needed a change of pace from what we’ve been eating so grabbed spicy chicken sausages(2 packs-they come in packs of 4- since both guys would eat at least 2 each), buns, then stuff for a spinach salad, and grabbed boxes of the 100cal choc bars my hubs loves for a sweets fix. Spent $36.19 and only bought what was on my list, a huge win for me. Plus I had easy dinner prep, which was necessary.

    B: son had cereal, bacon, OJ; hubs skipped; I had a piece of naan and some bacon
    L: son took turkey/cheddar on ww, clementines, pistachios/almonds, clif bar; hubs and I were at a special event at the Pentagon (folks, I FINALLY got in the place my hubs spends all his time, and got to see his office in person- given the tours after the event, etc, I decided to stay until he was finished working since it was already 5. Of course things happened and we didn’t leave until after 7:30, but I had time to play online, meet various work people, and observe my husband in action. Really awesome day!), and had a piece of cake each. That’s it.
    D: it was so late by the time we got to the car(lots of walking to work in that place, let me tell you), and almost 8pm, so we decided to pick up takeout on our way home. Good choice, since we were starving and it was late. Guys had dark meat rotisserie chicken and sides from our favorite peruvian chicken place. they were cleaned out of white meat, and I wasn’t really in the mood for what was left, so I grabbed a Subway sandwich.

    B: son had cereal, turkey sausage, OJ; hubs had cornbread; I had a cheese stick
    L: son had turkey/cheddar on ww, clementines, pistachios/almonds, clif bar; hubs skipped-crazy crazy day at work; I had a frozen single serve pizza (headache limited my mood/want-to-make anything)
    D: spicy italian chicken sausages on ww buns w/sauteed red bell pepper/onions, spinach salad, pineapple

    • Roberta says:

      How neat that you were able to visit your hubby’s work. I’m sure the security must be uber tight. We’ve driven past when we’ve taken kids on school tours to DC, but of course never got to visit. We did go to the Naval Academy one year though. That was pretty cool.

    • Sandy says:

      The work visit sounds like fun!

  36. Roberta says:

    Fri. 2/2/18

    B: Scrambled eggs w/ the Canadian bacon that was left over from the pizza, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs and I were running errands and stopped at In N Out. sigh

    D: Fall veg. quinoa soup (from the freezer), hm drop biscuits, orange and apple slices.

    S/D: Son had cookies and a muffin after school. We all had more of the chocolate nut pudding for dessert.

    We went to Sam’s as well. Purchased two gallons of milk, 2.5 lb. whole bean coffee, bananas, 2.5 lbs. Tillamook med. cheddar, 3 lbs. string cheese, 76.5 oz Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, 48 oz. Post Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds, and 10 lbs. sugar. Spent $53.93. All but the milk and bananas should last the month, and at least the sugar will last beyond that.

  37. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast for hubby was hash browns, eggs and honeydew. I had ham fried rice
    Hubby had leftover pizza while I hosed off the patio then we went to pick up the rosemary plant from my brother. Hubby decided he would BBQ today so I’ll do some baked potatoes and heat some fresh bread with garlic and rosemary. We have glazed lemon bread for dessert. Easy cooking day today

  38. Joa in IA says:


    B- Strawberry protein shake and tea for me. Hubby got in very late from traveling for work. Stayed home Friday. Not sure if he even had breakfast. Boys had protein shakes too.

    L-. Work buys lunch on Fridays. I had a chicken tender basket. Our work dog, Buddy ate half of mine not real hungry. Hubby?? Son1?? Son2 school lunch.

    Supper- I worked late so Hubby went grocery shopping for supper.. I didn’t know it till I got home. He made pork cutlets and fried potatoes in his cast iron pans. All very good and was happy supper was ready when I got home.

    I haven’t looked over his receipts yet but I’m guessing he spent close to $100.00. I had a shopping list he saw and wanted to help out. Very sweet of him to do so. Nothing we had for supper I had in the house.

  39. Stephanie M. says:

    Saturday, February 3

    B – Paul had more of the breakfast casserole that I made yesterday, a piece of buttered toast, and a banana; I had an omelet with turkey crumbles, chopped red bell pepper, and chopped scallions, a whole wheat bagel thin, 1/2 a banana, and V8

    L – Paul had the rest of the crepes that I also made yesterday and the last of the apple sauce; I had an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat toast

    D – Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and stuffed clams

    Today while the meat loaf was in the oven, and the potatoes were cooking, I also made Jessica’s whole wheat pancakes which we will have some tomorrow morning. It’s a huge amount of batter making 20 pancakes and I took the last two out of the freezer for tomorrow for me and added 3 for Paul; the rest went in the freezer.

    • Pat says:

      I had a very productive day today! I made a list of the items in the chest freezer! I found a bag of ww flour in there so we tried a recipe for the bread machine with it and the crust is very hard. It only had a cup of water and some honey in it with wheat and white flour and oatmeal , The inside tastes good so I’ll try it again but add more moisture. I thought some applesauce maybe? I soup today in the crockpot with a small chunk of roast and veggies from the freezer. I’m out of barley so I added orzo that has been in the pantry a long time.
      Feb 3
      Breakfast–My husband has his usual breakfast. I had a couple of muffins I made yesterday.
      Lunch–My husband had the last piece of eggbake from this week and a cutie and toast. I skipped.
      Dinner–We had the vegetable soup, salad and l/o breadsticks.

  40. Tasty says:

    Saturday February 3rd

    We had a cup of coffee at home this morning about 6 am and then it was time to head our for a day of curling. Our $45 per person entry fee included 3 games, breakfast, lunch and a roast beef dinner w/homemade pies for dessert ? AND prizes for all. Not a bad way to spend a lightly snowy Saturday. So absolutely nothing came out of the fridge, freezers or pantry today.

    • Heather M says:

      That sure sounds fun!

  41. Alice E says:

    B – Sausage potato hash, hot tea
    L – made vegetable beef soup using up a batch of canned vegetables.
    S – Turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, cake in a cup for him

  42. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs bought some pastries cause I didn’t feel like making breakfast
    L- we ate lunch late. I had l/o Mediterranean food and hubs had l/o steak
    D – hummus and pita chips for me and nachos for hubs
    S – ice cream

    It appears I have a garden variety cold. I’ve had the diffuser going with immune therapy oil and I’m drinking lots of fluids. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the energy to make chicken noodle soup.

  43. Tasty says:

    Hope you feel better soon Laurie. Hubby and I both seem to have the sniffles but nothing more than that – keeping my fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing us!

  44. Terry calkins says:

    Good morning ladies
    Yesterday’s BBQ didn’t turn out well. The steaks were almost inedibly tough. Not sure if it was the grass fed beef, too long in my sister’s freezer, the cooking or the combination. Neither of us are our steaks so I will chop them up and pressure cooker them for stroganoff. Before I add any more ingredients I will taste and then either continue on with said stroganoff or feed them to a very happy dog.
    Lemon bread as happily accepted by my brother. We plan to go see hubby’s mother this am, so will take her a loaf as well.
    Down to the last 3 potatoes and out of a few other things so a trip to the store will be necessary when I go to see our tax lady tomorrow. Always happy to have that project behind us
    Have a good Sunday everyone

    • Laurie in CA says:

      It is very easy to over cook grass fed beef steaks on the grill. I make sure hubs takes ours off the grill a few minutes sooner than a store bought steak. I’ve found I have better luck pan cooking them in my cast iron skillet.

  45. Mona says:

    Saturday 2/3

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch- Spinach & orzo soup w/veggies

    Dinner – Steak, mushrooms, loaded potato casserole and green beans

  46. Joa in IA says:


    B- The usual protein shake for me, I didn’t see anyone else eat anything. Saturdays boys always sleep late.

    L- The pork butts hubby smoked were done around 11:00 am. So I ended up having pulled pork nachos. Hubby and the boys had pulled pork sandwiches.

    Snack- Homemade tapioca pudding. I found a box I forgot about from last Pantry Challenge. I have no idea how old it is, but tasted normal.

    Supper-Pulled pork sandwiches with chips and dip. (Hubby smoked 2 of the butts so lots of leftovers.)

    I added up the grocery receipts from the month so far..$104.94 already. Since a Menard’s In Store Rebate/ credit paid for the 10 Jacks pizzas I’m not counting that. No money spent out of pocket for the 10 pizzas. Son1 was actually suppose to get them and I told him 5 was enough. Hubby thought 10 was better.

    I was making some progress but with all the pizzas and now the plastic tote of deer meat Son2 brought home from a friend. It’s filling back up. I’m guessing there is 10-15 lbs of deer meat in this tote froze solid. Why someone would put a big chunk of meat in a tote and freeze it is beyond me. I’m also not a huge fan of deer meat. The other 3 here like it. At least there was room to handle all of this in the smaller chest freezer. A month ago it would of been a different story.

    • Heather M says:

      Yeah I wouldn’t even know where to start with deer meat. And a hunk that big not broken down into steaks? yikes! I wish you well with it. 🙂

      • Joa in IA says:

        I know, it’s a bit of a problem.

  47. Sandy says:

    Hi ladies,
    Catch up time again.
    Fri. 2/2/18
    B-Meat grits, eggs or yogurt with blueberries
    L-Leftover enchiladas and spinach salad
    D-Chicken dinners our school sold for a fundraiser
    S-Cupcakes-My oldest sister dropped off German chocolate cupcakes with coconut pecan frosting. We couldn’t attend my Dad’s birthday party because Hubs has Influenza and is quarantined. She knows I love them and dropped them off. I was quite happy to see them when I came in from farm work!!
    Sat. 2/3/18
    B-Grapefruit for me, eggs different ways for everyone else. Everyone made their own.
    L-Burrito bowls and fresh donuts. I decided to make homemade donuts filled with Bavarian cream I have had in the pantry awhile. I also made some cinnamon twists. They were good, but wow what a mess in the kitchen while making them!! Think I’ll leave donut making to the bakeries!
    D-Kids had leftovers. Hubs and I had date night at home. He’s feeling a little better, but isn’t supposed to go anywhere, so we just had a frozen pizza and watched a movie. Nothing fancy, but no mess to clean up late and it was nice to spend some time together.

  48. Terry calkins says:

    Ran out to do some shopping. 5# butter ,2 1/2 gal of milk, 1 1/2# of parmesan cheese , power aid, epic chicken bar, 50# of potatoes and some sugar free syrup. After coupons 27.70 putting me at 43.10 for the month

  49. Stephanie M. says:

    Sunday, February 4

    B – Jessica’s whole wheat pancakes and turkey sausage

    L – Paul had buffalo chicken wings from the freezer – that bag gone now – more white space appearing; I had a meat loaf sandwich from last night’s dinner and 1/2 a banana

    D – Grilled lamb chops, leftover mashed potatoes, green beans, and stuffed clams – even more white space appearing with the removal of the lamb chops

    Paul will be leaving early tomorrow morning for a week long business meeting in Arizona so I don’t anticipate a whole lot going out of the freezer this week as I will be eating some leftovers and at my mom’s house but we are not far off from finishing up all the meat/fish/chicken from the freezer. Just today I went back through my pantry challenge notes and took a look at everything that has been removed from the freezer and it’s a lot. I didn’t think I had as much as I did but I did and now most of it is gone.

    • Mona says:

      Congrats Stephanie! I might by next year at this time be able to say I have “some” space.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Well Mona, the good thing is that with all the nice things in your freezer, you can continue saving lots of money!!! 🙂

    • Heather M says:

      Great work!! White space is the best! I, too, think we aren’t far off from finishing off the proteins from the freezer. We’ll see, since I’ll start replacing later this week, one way or another. Enjoy not cooking for the week!

  50. Mona says:

    Sunday 2/4

    Breakfast – Oatmeal for me and hubby, cereal for grandson…He needed a sleepover with Grandma and Pap

    Lunch -Ham and cheese sandwiches for us and PB&J for the little guy and pretzels

    Dinner – Filet mignon, mushrooms and onion, Leftover potato casserole and carrots

  51. Tasty says:

    Sunday February 4th

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby with a toasted bun, I had yogurt, a toasted bun and a piece of cheese

    L – pea soup from the freezer. Hubby had a banana and I had a piece of date nut loaf (freezer)

    S – l/ pot roast with Yorkshire pudding and Brussels sprouts. Ice cream for dessert – one down, just a little left in the other.

  52. Cindy says:

    We had 2 of the grandkids for the weekend, so much fun and so tired but we just love have our little people here!

    Breakfast: raspberry braid, bacon, mandarins for all
    Lunch: we skipped after returning the kids to mom and dad
    Dinner: Super Bowl snacking: shrimp cocktail, mozzarella sticks and chicken/vegetable egg rolls – all NYE leftovers + veges and dip or hummus – he had beer, I had a glass of wine

    Grabbed a couple boxes of cereal, 1 brick of cream cheese and a bottle of ketchup (the one condiment we cannot live w/o according to hubby and the grandkids) = total spent $7.46.

  53. Pat says:

    Feb 4
    Breakfast–Husband had an omelet with onions, mushrooms,garlic and broccoli. I ate some of the bread I baked. I cut off the crust and it wasn’t bad.
    Lunch–He had leftover soup and a cutie. I skipped
    Dinner–We had l/o roasted pork smothered in the onions, mushrooms and garlic and gravy, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus.

    • Kathy in Denmark says:

      I’m sorry your bread didn’t turn out quite like you wanted.
      Some types of bread have a very hard crust, but I think a lot of the taste is in the crust, so I like it 🙂

      If you bake this bread again, you could put it in a plastic/ziplock bag while it is still hot. The steam from the bread will soften the crust.

      • Pat says:

        Kathy–The bread was already hard when I took it out of the bread machine to bake. that’s what makes me think there isn’t enough liquid. The inside was good. I tried putting it in a bag and the crust did not soften at all, so I trimmed it and put the crust part in the bag for bread crumbs!

        • Kathy in Denmark says:

          If your bread is hard before baking, then I am sure you are right about it needing more liquid.
          Nice save on using the crust for breadcrumbs!

  54. Kathy in Denmark says:

    I am also in for February and maybe longer 😉

    I don’t have as much time to post and read comments right now, so I am thinking I will write down what we eat and post a few times a week.

    I didn’t post for the first few days of the month, so I am starting with the 4th of February.
    DD2 turned 3, so we celebrated her, but we will have family over to celebrate her next weekend.

    Brunch: Toast, softboiled eggs, juice, coffee.
    Afternoon: HM apple cake and HM hot cocoa with whipped cream
    D: HM pizza (one of her favourites)

    • Heather M says:

      Happy Birthday to your daughter! What fun! Glad you’re still going to be here! 🙂

  55. Kathy in Ohio says:

    Made a bunch of meatballs from ground beef that was thawed and needed to be used, half to go with pasta and half to go for subs. Froze the half for subs.

    B egg and cheese muffins, coffee both hubby OJ

    L. Mexican out

    D. Corned beef. Sandwiches, chips both

    S chocolate chip cookies

    B pancakes l/o potatoes l/o smoked sausage,coffee both, hubs OJ me milk

    L none ate late breakfast

    S apple and almonds me, Hugs almonds & raisins

    D. Hubs had schredded chicken sandwich and noodles, I had steamed cabbage and broccoli(last of broccoli) and chicken salad.

  56. Alice E says:

    Brunch – Oats with link sausage, hot tea
    Supper – Ground Pork and macaroni in a marinara sauce and green beans
    Snack – chips and spinach dip

  57. Sandy says:

    B-leftover homemade donuts and bananas
    L-Leftover sausage corn chowder (I purposely made enough on Thursday so I could have a quick hot lunch after church.
    D-Super bowl snacks during the game. I used up a lot of things that have been lingering since Christmas. I made Spinach artichoke dip, Pizza dip, stuffed banana peppers and I cut up summer sausage and cheese. Also had some chocolate peanuts and malted milk balls that I wanted gone. Spinach, peppers and summer sausage all were from the freezer. The artichokes definitely needed to go and 2 cream cheeses gone. Not sure how I had so many of those. Also finished 2 1/2 boxes of assorted crackers. Yay for getting rid of things and eating some yummy food!!

    • Heather M says:

      Yay for getting rid of all those random bits! Super Bowl eating is the perfect way!

  58. Terry calkins says:

    Pat you might consider using your bread machine just to process the dough through the first rise. Then shape your bread dough into loaf or rolls and bake in the oven. I realize it’s an extra step but it gives you more control over it, and you don’t have that irritating hole in the bottom.
    Today is my yearly appointment with the tax lady. I go to the same gal for the last 18 years. She is wonderful and we enjoy a cup of coffee together. Still, I’m always happy to have the project done.
    Superbowl yesterday so meals were odd. I ran some errands in the morning and stopped for a visit with my mother in law. When I got home I made myself fries out of baked potatoes on my microwave grill. Brilliant! Hubby wants some for lunch. I’ll never buy fries again. Just bought 50# of beautiful russets for 9.09. we are gonna have a lot of meals with fries!

    • Heather M says:

      50 pounds of potatoes from $9???? How is that possible?? I’m thrilled when a 5lb bag is only $3 around here. Lucky indeed!

    • Pat says:

      Terry i do only use the machine to process the dough only. I don’t like the shape of the loaves or the hole in the bottom. When I made the recipe I thought it didn’t have enough liquid for the amount of flour it called for and the oatmeal but being a novice I left it. It was already a brick after the first rise. The inside tasted great tho. It was just getting to the good part that was tough.
      Great buy on the potatoes! What will you do with them all? It’s just the two of us here. I had to move my potatoes to the kitchen cupboard from my pantry closet to stop them from sprouting. Unless the oven is on my kitchen is the coldest room in the house!

  59. Roberta says:

    Sat. 2/3/18 This was the pretty much all-day STEM day that Hubs helps to organize, working with the science department of the university to host kids from the community. This year they had around 700 1st through 12th graders. Whew!

    B: Cereal, toast, OJ, coffee

    L: We all ate something different at STEM Day.

    D: Everyone was tired, so we went out for Mexican food.

    As I suspected it would be, this was an eat-out day. Not so great for the waistline, pocketbook, or PC, but sometimes ya just gotta roll with it.

    Sun. 2/4/18

    B: Cerea w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: PBJs (just a slice of PB toast for me), yogurt w/ granola and compote (last of the granola and almost the last of the compote; I’ll need to make more of both Mon. or Tues.), mandarins, and bananas.

    D: Hodgepodge. Son had his LOs from Sat. turned into a burrito and some carrot sticks w/ ranch. Hubs had the last of the soup, all but one of the LO biscuits, crudités w/ ranch, and some fruit I think. I had crudités w/ ranch, the last biscuit, a mandarin, and some pistachios.

    S/D: We all had more of the chocolate nut pudding for dessert. Not sure what was consumed by the guys for snacks.

    I also did some baking and shopping over the weekend. I made a loaf of ww bread for sandwiches during the week and a loaf of “breakfast bread” for our morning toast.

    Shopping comprised going to Smart & Final for avocados, a jar of roasted red peppers (to make hummus), and 25 lbs. of bread flour. I spent $9.98. At Grocery Outlet I picked up 5 lbs. of Fuji apples and 8 lbs. of navel oranges for $7.98. Vons had a 3-day sale on pistachios, so I picked up 2 lbs. for $8.99 (sale and $1-off coupon). I had to pass on the BLSL chicken breasts that they had on sale for 99 cents/lb. because there’s just no room to store them. Finally at Sprouts I picked up fresh produce, butter, dried cranberries, dried split peas, almonds, cashews, and uncured bacon and spent $38.97.

    My total for the month so far is $135.41, which is more than I spent for all of January, but I think I’m still in pretty good shape for my February goal. Lots of the things I’ve purchased so far will last quite a while. Also, the garden is starting to produce again, so I should be able to start supplementing our produce with home-grown goodies. Plus, there are the ever-full freezers. 😉

    • Heather M says:

      I’m blown away by these prices! Just gobsmacked. We have none of these places near us. The best prices either come from sales at our normal grocery stores or Costco or Trader Joe’s. Even Aldi is a drive and I’ve learned that our Aldi prices are higher than others- milk is over $3 a gallon, meanwhile at Trader Joe’s it’s $2.59 and Costco even less. And grocery stores are $4+. Pistachios never have a sale price like that. Amazing. and 13 lbs of fruit for $8? Just, wow. Sometimes I hate living in an urban area. But mostly I don’t. Just the cost of living part.

      • Roberta says:

        Yes, the DC area is costly. We’re in one of the many suburbs of Los Angles, so our housing costs are awful, but food can be reasonable if one is careful. Just two years ago I was easily spending $400 per month on groceries. Then I did my first PC and realized how much I was overspending/overbuying. (I think I’m still overbuying, but I’m getting better.)

        Hubs is about 15 years shy of retirement, and we’re considering relocating out of state due to the cost of housing. However, I’m not sure that other locations would actually be appreciably better once the costs of food, utilities, etc., are factored in. Where we are now we rarely need to use AC or heating, we can garden nearly year-round, we can have backyard chickens, and everything else we need is nearby. Plus, we have access to world-class medical facilities (which is critical w/ my health history), and some pretty nice museums as well. (Not like all of the museums on the Mall, but still pretty good. 😉 )

        We’re praying about it and starting to do some research. I’d be interested to know what the average costs are around the country, so if anyone out there would like to share I’m all ears.

        • Joa in IA says:

          Well I googled median house prices in the area I live. One sight said $151,000 and another said $174,000. We need heat and Ac here. Gets pretty humid in the summer.

          I plant my little garden usually end of April and I don’t start getting tomatoes, green peppers till the end of July. We usually get frost beginning of October and that ends the growing season.

          Very safe and good schools also. I don’t feel like there is a ton to do. I also don’t like to go out at night when it’s cold.

          We are seriously looking into being full-time RVers in 3 years after the boys go off to college and get settled in their lives. We actually know quite a few people who have done it. We already spend 50-60 nights in the summer in our 5th wheel camper. I really want to spend my winters in a warmer area. There are so many things we want to see and do. So I understand you and your family trying something new and wondering where to go and will it work.

          • Roberta says:

            Thanks for the info! 🙂

            My brother and sister-in-law have been full-time RVing for about a year now. They have spent the warmer months up in WA, and the cooler months in AZ. They seem to like it.

            I’m a homebody, though. If we were ever to do something like that, I’d want to go the route our neighbors have taken: keep the house and RV about 6 months of the year. (Now that our neighbors are in their 80s, they are finding that they really can’t be out as long as they could 20 years ago–too many doctors appointments and it’s just a lot of work to get their trailer all ready to go.)

  60. Stephanie M. says:

    Monday, January 5

    B – Paul had cereal; After that, a car came to pick him up to bring him to Newark Airport for his week long meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. He’ll be back Friday afternoon. I had a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Meat loaf sandwich on whole grain rye and an apple

    D – Leftover grilled lamb chops from last night; I asked Paul to grill a couple of extras so I wouldn’t have to cook tonight. I also had some butternut squash, a stuffed clam and V8. Not bad for eating all alone. LOL

    I had two bananas in the freezer so I made a banana bread for my mom since I’m going there for dinner tomorrow night. I started out with 4 bananas and made a banana bread for Paul a few weeks ago and sliced it and froze the slices. Now I have three more slices and then that’s gone. And I have no more bananas in the freezer. Little by little, everything is going.

    • Heather M says:

      Sounds like a decandent restaurant meal alone! Lol. I hope it isn’t too quiet for you this week. Too bad I’m not closer- we could have gotten together.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thanks Heather. Yes, it would be nice if we could have gotten together. 🙂 Quiet is what I’m enjoying. Even my dishwasher is taking a break. LOL

    • Mona says:

      Stephanie, enjoy your quiet time! I think a week of getting to do what I want or nothing and not having the meal schedules sounds like a dream.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        It’s really nice, Mona!! Am I being mean by saying that? LOL Last night I slept all the way through without having to kick the “snorer” next to me. It was heaven. I woke up feeling so rested and full of energy. Tonight I’m going to my mom’s for dinner but tomorrow is going to be a pajama day!!!! My mother is sending me home with leftovers tonight so no cooking tomorrow either. One of my favorite comfort meals is pork chops, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. My brother and I both love it. So when he goes there sometimes, he’ll ask my mother to cook it. I know how to cook it but Paul would sooner hang himself rather than eat sauerkraut so I don’t cook it anymore. Whenever Paul goes away, which is not often, I ask my mother to cook it and I enjoy it so much. So whatever he’s eating tonight, I wouldn’t appreciate it more than what I’m going to have. LOL Thank God for the little things. 🙂

        • Mona says:

          Enjoy your meal and time with your Mom, Stephanie. It is really sad when they go away and we enjoy “our” time. That’s what I miss in the winter months because hubby doesn’t stay overnight at camp then so there is no “me time” which I think we all need occasionally. But really enjoy your jammies day tomorrow. I am so ready for one of those days and was thinking that the end of the week is pretty empty so I may try it, just not going to plan on it because I don’t want to get my hopes up and then wham someone wants or needs something. Enjoy your sauerkraut, pork chops and mashed potatoes!

          • Stephanie M. says:

            Thanks Mona!! I just got home and it was such a pleasant evening. Our youngest daughter joined us. We had a lot of laughs about my dad talking about him. Today was the 10th anniversary of his passing and rather than mope around and feel bad, we enjoyed talking about the wonderful memories. Our oldest daughter who is very spiritual called my mom first thing this morning and told her to look for signs. My mother told her that she has a bird feeder in her yard and every day, so many birds come to eat and today not one came. So our daughter told her that is probably a sign that he is looking down on us. What a wonderful thought. So all in all, it was a really nice evening and I so enjoyed the dinner and came home with the leftovers. LOL I am so happy!!! 🙂

  61. Mona says:

    Monday 2/5

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Spinach & orzo soup

    Dinner – Lemon chicken pasta, garlic toast

  62. Alice E says:


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – pb sandwich for him, leftover hash for me
    D – l/o macaroni and green beans, cake for dessert

  63. Tasty says:

    Monday February 5th

    B – fruit and yogurt + a toasted bagel for hubby, yogurt and a toasted bun for me

    L – latte and a muffin for hubby before the gym, I had a grilled cheese and hot chocolate

    S – chicken parmesan with salad and a small helping of pasta for me

  64. Joa in IA says:


    B- Biscuits and sausage gravy and Cinnamon Butter Braid(decided to save the raspberry one for next weekend since hubby wanted to cook a big breakfast.)

    L- no one was hungry.

    Snack- Chili cheese dip with tortilla chips.

    Supper-. Snack stuff for Super Bowl. BBQ smokies,, Pulled pork nachos, cookie salad, cheese & crackers.

    Took quite a bit out of the pantry and freezer over the weekend for Sunday and Monday meals. Did some meal prepping for the week to make it easier. My coworker is gone unexpectedly to be with his dad who is dying from lung cancer. He had been doing OK and then Friday all of sudden took a turn for the worse. So I don’t expect him back this week. I’m normally done between 2-3pm everyday now I won’t be home till after 6pm. Meal prepped so the boys can get supper ready pretty easily for all of us.


    B- Protein shake and tea for me, hubby cinnamon oatmeal.

    L- Pulled pork sandwich for me , Hubby protein shake. Son1 left over BBQ smokies and not sure what else. Son2 school lunch.

    Snack- Leftover chili cheese dip with chips for the boys.

    Supper- Chili, cheddar cheese, oyster crackers, fritos and cookie salad.

  65. Cindy says:

    Monday again, how does that happen so quickly?

    Breakfast: hubby has had the same thing for forever, Basic 4 cereal, oj and coffee – I love variety, this week will be a hard boiled eggs or steele cut oats, fruit (today was mandarin orange) zucchini bread (zucchini from our garden frozen specifically for this purpose, only two more packages but each makes four small loaves)
    Lunch: chicken tortilla soup and yogurt w/raspberries
    Dinner: patty melt – the last of the marble rye bread w/hamburger from the freezer w/sautéed onions and cheese and a romaine salad
    Dessert: hubby had his ice cream

  66. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs had cereal and I had almond butter on toast, an orange scone and tea
    Linner – We had chips, dips,raw veggies & bbq tri-tip sandwiches, ice cream for dessert while watching the game

    B – hubs had eggs, sausage and toast, I had a protein shake
    L- tri-tip sandwiches,hubs had chips and dip with his and I had raw veggies
    D- since lunch was late I had a piece of peanut butter toast and tea, hubs had more chips and dip

  67. Heather M says:

    My guess is I’ll be posting every few days, like Kathy. I am taking notes on what we eat and spend too. 🙂

    Saturday 2/3:
    B: son had cereal; hubs had a banana; I had a piece of naan
    L: chocolate chip pancakes(have a few containers lurking in the cupboards since last year, so we need to eat more pancakes!), pork breakfast sausage(leftover from christmas-freezer); I also had chopped kiwi on my pancakes(they were close to dead-luckily I saw them in the produce drawer!)
    D: leftovers clearing out night! Hubs ate the rest of the chili con carne and the cashew chicken over rice; I had the rest of the snow peas, cashews and sauce over rice- there was a lot of that left, not so much the chicken, and I love the veggies/nuts; son had a bean/cheese/chicken/pepperoni quesadilla.

    Sunday 2/4:
    B: nothing as we raced to church
    L: hubs and son at the last spicy italian chicken sausages/ww buns, hubs also had leftover spinach salad; I finished the red lentil mulligatawny soup w/ a piece of garlic toast(made it on ww sandwich bread). It is SO GOOD, this soup!
    D: Pretty pleased with our healthy superbowl spread. No party for us this year, and I’m glad, because it was one REALLY fun football game to watch. Homemade turkey burgers on ww bund (ground turkey in freezer now gone! with all the toppings; chopped greek salad with what was on hand (cucumber, bell pepper, almost dead yellow cherry tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, quick homemade vinaigrette); homemade guacamole and chips. Luckily had 4 very ripe avocadoes-only 1 left. We were all very pleased with the food and it felt festive yet healthy.

    Monday, 2/5:
    B: son had cereal, bacon, OJ; hubs skipped; I had a granola bar
    L: son took turkey/cheddar on ww, pistachios/almonds, pineapple, clif bar; hubs grabbed a steak & cheese sandwich at work; I finished off the spinach salad, had a small turkey sandwich, and a pear
    D: Plan A I had to bag because Dad called and we talked too long (Ugh. I’m stressed about my mom. Things aren’t great suddenly these past few months, and to top it off she’s in the hospital with the flu, though doing ok w/it. They live in Southern CA and I’m in DC area- when do I get on a plane, etc.). So Plan B kicked in. I had defrosted a bag of rotisserie chicken parts w/ some meat from december. Pulled as much meat off as I could (2 cups maybe), and tossed the bones back in the fridge. Tomorrow I’ll make some stock in my instant pot for the first time. I cooked up some packaged of ramen noodles (no packet), drained them, sauteed some bell pepper slices, made a peanut sauce, then tossed it all together and topped it with green onions. SO GOOD. and fast. Also steamed the last of the broccoli.

    • Roberta says:

      Sorry to hear your mom isn’t doing well. It’s hard to be away from family. (My parents were in the Phoenix area, and it was still hard to get over there. We were able to bring my mom to stay with us for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. Still, it was especially hard as they neared the end of their lives and I felt torn between needing to be home with my husband and son–who was pretty young at the time(s)–and being with my folks. I’m glad we were less than a mile from my husband’s side of the family and were able to be with them.)

    • Joa in IA says:

      Hope your mom is getting better and can go home soon. The flu isn’t anything to mess with this year.

    • Kathy in Denmark says:

      Sorry that your mum is ill.
      I think time spent talking on the phone with your dad is time well spent! And you still pulled of a great dinner 🙂

  68. Pat says:

    I went to Aldi’s this morning right when it opened because the forecast called for snow. I bought 10lbs of russets, 6 lbs of sweet potatoes, 6 pounds of onions, 6 dozen eggs, coffee, bagels, 2 bags of lettuce,2lbs of bananas, 3lbs of cuties,sour cream. half and half, and 2lbs of carrots. Everything but the lettuce and bananas should get us thru February. It started snowing while I was there. We got about 3″. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow and Friday. My total so far is $82.46.
    The lettuce from Sam’s turned brown within 2 days of opening it so I will say something the next time I’m there.
    I’ve decided to process all the lumpy bags of stuff in my upright freezer to use less space. Last week I did 1 1/2 gallon bags of beef and got 4 32oz jars of broth. The last batch made the vegetable soup. Today I’m making tomato sauce out of 3 gallon bags of tomatoes. Next will be a couple of chicken carcasses. Jars and flat bags will take up less space and will be easier to store.
    Feb 5
    Breakfast–My husband had his regular breakfast. I had a couple of pieces of pumpkin bread and a banana.
    Lunch–My husband took the last of the chicken filling, a yogurt and a couple of cuties. I skipped.
    Dinner–I ate the l/o vegetable soup and toast and a cutie. He skipped.

  69. Terry calkins says:

    Yesterday was tax day. I always dread it, and happy to have it done. This year we ended up a wash. I will just owe for some of the preparers fee. I call that a win!
    No breakfast before I left but I made hubby his hash browns and eggs.
    Lunch was leftover BBQ pork sandwich on buns and home fries.
    Dinner was cashew chicken and rice.
    Hubby has asked for more of Jessica’s banana pancakes for breakfast. He so rarely requests anything, you know it’s a good recipe when he does.
    The potatoes I recently bought were from cash and carry. It’s the same store as smart and final in some areas. It’s a restaurant supply store that anyone can buy from without a membership. I buy 50# sacks of potatoes and onions there. There are only two of us but hubby likes potatoes every morning and frequently will make himself a loaded baked potato for a whole meal. A 50# sack normally last us two months. They keep well in our garage in the winter. In the summer they keep well in our air conditioned utility room.
    One of our favorite budget meals is a baked potato stuffed with chili and cheese. I even take a toaster oven so we can have them when camping.
    Stopped at the store today for mushrooms, hamburger buns, cottage cheese and half a cup of cashews for dinner. I always use the bulk bins for nuts so I can buy just enough for a recipe…otherwise we snack on them. 6.27 for groceries today but I shouldn’t need anything more for quite awhile.

    • Sandy says:

      We get 50 lb. bags of potatoes too. I have to drive 45 minutes to the place that has them, but we pay between $8-10 depending on the time of year. Too good of a deal to pass up! Our 2 married kids get their potatoes from us and we use them up pretty fast then. I do cut them into hash browns if they start to sprout. I just par boil them a little and then spread out on cookie sheets with parchment paper and freeze, then I bag them up later. I’ve done steak fries this way too, but partially bake the fries first. We used to grow our own potatoes, but potato bugs got so bad and I read if you don’t plant them for a few years, we might be able to get rid of the bugs. I don’t like to use the pesticides much so, until then we will keep buying this way.

  70. Sandy says:

    Monday 2/5
    B-Egg burritos for most (it was a 2 hour delay so kiddos didn’t have to rush), yogurt parfaits for everyone else
    L-Leftover burger, corn and apple for hubs, spinach salad with leftover chicken for me and some guacamole and chips
    D-Taco pizzas (using leftover enchilada meat) on Naan bread and veggie dippers. Still have extra meat from enchiladas, might have to freeze the rest. The pizzas were yummy though, so good way to use some of it!

  71. Roberta says:

    Mon. 2/5/18

    B: Cereal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their regular packed lunches. I had salad, some Monterrey Jack cheese, and a mandarin.

    D: Black bean burgers (made w/ some of the beans I cooked up the other day) on hm buns, salad, hm applesauce, and mandarins.

    S/D: Son had a muffin after school. I’m not sure what Hubs may have had. Son also finished up the last of the chocolate nut pudding.

    I, too, emptied out some of the random bags in the freezer to make a big pot of veggie stock. Of course now I have to put the stock back in the freezer, but with my weekly soup making perhaps they won’t stay there long. I was also able to harvest some lettuce, green onions, and radishes for the salad I made, and I snipped some fresh herbs for the stock as well. Yay for the garden!

  72. Mona says:

    Tuesday 2/6

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Last of the spinach orzo soup w/crackers

    Dinner – White chicken chili w/corn muffins

  73. Stephanie M. says:

    Tuesday, January 6

    B – one slice of whole wheat raisin toast, yogurt and strawberries

    L – Meat loaf sandwich on whole grain rye and an apple

    D – Dinner at my mom’s

  74. Joa in IA says:


    B-The usual protein shake and tea for me. Hubby cinnamon oatmeal.

    L- Chili and oyster crackers for me, hubby protein shake. Son1 BBQ pork quesadilla. Son2 school lunch.

    Snack popcorn for me. boys had salsa and chips

    Supper-Tacos with cheddar cheese, black olives, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa tortillas and tortilla chips.

    Son2 went to Aldis today for me. He ate a can of black olives on Monday and I didn’t know it and it was the only can. He bought black olives, cheddar cheese, flaky biscuits and tomatoes. He said he didn’t bring the receipt home but spent $6.96. Total spent so far this month $111.90.

  75. Cindy says:

    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, mandarin and green tea – hubby the usual
    Lunch: turkey sandwich using the last of the deli turkey and bacon from the weekend + yogurt and raspberries, hubby had a frozen entree from a couple of months ago
    Dinner: the last chicken breast baked, peas and leftover rice from the freezer
    S/D: hubby – ice cream and hot fudge

    The produce drawer is looking pretty sparse, we have 1/2 head of cabbage, about 2 cups of spinach, 1/2 yellow onion, 3 stalks of celery & 2 carrots – the fruits are even more sparse – about 1/4 cup of raspberries, the mandarins are gone as are the apples and navel oranges.

    The freezer does have 2 quarter pieces of banana, some mangos and a 1/4 bag of berry medley for hubby’s smoothies to add to the spinach and carrots w/yogurt but by the weekend we will need to do some serious restocking !

  76. Felicia says:

    FEB 6 – Tuesday

    Been busy few days, preparing for jury duty on Monday and preparing to visit family.

    Saturday –
    Dinner – Leftover sliced ham, pizza beans and potato/peppers/onion hash

    Sunday –
    Breakfast – English Muffin Egg and Cheese Sandwich
    Lunch – ham and beans
    Dinner – evicted a DiGiorno frozen pizza from the freezer.

    Monday – Jury Duty Day
    Breakfast – orange-cranberry muffin with banana and hot tea
    Lunch – English Muffin Sandwich with egg and cheese.
    Dinner – Spinach Ricotta Lasagna roll ups, pizza beans and side salad

    Breakfast – oatmeal pancakes, strawberry syrup.
    Lunch – English Muffin Sandwich with egg and avocado
    Dinner – beef and vegetable soup from the freezer, garlic bread on hoagie rolls.

  77. Tasty says:

    Tuesday February 6th

    B – yogurt and a bagel for hubby, yogurt and a toasted bun for me

    L – egg salad sandwiches

    S – h/m baked beans and eggs

  78. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast. Jessica’s banana pancakes and eggs
    Lunch lemon chicken
    Dinner chili cheese fries.
    Hubby is asking for baby back ribs for tomorrow yum. Those baby backs are going fast

  79. Alice E says:

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – He took pb sandwich, I had a fish taco
    D – Leftovers, he had hash and I had macaroni, cooked apples for dessert

  80. Roberta says:

    Tues. 2/6/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Hubs had his usual packed lunch and finished up the last of the compote. Son had an “early out” day, so he and I had PB/apple butter sands on ww, bananas, string cheese. It seems like there must have been something else (that really doesn’t look like enough to fill up my son), but I didn’t write things down.

    D: LO black bean burgers (w/ cheese, of course), salad, dill pickles, apple and orange slices.

    S/D: Son had the last blueberry muffin. I had some pistachios. Don’t know what Hubs had (probably PB toast, oh and I did see him munching on carrot sticks w/ ranch).

    The black bean burger recipe I use makes about a dozen patties, sometimes even more. Does anyone know if they freeze/reheat well? We can get through about half of them over the course of two days, but beyond that my family balks. I usually end up eating the rest for lunches, but after a while even I am tired of them. I thought about cutting the recipe in half, but it calls for one egg–not sure how to halve that. 😉

    • Pat says:

      Roberta, I would think the black bean burgers would freeze well either cooked or uncooked. I would freeze just like regular burgers.

      • Roberta says:

        Thanks, Pat. I’ll have to try it (’cause as good as they are, I really don’t want to eat them for an entire week).

        • Kathy in Denmark says:

          I freeze bean burgers all the time, it’s no problem 🙂
          They do tend to break easier when thawed, so I usually heat them in the oven so I don’t have to flip them over.

          • Roberta says:

            Thanks, Kathy. That’s good to know. (Now I just have to clear out some space in the freezers so that the next time I make them I can just stash half of them in the freezer from the outset.)

  81. Pat says:

    I got a 40oz and 18oz jar of tomato sauce. I am now making chicken broth out of a rotisserie chicken. One more bag of raw chicken carcasses to go and I will be done. I have an empty shelf in my upright! The door is stuffed to the gills with all the broth,beans and sauce tho.
    I tried the bread recipe again and this time I sifted all the flour together. It’s much better. I might try one more time and grind up the oatmeal and maybe cut the flour by 1/2 a cup.
    Feb 5
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual. I had 2 pieces of the bread with butter warmed in the microwave and a banana.
    Lunch–My husband had l/o pork, l/o roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower. I had a hard boiled egg,
    Dinner–We had spaghetti and meatballs, a salad and bread sticks,

  82. Stephanie M. says:

    Wednesday, January 7

    B – One slice of whole wheat raisin toast, Greek vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries

    L – Meat loaf sandwich on whole grain rye – this was the last of the meat loaf

    D – Leftovers from my mom from dinner at her house last night – pork chop, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes

    Our oldest daughter’s fiancée will be graduating next week from the fire academy and tomorrow he starts his job at the fire house. He wanted to bring a dessert there and since I’m the only one in the family that bakes, I offered. So first thing this morning I made a crumb cake and a raspberry cream cheese coffee cake. It was such a dreary day starting with freezing rain then turning to snow and now rain again so it was a great day to do some baking.

    Paul received two very prestigious awards yesterday at the conference where there are about 100 people in attendance from all over the United States. He was so happy and I’m really happy for him. It’s nice when you get recognized. The first award was the VP award for top talent for all of the operations. He was so excited and then as soon as he sat down, he was called back up for the second award which was the CEO Center of Excellence award for the entire company. He told me he was shaking and teary eyed. What an honor for him.

    • Mona says:

      So excited for Paul!!! That is wonderful! Wahoo…..you go Paul!!
      We have had the same weather here today, Stephanie. School was cancelled this morning and then this afternoon they canceled all activities at every school around us. So glad we didn’t have to go any where. Bet they were all excited to have all your goodies at the fire house today!! You are such a sweet lady!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you so much Mona!!! 🙂 If I remember right, you were planning a pajama day at the end of the week. With the weather being what it is, I hope you do. Nothing like it. LOL Mine was supposed to be today but I wound up having to run off to the store in this garbage weather; something I don’t usually do but the streets looked ok so I went. However, tomorrow, I’m home all day and have absolutely nothing to do. The house is clean, I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to go anywhere so I just got undressed and I’m in my cozy pajamas and housecoat and this is the way I’m going to stay until Friday morning. And then and only then, will I get myself dressed and ready for when Paul comes home. LOL Have a wonderful night!!!

        • Mona says:

          Not sure it will be this week Stephanie. Had a sick little granddaughter here today and thinking she will be back tomorrow. I don’t like when my babies are sick….I like to play with them not just sit and watch them. I am hoping for one day next week….we’ll see.
          I’m sure you are looking forward to seeing your honey tomorrow.

          • Stephanie M. says:

            I’m sorry your granddaughter is under the weather, Mona. It’s been a very tough winter for everyone but when the littles get sick, that’s really awful. You just want them better again right away. I understand. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to her.

            Yes, I’m really glad Paul is coming home tomorrow. I’ve had enough alone time now. Many of the people at this meeting left today but he and several other people stayed the extra night because the flight out of Arizona would have been very late at night and he would have gotten home in the very early morning hours. So tomorrow, he is leaving Arizona their time in the morning. I think he said he has to go to the airport at 4:30. So he will be back in Newark around 2:00 and by the time he gets his bag and gets in the car that will be waiting for him, I would expect him to be home by about 3:30. But he can’t wait to be home and back in his own bed. I made reservations for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants for next Saturday, the 17th. I figured this weekend, he would just want to relax a little. But I want to go out and celebrate his awards so we’ll do that next weekend. Anyway, have a nice evening and I hope your little one feels better very, very soon. 🙂

    • Pat says:

      Hurray for Paul!! It is so nice to be recognized for a job well done.
      I made the first breakfast casserole for dinner tonight and it was great. I used bacon because I didn’t want to go downstairs to get the ham. Thanks for posting. It’s a keeper.
      I also have nowhere I have to be till Friday so a pj day is planned for toorrow!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you Pat!!! He is really very happy and as he put it, “Humbled.”

        I’m so happy you liked the casserole. We thought it was delicious.

        Enjoy your pj day. I know I’m going to. We all need that sometimes. How fun!!!!!

    • Roberta says:

      Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate in your household. Way to go, guys!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thanks so much Roberta!! I can’t wait till he comes home tomorrow so I can give him a big hug!!! 🙂

    • Sandy says:

      Congrats to Paul! Sounds like it was well deserved! Enjoy the rest of your quiet time. I would kill for a pajama day, don’t see one of those for many years for me.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thanks so much Sandy!!! I’m really very proud of him and when I talk to him on the phone, I can hear how happy he is and that’s makes all his hard work worth it for sure. I am enjoying my pajama day immensely today. LOL It’s not something I do often, never, ever I the summer, but in the gloomy days of winter, it’s a nice thing to do. Maybe you can find a day over a weekend to enjoy one yourself. 🙂

  83. Tasty says:

    Congrats to Paul!! I’m sure it’s well deserved.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Thank you so much Tasty!!! Often times, people have no problem complaining or pointing out negativity but rarely take the time to offer praise or something nice to say. Paul’s job is highly stressful. He is a district manager for several data centers. Although I should just tell people that his job is to go to meetings because that’s all he does. LOL He works only about 30 minutes from home but usually every week he has to go to NYC or to other data centers near NYC and check on things. And when there is an issue, he is always called and many times during the night. There are plenty of times when his phone rings in the middle of the night and sometimes it can happen several times during the night and then he gets up and sits in the den and deals with whatever the problem is. He also gets phone calls many times on the weekend. He also has more people working under him than anyone else and he has to meet deadlines and goals and it all causes stress, especially because he is a perfectionist and wants everything done right. He is a very dedicated man whether it’s with his job or with his family life and he’s a hard worker both at work and at home. At home, especially in the better weather, he can never sit still. He is always cutting the lawn, washing his car, picking weeds, making sure there’s not a single leaf on his lawn, pitching in to help me, trimming bushes and trees, and the list goes on. And he’s the same at work. So it’s easy to see how a man like him could cause himself stress. So it was so nice for him to be so publicly appreciated. It made him feel good and feel like all the work he does, doesn’t go unnoticed. He’s a good guy and very well liked by everyone he knows. Between him and I, he’s the cherub and I’m the “spicy” one. LOL

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        Congratulations to Paul! What nice awards and great affirmation for the job he does. Sounds well deserved!

        • Stephanie M. says:

          Thank you so much Lynn!!! These awards come at a time when he was feeling quite a bit of frustration so he’s very happy.

  84. Mona says:

    Wednesday 2/7

    Breakfast – Ham & cheese quiche

    Lunch – Last of the leftover chicken chili

    Dinner – Beef, peas, mushrooms and gravy over noodles, applesauce

  85. Felicia says:

    Wednesday – FEB 7

    Reporting from the road in a hotel room somewhere north of the GA/SC border! LOL!

    Breakfast – able to make scrambled egg/cheese burrito in this kitchen suite, sliced avocado and hot tea.
    Snack – Quaker Chewy granola bar
    Dinner – at the next hotel….hot dog in the microwave on a leftover hoagie bun, avocado.

    Tomorrow – free breakfast! 🙂

  86. Kathy from Ohio says:

    2/7. Wednesday
    B-coffee both toast with pb me hubs none
    L out white castle after Dr. Appt
    D pork chops freezer, L/O noodles and peas hubs, l/O cauliflower casserole me

  87. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast. The rest of Jessica’s banana pancakes batter
    Lunch tuna sandwich
    Dinner. Baby back ribs, rice pilaf, green peas and butternut squash. I fixed a nice dinner plate to take to my mom tomorrow
    Lovely weather. The trees are beginning to bud out spring bulbs are pushing up. Hopefully we can go ahead and have an early spring

  88. Tasty says:

    Terry, what state are you in that you are looking at trees in bud rather than snow drifts ?

    • Terry calkins says:


  89. Cindy says:

    Wednesday, February 7th
    Breakfast : Steele cut oatmeal, oj & green tea – hubby, the usual cereal, oj, coffee and mid-morning yogur/vege/fruit smoothie
    Lunch: bagel/cream cheese (provided @ work) yogurt and the last of the raspberries + V8 juice
    Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs (homemade canned sauce & meatballs – the last meatballs from a batch I made before Christmas) and a romaine lettuce salad
    S/D: hubby had a couple of salted caramels

    We are down to a lot of “last of” items in both the fridge and freezers, which is awesome EXCEPT it makes me really, really nervous ?

    • Alice E says:

      I can identify with your nervous. I like the pantry challenge, and making sure I’m aware of what we have, but I don’t really ever intend to get pantry or freezer down to nothing. It’s not the way I cook. I buy things on sale, and plan and cook from what’s on hand. Only dairy, eggs and a few veg are really on a do I have any basis.

      You will need to decide what your level of comfort is and this issue, but I like having back stock available. I have learned in the last couple challenges to be more aware of how much back stock we have before buying more and have gotten better about rotating freezer items. But with two freezers, I would never be comfortable with eating them both down really low. I do like to eat them down to where I can put everything in one to defrost the other one, however.

  90. Tasty says:

    Wednesday February 7th

    B – granola and a bagel for hubby, raspberries, yogurt and granola for me, with a slice of toast and marmalade I made yesterday.

    L – hubby was out with his golfing buddies for lunch, I found some left over bolognese sauce in the freezer and had that with some pasta

    S – neither of us was really hungry so we just had some turkey on h/m buns

  91. Pat says:

    The 1st batch of broth is in the fridge cooling. I’ll start the raw chicken bones in the morning. I am going to run out of plastic jars that I use for freezing. May have to use some of my plastic storage containers for the last of the broth.
    I am joining Stephanie in the pj day tomorrow. I don’t have anywhere I have to go!!
    Feb 7
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual. I had more of the wheat bread I made with butter.
    Lunch–He had l/o pork with onions, mushrooms and garlic from Sunday and a banana. I had a cheese stick and a muffin.
    Dinner was that ham egg bake that Stephanie posted only I used bacon and cuties.

  92. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    Hello all. As usual, playing catch up here. My father fell ill (but is doing much better now) so I suddenly left town a week ago, leaving my husband to fend for himself with minimal prepared food and food in general available-thanks to the PC! Bless his heart, he scrounged around with my direction, and ate for a week out of the freezer and pantry (and yes, we’ve still.got.food) He did go buy coffee as we were completely out and bought him some Klondike bars that were on special. He was taken out to lunch once or twice, but ate all dinners at home. This is basically what he ate:

    Breakfast-grits with turkey sausage from the freezer (Stephanie, thank you for mentioning this. I’d never seen it before and began looking for it after you mentioned eating it. As an experiment, I bought the Jimmy Dean’s and he thought it quite tasty. I ate one link and agreed that it was good, so will buy more of this. Is this the brand you eat?) Also eggs and sausage, eggs and toast, just toast, etc.

    Lunch: I’d left some turkey salad and he also had some leftover chili available. When I cooked the turkey, I’d put the breast back in the freezer. He very partially thawed some of it so he could cut some slices from it, then fixed hot turkey sandwiches, turkey melts with cheese from freezer and cold turkey sandwiches.

    Dinner: he had chili over baked potato. Then he found and ate some canned soups from the pantry (Progresso and Yes varieties) coupled with grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches if he hadn’t had it for lunch.

    I had taken some HM ham bone soup with me for my family to eat, which we did. We also ate some soups and salads from the hospital and nearby fast food places.

    We were increasingly out of all fresh produce and canned and frozen vegetables towards the end of the PC in Jan, but just made do. When I left to return home on the 6th, I stopped by an Aldi on the way and stocked up on fresh produce and a few pantry items I’d been needing. I spent $35 and bought celery, tomatoes, stop light peppers, avocados, sunflower seeds, bread (2 loaves), coffee creamer, mustard, romaine, cuke, marjoram, red onions, carrots (my husband even remarked on how glad he was to see some carrots!). Then I also bought some chips, pita chips and crackers for snacks. I also spent $5 for olives, gravy mix (usually make my own but drippings all gone), pepperoni, mushrooms and rice. Everything is going down very slowly. I’m going to be vigilant and not overbuy for the two of us this month and then see how the freezers look.

    B: Me-toast, hot tea, DH egg bowl with grits and turkey sausage
    L: Me-HM soup before returning home, DH out to lunch
    D: Me-1/2 peanut butter sandwich, DH soup from pantry, grilled cheese

    B: Me-toast, coffee, DH egg bowl with grits and turkey sausage
    L: Me-yogurt and crackers, DH idk
    D: HM pizza with crust from freezer, ground pork (freezer), bacon pieces (freezer), pepperoni, last of green peppers (freezer), last of the tomato paste to make the pizza sauce (freezer), mushrooms, cheese from freezer (still whittling down those 18+ bags of cheese), tossed salad using items from Aldi

    I’ll be making the turkey dishes I’d planned to make last week, this week.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Yes, Lynn. I buy the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage in links or patties. Sometimes, I buy the “crumbles” too and add them to omelets. Since we started eating that sausage about one year ago, we never went back to regular pork sausage.

  93. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Thursday February 8
    Good morning.
    I am new to this I posted once but my last 2 posts didn’t come on am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

    • For some reason your comments landed in moderation. You should be good now.

      • Kathy in Ohio says:

        Thanks I’ll give it another try, really e noting this.

  94. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs had toast, I had baked oatmeal from the freezer with the last splash of 1/2 n 1/2
    L – it was errand day so we grabbed lunch at our fave Mexican restaurant
    D – hubs ate his lunch leftovers, I had hummus and raw veggies

    I picked up my Zaycon delivery of 20 lb. shrimp and 36 lb bacon. Fortunately I had cleared out the outside freezer over the fridge so I had plenty of room. I made chocolate chip cookies at the request of my daughter. I’ll deliver half to my daughter and I froze the rest of the dough. It was 79 here yesterday. The fruit and nut orchards are going into an early bloom. My little lemon tree is still heavy with fruit and has started to bloom!

    • Mona says:

      Laurie, I am so jealous! We got to 24 degrees today but the good thing is…….there was no more snow today! We are hoping to head to Florida in a couple weeks so hopefully we will have a couple hot weeks. lol

      • Pat says:

        I’m with you Mona. 27 was the high here in Nebraska. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and Saturday.

  95. tasty says:

    I can only dream of 79 Laurie – it will be months before we see those temps her in Eastern Ontario.

    • Laurie in CA says:

      I live in hotsville. In the summer it isn’t unusual for us to have 100+ temps for weeks. Fortunately we have low humidity.

  96. Roberta says:

    Wed. 2/7/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their usual packed lunches (and Hubs put some black olives in son’s lunch; he was thrilled). I had a LO black bean burger w/ the last of the Monterrey Jack cheese, the last banana, and a mandarin.

    D: We ate at Souplantation following an appointment w/ my surgeon. (This was planned; we knew we’d hit traffic, and the restaurant is about halfway between the doctor’s office and our home.)

    S/D: I made some chocolate chip muffins, so we each had one before heading out. (Oh, I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I also made a lemon pudding in an attempt to use up some of our lemons.)

  97. Terry calkins says:

    Errand day today. I made a big loop so no backtracking. Since I had to go to the next town over to do some tax items I stopped at the grocery outlet. It’s normally out of my way. Got good buy on girl scout cupcake mixes, gingerbread cookie dough, and bacon flavored cheese. Everything I bought there was about 75% off. Then stopped at cash and carry for veggies. Total spent today including laundry soap just over 21.00. I’m over my limit for the week, but it will even out. Now I’m off to make pudding. Happy days

  98. Stephanie M. says:

    Thursday, January 8

    B – 2 poached eggs on whole wheat English muffin, strawberries/blueberries, and V8

    L – Roast chicken sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato, also had 1/2 a banana

    D – One piece of gorton’s frozen fish, last of the leftover mashed potatoes, last of the green beans, and a small side salad

    Took out a large freezer bag of meat sauce for tomorrow and Saturday now that Paul is coming home. It’s quite fun to watch so much disappearing from the freezer bit by bit. This week nothing much came out but starting with the meat sauce tomorrow, there will be quite a bit going during the next week as I get closer and closer to emptying out the freezer of all the proteins.

  99. Mona says:

    Thursday 2/8

    Breakfast – Scrambled eggs w/toast

    Lunch – Finished off the odds and ends in fridge

    Dinner – Baked chicken, fried potato’s and peas

  100. Joa in IA says:


    B- The usual for hubby and I.

    L- I made a mini taco salad, hubby ate out with a friend. Son2 school lunch. Son1??

    Supper- Pulled pork quesadillas. Son2 was cooking and that was all he made but he did make 10 of them.! He wanted some extras for Thursday. I’m still working late this week and thankful he doesn’t mind cooking.


    B- Chocolate protein shake, cinnamon oatmeal for hubby. Leftover quesadillas.

    L- Pulled pork sandwich and popcorn. Hubby protein shake. Son1 quesadilla. Son2 school lunch

    Supper- Son2 made chicken tenders & mac and cheese.

  101. Cindy says:

    Thursday, February 8

    Breakfast: Steele cut oatmeal, oj, & green tea; hubby the usual
    Lunch: flour tortilla (the last) w/peanut butter, 1 carrot, V8 and dried cranberries; hubby ate @ McD’s between working from home & heading into the office for afternoon meetings
    Dinner: crockpot pork chop (the last) w/ potatoes and mushroom sauce and frozen garden green beans
    S/D: hubby had ice cream

    We’ll definitely need to do produce restocking and some staple replenishment this weekend!

  102. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    B: toast, one link of turkey sausage, coffee
    L: yogurt, mandarin, carrots
    D: LO turkey (freezer) LO dressing (freezer from Christmas), tossed salad
    S: pita chips and spinach dip (freezer)

  103. Tasty says:

    Thursday February 8th

    B – granola and a bagel for hubby, I had raspberries, yogurt and granola

    L – I had a ham and cheese sandwich, hubby???

    S – turkey in pepper, onion , tomato sauce, broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce. Hubby made supper tonight and did a great job of using what needed to be used up. He also found a tiny Christmas pudding in the pantry!

    The fridge is almost empty so will need to shop tomorrow or Saturday.

  104. Roberta says:

    Thurs. 2/8/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee

    L: The guys had their usual packed lunches (and I think son had olives again). I had another black bean burger and a mandarin.

    D: Cashew chicken (a soy-free adaptation of Jessica’s recipe), steamed rice, salad, apple and orange slices. (Son went back for thirds (!), so this is definitely a keeper.)

    S/D: Son and I each had a chocolate chip muffin after school; Hubs had a handful of cashews (before he realized what we were having for dinner). We all had lemon pudding for dessert.

    I needed snow peas for the cashew chicken, so I made a quick trip to Sprouts. Bought the said peas, a 3 lb. bag of brown onions, a bunch of green onions (also for dinner; we don’t quite have enough in the garden yet), a head of garlic, and just shy of a pound of trail mix (there’s a scout hike on Saturday). I spent $10.71, nearly half of which was for the trail mix.

  105. Pat says:

    My pj plans for the day ended at 9am. I got a call that I needed to sign papers for my husband’s IRA. Our financial advisor loves to shovel snow and has done our snow removal the last 2 times it snowed. He’s in his 40’s we’re 65+. Before I went to his office I went to Omaha Steaks(my part time job) and got him a box of steaks and burgers using gift cards I earned. I also took homemade hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. It took all of a half hour.
    When I got home I was catching up on the blogs I follow and remembered a recipe for stir and pour bread. You guys this stuff is amazing!! You dump all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix it up, let it sit for 30 minutes then bake for 45-60 minutes and you are done. My oven must run hot cause I did 50 minutes and it got pretty dark. I did half white and half whole wheat and it is delicious!! You can make swirl bread, rolls and buns out of the dough. If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I’ll post it.
    Feb 8
    Breakfast was the usual for my husband. I had pumpkin bread and a banana.
    Lunch–He took Jessica’s sweet potato zucchini hash and a yogurt and a cutie. I had a bowl of ham and potato soup from the freezer and toast.
    Dinner was a huge salad and a taco chicken quesadilla using chicken meat from the broth making.
    I am going shopping Saturday for butter and tuna. A local store has butter for $1.99lb and tuna for $.50 a can with digital coupons that you can use 5 times. The butter sale is only on Saturday so my husband and I will both use our store cards. We only have 1lb of butter in the freezer and 2 cans of tuna so it’s time to stock up on those items.

    • Kathy in Ohio says:

      Pat. Would love the stir and pour bread recipes

      • Pat says:

        It’s in my comments for today. Enjoy!

    • Tasty says:

      What great deals Pat on butter and tuna.

      I make all our own bread so would love the recipe if you have time to post it. Can’t get enough recipes!!

      • Pat says:

        I posted in my post for today. Enjoy!

        • Tasty says:

          Thanks Pat.

    • Cindy says:

      I would love your recipe !

      • Pat says:

        I posted it in my comments for today> Enjoy!!

        • Cindy says:

          Thank you

    • Alice E says:

      Thanks for posting the bread recipe. Sounds good.

  106. Teresa calkins says:

    Breakfast was hash browns and eggs for hubby. I had veggie fried rice. Ran errands. Dropped off dinner for my mom When I got home hubby was having ribs then cottage cheese. I had the last pulled pork sandwich
    Dinner time hubby finished the ribs seems he can never get enough of them. Then he had a baked potato. I made rice with the broth left from cooking ribs. Had some of that with some of the leftover chicken stir fry. I made chili oil yesterday and thawed out some ground pork to make potstickers and wonton soup. That might be a today project. I got such great buys on groceries yesterday. Some things that were greatly reduced are things I never buy but I have visions of trying some new dishes. Some things were bought to finish menus I have planned, and some things were just for fun. Cupcake mixes that taste like girl scout cookies.!! I baked half a box in my microwave Baker last night. Skipped the ganache on the thin mint flavor then served warm with whip cream and chocolate sauce. Hubby was impressed. Sometimes I just have to give him a treat! Love that guy

  107. Kathy in Ohio says:

    Thursday 2/8
    B coffee scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese me, hubs coffee
    L. L/O chicken salad with lettuce hubs chips me apple
    D. L/O past and meet balls garlic bread from freezer, last of garlic bread

  108. Stephanie M. says:

    Friday, February 9

    I just realized that I was dating my last posts for January. What a dope. LOL

    B – 1 whole wheat English muffin, plain, 1/2 a banana, V8, and peanuts

    L – Roast chicken sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato

    D – Meat sauce from the freezer over shells and salad

    Paul got home around 2:00. While it’s nice to have a few days to myself every once in a while, it’s also really nice when he comes home again. Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. He feels especially cold because in Arizona it’s quite hot. Welcome back to reality. LOL

    • Mona says:

      Glad your honey is home safe and sound and I bet he was glad to see you. I sure that was a shock to his system so he was probably really glad to see you. LOL…..did you want to go back in time or did the days just go too fast 🙂

      • Stephanie M. says:

        LOL I’m really glad he’s home, although my quiet time did actually go by fast. I had to wake up the dishwasher today since it’s been on a bit of a vacation for the past few days. It’s always nice to have a few days to relax and do my own thing even if it’s nothing but it’s been like a tomb around here so I’m happy he’s back. Today we have to go to the pet store for a few things, a new sweater for our old dog Mandy, who is still hanging on and doing fine, thank God, a new food bowl for one of the other dogs that I broke yesterday, some new dog blankets, and dog and cat food. Other than that, our schedule is clear and later we are expecting a lot of rain so we’re going out now before all that starts and then just hang out all weekend with nothing much to do and that’s fine with us. 🙂

  109. Laurie in CA says:

    B – I had blueberry baked oatmeal from the freezer, not sure what hubs had
    L – I had lentil soup from the freezer, hubs made a burrito out of the l/o Carne Asada
    D – bbq hamburgers with beef and buns from the freezer, chips

    The downside to warmth and early blossom is my allergies are kicking me in the booty. I just want to lay around and sleep even though I have plenty of work to do! Like Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day 😉

  110. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast for hubby sausage eggs and hash browns. I had scrambled eggs with sausage and lemon bread.
    Lunch. Hubby had roast, and some wonton soup. I had wonton soup. Dinner plans for cashew chicken, rice and broccoli.

  111. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Friday 2/9
    B coffee P/B toast and orange for me Hubs waffles from freezer

    L L/O mased potatoes and cauliflower casserole for me and L/O chicken and noodles for Hubs

    D. Take out Chinese

  112. Mona says:

    Friday 2/9

    Breakfast – French toast

    Lunch – Noodles soup

    Dinner – Rigatoni w/sauce, garlic toast

  113. Cindy says:

    Friday, February 9th

    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, oj & coffee; hubby his usual
    Lunch: date w/hubby – 1/2 work day on Fridays – our favorite Japanese restaurant w/gift card
    Dinner: too full from lunch – we each had a glass of wine – the perfect way to end the work week!

    Definitely grocery shopping this weekend !

  114. Joa in IA says:


    B-The usual for hubby and I. School cancelled, we were suppose to get 6-8 inches of snow. Ended up only being 3 inches. Boys slept late.

    L-Work bought pizza today, Hubby out to lunch with a friend. Son1 had leftover over taco stuff. Son2 out to lunch with a friend.

    Supper- Out to eat at the Sushi House. I had teriyaki chicken, the rest had a variety of different sushi.

    Not a great day to eat at home. Hopefully we do better this weekend. I do need to go grocery shopping this weekend.

  115. Pat says:

    I am done making broth and all my jars are full! I kept one jar of tomato juice that’s going in the pot roast on Sunday. All of the rest are lined up in the door of the upright. It filled 3 and a half shelves with what is already in there. It looks so pretty and organized.
    My husband tried the stir and pour bread and deemed it a keeper!
    The recipe was posted by Laura on her blog “Heavenly Homemakers”.
    Here’s the recipe as posted:
    4 c whole wheat flour
    2 teas active dry yeast
    2 tbls sugar or honey
    1teas sea salt
    1 egg (optional)
    1/4 c cream(optional)
    2 c warm water
    Stir all ingredients together. Cover and let it sit for 30 minutes. Pour into 9×5 pan. Bake at 350 for 45-60 min. Cool in pan for 15 minutes. Cool completely before slicing.
    For swirl bread put 1/3 of dough then filling of choice, more dough more filling and more dough and bake as above.
    For rolls scoop dough in greased muffin tins. Bake 350 20-25 minutes.
    That is it. I did mine with half white flour and I did add the egg.
    Feb 8
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual breakfast. I had pb toast with my new bread and a banana.
    Lunch–Guacamole and chips and a cutie for me. He had a hamburger, roasted sweet potato coins and cauliflower from the freezer.
    Dinner–We had Jessica”s Sesame chicken with mushrooms and peas over brown rice made in my new Instant Pot. All ingredients were from the freezer and pantry,

    • Felicia says:

      Thanks, Pat for the bread recipe. I’d love to try it as rolls!

    • Kathy from Ohio says:

      Thanks Pat for the bread recipe can’t wait to try it.

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Hi Pat. I have actually made this bread and it turned out well. It’s been a while so I can’t remember how I did mine exactly. I think I did half white and half whole wheat. There is even a video of a child making this bread so I figured that it was within my expertise 🙂 Had kind of forgotten about it. I never did it as anything other than bread. Might want to try it as rolls or swirl bread. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Pat says:

        Lynn those were my thoughts exactly too. When I found the recipe originally we still had foster boys and baking bread was not on my radar, but I can now that it is just the 2 of us.

  116. Felicia says:

    FRIDAY – FEB 9

    Lots of activity in the kitchen…homemade waffles, veg stock, two pots of turkey stock and turkey/veg soup. Pancake batter in the refrig for morning.

    Breakfast – cup of tea

    Lunch – bean salad

    Dinner – ALDI mussels and clams in garlic sauce with asparagus and mushroom saute.

  117. Roberta says:

    Fri. 2/9/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch (w/ olives again). Hubs and I had the last of the black bean burgers, the last of the dill pickles, salad, and applesauce.

    D: Broccoli cheese soup, hm French bread w/ butter, apple and orange slices. Son had milk to drink.

    S/D: Chocolate chip muffins.

    Will have to go to the store for milk and carrots this weekend. We’re nearly out of both. Vons has a good price for grapes as well, so I’ll probably get some. We’re down to just apples, applesauce, and oranges in terms of fruit. Oh, and we have some avocados too, but even though they are fruit I don’t think of them in that way.

    Have a great weekend, all!

  118. Tasty says:

    Friday February 9th

    B – granola for hubby, yogurt and muffin for me.

    L- beefy nachos. Really good and used some ground beef that needed to be used and a jar of salsa i bought a long time ago. Of course it now leaves half a jar of salsa in the fridge so probably that means chicken salsa one day very soon!!!

    S – turkey vegetable soup from the freezer

  119. Alice E says:

    I’ve been slacking so several days to catch up.
    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea for both of us
    L – pb sandwich for him, I had some leftovers
    D – Leftover macaroni. and green beans

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea for him, Tea and a turkey/swiss sandwich for me
    L – pb sandwich for him I skipped
    D – I had a long day and was tired so had him pick up Chinese (fried rice and seafood soup) on the way home

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – He too pb sandwich, They provided pizza at the volunteer session.
    D – Leftover Chinese ( and almost always hot tea, I just don’t think to include it usually

    Did go shopping and picked up eggs for .99 and some 1.00 frozen California mix and a few other frozen veg with some dairy.

  120. Stephanie M. says:

    Saturday, February 10

    B – Paul had cereal; I had one slice of whole grain rye toast and Greek strawberries yogurt with strawberries/blueberries

    L – Paul had the leftover meat sauce and macaroni from last night’s dinner; I had a roast chicken sandwich on whole grain with alfalfa sprouts and tomato; also had a pear

    D – Cheat meal tonight – Chinese take out

  121. Mona says:

    Saturday 2/10

    Breakfast – French toast

    Lunch – High School Band sub, chips

    Dinner – Leftover chicken over pasta, salads

  122. Felicia says:

    Saturday – FEB 10

    I’m having a hard time finding the page, even tho I book-mark it, for some reason my computer is not saving it. 🙁

    Breakfast – whole wheat bagel, decaf coffee

    Lunch – a waffle and grapes. DH had a bowl of the turkey/veg soup that I made on Friday.

    Dinner – Turkey/Asparagus Crepes, fried rice and side salad.

    Made Rice Krispie Treats with the kids today, they loved them!

  123. Laurie in CA says:

    B – English muffin from the freezer toasted with butter, 1/2 banana and 1/2 oz almonds for me, hubs had eggs, sausage and toast
    L – hubs made a hamburger from last night’s
    l/o, I pulled a container of taco soup from the freezer
    D – l/o tri-tip (he made a sandwich, I had my meat with brown rice and steamed broccoli)

    I’m making progress on the inside freezer. I went to Trader Joe’s for essentials and spent $70. Ouch.

  124. Kathy in Ohio says:

    Saturday 2/10

    B orange cheese stk and coffee me, hard boiled egg Belvita hubs

    L Panera gift certificate

    D egg and cheese sandwich

    Went to the store for oj half and half and 3 lbs of butter @ 1.99 on sale and yogurt. Spent 73.59 So far this month my goal is 150.00. Have to go to Costco next week for coffee.

  125. Brooke says:

    Hi everyone!
    We’ve been on a run of leftovers! I tried making several big batches of things to kind of piece together for the end of this week and so far
    It’s worked well. I roasted 3 small chickens on Thursday. I cut the breasts off tonight and made delicious chicken salad with lemon, almonds, a bit of mayo, Dijon, celery, sweet onion, fresh dill and tarragon. We had that on whole wheat pita from the freezer along with a mason jar salad that I made on Tuesday. Last one. I have to make more tomorrow! It’s amazing how they stay fresh and perfect. I’m a geek, yes.
    Friday it was leftovers for breakfast lunch and dinner actually. Pancakes were leftover in the fridge, packed lunches were bean and rice burritos and fruit, and dinner was leftover turkey tetrazzini from Wednesday

    Tomorrow I am planning Shepard’s pie since I have a large container of mashed potatoes left. We shall see how it goes

  126. Pat says:

    We did our shopping today at the Kroger store here. We got 10 lbs of butter at $1.99 a one day sale and 10 cans of tuna for $.50. We also got our freebie hearts for Valentines day. We also bought a head of lettuce, grape tomatoes and from the reduced rack we got almost 4lbs of golden apples for $1.98 and 4 small yellow squash for $.99. Hopefully I won’t find anything else to stock up on till March!!
    Feb 10
    Breakfast–My husband had a mushroom and onion omelet, and a bagel. I had pb toast.
    Lunch–Omaha Steaks had a thank you luncheon for all the helpers at Christmas time so we ate there.
    Dinner–Chicken fried chicken., baked potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower.
    It’s snowing for the 4th time this week.in Omaha!

  127. Terry calkins says:

    Sunday morning. I got up to make coffee. Looked in the fridge at all the small containers of leftovers. We’ve been eating lots of leftovers and I think we must both be bored with them. Hubby was looking for something to eat last night. He opted for cold cereal. So this morning I dumped everything that was leftover into a large container. Yogurt, cottage cheese, ramen, wonton soup, broccoli, lettace,. Added the remainder of food from the dogs dish and took the whole works out to the chickens. I saved the cheese casserole for the dog. The chickens are having a smorgasbord and I have zero food waste. I’ll cook some new things today for hubby and me. Winner winner

  128. Laurie in CA says:

    B – pastries we froze from last Saturday
    L – hubs picked up subs as I was knee deep in a cleaning project
    D – hubs had another hamburger, I used l/o tri/tip to make a quesadilla w guacamole from the freezer and raw veggies

  129. Tasty says:

    Saturday February 10th

    Not a good day for the PC but a good day nevertheless.

    B – granola for hubby, baked apple for me

    L – hubby had grilled cheese at Panera while I had their chicken ceasar salad

    S – a fundraiser for the local hospice

  130. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast hash browns and eggs. Used the last of the lemon sauce and one fresh lemon to make lemon pudding cake. I cooked some macaroni and eggs to make egg salad and a macaroni salad. I have a venison roast in the cooker now. Pulled pork and tomato soup thawing from the freezer. New meals are on the way. It’s already a good day

  131. Stephanie M. says:

    Sunday, February 11

    B – Whole wheat pancakes from the freezer that I made last weekend and turkey sausage

    L – Paul had the leftover Chinese food from last night; I had a roast chicken sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato and also a pear

    D – The last two leftover rouladen (stuffed rolled beef) from the freezer from last weekend, the last small head of broccoli from the fridge, roasted potatoes and salad; while I was making the salad, I also made a lunch salad using some of the roast chicken for our youngest daughter’s lunch tomorrow

    We had a restful day today on a very rainy day so this morning since I had some time on my hands, I decided to make bean and beef burritos for our oldest daughter and her family for her freezer; so I made 13 of them using up one of the two bags of whole wheat wraps that I had in the fridge. Then I was wondering what I could make them next. So I made them a batch of Jessica’s whole wheat pancakes like we had this morning. They never had whole wheat pancakes and are very anxious to try them since they try to eat healthy. The burritos are for their cheat meal. LOL Later this week, I will take them over to them. By the time, I was finished putting dinner together, I was anxious myself to get out of the kitchen.

    • Mona says:

      Stephanie, sounds like you had a good rainy day. We had the same weather here and I didn’t go to the extreme you have but I did get my menu ready and got some baking done and a few things prepped since I will be out and about at the school this week. It was so nice to have a day in the kitchen with no interruptions. And then it won’t be long until we will be heading to Florida and sunshine and getting to play outside. I am so looking forward to a few nice long walks and especially ones on the beach. Can you tell I am ready for Spring.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Yes, Mona, I can tell. LOL I am ready too. I am so pleased to hear that you will be going back to Florida again. I remember when you went a few months ago what a nice time you had there. Do you have a time share there or do you rent something or stay in a hotel? What part of Florida do you go to? A few years back, we were in Miami on South Beach for just three days but the first two days were a downpour of brutal rain. LOL But I always welcome any time away from the every day routine. It’s so nice to get away because you feel so rejuvenated when you get back. And it’s nice to spend some time alone with our husbands. Mine is always so busy at work and then on the weekends, especially during the warmer months, he’s busy at home too. Next weekend he’s going to be putting one of those new water heaters in that provide endless hot water. It goes on the wall rather than stand on the floor. Because as it is now, when the shower is going and the dishwasher and then someone else gets in the shower, the hot water disappears quickly. He’s been wanting to do this for quite some time. We have a large Jacuzzi in our master bathroom and when we want to use it, we turn on the hot water but while that’s going, we have to boil 3 pots of water to add to it because our water heater is only 40 gallons and the Jacuzzi would never fill up with hot water with that. What a pain. So we don’t use the Jacuzzi too much because by the time we boil the water and get the tub hot, I usually lose the mood to go in. LOL So I said to him yesterday that he must be so happy to finally be doing this and he said yes and also because it will be a “fun” project. LOL Then we have a grandfather clock in our living room that stopped chiming about two months ago. It still kept time though. This past Saturday, he got on you tube and found a video of a man fixing a clock like ours and learned from him what to do. It just needed to be cleaned on the inside near the gears. Now it works. 🙂 But he is always either busy because it’s necessary or because he just wants to be. I am talking about a man who gets upset when he’s got the lawn all “perfect” and then someone else’s leaves blow over to our lawn. I swear he trims the bushes with a measuring stick to make sure they are all exactly even. He is very handy. He has re sheet rocked different rooms in the house; he paints, does plumbing, electrical, landscaping; he put new pergo floors in our den and kitchen. There’s nothing he doesn’t do. Except, he doesn’t know how to relax. So that’s why I think it’s always nice to get away and focus on some fun rather than work and projects around the house. 🙂 I’m so happy for you!!

        • Pat says:

          Stephanie we have one of the endless hot water heaters and we love it! It’s one of the best improvements we’ve done. You and Paul will be so happy.

          • Stephanie M. says:

            Thank you so much Pat!!! That’s good to know. I let will also let Paul know. I was a little concerned about it but I’m glad to hear that you love it. 🙂

  132. Mona says:

    Sunday 2/11

    Breakfast – Fried eggs and toast

    Lunch – HS sub and rice pudding

    Dinner – Baked salmon, potato casserole and green beans

  133. Pat says:

    We got just enough snow last night to cover everything and then it stopped. Hurray! Today was sunny and we had no wind so it wasn’t bad out at 20 degrees.
    My total spending for the month is $104.93. I’ve done a lot of stocking up on things we were low on that were on sale. Of that total my perishable spending so far is $17.96. We really didn’t need the yellow squash or the apples but the price was to good to pass up and we will use them. The only thing we don’t have that we like is fresh mushrooms but we will survive without them till next time.
    Feb 11
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual. I worked my whole 5 hour shift and grab a day old cinnamon roll. Warming it up in the microwave made it pretty tasty.
    Lunch–My husband ate the leftover Sesame Chicken. I had peanut butter toast.
    Dinner–I made Jessica’s slow cooker pot roast in the oven again. I added tomato juice from my sauce making. an onion and the last of the chopped mushrooms. We also added potatoes and carrots later. I also made bread sticks and gravy. It was very tasty and filling.

  134. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    I had an aunt unexpectedly pass away so DH and I were on the road for her service. (When it rains it pours)

    B: toast, coffee
    L: on road- bbq chicken dinner
    D: ate at relative’s-soup, cornbread

    B: breakfast casserole, coffee
    L: soup
    D: went by to see son and took him out to dinner-burger with fixings

    Brunch: gourmet bagel at restaurant with son
    D: turkey tetrazzini (freezer), tossed salad, sliced strawberries

    • Tasty says:

      Sorry for your loss, Lynn

    • Kathy in Denmark says:

      I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Mona says:

      Lynn so sorry to hear of your Aunt’s passing.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      I’m sorry for your loss, Lynn

    • Roberta says:

      So sorry to hear about your aunt.

    • Pat says:

      So sorry!

    • Alice E says:

      You might want to copy the URL, that’s the web address at the top of your screen, and put it in a word document. Then you would always be able to retrieve it and paste it in the address area if your bookmark disappears.
      So Sorry!

  135. Joa in IA says:


    B- Hubby made pulled pork omelets for all

    L-. Late lunch out,. We were busy running around

    Supper- I wasn’t hungry, the others had a frozen pizza


    B- Hubby made biscuits and gravy. He has been practicing things on the stove top normally only uses them when we camp or on the grill.

    L- None of us hungry

    Supper- BBQ pulled pork quesadillas and mac & cheese.

    Hubby smoked 2 more pork butts Saturday night into Sunday morning. I found 6 butts in the big deep freeze when I got one of the frozen in baskets out. They were 99 cents a pound so a good price when I got them last spring. 4 more to go. We will be eating a lot of pork. I use it like chicken in casseroles.

    Today I made 2 lasagnas (froze one), overnight casserole with pulled pork and browned hamburger for another casserole on Wednesday. It’s an easy dump and bake that uses rotini and alfredo sauce. Needed some easy meals the boys can put in the oven. I have a feeling my coworker won’t be back this week again and I will be working late. It’s a good feeling knowing it’s already to go.

  136. Kathy in Denmark says:

    I think I will probably only be able to post once a week, life is a little crazy!
    Last week went pretty well, but I have been feeling under the weather and out oldest has also been ill, so it hasn’t been easy to get into our routine. To top it off, our youngest still misses her soother and wakes up every evening/night and can’t get back to sleep. She basically cries and screams for a full hour before I can get her to go back to sleep. I am needing a lot of coffee to get trough the day, let me tell you!
    I haven’t written everything down we have eaten, mostly I’m unsure of what we had as snacks. I do know that we have eaten fruit and cut up veggies. We did still eat HM meals and I did use up things from the freezer, so that’s a plus 😉

    Feb. 5th
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Oatmeal with apple sauce for kids. HM bread and coffee for me.
    L: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Leftover pizza and rye bread with fish for DD2 and me.
    D: Egg salad sandwiches on HM bread for kids. HM burgers and oven fries for adults after kids were in bed.
    S: bananas, leftover apple cake.

    Feb. 6th
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Rye porridge for kids. Toast and coffee for me.
    L: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Egg salad sandwich for DD2 and me.
    D: Biksemad (Hash) with rye bread and fried eggs.
    S: Strawberry yoghurt, bananas.

    Feb. 7th
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Rye porridge for kids. Toast and coffee for me.
    L: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Rye bread for DD2 and me.
    D: Oatmeal for tired children. Pasta with a cream sauce for the adults, using up cream and different veggies.
    DD1 ran a high fever that night, so probably why she was so tired.

    Feb 8th
    DD1 still ill, so she stayed on the couch all day. I was also feeling under the weather. Luckily, DH worked from home so I could rest a little.
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Toast for the rest of us.
    S/L: popcorn
    D: Hot dogs

    Feb 9th
    DD1 still home, but DH back at work.
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Rolls with butter for the rest of us.
    L: DH skipped. Rye bread for kids and me.
    D: Rye porridge for kids. Brændende kærlighed (burning love, Jessica made her own version which is on the site 🙂 ) for the adults. I used instant potatoes.
    I spent most of Friday getting ready for hosting our family for brunch Saturday. We were celebrating DD2’s third birthday. I baked bread, made baked beans in the slow cooker, baked birthday cake, cooked bacon, made pancakes etc. I was pretty much wiped put by the end of the day but also pretty ready for company to arrive Saturday 🙂

    Feb 10th
    Brunch: HM bread, HM baked beans, bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, jams. Coffee, tea, juice. I like to make a big spread to make sure there is something for everyone, but I actually had most of the things I needed for the bruch already, so it actually wasn’t expensive to put together.
    Afternoon: Cinnamon snails made with puff pastry and birthday cake. In Denmark the birthday cake is usually a layered cake with jam and vanilla custard as the filling. I also made hot cocoa and served it with whipped cream 🙂
    D: Most of the guests left in the afternoon, but we invited my brother and his girlfriend to stay for dinner. I had bought ready made pizza dough, so just topped it with pizza sauce from the pantry, some chopped veggies and cheese. Easy peasy 🙂

    Feb 11th
    Brunch: I made some scrambled eggs and served leftovers from Saturday 🙂
    Afternoon snack: Cinnamon snails
    D: Oatmeal for really tired children. Leftover pizza for the adults after the kids were in bed.

    • Kathy in Ohio says:

      Hope your family is feeling better. I can’t believe all you did with not feeling well and a birthday. Hang in there.

      • Kathy in Denmark says:

        Thanks 🙂

        I delegated the cleaning to DH and let’s just say that my house was not clutter free 😉

        I almost decided to buy the bread from our local bakery, but after resting a little on Friday, I found the energy to keep going. It amazes me that resting for as little as 20 minutes can give you a real boost of energy!

  137. Kathy in Ohio says:

    Sunday 2/11

    B coffee bagel with cream cheese (bagel with Panera gift card) both

    L out at a diner in town, hubs was craving their breakfast!

    D L/O Chinese from Friday for me Hubs chipped beef over toast

    Used a few pantry things made ginger bread with a lemon sauce and a Amish friendship bread. Nice day to bake cold and rainy.

  138. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast hash browns and eggs for both of us. Lunch time I made avenison roast in the pressure cooker. I am not familiar with venison so I was a little worried. I used an onion, some beef broth and some dehydrated mushrooms. When it was done I added cubed potatoes and then some beef gravy mix. Turned out well. Lemon pudding cake for dessert. Hubby had a venison sandwich for dinner. I had freezer tomato soup and toast.
    We were tired of Leftovers so happy to have some different meals. We have snow on the ground today…I was so hoping for spring. I have a big bag of broccoli to use. That will feature in a meal today. Maybe a broccoli and cheddar soup. I also have some parmesan cheese to use so perhaps a pasta dish with broccoli on the side

  139. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs had an orange banana protein shake, I had bacon, eggs, sprouted wheat toast
    L – hubs had bean soup from the freezer and a chocolate chip cookie, I had hummus, pita chips and 1/2 a pbj sandwich
    D – baked potato, roasted cauliflower and baked chicken breast. The chicken was an old packet from the freezer past its prime. I thought I could revive it soaking it in buttermilk overnight. The buttermilk was past its prime too. It was edible but not so good. We’re chucking the leftovers 🙁

  140. Sandy says:

    I’m not sure what is happening to my posts but they aren’t showing up. I can’t remember all the specifics of what we’ve eaten anymore, but I did do some baking and meal prep using up some items from both pantry and freezer. We will be hosting a party for 16 year old this Sunday. He was confirmed yesterday. I have made my menu and think I can use up more of the excess, but will have to make more purchases to round out the menu. I grabbed groceries this week from Aldi and a few items from Walmart. So happy to say I hadn’t been to Walmart in over a month. I feel like I always have way too big of a bill when I leave there. I have spent $142.60 so far this month. Also, happy to say that everyone is back in school and hopefully at the end of our run with the Crud that was going around. Hubs and son still cough, but not too bad anymore. Hopefully I can return to regular posting.

  141. Stephanie M. says:

    Monday, February 12

    B – Paul had cereal and a banana; I had a toasted whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Paul had a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat using up some of the smoked ham I bought from Walmart a few weeks ago and sliced and froze for sandwiches; I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato; also had a pear

    D – Pasta Fagioli and I also had a small side salad

  142. Mona says:

    Monday 2/12

    Breakfast – Nutella toast

    Lunch – Hubby finished off the sub, I had a ham sandwich and we both had rice pudding

    Dinner – Deer steak, mushroom, used us the leftover potato casserole and green beans

  143. Tasty says:

    Monday February 12th

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby with a muffin, yogurt for me with a bagel and cream cheese

    L- I had a turkey salad which used the last of a bag of salad mix and most of the l/o turkey breast I cooked the other day,hubby grabbed a banana and??? after the gym

    S – taco salad followed by rice pudding

  144. Pat says:

    Feb 12
    Breakfast–We had our usual’
    Lunch– He had leftover spaghetti and sauce topped with l/o meatloaf with broccoli and cauliflower. I had a couple banana nut muffins I made this morning and a cutie.
    Dinner was taco salad and we split a Golden apple

  145. Alice E says:

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – Turkey Sandwich for me, last of the l/o Chinese for him
    D – Chicken and noodles, California mix

    Brunch – Scrambled eggs with bacon bits, hot tea
    Dinner – Chili

    B – Oats and toast for him, pb toast for me, both of us had hot tea
    L – pb sandwich for him, l/o chicken and noodles for me
    D – l/o chili

  146. Cindy says:

    The weekend just flew by so this will be my catch up post! We headed to the store, finally – $42.36 later we now have: pineapple, mandarins, apples, oranges, bananas, lettuce, green & jalapeño pepper, broccoli, cabbage, eggs, chicken breasts and milk.

    Feb 10 – Saturday
    Breakfast: hubby the usual, English muffin & PB w/coffee for me
    Lunch: h/m sub sandwich + either mandarin or banana, V8 and water for me – hubby had a coke and water
    Dinner: planned dinner out w/friends – total win, no cooking and dinner free with gift cards

    Feb 11 – Sunday
    Breakfast: hubby the usual, steele cut oats (2 extra servings made for my work breakfasts), mandarin & coffee
    Lunch: frozen pizza
    Dinner: h/m chili w/hamburger, frozen garden tomatoes, peppers and onion and corn muffin mix from the pantry

    Feb 12 – Monday
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, V8 and green tea for me – hubby the usual
    Lunch: we both had leftover chili, I had a mandarin & pinepple spear – I believe he had a banana
    Dinner: h/m Parmesan crusted chicken and steamed broccoli

  147. Joa in IA says:


    B- Chocolate protein shake and tea, hubby had oatmeal (we are boring during the week for breakfast). I’m not sure what the boys had today.

    L-. Pulled pork sandwich & popcorn for me, Hubby had a protein shake. Son1 went to Culver’s, Son2 school lunch.

    Supper-. Lasagna and garlic toast. Son1 was suppose to put in the Overnight casserole I made yesterday. He wasn’t home when Son2 got home at 5:15 so he put the lasagna in not realizing the Overnight casserole was in the kitchen fridge and he went to the downstairs fridge and saw the lasagna. I just took the Overnight casserole out of the oven. I was afraid the noodles would get supper soggy by Tuesday afternoon. So Tuesday supper is done.

    Did do some grocery shopping over the weekend. Haven’t added everything up yet but I’m sure I’m probably over what I spent last month.

  148. Roberta says:

    Oh boy, am I behind.

    Sat. 2/10/18 The guys had a 5-mile scout hike.

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys ate on the trail (PB/apple butter sandwiches, trail mix, apple slices, and ???). I had a salad w/ a hard-boiled egg and some of the trail mix the guys didn’t finish.

    D: Hodgepodge. Hubs and I had the last of the broccoli cheese soup; son had the last of the cashew chicken.

    S/D: Pistachios, trail mix.

    Sun. 2/11/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, and coffee.

    L: In N Out burgers.

    D: Hodgepodge. I have no idea what Hubs had. Son had PB toast and an apple. I don’t remember what I had.

    S/D: Treats of various kinds after church (I had a scone; not sure what the guys had).

    Mon. 2/12/18

    B: Pancakes, fried eggs, OJ, coffee.

    L: Ate at Hub’s work after son’s orthodontist appt. Hubs and I had salads and chips. Son had orange chicken and fried rice.

    D: Spaghetti (last package from the pantry) w/ sauce from the pantry doctored up w/ half an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, some grape tomatoes that needed to be used up, and my last can of cannellini beans, salad, string cheese, and applesauce.

    S/D: I had some pistachios for a snack. Hubs will probably have something when the guys get home from scouts.

    We did make it to Sam’s Club over the weekend. Picked up two gallons of milk and a huge bag of carrots. Spent $6.53. I think this brings my total for the month up to $152.65. I still want to run to Vons to pick up some grapes so we have a little more variety in terms of fruit.

    I also made another batch of cranberry-pomegranate compote (used up a half bag of cranberries from the freezer and the last of the pomegranate juice). I was going to make some more granola, but realized I don’t have enough oats at the moment. Took a turkey roast out of the freezer. I’ll roast it up and then have Hubs run it through the meat slicer to have for sandwiches. I’ll have him run some cheese through the slicer as well.

    I’m starting to see a tiny bit of space in the freezers, and some of our pantry staples are actually running low. I’ll be on the lookout for sales.

  149. Terry calkins says:

    Lots of leftovers again yesterday. I did bake some gingersnaps. That made hubby happy. I spent a lot of time recipe hunting and making a list of items to complete those recipes also incorporating items in the pantry. Hubby got that glazed look he gets when he’s bored. So, I thawed out a rack of baby backs to cook today. That will keep him very happy for a few days

  150. Sandy says:

    B-Meat grits and hash browns for hubs, yogurt, granola and blueberries for kids and leftover French toast casserole and grapefruit for me
    L-Salad for me, leftover jambalaya and apple for hubs
    D-Philly cheese steak sloppy joe, tater tots and coleslaw

  151. Terry calkins says:

    Ran errands for mom today and took her to the doc. Stopped at Fred Meyer on the way back. Pasta and tuna for 50 cents and peanut butter/honey containers for 99 cents. Winner. 17.28 today so month to date is 87.00. Still under budget even though a lot of what I bought this month is pantry Staples to stock up. Freezer is going down slowly

    • Felicia says:

      Terry –

      I miss shopping at Fred Meyer but I do have Kroger here in GA. Loved their fresh salmon back in the day….

      Today, I did so well with stock up staples because Kroger had so much labeled as WOO HOO items that I bought 40 items and spent $43.42.

      My great find was Hodgson Mill Almond Flour (11 oz) for $3.99 each [regular price $7.99] so I bought two of them for my kids. One bakes macaroons and the other is transitioning from AP flour to alternate flours in her baking.

      So even tho I may be going over budget [again] this month, some of my purchases are finding their way to good homes and food pantries.

  152. Stephanie M. says:

    Tueday, February 13

    B – Paul had a toasted whole wheat bagel sandwich with 2 fried eggs, turkey bacon, and cheese; I had a toasted whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese, and peanuts

    L – I had leftover white rice in the fridge from the Chinese take out on Saturday night so for Paul, I fried that in some butter with chopped onions and added the last of the chopped broccoli from the freezer and grated cheddar; there is some left for his lunch tomorrow; I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato and also a pear

    D – Asian salmon, Greek lemon roasted potatoes, salad

    • Felicia says:

      Stephanie –

      Congrats to your Paul on the honors bestowed on him for his hard work at the conference in AZ!!!

      I see you made a dish called Asian Salmon – Can you give me the low-down on how to make Asian Salmon? I’m hoping to make Salmon during Lent as I have some in the freezer and could use a good recipe.


      ~ Felicia

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Felicia:

        Thank you so much!! Paul was very excited.

        Here is the recipe for the Asian salmon. I’m also going to give you the recipe for Greek lemon potatoes just because I think they go well with the salmon.

        Salmon fillets (I buy the bag that has them individually wrapped and I just use what I need. Usually, 2 for Paul and one for me.) But for this recipe, you can make about 6 of them

        4 TBS. low sodium soy sauce
        2 TBS. red wine vinegar
        4 tsp. canola oil
        Powdered Ginger to taste (I use the spice rather than fresh ginger)

        For Sauce:

        Mix all ingredients together; I use quite a bit of ginger since I love the taste of it; Make this a few hours before you are ready to cook. I usually make it in the morning already and let it sit covered on the counter.

        Put salmon fillets on a piece of heavy duty or double layered regular foil and grill on each side till done, brushing the sauce on the fillets.

        Although I’ve never tried it, I’m sure if you want to bake this it would be fine too. I would just put the salmon in a baking dish and pour the sauce over it and bake at 400 till done, maybe about 20 minutes.

        Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes

        5 – 6 potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges
        1/2 cup oil, canola or lite olive oil
        1 tsp. dried oregano
        1 tsp. garlic powder
        two lemons, juiced
        1/2 cup chicken broth
        ground black pepper to taste

        Preheat oven to 400 degrees
        In a large mixing bowl, add the sliced potatoes and toss them with the remaining ingredients until they are well coated. Let sit for awhile; maybe an hour or so
        Place coated potatoes in a baking pan and pour marinade over them. Bake at 400 for approximately one hour. Carefully turn the potatoes 1/2 way through cooking. After one hour, put potatoes under broiler for a few minutes till brown and crispy. Remove potatoes to a bowl and pour marinade over.


        Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

        • Pat says:

          Happy Valentines Day to you and Paul!
          Both of your recipes sound yummy. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for posting them.

          • Stephanie M. says:

            Hi Pat!! When you try them, let me know how you liked them. I think you will. Sometimes I substitute shrimp for the salmon in this dish.

        • Felicia says:

          Thanks, Stephanie.

          BTW…my iced coffee mug fell out of my kitchen cabinet and shattered on my kitchen counter. 🙁
          Guess I’ll be on the look-out for yet another one!


          • Stephanie M. says:

            Hi Felicia.

            Oh No!! Isn’t this the second iced coffee mug that broke? Maybe it’s an omen. LOL I’m looking forward to some iced coffee in the summer. But for now, I think we’re getting some snow this weekend. Yuk!!!! Enough already.

  153. Kathy from Ohio says:

    B. Coffee both cottage cheese and peaches from pantry for me Hubs had2 pieces of Amish bread
    L/O pasta and meet balls me L/O mushrooms and noodles. Hubs, the last of both
    D cheese burgers from freezer, macaroni salad carrots and celery

    Tuesday 2/13
    B coffee both cottage and peaches me the last of both. Hubs a dounut at the Senior center, we deliver meals on wheels every Tuesday there.
    L At the Senior center we eat free there for delivering meals
    D. Sausage eggs hash browns and toast

  154. Mona says:

    Tuesday 2/13

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Ham sandwiches

    Dinner – Chicken and French fries

  155. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shakes for 3 of us. Hubby had cinnamon oatmeal.

    L-. Leftover lasagna for me, hubby ate something not sure what, Son1 pepperoni quesadilla, Son2 school lunch

    Supper- Overnight casserole and a package of frozen sweet corn my mother in-law froze for us back in 2015. I found them under the six pork butts. There are a few more from ’15 we are going to have to use up.

  156. Cindy says:

    Tuesday, 2/3

    Breakfast: hubby his usual of Basic 4 cereal, oj & coffee – me: oatmeal, green tea
    AM snack: V8 for me and hubs had his mid-morning smoothie of yogurt, spinach, Pom juice and various fruits
    Lunch: leftover chili, mandarin & Greek yogurt for me & hubby had a bacon, cheese omelet and English muffin
    Dinner: tamale pie and coleslaw

    I’m so happy to have fresh fruit & veges back in the house. I can report that we are definitely seeing white space in the fridge and fridge freezer and also our small chest freezer, most of which is the garden produce frozen from last year that seems to be moving at a fast pace. We are down to our last gallon bag of frozen Roma’s, only 2 bags of zucchini left for bread/muffins, 1 bag of zucchini & yellow summer squash for soup, 1 quart bag of rhubarb for bars (we love the taste of spring during winter months) and our last 2 bags of green beans. Our Seed Savers order was placed last week! I’m like a kid with a Christmas catalog when I get my seed catalogs!

  157. Felicia says:

    Tuesday – FEB 13

    Had a meet up for breakfast with a former coworker this morning and then have been on the run all afternoon! Bought 40 food items to stock up for $43.42 and tomorrow I’ll put away the non-perishables. I have to sort which is for family members, which goes to food pantry and which items stay home with me. Kroger had a so much marked down on clearance.

    Breakfast – Steel Cut Oats and berries at restaurant with former coworker.

    Lunch – whole wheat bagel and cup of tea

    Dinner – GF breaded chicken tenders from the freezer by a company called Nature Raised Farm. They were okay. DH needed some gravy on them, he thought they were a little dry. Served with peas -n – carrots, also from the freezer! Side dish of cheesy grits and side salad.

    Leftover grits will be a late breakfast tomorrow topped with an egg-over-easy as I go meatless for Ash Wednesday tomorrow and then again on Friday.

    Monday we were traveling back home and had vegetable soup for dinner when we got home. Up late doing laundry last night so my energy level is low for putting away groceries.

    I have been patiently waiting to buy an Instant Pot and today was that day! Well, I won’t receive it until Thursday or Friday or Saturday. LOL! Kohl’s has a sale running thru the 19th and were totally sold out. I had to order online from their kiosk in the store. I ordered the 6 qt version. Have heard great things about it. Excited that it also makes yogurt.

    At Goodwill, I found another very large bag of yarn for my crochet afghans that I want to make this winter. I have started a lap afghan and next want to make a larger afghan. I call them potpourri afghans b/c they are made from donated leftover skeins of yarn. I have no idea how the color scheme will look when done but so far, I’m quite pleased. Besides keeping my hands occupied in the evening and out of the snacks, it keeps me busy on road trips too! 😉

    • Laurie in CA says:

      Felicia, Don’t Waste the Crumbs blog has a good instant pot tutorial and some good recipes. I really enjoy my instant pot.

      • Felicia says:

        I’ll have to look for that blog, thanks Laurie!

  158. Pat says:

    Feb 13
    Breakfast was the usual for us both.
    Lunch–He took the last of the broccoli beef, from the freezer, and a yogurt. I had a piece of last weeks breakfast bake from the freezer.
    Dinner–We had homemade shepherd’s pie and a small salad. The ground beef and veggies came from the freezer, the potatoes from the pantry and the gravy was from Sunday’s roast. It was pretty tasty.

  159. Terry calkins says:

    I made breakfast burritos and and coffee in my stainless travel mugs before I picked up my Mom for her fasting blood draw. Then I let her sit in the warm car to enjoy her breakfast while I did her banking and shopping. Made her an extra burrito for another days breakfast. Got good buys at Fred Meyer. Mainly stock up items for the dry pantry I was low on and milk. Lunch I made a rack of baby back ribs, and homemade parmesan noodles. Dinner was what you can find. I planned to make chocolate covered strawberries for hubby for Valentine’s day but forgot to buy the strawberries. Fred Meyer had a free box of candy hearts hubby was happy with. I am hungry for my favorite chocolate covered orange sticks. Googled the recipe. It called for orange juice concentrate, orange extract, lemon extract and lemon juice. I didn’t have those items so I substituted orange jello, unflavored jello and fresh lemon juice. I substituted almond bark for the recipes chocolate chips….fabulous! I will never buy orange sticks again! I love Google!

  160. Tasty says:

    Tuesday February 13th

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby and a chocolate chip muffin, I had a sausage and egg English muffin

    L – Grilled cheese for me, hubby???

    S – ceasar salad with chicken

  161. Alice E says:

    B – Oats and toast for him, sandwich for me, hot tea for both of us
    L – pb sandwich for him, pot pie for me
    D – l/o chili for him, hamburger for me

  162. Roberta says:

    Tues. 2/13/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Guys had their regular packed lunches (mixed it up a bit w/ the addition of some dried apricots and dried bananas (the bananas were a find from the freezer). I had yogurt w/ compote, pistachios, and carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch.

    D: LO pasta, salad, and applesauce. Yep, the exact same thing as the night before. We’re really exciting like that. ;0

    S/D: Son had some apple slices that he didn’t get to at lunch. Hubs had his PB toast. Nothing for me.

  163. Stephanie M. says:

    Wednesday, February 14

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Hope you all have a wonderful day. Paul and I will be going out to one of our favorite restaurants on Saturday but since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I at least had to make some kind of special dessert for him. So I made home made mousse; recipe to follow. I, unfortunately, will not be eating any but, since this was the first time I made it, I had to try just a tiny bit and it was like heaven. So easy to make too.

    B – Paul had cereal; I had an omelet with turkey sausage crumbled, chopped red bell pepper and sliced scallions, a whole wheat bagel thin, strawberries/blueberries, and a V8

    L – Paul had the leftover broccoli/cheddar rice that I made for his lunch yesterday, a slice of home made banana bread and a few Hershey’s kisses. One slice of banana bread left in the freezer; I had a roast beef sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts, tomato and onion, a small side salad and I also had a pear

    D – Fish tacos on whole wheat tortillas, leftover lemon potatoes for Paul and a side salad for me

  164. Stephanie M. says:

    Oops. I forgot the write the recipe for the mousse! LOL Here it is:

    4 egg yolks
    4 TBS. sugar
    2 cups of heavy cream
    8 oz. bittersweet chocolate, melted
    1 tsp. vanilla

    In a medium saucepan, whisk together egg yolks, 2 TBS. sugar and 3/4 cup heavy cream. Cook over medium/low heat, stirring until mixture coats the back of a spoon; 3 to 4 minutes (do not boil). Remove from heat and whisk in melted chocolate and vanilla. Pour into a large bowl, cover and refrigerate until cool

    Remove bowl from refrigerator; mousse will be hard and there will be some yellow mixed in from the egg but don’t worry. With an electric mixer, beat remaining 1 1/4 cups heavy cream with remaining 2 TBS. sugar until stiff peaks form. Stir 1/3 of whipped cream into cooled custard mixture, then gently fold in the rest with a rubber spatula.

    Spoon into serving dishes or mugs; chill, covered at least 30 minutes and up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature before serving. Top with whipped cream. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Mona says:

    Wednesday 2/14

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Ham sandwiches & pretzels

    Dinner – Baked pork chops, walnut lemon rice pilaf, peas & carrots

    Crazy busy day today but we got our tickets for our Florida trip, stopped at Daughter #1’s house then stopped at my sister’s to drop off papers for her, then picked up a few groceries, came home for lunch and off I went to spend the afternoon at the school for our little guys class for their Valentine’s Day party but he wasn’t there since he now has strep throat!!! Poor little guy is having a rough couple weeks….but he will be with me all day tomorrow so we will just hang out and do whatever he decides we should do. Got dinner ready and I quit for the day! lol

    • Joa in IA says:

      We are going to Ft. Myers in March. Where are you going in Florida?

      Strep throat is no fun. Son2 use to get it 3-4 times a year until he got his tonsils out when he was 5 (he is 17 now). Hope you grand son feels better soon.

      • Mona says:

        I’m thinking that is what will end up happening to my little guy to Joa. He seems to be the one with all the ailments and can’t fight anything off. He has an appointment set up with a specialist so we will see what he has to say and keep our fingers crossed that they can do something to help him. His Doctor said since he has an allergy to seafood is one of the reasons he continues to have these issues. I know there is never any type of seafood in there house ever so it will be a wait and see what the specialist has to say.
        We are heading to Miami/Ft Lauderdale on the 24th for 2 weeks. Really looking forward to it. The way the weather has been here it will be nice even if there is only a few good days while we are there! lol

        • Joa in IA says:

          Poor little guy, having allergies is no fun. I took allergy shots for 15 years. I’m very glad I was never allergic to food. Hopefully the specialist can help him.

          The 24th will be here before you know it. The weather has to be better than what we have had too. 50 would be a heat wave.

  166. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast was pumpkin muffins and scrambled eggs. Lunch I had a venison roast sandwich with homemade horseradish. Hubby had ribs. Dinner was cheesy broccoli soup made with cheddar and cream cheese.
    I think tomorrow I will use the leftovers. Leftover pumpkin will make pumpkin waffles, and wrinkly apples will be cooked with butter and brown sugar for topping. pasta and some leftover roast to make meat and broccoli lomein. We don’t mind leftovers too much if they come back in a different form

  167. Cindy says:

    Wednesday, 2/14

    Breakfast: hubby the usual; Van’s power grain waffle w/peanut butter, pineapple spear and green tea for me
    Lunch: we both had leftover chili from the weekend, he also had cornbread and banana, I added a mandarin
    Dinner: It’s Minnesota, the high today was a balmy 43 – time to grill – hubby grilled us ribeye steak and I added sautéed mushrooms and added a salad!

    I bought my Valentine his favorite maple frosted long john as a treat – typically we’re a “no gift” kid of people since we always take a winter vacation which this year starts on March 1st.

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  168. Joa in IA says:


    B- The usual for hubby and I . Boys??

    L- I had leftover overnight casserole, hubby out to lunch, Son1 had overnight casserole, Son2 had school lunch.

    Snack- Customer brought in chocolate waffle cookies with chocolate frosting. Made them in a waffle iron. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her long about how they are made. But they were a soft, yummy cookie.

    Supper-Hubby was cooking and experimenting again with his cast iron pans on the stove. He went shopping for everything so nothing out of the pantry really. Hubby and Son2 had ribeyes, I had an Iowa Chop ( very thick pork chop), Son1 had a brat pattie. He also made steamed broccoli, sauted mushrooms, mashed potatoes and gravy. We all prefer different things but normally cook 1 type of meat but since it was Valentine’s Day he wanted to please everyone.

  169. Pat says:

    Happy Valentines Day everyone. My oldest daughter turned 40 today! How does that happen? We are doing her birthday dinner a week from Sunday because everyone is too busy until then. I know I have more commitments this month than I’ve had in the last 6 months!
    Feb 14
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual. I had a couple of banana nut muffins and a cutie.
    Lunch–My husband had broccoli cheese soup from the freezer and tuna salad with crackers. I had tuna salad and crackers and half a Golden apple.
    Dinner–We had small salads, tilapia, roasted vegetables, roasted sweet potato coins, and sauteed apples in butter and cinnamon for dessert.
    Not bad meals for the first dy of Lent!
    I made the stir and pour bread again today and it turned out better than the first time. I mixed it longer and it came out golden brown with a soft crust. Score!!

  170. Alice E says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    B- Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – PB sandwich for him, l/o meatloaf from freezer for me
    D – Potato soup with smoked sausage and crackers, mandarins

  171. Tasty says:

    Wednesday February 14th

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby, baked apple for me and yogurt

    Late lunch – pork chops, cauliflower cheese and brussels sprouts

    After curling we stopped in at Timmy’s for a hot drink and a muffin

  172. Terry calkins says:

    Pat I was rereading your recipe for the stir up bread. It sounded like an easy recipe. I realized it’s basically pancake batter with yeast. I’m making Jessica’s banana pancakes for breakfast. Plan to add yeast and some extra flour to the leftover batter and try baking it. Stay tuned. If it doesn’t turn out as sometimes happens with experiments, the chickens will get it for breakfast.
    By the way. There are recipes available for a very similar style English muffin bread. I made it a lot when my oven was broken. You can bake it in the oven or microwave since it doesn’t need Browning.

    • Pat says:

      Terry I love English muffins and English muffin bread is good too! Would you mind sharing the recipe you used? I know if you made it, it has to be very good!! Thanks!

      • Terry calkins says:

        Pat I have used several recipes over the years from the internet. I think the one I used the last time was from Allrecipes. They’re all pretty much the same. But a loaf of bread in 6 or 7 minutes in the microwave is genius!

  173. Laurie in CA says:

    It’s been a super busy week! I’ll be glad to stay home and veg some next week.

    B – I had a berry protein shake, hubs had toast
    L – hubs was starrrrving when he was out finishing up his side business for the month so he stopped by Mickey D’s. He brought home a Grand MAC (ewwww) for him and I had a cheeseburger, we shared the fries
    D – we took our grandson out to Mediterranean food for his 16th birthday. I made his favorite poppyseed cake and sent half home with him. No progress on the freezers or pantry 🙁

    Went to Sprouts for $30 in produce and $8 in dairy.

    B – I had baked oatmeal, hubs had toast
    L – leftover Mediterranean food
    D – hubs had a ham sandwich, I had 1/2 pbj and a tangerine

    B – hubs had a nut pack and a piece of toast, I had 1/2 oz of cashews and half an apple
    L – Valentine’s lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant
    D – hubs ate the last bbq hamburger patty, used ww bread as we didn’t have any buns, I had Nutella toast and half an apple

  174. Roberta says:

    Wed. 2/14/18

    B: The guys had pancakes, scrambled eggs, OJ, and coffee (for Hubs only). I had an 8 a.m. dr. appt., so I had a tiny pancake w/ some apple butter on it before I ran out the door, coffee (of course!), and then some yogurt and compote when I got home.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch (with a Reese’s heart tucked in for Valentine’s Day). Then friends gave him a pixie stick and a brownie at school. Hubs and I went out for Mexican for Valentine’s Day.

    D: Neither Hubs nor I were hungry, so we didn’t eat. Son finished up the last of the pasta and also had string cheese and grapes before heading out to volunteer at the library, where he had more (!) candy.

    S/D: Son had the snacks mentioned above. We all had Valentine’s chocolates for dessert. It’s a good thing Valentine’s Day comes only once a year!

  175. Kathy in Ohio says:

    Wednesday 2/14
    B coffee both protein bar me Hubs nothing
    L hubs hot dog at Costco me hard salami sandwich
    D out at favorite BBQ place

    Spent 170.14 So far , my budget was 150.00 but the coffe at Costco was 37.99 and coffee cream was11.29 which both will last for 2months or more. Without them I would be at 120.86. Since this was my first month on the challenge I still have a lot in the pantry and freezers. Next month should be better! My frig never looked so empty and organized!!

  176. Stephanie M. says:

    Thursday, February 15

    B – Paul had a piece of the breakfast casserole I made last week and a banana; I had an omelet with red bell pepper, scallions, and turkey sausage crumbles, a whole wheat bagel thin, strawberries/blueberries and V8

    L – Paul had a business luncheon in NYC. I had a roast beef sandwich on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts, and tomato and the last of the pears

    D – Leftover pasta fagioli from the other night and salad

  177. tasty says:

    Thursday February 15th

    B – Toast and marmalade for me, fruit, yogurt and a bagel w/cream cheese for hubby

    L- I finished the soup l/o from the other day and also finished the roast turkey breast as a sandwich, hubby yogurt, toasted bun and freshly made muffin

    S – chicken cooked with the l/o salsa, rice and broccoli

    I made bread and muffins this morning. We were out of bread after breakfast and I had some sour cream that I wanted to use up, so along with a lemon from the fruit drawer and some frozen raspberries, we now have a fresh supply of muffins. More to the point, the fridge is getting emptier by the day. Yeah!!!

  178. Mona says:

    Thursday 2/15

    Breakfast – Cinnamon English muffin

    Lunch – Ham sandwiches and potato chips

    Dinner – Strip steak, mushrooms & onions, baked potatoes and honey carrots

  179. Terry calkins says:

    Jessica’s banana pancakes were so good we ate them till we popped. Just a little batter left I made for the dog.
    Leftover day here. I had egg salad and then fettacini Alfredo. Hubby had ribs then broccoli soup. There are still more leftovers for tomorrow. I took a 7# turkey breast out of the freezer to thaw. I’m thinking turkey cutlets are coming and for sure turkey soup and I have everything to make turkey enchiladas. Taking that package out made a nice hole in the freezer. Hope I don’t fill it back up with leftovers

  180. Felicia says:

    FEB 15 – Thursday

    Busy morning in the kitchen with meal prep. Planned to dedicate 2 hours to meal prep but it took about 30 min longer.

    Search freezer for blueberries, penne and sausage….?

    Spaghetti sauce on the stove…?

    Vegetable scraps in the crock pot for broth…?

    Oatmeal in the rice cooker…?

    Shred 4 zucchini….?

    Make 6 zucchini enchiladas…?

    Freeze 2 cups of shred zucchini …?

    Dice and slice 3 green bell peppers for freezer…?

    Slice, bread and bake eggplant…?

    Shred cheese for blend of cheddar and Mont Jack …?


    Breakfast – cranberry walnut oatmeal
    Lunch – apple w/peanut butter
    Dinner – Penne Pasta in garlic/olive oil sauce and browned Navy beans seasoned with Italian seasoning, black pepper, parmesan cheese and add’l pasta water for the sauce. Dab of butter when serving. Side salad.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      What a lot of work you did. Time to relax now. 🙂

      • Pat says:

        Stephanie I only eat shrimp when I am out with friends. My husband is deathly allergic to shrimp since he was in the Navy in the early 70’s. One piece of shrimp causes his throat to swell shut. Pretty scary!! The really sad part is he used to love shrimp.
        I put this here because I can’t reply to your reply

        • Stephanie M. says:

          Oh, well you better stick to the salmon then. 🙂

        • Mona says:

          My grandson has the same problem Pat. They don’t ever have shrimp in their house. We found out early with him since we always have our gang at our place for Christmas Eve and his second Christmas here his mom gave him a piece of shrimp and ended up in the emergency room. They are going to test him next month for any other allergies since he is having blotches, that come and go, popping out for the last few days. He was diagnosed with Strep throat and Joa told me that her son has done much better after he had his tonsils removed so hopefully that will take care of atleast one of his issues. Its so hard to see the little ones suffering. Makes Grandma really sad!

    • Pat says:

      Holy buckets Batman!! You were very busy!!

    • Mona says:

      Great job Felicia!!! A couple hours and you now have breakfast/lunch/dinner for the next couple weeks, atleast!

      • Felicia says:

        Thanks, Ladies! Today I made a huge pot of minestrone soup too!

  181. Joa in IA says:


    B- The usual for hubby and I. We lead a boring life when it comes to breakfast.

    L-The last of the Overnight night casserole for me. I made a double recipe of it so I would have enough for lunch this week. Hubby protein shake, Son1 had a frozen pizza. Son2 had school lunch

    Supper- Reheated the pulled pork for sandwiches and chips with dip and pickles.

    Son1 is baking a peach cobbler right now for a school project. I’m so glad I found a Ziploc bag of flour a few weeks ago in the deep freeze. He needed it tonight, he was a bit short with the butter but we are completely out of butter in the deep freeze so it will have to due. I told him next time to let me know when he needs to cook something. He did go and get the canned peaches but thought we would have everything else.

  182. Alice E says:

    B – Oats, toast and hot tea
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had soft tacos
    D – l/o potato soup for him, I had chicken salad

  183. Cindy says:

    Thursday, February 15

    Breakfast : hubby the usual + mid morning smoothie – Steele cut oats, pineapple spear and green tea for me
    Lunch: egg salad sandwich , carrots, V8 and water for me – hubby – leftover tamale pie and banana
    Dinner: leftover rice & baked chicken from the freezer + cream chicken soup to make a casserole, garden green beans also from the freezer
    Dessert: hubby had ice cream

  184. Roberta says:

    Thurs. 2/15/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs was home for lunch; we had PBJs, crudités w/ ranch dip, yogurt w/ compote, and applesauce.

    D: Oregano-lemon chicken, roasted root veg, salad, applesauce. (Used the last purchased sweet potato plus one of the sweet potatoes Hubs harvested from the garden. We still have lots of sweet potatoes from the garden, so I’ve been looking for ways to use them up.)

    S/D: Son had a string cheese and another Reese’s heart after school. I had some pistachios. Not sure what Hubs had. We all had a Ghirardelli’s chocolate square for dessert.

    This morning I also cooked up a turkey roast, which Hubs will run through the meat slicer for sandwiches. The house smelled so good when he got home around noon, and then we had PBJs. Just not right. (The roast will slice more easily when cold, however.)

  185. Pat says:

    It was a very easy day in the kitchen today!
    Feb 15
    Breakfast was the usual for us both. I actually had my pb toast at 7am because I had to leave to watch the 6 year old grandson so his parents could go to parent teacher conferences–the girls went to daycare.
    Lunch–He to the last of the pot roast with bbq sauce and the l/o potatoes. I had a maple long john. My youngest daughter brought donuts over to my son’s house for the kids. They only live a mile apart.
    Dinner–We had the last 2 of the chicken fried chicken from Saturday with the l/o mashed potatoes. I made gravy with broth from the freezer and the frozen green beans as well..

  186. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    This is the sweetest, kindest community here! Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy for my aunt. I really appreciate it. I haven’t had a chance to respond yet individually but wanted you to know how much I appreciated your thoughts.

    Have been crazy busy at work and am heading out of town again in just a bit. It’s my mother’s 87th birthday today so heading to see her and to check on my 90 year old father in rehab. So far, everything continues to be going in a positive direction for him, for which I am very thankful.

    I am continuing with the challenge (though out of town all bets are off. Just doing whatever needs to be done). Haven’t done any more grocery shopping since my Aldi trip and am continuing to use up items in the freezer. I’ll be back in touch when I can be. Thank you all again.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Happy Birthday to your Mom. Also glad to hear everything is going in the right direction for your Dad. 🙂

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        Thank you Stephanie.

  187. Kathy from Ohio says:


    B. Protein shake with freezer strawberries for me Hubs English muffin with jam and coffee both

    L Me out with a friend Chinese hubs ??

    D L/O macaroni salad sub sandwiches chips and dip

  188. Stephanie M. says:

    Friday, February 16

    B – Paul had Cheerios; I had Bran flakes with strawberries/blueberries; also had peanuts

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had a roast beef sandwich with alfalfa sprouts and tomato using up the last of the roast beef; also had 1/2 banana

    D – Our 5 year old grandson was here for dinner and after dinner, he will get a bath and then Paul and I will go back to his house and wait for his mom to come home from work. Dad is working at the firehouse tonight that he’s been assigned to. He is very excited. He graduated from the fire academy on Tuesday.

    We had grilled chicken legs, farfalle with garlic and olive oil and broccoli; Our grandson had grilled chicken, French fries, and broccoli

  189. Terry calkins says:

    Another leftover day here. We seem to have a lot of those. Hubby had his hash browns and eggs for breakfast. I had an apple omelet. Lunch was veggie drawer soup and venison roast sandwich. Strained the soup and saved the veggies for a frittata. Used the broth to soak pinto beans. Added some ham and broth from the freezer. We will have ham and bean soup for the next few days. The best part is seeing those holes developing in the freezer.

  190. Mona says:

    Friday 2/16

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Chicken wraps

    Dinner – Confetti kielbasa skillet and dinner rolls

  191. Felicia says:

    FRIDAY – 2/16

    Breakfast – cinnamon cranberry oatmeal with decaf coffee

    Lunch – whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and herbal tea

    Dinner – baked cod fish, roasted parsley red potatoes, broccoli.

    Made a huge pot of minestrone soup for the weekend.

  192. Pat says:

    Today was another easy day.
    Feb 16
    Breakfast –We had our usual.
    Lunch–My husband took the last piece if fish from Wednesday with left over roasted veggies, I had tuna salad and crackers an l/o sauteed apples.
    Dinner–My husband is working a fish fry tonight and will eat salmon, a baked potato and salad. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a couple of cuties.
    It must be the night for babysitting. My 12 year old grandson is spending the night. He has bowling in the morning and we will go to 2 stores on the way home. The second store is right by the house and the have lettuce for $.77 a head and bagels for $1.46 a pack. That will be all the shopping I hope to do.

  193. Tasty says:

    Friday February 16th

    B – yogurt and bagel with cream cheese for hubby, I had a banana, a yogurt and a muffin

    L – we were out and grabbed a sandwich

    S – eggs on toast

    Way too much bread!!!

  194. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Friday 2/16

    B. Protein shake with.banana and raspberries from the freezer. Hubs?
    L. Mickey D’s fish sandwich while running errands me. Hubs?
    D. L/O meatballs from freezer made subs, coleslaw, Mac and cheese with L/O pasta
    S icecream

  195. Roberta says:

    Fri. 2/16/18–My 53rd birthday. Woo-hoo! 😉

    B: Scrambled eggs, toast, grapes, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs and I had Mexican food after my oncologist appointment. (What?? Doesn’t everyone go to the doctor on their birthday? Ha! The dr. appt. went well; my original doctor transferred to the main City of Hope facility, so Hubs and I met the new doc. He’s very personable, and his assistant is the mom of one of my son’s good friends at school–small world. Everything continues to look good, so my treatment plan continues as is.)

    D: Out to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday. Good thing we had a gift card, ’cause while it’s good, it’s generally out of our budget. Son is definitely a teenager now; that boy ate much more than I did and even more than his dad did. Brought food home. Still feel stuffed this morning. Now I have to figure out how to burn up all those extra calories I consumed yesterday, and unlike my son I do not have a high octane metabolism.

    • Mona says:

      Happy, Happy Birthday To You Roberta!!!!

      • Roberta says:

        Thanks, Mona!

        • Tasty says:

          Happy birthday and great news from the oncologist. That in itself made your birthday great, I’m sure!

    • Alice E says:

      Happy Birthday Roberta!

    • Pat says:

      Happy Birthday!

    • Joa in IA says:

      Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

  196. Terry calkins says:

    Stephanie. Did you have your Valentine’s dinner party this year?
    More leftovers today. Scrambled eggs with frozen English muffins for breakfast
    Lunch was leftover roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, lemon pudding. I am thawing a turkey breast. Hubby is thawing out frozen venison burger to make tacos. You know what we will be eating the next few days.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      No Terry, we did not. I decided that I just wanted a break this year. I’ve been doing it the last five years and this year I was a little back and forth about it and finally made the decision to skip it this time. Knowing me, there will be plenty of opportunities for more dinner parties and summer bbqs in the coming months. In fact, tomorrow, we are having a family dinner here. And a few weeks ago, we had a pizza party and ice cream bar here; I’m sure you remember. So a break was in order. LOL

  197. Mona says:

    Saturday 2/17

    Breakfast – French toast

    Lunch – I made chicken salad and tuna salad so we had them with crackers that were left over from Christmas and we will have them for lunch this week to get more used up before we leave

    Dinner – Shrimp and French fries

    So glad we will be in the air next week at this time and hopefully no snow until we get out of the airport. Started snowing here about 1 1/2 ago and we have at least 3 inches out there now.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Hi Mona. It’s 8:30 on Saturday night and for us the snow started around 7:00 while we were in a restaurant. It looks like a very wet, heavy snow and it’s accumulating quickly. Is it the same by you?

      • Mona says:

        Yes Stephanie, Once it started it just kept coming and looked so pretty. Thankfully we only got 3 inches and it was pretty out as most people must have stayed home because it looked so pretty most of the day. Hope you didn’t have any trouble getting home.

        • Mona says:

          The snow started here around 3pm.

        • Stephanie M. says:

          You’re right, it was beautiful. After we got home, Paul went outside and took some pictures. We had no trouble getting home but he said it was slippery. So we were happy when we got home.

  198. Stephanie M. says:

    Saturday, February 18

    B – Paul and cheerios and a banana; I had bran flakes and strawberries/blueberries and also some peanuts

    L – We both had roast chicken sandwiches – Paul’s on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato; mine on whole grain rye with alfalfa sprouts and tomato; Paul also had the leftover pasta

    D – Tonight we went to one of our favorite restaurants – Ponte Vecchio – not far from where we live – about 20 minutes. It was nice to get out for a date night/Valentine’s Dinner. For appetizers, we had one order which we split of coconut shrimp – something my fussy husband only tried for the first time in Hawaii and found he really liked it. Then we each had a small salad. For dinner, Paul had filet mignon, stuffed shrimp, mashed potatoes and veggies. I had sea bass dressed with shitake mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and baby shrimp over a bed of spinach; also there were red roasted potatoes on the plate but I only had one. For dessert, Paul had some kind of chocolate cake with caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He insisted on ordering me dessert which was chocolate mousse cake. I had three forks of it and then pushed it away. On the way home, we stopped at my mom’s and I gave her the rest. Good thing too or by now, I would have finished it. 🙁

    It was a nice evening. We really don’t go out too often for dinner; I’m not sure why; both of us enjoy a night out once in a while but like everything else, too much of anything is not good. So when we go out for dinner, it’s really a treat. When we came out, it was snowing heavily so once we got home, we jumped into our jammies and now it’s time to get cozy and watch some TV. 🙂 Have to get up early tomorrow because we’re having a family dinner here.

    • Mona says:

      Sounds like a perfect evening until the snow came Stephanie! Nothing better than jumping in the jammies and settling down for the night after being out in weather like we have had this year. Enjoy your family dinner. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
      We are going to Daughter #2’s house for dinner, for my birthday , since we won’t be home for it. Was hoping they would just let it go this year but should have known better.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you Mona.

        I am embarrassed to say that I unfortunately do not remember the exact date of your birthday. Please forgive me and rest assured that this is not one of my stronger areas. I have forgotten many birthdays. Now I write them down. Please tell me when your birthday is and the first thing I’ll do is write it on my calendar so that when I get my next calendar at the end of this year, it will go on next year’s. That’s what I do. I transfer information from calendar to calendar. I am so sorry!!!!

        • Stephanie M. says:

          In the meantime, enjoy your dinner at your daughter’s. 🙂

          • Mona says:

            Stephanie, That’s okay I want to forget about it too. lol It is the 26th and that’s why we are heading to Florida….that was my birthday wish…..even though my girls aren’t happy that I chose to get away (They are all about Birthday celebrations, oh….to be young again) but sometimes that’s what happens. We have reached the age that if we don’t enjoy it now, who knows how long we have to enjoy it. So we have gotten selfish. But as you saw they are still having our get together today, which we will enjoy but didn’t want them to feel they have to do this. But we are looking forward to seeing all of them.
            Gotta Love All Our Babes!

      • Tasty says:

        Have a lovely pre-birthday celebration Mona and have a great trip! Enjoy every minute!

        • Mons says:

          Thank you tasty, it was a great meal and a wonderful evening with my beautiful gang.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you for letting me know your birthday, Mona. Never to be forgotten by me again. I’m sure you had a wonderful time at your daughter’s house and a beautiful dinner too. You deserve it. When are you leaving for Florida?

  199. Alice E says:

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – Pb sandwich for him, potato soup for me
    D – Spaghetti with meat sauce, carrots

    B – we both skipped except for hot tea
    L – out to Olive Garden for a delayed Valentines treat
    D – l/o from lunch for me, turkey and Swiss sandwich for him, tea for both of us

  200. Felicia says:

    Saturday – 2/17/18

    Breakfast – cranberry walnut oatmeal

    Lunch – mushroom topped pizza

    Dinner – minestrone soup


    Made some homemade waffles for my grand littles this morning with free delivery in exchange for some hugs and kisses! 🙂

  201. Pat says:

    We are really working on cleaning out the above the fridge freezer.
    Feb 17
    Breakfast–We had l/o egg bake and cuties. He had a bagel and I had ww toast. Grandson had dry Cherrios and a cutie.
    Lunch–Grandson wanted french fries so we did. When we got home I ate a hard boiled egg. Grandson wasn’t hungry. My husband had the last of the tuna salad and crackers and a yogurt.
    Dinner was l/o chicken and veggies. He had his over brown rice and I had mine over mashed potatoes. We both ate the last of the sauteed apples. Grandson had a huge taco and an apple.

  202. Tasty says:

    Saturday February 17th

    Nothing much inthe way of PC today. I was curling all day and hubby tended bar for us later in the day. I have no idea of what he ate!. The fridge is almost empty!

  203. Katby in Ohio says:

    Saturday 2/17

    B. Protein shake with raspberries from freezer and a piece of sauage for me, hubs English muffin with eggs and cheese and sausage OJ coffee both

    L/O Chinese from lunch out me, hubs ham sandwich and chips
    S. Popcorn at the movies
    D. Coleslaw and tea and toast me Hubs ham sandwich and coleslaw
    S made a pound cake both had that for snack

  204. Terry calkins says:

    It’s clear the decks Sunday morning. I swear the dog knows what day it is. On Sunday morning she gets out of bed early and lays in the dining room to watch me. She’s not allowed in the kitchen while I work, so she lays where she can watch and wait. All the leftovers go in her bowl on Sundays. Roast, gravy, broccoli soup, cheese, crackers and a bit of summer sausage. She made short work of everything. I saved the mashed potatoes that I made yesterday to have as potato patties tomorrow. There is enough bread left for french toast for breakfast.
    I’m bored with leftovers. I really need how to learn how to cook smaller amounts. All the years I raised kids and worked those leftovers were a blessing. Now in my mid 60s with a husband who eats like a bird, not so much!

    • Mona says:

      I understand that perfectly Terry. I have always been the same way when it came to cooking a meal. We had gotten used to the girls bringing boyfriends home and then husbands, who like to eat that it was really hard to cut it down to 2, which isn’t always possible but over the last couple years I have gotten better but we still have leftovers atleast 1 or 2 days a week and some times there are things I can put back in the freezer for those crazy days. Which is okay since I have learned to cut back and if there are leftovers we either use them for lunch or dinner. Atleast you have a dog you can share it with. lol

    • Pat says:

      I am in the same boat with cooking to much! When we stopped doing foster care we went from 4 teenage boy appetites and 2 adults to three of us(our 18 year old son). Then he went to Boystown so it is just us. It helps that we like leftovers and that he takes his lunch everyday. I try to limit my cooking to 6 servings of protein at the most. We will eat 2 servings for dinner, 2 get put in the basket in the freezer for his lunches and 2 go onto the leftover shelf. Sometimes we eat it again that week sometimes not.

  205. Tasty says:

    If it’s any consolation Terry you are not the only one who has trouble cooking for 2 (and we only have one son!). I find too that as we get older we eat less. Plus after hubby’s surgery we changed our eating habits and that included not necessarily finishing what was cooked!!

  206. Stephanie M. says:

    Sunday, February 8

    B – We had Jessica’s whole wheat pancakes from the freezer that I made a couple of weeks ago and some turkey sausage; Paul also had a banana

    L – We skipped lunch because we were having family over for dinner at 2:30

    D – Today was a family dinner but not with the kids; they were all busy today. Today it was my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend. They just got back from vacation and we really wanted to hear all about it.

    So I only had one appetizer because I made so much for dinner. It was something called Keftedes which are small Greek meatballs. This was an old recipe I got from one of my Greek aunts and I grew up eating these so I’m so happy I have that recipe. What makes them Greek is that they have dried mint mixed in the meat. I know it might sound yucky to people who have never had them but trust me, they are really very good. And they are always served at room temperature. I remember growing up and going to Astoria, Queens where there is a huge Greek presence and my father’s Aunt and Uncle lived there. The whole family would go there and she always had those meatballs. She’s long passed now but the meatballs live on. 🙂 However, if I didn’t grow up on them and someone told me they put mint in their meatballs, I would run for the hills. LOL (I only put mint in these Greek meatballs not the ones I make for spaghetti and meatballs. LOL)

    For dinner, I had everything I needed in the house. I made a pork roast; I bought a huge one a few months ago on sale and it was so big, I cut it in half and froze the two halves. So now one of them is gone. 🙂 With pork roast, my brother prefers noodles over potatoes and his girlfriend prefers potatoes over noodles so I made both. I cooked the noodles yesterday and today I fried them in a little butter till they were brown and crispy. The potatoes I roasted in the oven. I also made Yorkshire pudding which neither one of them ever had and both loved it. I also made green beans and salad. For dessert, I made a raspberry cream cheese coffee cake and Paul was at the Nespresso machine making espressos and lattes. So it was a nice day and we all had a good time. And I got a huge roast out of the freezer. 🙂 The meat in there is running low. Getting down to the bottom.

    • Mona says:

      Sounds like a great time and a wonderful meal Stephanie!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        It really was a wonderful day. We both had a nice day, Mona, right?!

        • Mona says:

          Right Stephanie!

  207. Mona says:

    Sunday 2/18

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Chicken salad and Tuna fish on crackers

    Dinner – At Daughter #2’s house – Turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and dinner rolls and BD ice cream cake for dessert. It is just so much fun to have all my babies together.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      What a nice day for you!!!

  208. Alice E says:


    Brunch? Oats for him with leftover Italian from eating out yesterday, I had malt-o-meal cooked in milk, hot tea

    Supper – Creamy chicken linguine with beets and creamed spinach, hot tea

    snacked on chips and white bean dip today and yesterday

  209. Joa in IA says:


    B- Chocolate protein shake and tea for me. Not sure what everybody else had. Was my Saturday to work (9 to 1).

    L- Pulled pork quesadillas for all. I was home by 1:30, hubby had mine waiting for me.

    Snack- Went to a 50th wedding anniversary party. Had a cupcake and punch.

    Supper- Get your own. Everyone found something different mainly leftovers from the fridge.


    B- Eggs, hashbrowns and sausage. Hubby was cooking.

    L- Late lunch- hubby and I split an appetizer plate after going to an RV show. Boys stayed home. Son2 was smoking deer meat and had that. Son1 ??

    Supper- No one was too hungry getting late so threw in a couple of frozen pizzas.

    Son1 has shoulder surgery tomorrow morning to repair a torn labral and remove a broken piece of cartilage. Have to go get fitted for the sling at 7:30 and be at the surgery center by 8:30. I did take the week off in case he needs that much time to rest. When he is resting /sleeping I’m going to try and get somethings baked and cooked. Have to see how it goes but that is the plan.

    • Pat says:

      Good luck with the surgery!

    • Mona says:

      Joa, prayers that every thing goes smoothly for your son!

      • Tasty says:

        Hope all goes well with the surgery!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Good luck with the surgery!

    • Alice E says:

      Hope all goes well and that you can get your baking done.

  210. Pat says:

    Feb 18
    I did not cook at all today!!!
    Breakfast– My husband fixed his usual breakfast. Our 18 year old son had a 12 hour pass and he asked for donuts for breakfast. I bought 6. He ate 2, I had 1 and my 12 year old grandson took the rest home tonight.
    Lunch–The baby was baptized today so we ate there. I did donate 5lbs of pork and 5 lbs of chicken out of the chest freezer for the celebration. My DIL cooked both in crockpots with bbq sauce.
    Dinner–The son and grandson wanted McDonalds. They had junk and my husband had their chicken salads.

  211. Laurie in CA says:

    This past week was busy! It gets a little tough to keep track. We’re in our mid 60’s and I find I overlook a lot. Since I babysit my grandson 2-3 days a week, I like to have leftovers or soups in the freezer to grab and go for lunch. Hubs is happy with a sandwich or a burrito.

    B – I had baked blueberry baked oatmeal from the freezer, hubs had toast
    L – I had Aunt Sandy’s soup from the freezer and a tangerine, hubs ate his l/o calzone
    D – hubs had a ham sandwich and chips, I had my l/o lasagne
    B – hubs had toast and a TJ nut pack, I had toast w/almond butter
    L – met my hubs for lunch at our fave Mexican restaurant
    D – New York steaks, roast asparagus, baked potato (for hubs) and garlic bread
    B – pancakes, bacon and milk
    L – I had two clementines and some cashews, not sure what hubs had
    D – steak and chicken at a wedding
    B – we both had protein shakes
    L – son brought hubs a burrito from Chipotle, I made a steak quesadilla w/guacamole
    D – I made a crockpot of white chicken chili using numerous things from the pantry and freezer, hubs had toast and a glass of milk

  212. Mona says:

    Laurie, I can understand that! We are at the same stage and babysat our 3 youngest grandbabies for the last 9 years, and this year they are all in school and they get off the bus at our house on Tuesday’s but Mom picks them up an hour later. It took us a while to adjust to none of them being here.

  213. Tasty says:

    Sunday February 18th

    B – yogurt and a cream cheese bagel for hubby, i had toast and jam and ayogurt

    L – I had some cauliflower in the fridge that i wanted to get used up so made some soup

    S – tuna salad

  214. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast. French toast with an extra egg on top. I boned out that turkey breast. Put the carcass and the skin from one side into the instapot with some dehydrated veggie boullion I made last summer. Cooked it down for an hour then stripped the bones. The meat I put away for casserole or sandwiches. The bones went out to the chickens. One half breast I will use to make cutlets. The other half that still has the skin I will pound flat, stuff and roll for a baked roast.. the broth that pours out of the pot goes to the freezer for a future soup. The rest in the pot, plus the fond in the bottom will be used to cook a pot of rice. I still also have the gravy packet to use. Lots of meals for the 7$ I invested in that breast. All that, and we didn’t eat a morsel of it. Hubby wanted tacos. We didn’t have any crisp shells, so I went to the store while he cooked. I also bought coffee and the few things on my list for this week. 12.15. Now I’m just nder 100$ for the month.
    So, tacos for a late lunch. Later in the day I baked some chocolate mint cupcakes in my microwave. 4 minutes. They come out just like oven baked!
    Snow, wind and hail yesterday morning. The wind blew open our gates, and blew down a tree. The snow came in sideways. Half an hour later the sun was shining. Weird!

  215. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Sunday 2/19

    B. Protein shake me, hubs hot chocolate
    L Out. Mc Donalds ( hubs was having a big Mac. Attack!)
    D. Crock pot chicken with carrots and new potatoes corn
    S. Pound cake and strawberries

  216. Felicia says:


    Forgot to post on Sunday. Nothing special for breakfast or lunch. I did quite a bit of baking on Sunday for the week. Orange-cranberry muffins, lemon-blueberry bread and a banana cake.

    Dinner – took out a bag of Nature Raised Farm chicken patties and had them on burger buns with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayo with omemade coleslaw.

    Monday –

    Breakfast – banana cake and decaf coffee
    Lunch – zucchini enchiladas with refried beans
    Dinner – Ricotta/Spinach stuffed shells with pizza beans and garlic bread.

    Busy in the kitchen making some dinners for the week. Stuffed shells, eggplant parm. I have a bag of frozen meatballs in the freezer which I’ll defrost and get 4 dinners from these entrees.

    Little bit of space starting to show in the freezer.

  217. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast was leftover mashed potatoes made into patties, soft fried eggs and peanut butter toast. Lunch was turkey cutlets with parmesan breadcrumbs from the freezer, fried rice and steamed broccoli with lemon butter sauce. Just enough of everything left to make a nice dinner for my mom
    I have rosemary bread rising. I think I will use more turkey cutlets to make turkey parm and mix up some homemade noodles to go with it

  218. Stephanie M. says:

    Monday, February 19

    B – Paul had mini shredded wheat cereal and a banana; I had bran flakes with strawberries/blueberries and I also had 1 oz. unsalted cashews/almonds that I took from the freezer (raw) and roasted

    L – We both had roasted chicken sandwiches on whole wheat – Paul had lettuce and tomato; I had alfalfa sprouts and tomato; I also had the leftover salad from last night; Paul had some wheat thins with his sandwich

    D – Beef filet tips made from the small pieces of filet mignon that couldn’t be cut into steaks, leftover noodles and green beans from last night. (Every couple of months, our local grocery store puts whole filet mignons on sale and once in a while, I will buy one. I bought one around Christmas time and Paul sliced most of it into steaks and vacuum packed them 2 per package. With whatever was left that couldn’t be sliced into steaks turned into a dinner like what we had tonight.) I have two packages of steaks left and one package of tips left and then I’ll wait for the next sale.

    Also, since my freezer is really getting low, I decided today would be a good day to organize all the loose things in there. I did go out and purchase a few more white dishpans for organizing the freezer and a few baskets from the dollar store for organizing the pantry. Sometimes, the best organizing gets pushed by the wayside when life is busy and it’s easier to just throw things into the freezer or pantry. But today seemed like a good day to correct this. Now the freezer looks nice with a total of 6 dish pan bins (2 on each shelf) with like items in each one. And there’s not a lot in each bin. But I still labeled them anyway. No more loose items lying around all over. And whatever meat/fish/poultry I have left is in the drawer at the bottom.

    • Mona says:

      Great job on the meal and the organizing Stephanie!!! Hopefully some day soon I will get into trying to organize the freezer again. Both of my pantry’s are in pretty good shape yet but with bring frozen food in from MIL’s and what we still had I haven’t gotten back to getting the big freezer organized. At least I (think) know what we have in the kitchen freezer and baked goods only in the basement freezer now so it’s just the big one I have to worry about but not going to worry about any of it for a couple weeks atleast. lol

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thanks Mona. I always feel better when things around me are organized. But you are right; don’t you worry about organizing; that would be the very LAST thing on my mind if I had a beautiful trip coming up. LOL I’m so happy for both of you. Maybe by the time you get home, we will be starting to have some nicer weather here too. I hope. 🙂 When are you leaving?

        • Mona says:

          Stephanie, We are leaving Saturday, 5 days but who is counting. lol I really considered starting in the freezer but thought I would let it go for now and thinking it will still be here when we get back and there is still enough in the kitchen freezer for atleast a week and a half after we get back.
          One of hubby’s good friends passed away on Sunday so we will be attending his service tomorrow so doing some running today and tomorrow so that after that we can start to get ready for our run-away.
          They are calling for 75 degrees here today so we figured we will take advantage of the weather and get used to being warm. lol

          • Stephanie M. says:

            Sorry to hear about your husband’s friend, Mona.

            We’re also supposed to get to 70 today. Right now it’s gloomy and all wet outside from the rain during the night so we’ll see; maybe it will clear up in a while.

            Now is the exciting time for vacation. I love the weeks and then the days right before we go. The anticipation is so much fun. It’s so nice to think about the things you’ll do and the restaurants you’ll go to and what you’ll see. I’m excited for you. LOL 🙂

        • Mona says:

          Stephanie, I am getting so anxious. Looking forward to not doing all the things that have to be done when we are home, like cleaning out the freezer. lol
          Today was a rough day with Gary’s service in the morning and then I went to the school to help out for most of the day (which makes me feel good) spending time with the little ones. Glad the weather was nice for the service in the am but the rain blew in before noon and didn’t want to stop. Made me even more excited to head south. The next couple days will be eating the easiest meals and using up all the little bits that needs used up and then like you said the excitement begins and getting to relax when we want and getting to get out and walk on the beach with the sand between our toes and not stomping through the snow. I’m starting to think I could move down south and enjoy the weather especially without any snow in the forecast. lol

          • Stephanie M. says:

            I’m sure it was rough. Losing a good friend is difficult. I’ve been there too, twice.

            But enough said. Now it’s time to get ready to fly away to the sunshine state. I can just imagine how excited you are. What part of Florida are you going to? My sister in law has a home in The Villages. I have not been there but I heard it’s very nice. I’ve often thought about moving down south as well when Paul retires. It would be nice to get away from the freezing cold temperatures of the North, although, they had more than we did this year. LOL My only concern in moving down south is instead of the snow, you have to worry about hurricanes. It’s always something, right?

        • Mona says:

          We are heading to Miami, Stephanie. Talked with his Aunt today and she said it is still and supposed to stay in the 80’s, so that put a big smile on our faces. I would move there in a heartbeat, especially after this winter. We like to be outside and could only go for a walk maybe 3 times between the rain and the snow. I think I would be willing to take a chance on the hurricanes. Easy for me to say that now, huh? Oh well, we will see what the future holds for us.

  219. Mona says:

    Monday 2/19

    Breakfast – Cookies from the freezer

    Lunch – Chicken and tuna salad w/crackers

    Dinner – Chicken alfredo w/peas, salad and garlic toast Granddaughter #1 stopped after work to have dinner with us because she had a meeting within 2 hours of ending work and having to be back for the meeting so I told her to come here and have dinner with us since she is only 5 minutes away from our house. So we actually got to see her 2 days in a row. Was so nice to have some one on one time with her, she is such a sweet beautiful little lady. Gosh….they grow up so fast.

  220. Alice E says:

    2/19 – Monday

    B – Oats, eggs, and hot tea
    L – pb sandwich for him, ham sandwich for me
    d – ham sandwich for him with l/o chicken linguine and carrots, egg sandwich for me with leftover spaghetti and creamed spinach.

  221. Cindy says:

    Monday, 2/19
    Breakfast: hubby his usual, I had hard boiled egg, V8 and a mandarin
    Lunch: hubby had tomato soup and banana; salad, crackers & cheese and 1/2 Granny Smith Apple
    Dinner: hamburger tater tot casserole, frozen garden green beans & pineapple spears

    We made a Costco run this weekend : coffee, Pomegranate juice, pineapple, organic tomato soup, Greek yogurt, eggs & cereal = $39.81. I know I’ll need to make one more small grocery trip to get us thru before vacation for milk, oj and butter – any leftover produce or dairy when we leave for vacation our daughter will grab when she stops by to water my plants.

  222. Joa in IA says:


    Thank you everyone for your kind words. Son1 is doing pretty good. The pain isn’t bad yet, he got a nerve block that is suppose to last up to 24 hours after surgery. The nurse did say most people start to feel some pain after 12 hours so we will see how tonight goes.

    B- Hubby and I had protein shakes. Not sure what Son2 had. No school today with President’s Day.

    L- Had a late lunch. Got home around 2pm. Son1 wanted chicken nuggets and peach cobbler we ate it with him.

    Supper- Casey’s breakfast and all meat pizza (Caseys is a gas station, boys like their pizza a lot).

    Sounds like we might get some freezing rain tonight. I’m glad I don’t have to work tomorrow. No school delay yet.

  223. Tasty says:

    Monday February 19th

    B – yogurt, the last apple and a toasted bunfor me, hubby ate but i know nit what.

    L- a quick trip with friends after curling to a local coffee shop. Ihad coffee and a muffin, hubby had grilled cheese and a latte

    S – ham, ,hash browns, eggs and baked beans, followed by a .yogurt.

    The fridge is now empty except for some yogurts which we will have in the morning.before heading out of town. My laptop is packed away and I’m not sure what I’ve spent this month but less than $100. I will stay in touch but the PC is on hold for a while!
    Happy days!

  224. Pat says:

    After all those easy days today was kitchen day. I made meatloaf and hamburger patties(enough of each for 2 meals), a cookie sheet full of roasted veggies, more bread and some brownies. Everything came from the freezer, fridge or pantry.
    Feb 19
    Breakfast was the usual.
    Lunch–My husband finished finished the chicken and veggies with mire rice and had a yogurt.
    Dinner–We had meatloaf topped with bbq sauce, roasted veggies and cuties.
    This is the second night of freezing rain,/sleet. Yuck!!

  225. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast for hubby. Jessica’s banana pancakes and two poached eggs on top. I had veggie fried rice. Lunch he had leftover tacos. I had BBQ turkey burger. Baked rosemary bread today. Planning to make pasta.

  226. Stephanie M. says:

    Tuesday, February 20

    B – Paul had 2 home made egg mc muffins using up two of the three slices of Canadian bacon left in the freezer; I had a toasted whole wheat bagel and peanuts

    L – Paul had a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat using up some more of the sliced ham I have in the freezer that I bought whole a few weeks ago and sliced and froze for sandwiches, a Greek yogurt, a small orange and the last piece of banana bread from the freezer; I had a pasta salad

    D – Paul had a business dinner; I had a fish taco and salad

  227. Mona says:

    Tuesday 2/20

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Chicken and tuna, again

    Dinner – Cheesy sausage & tomato shells

  228. Sandi says:

    Hey, everyone! I’m technically still participating, although slightly more in spirit than in body right now. In Jan, I got a promotion that took effect beginning of Feb. That’s left me scrambling with everything else, including being out of town for training classes for 4 out of 5 weeks in a row (2 weeks gone, 1 week back, 2 weeks gone) I made sure the fridge was full of food for the kid to eat while I was gone. I ate a couple of meals out, but also picked up groceries and used the hotel fridge/appliances to prepare my own. I banked quite a bit of per diem money as a result, and I’ve still got 2 more trips to do, so whoo hoo! So anyway, I did buy a bunch of fresh and frozen produce at the beginning of the month, and a couple treats for SuperBowl foods, but otherwise sticking with what we have. Even including what I bought while I was gone – even though that’s not really traditional grocery expenses – I’m still only at $250 since Jan 1, so I’m pretty happy with that.

    My funny is for today. I’m back in town for a couple of days and have been trying to finish off the foods that I’d left here for him that he didn’t finish. (He was happy I came home so I could prepare the meals, but then again I don’t think he ate a single vegetable or fruit on his own which I promptly rectified.) He was on his way to his night class when I was coming back home tonight. I told him I’d been craving some taco meat nachos, and there’s a place right across from the school, so I said to let me know before he came home because I might have him pick some up. He looked at me askance and told me he knew good and well I had enough supplies here at the house to make them myself. The raw meat was still frozen, but he was right, and it’s cooking right now. Nothing like having the kids give you a virtual slap when you try to be lazy and stray…

    • Laurie in CA says:

      You raised him well Sandi! Last night I was tired and hubs was ready to go to El Pollo Loco when I looked at him and said no, we can manage to figure out something quick and easy at home. We did and it saved us $15.

  229. Alice E says:


    B – cuties and a pb sandwich for him, l/o ham sandwich for me
    L – pb sandwich for him, deli roast beef and Swiss for me
    D – hamburger stew, hot tea

    we had rain starting to freeze and an ice storm coming in so hubby left early for work and ate after he got there, no leisurely breakfast today. My volunteer work was cancelled due to the ice storm so I was home all day. I had a couple pounds of hamburger thawed and decided to turn it into a stew. This used up the last of the potatoes and carrots (they needed to be used) and most of the celery in the frig. I chopped up the rest of the celery and froze it to have for later.

  230. Pat says:

    Last night I had to take my husband to pick up his truck and my car had thawed out I thought. On the way home I stopped to fill my gas tank. Nope that cover was frozen shut. I had the attendant at Sam’s help me pop it open!!
    This morning it was covered in ice and snow both so I let it run for 10 minutes and could scrape the windows easily. Nothing in the forecast tonight except cold temps.
    Feb 20
    Breakfast was the usual.
    Lunch–My husband had a burger with roasted veggies. I had a hard boiled egg and some mini banana muffins.
    Dinner–We had Jessica’s peanut butter chicken and stir fried veggies and cuties

  231. Kathy in Denmark says:

    We had no school last week beacuse of winter holiday, so I was home with both kids while DH worked. He had a project that had to be finished, or else he would have taken some time off to be with us.
    I didn’t remember to write our meals down, but we did eat 🙂 I find it difficult to remember to write everything down, so I think I will stick to dinners and if I remember anything else that is a bonus!

    On Feb 13, Prince Henrik of Denmark died at age 83. The queen lost her spouse of more than 50 years and Denmark lost a member of the royal family for the first time in 18 years. Even though the prince wasn’t always popular, there has been an outpouring of love and support from the Danish people to the royal family. It has been really wonderful to see, and I have actually felt quite sad about his passing myself. I am fond of the royal family and think they do an eccelent job of representing Denmark. All this to say that my week has felt “off” and I have spent a lot more time reading news and watching tv than I usually do, which is probably why I haven’t remembered to write down our meals. I am hoping for a more normal week this week.

    Feb 19:
    D: Fish fillets or chickpea patties, boiled potatoes and carrots, parsley sauce. I also made chili beans in the slowcooker and made a vegetable soup. I am trying to cook more at one time to make the rest of the week easier and less stressed 🙂

    Feb 20:
    Soup and HM rolls.

  232. Terry calkins says:

    Thawed out a pound of ground pork to mix with ground fresh turkey breast. I’ve been hungry for breakfast sausage. Mixed the meat together with marjoram, salt, pepper, thyme and red pepper flakes. Let it sit refrigerated for several hours, then made a hamburger patties for my dinner. It’s seasoned really well. Breakfast this morning will be leftover pancake batter from yesterday, sausage patties and eggs. Later I will use the sausage in stuffing to stuff a pounded turkey breast served with potatoes and gravy, steamed broccoli and rosemary bread…it’s almost Thanksgiving dinner!

  233. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Monday 2/19

    B Protein shake for me, Hubs Belvita coffee both
    L L/O Mac and cheese me Hubs ham sandwich
    D cheese burgers from freezer L/O coleslaw chips and dip

    Tuesday 2/20
    B coffe both running late to volunteer duties
    L salad both free at meals on wheel
    D pork chops,freezer, scalloped potatoes, baked beans from pantry

  234. Roberta says:

    Wow, am I behind again.

    First off, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It really was a very nice day, and I got to spend lots of time with my husband and son. It was also a gorgeous day (I love sunny, spring-like days), and it’s always a relief to get good news from my doctor. I ate waaaay too much (but we just won’t talk about that 😉 ).

    Sat. 2/17/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Hubs had a PB/apple butter sandwich, an apple, and some yogurt w/ compote. Son and I had leftovers from my birthday dinner.

    D: Pumpkin soup (from the freezer!), the guys had toast, son had string cheese, Hubs and I had salad, Hubs had yogurt w/ compote, and Hubs and I had pistachios. Kind of a hodgepodge overall.

    S/D: Valentine’s chocolate (the last of it).

    Sun. 2/18/18

    B: The guys had the usual cereal, etc. I had PB toast.

    L: Out after church.

    D: Hubs and son had turkey and Swiss sandwiches (used some sandwich rolls I found in the freezer!) and apple slices. Hubs added a salad, and my dinner was salad w/ turkey and Swiss.

    Mon. 2/19/18 Son had the day off; Hubs did not.

    B: Probably the usual; I didn’t write it down.

    L: Hubs packed his lunch (PB/apple butter on a sandwich roll ’cause I needed to make bread, and ???). Son had turkey and Swiss on a roll and apple slices. I had salad w/ turkey and Swiss.

    D: Homemade pizza (pepperoni and shredded mozzarella from the freezer, black olives, green bell pepper, and a quarter of a red onion that was lingering in the veg drawer), salad, grapes.

    I did get to bake a loaf of rye bread.

    Tues. 2/20/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had a packed lunch (cheese sandwich on rye and ???). Hubs and I had turkey, Swiss, and avocado on rye, carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch, and orange slices.

    D: LO pizza, etc. (The same as Mon.)

    S: Son had PB toast after school.

    Amazingly, in spite of all the meals out we’ve had recently, I’m starting to see quite a bit of space in the fridge freezer and a little bit in the chest freezer. It doesn’t feel like I’ve really been using much from the freezers; I guess what I have used was on the bulky side. The fridge looks pretty good (although there are a few things in the veg drawer that need to go out to the chickens), and the pantry is still pretty organized. I’ve done some shopping (including some pantry restocking of oatmeal, dried cranberries, bread flour, and canned cannellini and kidney beans). I’ll post my totals at the end of the month. I’ll also be continuing on into March because those freezers still need of lots of work.

  235. Stephanie M. says:

    Wednesday, February 21

    B – Paul had a toasted whole wheat bagel – 1/2 with butter and 1/2 with honey; also had a Greek yogurt and a banana; I had oatmeal with cinnamon and also had some peanuts

    L – Paul had a fried breaded pork cutlet sandwich (using the pork cutlets that I packaged in single serving sizes for sandwiches from the freezer, on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato, a slice of raspberry cream cheese coffee cake from the family dinner on Sunday; the rest of the cake slices are in the freezer; he also had some chocolates; I had pasta salad using the last of the leftover noodles from Sunday’s family dinner with chicken and peas. I also had leftover green salad from last night

    D – Baked lemon pepper flounder, baked potatoes, green beans leftover from Sunday’s family dinner (all leftovers from that dinner are gone now) and salad

  236. Felicia says:

    Wednesday –

    Been playing around with my Instant Pot.

    I broke down and bought one as the price was too good to pass by. So far, I’ve done hard boiled eggs, honey bourbon chicken and brown rice. But today, I had leftovers from the freezer.

    Tuesday –
    Breakfast – orange cranberry muffin and tea
    Lunch – salad
    Dinner – IP honey bourbon chicken over brown rice and frozen mixed vegetables. (Chicken/vegs from freezer!)

    Weds –
    Breakfast – hard boiled egg and half bagel.
    Lunch – half bagel sandwich and grapes.
    Dinner – leftover Ham and Navy Bean soup from freezer and panini sandwich.

  237. Mona says:

    Wednesday 2/21

    Breakfast – Granola bar

    Lunch – Helped out at the school most of the day so not much lunch but did eat some pretzels

    Dinner – Finished off the confetti kielbasa

  238. Tasty says:

    Hi guys, just popping in to let you know we’re well away from snow and ice altho I don’t think that’s happening at home right now. Tonight we are in West Virginia and it has been in the 70s with rain on and off all day. It’s not easy to eat ‘healthy’ on the road but we have had some pretty nice meals. – not fancy. Soup andsalad at Bob Evans this evening.

    Bye for now!

  239. Pat says:

    The peanut butter chicken was a hit for dinner but, it didn’t agree with my husbands stomach. He was up several times during the night. I was fine, so I will be finishing it.
    Feb 21
    Breakfast–We had our usual .
    Lunch–He had l/o shepherds pie and a yogurt. I had fresh baked bread with butter and a hard boiled egg.
    Dinner–We were supposed to have spaghetti and meatballs and salad but instead he had lemon pepper Mahi Mahi and roasted veggies and I had more peanut butter chicken. We both had sauteed apples in butter and cinnamon.

  240. Alice E says:


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had l/o chicken linguine and homemade creamy chicken soup
    D – l/o hamburger stew

    I stayed home again today due to weather, ice from yesterday, and more freezing rain is forecast for tonight with possible for freezing rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. So, I have rescheduled delivery of my new stove from tomorrow until next Tuesday. Wish I already had it, this would be good weather to do some baking!

  241. Terry calkins says:

    20* with several inches of fresh snow.
    Breakfast. Pancakes sausage and eggs
    Lunch rolled and stuffed turkey roast, potatoes and gravy, broccoli. Plated leftovers to take to my mom
    Dinner he had leftover tacos. I had BBQ turkey on a bun.
    Monthly budget 200.00. Money spent to date 99.97 sent 100.07 payment to the dishwasher :::means I have to stay out of the stores the rest of the month or start March with a deficit

  242. Laurie in CA says:

    B – hubs had toast and coffee, I had toast w/ almond butter and two clementines
    L – white chicken chili
    D – went out for Italian food with our besties.

    B – I had the last of the blueberry baked oatmeal from the freezer, I was gone early so I don’t know what hubs had
    L – I had white chicken chili
    D – hubs had a steak burrito and I had a steak quesadilla with the last of our l/o steak

    B – I had sprouted wheat toast and almond butter, hubs had toast
    L – hubs had a fried egg sandwich and chips, I had 1/2 an egg sandwich and raw veggies
    D – hubs had l/o white chicken chili, I had a salad and the l/o slice pizza from Sunday night

    I haven’t felt much like cooking this past week. Fortunately we had enough leftovers or freezer meals to cover things. I made a double pot of chicken stock in the instant pot today. I didn’t get the last batch in the freezer soon enough so I tossed it. I plan to have a couple of cups a day of this batch (I still have old stock in the freezer). Has anyone jumped onto the bone broth diet bandwagon?

  243. Roberta says:

    Wed. 2/21/18

    B: The usual cereal, toast, OJ, and coffee.

    L: The guys had their usual packed lunches (w/ turkey & Swiss on rye sandwiches). I had a turkey and Swiss on rye as well. I also had celery and carrot sticks w/ ranch dip.

    D: Ham, cheddar, and broccoli quiche (made w/ yogurt instead of cream, ’cause that’s what I had), salad, orange and apple slices. I thought I was going to have leftovers, but son and Hubs both wanted seconds, so Plan B for Thursday’s dinner. Son’s appetite is definitely increasing; I may have to change up my meal planning (things like pizza, quiche, and stir fries don’t go as far as they once did).

    S/D: We’re out of dessert (something my son has repeatedly reminded me of 😉 ). Neither son nor I had any snacks (which may explain son’s hunger at dinner). Not sure what, if anything, Hubs snacked on.

  244. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shake for me and Son2,Hubby had oatmeal, Son1 leftover pizza.

    L- Hubby and I both had pulled pork sandwiches. Son2 school lunch. Son1 didn’t eat lunch. Did some snacking not much of an appetite.

    Supper- We all went out for supper with our camping club monthly winter dinner. Son1 really wanted to go even though he was sore, just wanted out of the house.

    B- 3 of us had protein shakes, hubby had oatmeal.

    L-Son1 and I had homemade sub sandwiches. Hubby?? Son2 school lunch.

    Supper- Egg bake casserole.

    Did get some baking done on Tuesday. I made lemon poppy seed bread, cinnamon coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies.


    B- Sony and I had protein shakes. Hubby had oatmeal. Son1 slept late. He isn’t sleeping well at night.

    L- Sub sandwich for Son1, I found bit and pieces of left overs that needed to be eaten, Hubby had a protein shake. Son2 school lunch.

    Supper- Chili in the crockpot, oyster crackers and cheddar cheese. (Son2 has a dentist appointment at 5pm so everyone can eat when they are hungry).

  245. Felicia says:

    Thursday –

    Breakfast – bowl of oatmeal with a squirt of International Delight Mocha Latte creamer on top!!!! Sinfully delicious!

    Lunch – 2 orange-cranberry muffins and 5.3 oz carton of cottage cheese w/mango.

    Dinner – leftovers! Zucchini enchiladas with refried beans AND honey bourbon chicken over rice. Tossed salad.

    Did some baking again as I had 1/2 orange, 2 halves of squeezed lemon, 3/4 loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread. Made some muffins and bread pudding. Tomorrow I’ll make lemon-blueberry muffins.

    I’m struggling with not buying 99 cents/lb pork shoulder. I have until Tuesday to make a decision. I know I’ll use it and it’s just such a great price. Rarely does it go this low. I seem to be talking myself into it! 😉

    • Mona says:

      Go for it Felicia!!! You can’t go wrong at that price. And you can always blame me if you go over budget! lol

    • Alice E says:

      I’m with Mona, Go For It! If nothing else, keep it as a reward for after you’ve used up some other things you want to be gone. That is an amazing price. If the underlying goal of the challenge is to save money, then we don’t want to end up with empty shelves and freezers and then pay high prices for food while waiting for a good sale. So, for me it is okay to buy really good buys and keep them separate while I use up the older stuff.

      So feel free to blame me for the budget lapse if needed. (grin)

    • Roberta says:

      That’s a great price. If you’ve got the room to store it, get it–especially since it’s something you know you will use.

      • Felicia says:

        Thanks, ladies!! I did buy one!!! 🙂

  246. Stephanie M. says:

    Thursday, February 22

    B – Paul had oatmeal with brown sugar and sautéed apples in butter and cinnamon; I had oatmeal with cinnamon and I also had peanuts

    L – Roast beef sandwiches with lettuce and tomato for both of us; Paul also had cashews/almonds that I roasted the other day; I had 1/2 a banana

    D – Stuffed peppers, elbow macaroni, and salad

    The other day when I organized my freezer, I found that I had three eye rounds in there. What? I remembered that I bought one for dinner, one to make sandwiches with and the third one I probably bought because roast beef sounded good and I didn’t think I had an eye round in my freezer. LOL So yesterday morning, I roasted one and that’s where the roast beef for our sandwiches today came from. The rest is sliced up into single serving packages for sandwiches. Now that I’m getting down to just a couple of week’s worth of meat/fish in my freezer, it was so easy to organize and I can see everything. Not long before I have an empty drawer at the bottom of the freezer. 🙂

  247. Mona says:

    Thursday 2/22

    Breakfast – Sausage, egg and cheese wraps

    Lunch – Finished off the Chicken and tuna salad

    Dinner – Salmon, cheesy potatoes and peas

    Posting our total for the month of February since I know we won’t be spending any more until March.
    Total spent $31.06…..hubby had a big laugh over that….now wants to know why we can’t do it every month.
    I told him because he likes to eat too much. lol

    • Roberta says:

      Wow! That’s an amazing total. Good for you!

    • Felicia says:

      WTG!!! Mona…that is amazing! Good for you!

      • Mona says:

        Thank you Stephanie. That is the plan just to relax at the beach and at her pool…..and get out and do some walking and also, to enjoy some yummy beach food. Miami beach is beautiful we walked miles on it when we were there in November and hoping to do the same on this trip. as well as walking to the park to see all the interesting little creatures that will show up. I don’t know the Eden Roc but if I remember I will check with Gail and see if we can check it out.
        Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes….it is about to come true tomorrow and go on for 10 days….lol
        Talk to you soon

    • Felicia says:

      PS…have a great trip too!

      • Mona says:

        Thank you Felicia…..lots of food used up and very little bought since we will be off enjoying our sunny trip. Suppose to be in the 80’s, so we are ready for that!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Mona, have a wonderful, wonderful time in Florida! You will be the envy of all of us that are cold. LOL Last time we were in Miami a few years ago, we stayed at the Eden Roc. Do you know it? It was really very nice. But the beach in Miami is stunning.

      I wish you beautiful weather, a relaxing time with your hubby, some good food, and a sense of renewal and refreshment by the time you get home. And most importantly, Happy Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you have an amazing birthday on your vacation and a great time throughout. I will be thinking about you. 🙂

      Have fun!!!!!!!!! Up, up, and away!!!!!!!

      • Mona says:

        Sorry Stephanie….I don’t know how I did it but my comments are above under Felicia. lol

      • Mona says:

        Stephanie it is a absolutely perfect here.. thinking we should just stay. Weather has been in the 80’s so we get our long walks in the morning and yesterday we went to Farmer’s Market and to the beach. Today we are handing at her pool and tomorrow planning on going to a movie and out for my lobster meal. Going to enjoy every second until reality sets in.

        • Stephanie M. says:

          Hi Mona. I’m so happy to hear from you!!! I’m also very happy to hear that you are having a wonderful time on vacation. 80’s sounds like heaven. That’s just a tiny bit warmer than here. LOL

          Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Mona. Happy birthday to you. Here’s to a wonderful and relaxing birthday in a beautiful place with your hubby. I’m so happy for you.

          Enjoy your walks and the beautiful beach. If you get a chance, try to visit the Eden Roc. It is a beautiful, very old hotel right in Miami. I remember there being beautiful red roses all over the lobby. And it’s very nice out in the back near the beach too.

          Enjoy your wonderful, warm vacation. I’m in a sweater here and still not warm. Right now it’s a very balmy 44 degrees. LOL

          Thanks for sending me a note. It’s great to hear from you, my dear friend. 🙂

          Oh and enjoy that wonderful birthday lobster dinner. 🙂

    • Joa in IA says:

      Have a great trip! You’ll have to check in on us if you get a chance. Things I love about Florida are the beaches, food and weather. Looks like you are going to have some nice, warm weather. Relax and enjoy your time.

      • Mona says:

        Joa, it has been perfect here.. we have been walking and going to the beach and farmers market. And just relaxing at the pool! ?

        • Joa in IA says:

          It sounds like a good time to me. I can hardly wait till we leave on the 13th.

          Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

          • Mona says:

            Thank you! Hope the weather is as perfect for you as we are having! It is perfect!!

  248. Pat says:

    Oh the weather outside is frightful!! We got 3″ of snow last night and the roads were a mess. Now we have freezing rain and are supposed to get some more snow too. Yuck! I did have to run some errands and made sure to stay away from the grocery part of Target. i went around 10am and the only trouble I had was in the right hand turn lanes. They hadn’t been plowed.
    Feb 22
    Breakfast was the usual for us both.
    Lunch–He took l/o meatloaf and roasted veggies and sauteed apples. I ate a hard boiled egg and a couple of cuties.
    Dinner–I thawed out a gallon bag of Jessica’s red sauce and added Italian seasoning. I thawed a serving of meatballs and cut them each in 8 pieces and chopped up mushrooms and added that to the sauce. I served it over spaghetti. We also had salads and a bread stick. Very filling.
    I also made tuna salad and roasted some cubed sweet potatoes.
    My husband’s stomach is still acting up so he’s thinking it’s a virus and not the peanut butter chicken and he’s willing to try it again in the future.

  249. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast burrito for me. Hash browns and eggs for hubby
    Tacos for hubby. I had turkey sandwich
    Dinner time I made a turkey veg soup with barley. New recipe called for turmeric, cumin and lemon. Sounded good. Meh the flavor pallet was so unfamiliar. I did have a bowl of it since it was dinner. Then dumped scratch grains into the pot and gave the chickens a warm dinner. As I get older I find myself happier when things don’t change. If I keep xperimenting on new recipes I might have really well fed chickens.
    The good thing is since the chickens will eat most anything I don’t count it as food waste.

    • Laurie in CA says:

      I love cumin but I’m just not a big fan of turmeric. I don’t care for cardamom either. like ginger in small doses but hubs keeps insisting he doesn’t like it. I sneak in some fresh grated ginger sometimes and he is none the wiser 🙂

  250. Alice E says:


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – he took a pb sandwich, I had turkey and Swiss
    D – fried chicken, rice asparagus. He had a cinnamon roll as well.

    The fried chicken was a special treat. The grocery store he works at has a special sale and is selling a fried drumstick and thigh combo for a dollar. So I had told him he could pick some up and bring home if he wanted. He also bought himself a cinnamon roll for a treat. I don’t fry chicken, but every now and then they have this sale and we have a treat. Since we both prefer dark meat it works for us. I generally either bake chicken or poach it and save the broth.

    Thankfully we have no new ice and I am no longer housebound, I hope that will continue an d my new stove will arrive next Tuesday.

  251. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Thursday 2/22
    B Protein shake me. Hubs ? Coffee both
    L bologna and cheese sandwich me, hubs ham and salami and cheese sandwich
    D chicken enchiladas with L/O chicken, enough left to make chicken salad, a lot of meals from a $3 chicken all other ingredients from frig or pantry.

  252. Roberta says:

    Thurs. 2/22/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their packed lunches. (Used up the last of the grapes, and we’re getting low on yogurt. I need to pick up some more fruit and some whole milk to make up another batch of yogurt.) I had the last slice of quiche and some pistachios.

    D: Loaded burrito bowl bar. (Black beans, rice, green onions from the garden, black olives, shredded cheddar, green chiles, tomatoes, salsa, hot sauce, sour cream. Hubs and I loaded our bowls; son contented himself w/ rice, beans, cheese, olives, and sour cream.) Salad, apple and orange slices.

    S/D: Hubs and son both had PB toast for snacks. We’re still out of anything for dessert.

  253. Terry calkins says:

    Breakfast home fries, scrambled eggs and English muffins
    Lunch. I made homemade linguini with butter and parmesan. Made cutlets out of the last of the turkey. There’s enough left to make lomein
    Chopped the last of the baked turkey ready to mix with condiments to make turkey salad or mix with BBQ sauce to make sandwiches on hamburger buns. The only thing I put in the freezer was one container of stock. Hubby has about finished up the tacos. We’re ready for something new.
    I picked up the Friday freebie at Fred Meyer today and only bought a gallon of milk..
    Used the last of the cottage cheese, some peaches and some orange jello to make a cream cycle style dessert. Can
    Recipe called for whipping cream but I didn’t have any so it might be a little heavy but if nothing else I can use it in smoothies

  254. Felicia says:

    Friday – 2/23/18

    Thanks for all your input…I did buy the pork shoulder/butt today at 99 cents/lb. It was $9 and change. Tomorrow I’ll cut it up and decide what to do with it. There isn’t much room in the freezer so I’ll cook a good portion of it this weekend.

    Made lemon-blueberry muffins this morning! I forgot to add the sugar and didn’t realize it until they were in the oven!
    So I sprinkled some sugar on top of the muffins. It was a good save. Phew!

    Breakfast – oatmeal

    Lunch – cream cheese and jam on cinnamon raisin bread

    Dinner – baked cod with saute of yellow squash and carmelized onion with rosemary roasted potatoes.

    • Mona says:

      Good job Felicia……enjoy your pork and the lemon blueberry muffins sound really good!

    • Alice E says:

      I know you’ll enjoy your pork. I like your save on the muffins. Most of them are too sweet for me, so maybe I’ll try this way myself someday. I mostly just don’t make muffins. ( grin)

  255. Pat says:

    My husband called the doctor’s office today because he still isn’t feeling well. They put him on a bland diet and gave him some meds to put the good bacteria back in his intestinal track. So I spent $10 at the store buying gatorade, ginger ale and saltine crackers and some wheat thins. He felt bad enough that he took the afternoon off. Hopefully he will feel better by Sunday.
    Before I knew about the diet change i had already made a cookie sheet of roasted sweet potatoes for the weekend. In the freezer they went. I also had some russets that were sprouting so I made Jessica’s freezer mashed potatoes. Our 18 year old is having his wisdom teeth pulled next Thursday afternoon and will be eating soft foods and he loves mashed potatoes. They went in the fridge freezer too. Goodbye white space!!
    Feb 24
    Breakfast was the usual
    Lunch–He had plain white rice and a cherry jello I made. I had tuna salad and crackers.
    Dinner–He had plain oatmeal, half a plain bagel and Gatorade. I had bread and butter. I wasn’t really hungry.

    • Alice E says:

      Hope you husband if feeling better soon. I have fought those battles and feel for him. Ginger ale is one of my standbys and I always have some on hand and some Gatorade for when hydration is important.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      I hope your husband feels better very soon, Pat. 🙂

  256. Stephanie M. says:

    Friday, February 23

    B – Paul had cereal; I had whole grain rye toast, a strawberry Greek yogurt, and 1/2 a banana

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had steamed chicken, steamed veggies, and brown rice (a quick pick up from the Chinese restaurant around the corner) because I had so many errands to run this morning by the time I got home it was past lunchtime and I didn’t want to make anything but at least I stuck to the healthy stuff rather than what I normally eat when I have a Chinese cheat meal. LOL

    D – The last of the leftover stuffed peppers and elbow macaroni

    • Alice E says:

      Hooray for healthy choices at Chinese. Sometimes we just need to not have to cook that quick lunch or at least I do.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thanks Alice. As a rule, I really only allow myself one cheat meal per month. I’ve come too far to look back. I don’t know if you were on last year when I started all this healthy eating but last January, my blood work came back as pre diabetic and my cholesterol and triglycerides were slight elevated. So I took myself to a dietician which I still see even though at this point, I’m just maintaining but I like to hold myself accountable. This dietician is free of charge and works in our local supermarket who offers this service to anyone that wants it. I did everything she told me to do and in five months with the lifestyle that she put me on, I lost 20 lbs. and to date, I’ve lost 22 1/2 pounds. Now I am down from 150.5 to 128. And I’m no longer pre diabetic and my cholesterol numbers have come down to a “normal” level. But I’m still living this new lifestyle with food because otherwise, I will undo everything I’ve done. But when that once a month cheat meal comes and I want Chinese, I can assure you it’s not STEAMED ANYTHING. It’s an egg roll, pork fried rice, pork lo mein, fried dumplings and General Tso. My husband and I really enjoy that night. He jumped right on the bandwagon with me and has been eating healthier like me and also lost 20 lbs.

        • Alice E says:


          I think I dropped out shortly after you found out about the problem, but I did know about it and I’m proud of you for sticking to it and reaching the healthy numbers. I know it can be difficult to change your lifestyle. Diabetes is a problem in my family, both of my sisters are diabetic. The one who has been diabetic the longest has more trouble with her sugars. I worry about her. My A1c was creeping up about a year and a half ago, not pre-diabetic, but creeping closer. So I started being a bit more careful and since I was having knee problems I started exercising in physical therapy. After a trip to the specialist the lingering knee problem was diagnosed as arthritis and then I started water therapy exercises. I’m still exercising in the water twice a week (except for flu and such) and working out with a trainer once a week. My A1c is now down to 5.5 and my blood pressure is down some also. My cholesterol was okay but it and triglycerides are down a bit more, so my doctor is happy and so am I. I am allergic to the artificial sweeteners and really don’t want to wind up diabetic if I can avoid it.

  257. Mona says:

    Friday 2/23

    Breakfast – Oatmeal for me, last of the sausage and eggs for hubby

    Lunch – Chicken noodle soup, finished off the crackers

    Dinner – Finished off the Cheesy sausage & tomato shells

    Will be back in touch when we get home, in the meantime I hope everyone’s weather starts to warm up.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Hi Mona. I’m thinking you might be home by now. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. We miss you.

      • Mona says:

        Hello Stephanie!!! We are home but things have been crazy. Did think I posted a meal the day after we got home but I must have forgotten to send it. How fast we forget what we are doing. I have tried to send you another message but then the computer goes whacky so I just want you to know all is good, the trip was great and relaxing BUT now it is back to reality and it has been crazy. Tomorrow I will be at the school for the day since it is picture day so hopefully over the week end things will ease up a bit. We have had 2 birthdays plus the little guy’s party with all his friends at Chuckie Cheese, so of course Grandma and Pap had to be there and have Granddaughter #2 Birthday party on Friday, along with running errands to try to get every thing taken care of Grandma’s estate……But wanted to let you know we have been eating and I will be back soon…. feel like I need another vacation already. lol Missed you and hope to read all the posts soon. Hugs

        • Stephanie M. says:

          Hi Mona. I was so happy to hear from you. I’m so glad your trip was wonderful and that you are back home safe. Looking forward to hearing all about it. 🙂

  258. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Friday 2/23
    B scrambled eggs with mushrooms, English muffins, OJ & coffee both
    L cheese and crackers L/O cheese log from Christmas me, hubs nothing
    D out with friends , had gift card from favorite wing place

    Rainy here again today but better then the ice and snow some of you are getting. Can’t wait for spring!

  259. Terry calkins says:

    One more day of leftovers then it will be clear the decks Sunday morning..my dogs favorite day
    There’s a small bowl of noodles left. Possible dragon noodles. A little broccoli left. Possible broccoli cheese soup.
    A little taco meat and refried beans. Hubby will finish.
    Loaded baked potatoes and spaghetti are sounding good. In any event it will be an easy cooking day. Breakfast is french toast with maple glazed apples

  260. Alice E says:


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea
    L – he took pb sandwich, I made a creamy soup out of the last of the chicken linguine
    D – Turned the rest of the hamburger stew into a veg soup with the aid of a can of tomatoes and a can of green beans. We ate it with the leftover fried chicken from yesterday.

    snacked on cottage cheese.

    The weather is above freezing and I made it to the gym for my session with a trainer and then went by the library. It was good to get out and have the streets clear. We are supposed to have rain starting tonight and off and on thru tomorrow night, but I am so glad it isn’t supposed to be cold enough to freeze. I generally like winter weather but ice really worries me. I have been known to wish the temps would stay cold or not and quit bouncing around and setting off my weather wise aches.

    I am looking forward to getting my new stove next week and being able to use the oven. I really miss having one and used it a lot. I was complaining to my sis about missing it and she said ‘yes, you actually use yours don’t you?’, she hasn’t used hers yet since moving into her apartment last June. Oh, well, she was never as fond of cooking as I was, so I guess I’m not really surprised.

  261. Roberta says:

    Fri. 2/23/18

    B: Scrambled eggs, waffles, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs and I ate out while running errands.

    D: We had a little bit of black beans and rice left over from Thursday, so I put that and some cheese in a tortilla to make son a burrito. Hubs and I were still full from lunch, so we didn’t have anything.

  262. Tasty says:

    Saturday February 24th

    The novelty of eating out is wearing off.so for supper tonight we bought a coup!e of premade salads and a couple of yogurts and we’ll eat in the hotel room – there won’t be any leftovers!!!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      I can understand that Tasty. Eating out is great the first few days up to a week or so but after that, it gets old. One night while we were in Hawaii, we decided to get a pizza and forego the usual nice dinner in a restaurant. We took our pizza over to a nearby park in town and had a pizza picnic under the trees. It was so nice. Enjoy your salads and yogurt and the rest of your trip. 🙂

  263. Stephanie M. says:

    Saturday, February 24

    B – We both had oatmeal; Paul had brown sugar on his and a banana on the side; I had cinnamon on mine and some peanuts on the side. I just can’t get used to that combination. I know a lot of people put cinnamon on their oatmeal. When I was a kid my mom used to put a spoonful of strawberry preserves over it and that’s how I grew up eating oatmeal and continued to eat it that way all the way up until I found I couldn’t have preserves anymore, not even the sugar free kind because my dietician doesn’t like the sugar substitutes that are in them. Oh well. 🙁

    L – Paul had a grilled cheese sandwich and French fries; I had leftover brown rice, steamed veggies and steamed chicken from yesterday’s lunch from the Chinese restaurant; one more serving for tomorrow.

    D – Broiled sea scallops over spinach with garlic and olive oil, rice pilaf, and salad

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Stephanie, does your dietician like any of the more natural sweeteners, like the stevia in Truvia? (vs the chemical sweeteners?)

      • Stephanie M. says:

        No, she only approves of natural sugar. I’m not a sugar person so this doesn’t bother me. I don’t take sugar in my tea. But when I make whole wheat pancakes (because she say’s they are healthier than regular ones), she wants me to use 100% maple syrup. I used to use Log Cabin. And because I have to watch my carbs, I can only have 1 TBS. of syrup. Have you ever tried to make 1 TBS. syrup work for two pancakes? It’s not easy. But I learned a trick. Now instead of putting the syrup on my pancakes, I put it next to them and dip the pancakes. She prefers everything to be natural without artificial ingredients. Before I started seeing her, I drank OJ now and then and sometimes juice. But I was never a true juice drinker. Because I have not had any of these kinds of drinks in over a year now, recently my husband wanted me to taste some of the juice he was drinking. It was a Gatorade. In the past, while I never drank my own, I used to take a sip or two of his. When I tried it, I had to go and brush my teeth. To me, it tasted like nothing but a spoonful of sugar. I guess this is what happens when you give certain things up; it’s never the same again.

  264. Terry calkins says:

    Easy cooking day today. All leftovers went out to the garden to find green onions in the snow for my dragon noodles, brought the mail in and fed the chickens, collected the eggs. Otherwise I haven’t been out of the house

  265. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shakes for 3 of us. I also had tea and a banana. Hubby the usual cinnamon oatmeal.

    L-Son1 and I went out to lunch when we were running some errands before physical therapy. He didn’t go to school all week. Had some trouble controlling the pain in the shoulder. He was glad to get out of the house. Hubby had a protein shake. Son2 had school lunch

    Supper-. Homemade pizzas with sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms. Used Jessica’s pizza sauce from the freezer.


    B- Protein shake and tea for me. Hubby had eggs. Boys slept late.

    L-Leftovers for 3 of us. Son1 went out on a lunch date to a Mexican restaurant with a girl from school. She called and asked him, picked him up since he can’t drive for awhile and bought him lunch. Very sweet young lady.

    Supper-Smoked venison that was reheated in the cast iron with butter and fried potatoes.

  266. Pat says:

    Thanks for the get well wishes for my husband. He is feeling better.
    Woke up to more ice and a dusting of snow this morning. I did go out this afternoon to my friend’s house warming party. By then the ice was patchy and it had warmed up to 30. The main streets were fine.
    My total spending for the month is $182.71, of that $38.42 was perishables, fruit and I included a pack of bagels a week. I am very pleased with my totals. I won’t be buying anything this week because he wants to stay away from salads until this illness is totally cleared up. We have everything else we need.
    Feb 24
    Breakfast– My husband had his usual breakfast and I ate the last of the banana nut muffins.
    Lunch–He had white rice in homemade chicken broth, a slice of homemade bread and a jello. I ate at the housewarming party. I had meat, cheese and crackers, a ladle full of little smokies, potato chips and a whole bunch of fruit .
    Dinner–I am not hungry yet at 9pm. He gad some tuna salad and crackers and more jello.

  267. Alice E says:


    Brunch – I fixed a bulgur pilaf with onions, mushrooms and some crumbled bacon from the freezer. Served it with hot dogs and steamed butternut squash and of course hot tea.

    Supper was creamed ground pork with celery, onions and mushrooms served over the leftover rice pilaf with the rest of the leftover asparagus and the leftover butternut squash from the morning.

    Did a partial inventory of the big freezer and found a stash of ground pork, so we will be eating quite a bit of it in various ways in the next few weeks.

  268. Terry calkins says:

    Why does my dog always want to go out between 3:33 and 3:38 am? Then she can go back to sleep and I am wide awake!

  269. Kathy in Denmark says:

    Wednesday Feb. 21:
    D: Egg salad sandwiches for kids. Nachos for the adults with HM chili beans and guacamole made from frozen avocado.

    Thursday Feb. 22:
    D: Hamburger with fried onions, boiled potatoes and carrots and gravy. DH had a vegetarian burger. I thawed vegetarian gravy from the freezer and broth made from the duck carcass from Christmas to make gravy for me and the kids. The potatoes were cooked earlier in the week, so I just had to heat them in the microwave oven.

    Friday Feb. 23:
    D: Hotdogs 🙂

    Saturday Feb 24:
    D: Steak/vegetarian cutlet with HM oven fries, corn on the cob and mushrooms in a cream sauce. I found a pack of 3 steaks in the freezer, which is like striking gold LOL. I cooked up two steaks and saved the biggest one for Sunday. I also had the corn in the freezer, bought when in season and frozen. It was an absolutely delicious meal!

    Sunday Feb 25:
    Steak/veggie burger with leftover gravy, boiled potatoes and veggies.

    I have cleared the freezer of a couple of things, so I am able to freeze some of the bread I am baking and I also froze the rest of the soup from earlier in the week so we have an easy dinner for a busy day. All things considered, I am quite happy with this week’s PC progress 🙂

  270. Teresa calkins says:

    Clear the decks Sunday.. our animals favorite day of the week.
    I took spaghetti sauce out of the freezer, as well as a pound of ground pork, also a nice ham roast. Put pinto beans in the instapot. Those will anchor our meals for this week.
    There’s a butternut squash ready to bake, potatoes, onions and salad fixings. I think we are prepared

  271. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Saturday 2/24
    B Protein shake me, hubs coffee was free at our senior center where we volunteer. Coffee both
    L lunch out Panera with gift card
    D L/O chicken and gravy. Over sub buns from freezer, corn from freezer

    Made a chocolate cake from frog and pantry

    S cake

  272. Felicia says:

    Sunday – 2/25/18

    Breakfast – lemon blueberry muffin
    Lunch – sardines on ww english muffin
    Dinner – Kalua Pork in my new Instant Pot, green beans, can pineapple chunks and rice.

    Cut up my 9# lb pork shoulder/butt into many dinners.

    Today, I made a Kalua Pork recipe, a Jamaican Jerk Pork recipe, pork stew and BBQ pulled pork. Guess we’ll be eating some pork this week!

    Froze the top layer of fat into rolled pork skin and tied together to use in spaghetti sauce for flavor.
    Froze 8 oz for pork stew or summer grilled kabobs.
    Froze a 1 and 1/2 roast for DH to make Brunswick stew in the future.

    I anticipate having some leftovers from today’s meals too.

    Stretching this 9# lb pork as far as I can! 🙂

  273. Stephanie M. says:

    Sunday, February 25

    B – Whole wheat pancakes from the freezer and turkey sausage

    L – Roast Beef sandwiches with lettuce and tomato

    D – Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, and peas. Another roast out of the freezer!! 🙂

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Stephanie, I know you and I have both eaten Jimmy Dean turkey sausage. Have you tried the Butterball turkey breakfast sausage? I noticed it at the grocery store the other day and wondered how it compared with the Jimmy Dean. It was a little bit cheaper.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Lynn. No I have not. The only turkey breakfast sausage I have ever had was Jimmy Dean; sometimes the links, sometimes the patties, which are both the same. I bought both kinds this weekend. I have not even looked for any other kind. Let me know how you like the Butterball if you try it. Do you like chicken sausage for dinner? We started eating that last year as well. At first I only made it with sausage and peppers. For some reason, I couldn’t get used to the idea of using it for when I made a big pot of Sunday sauce with meatballs and sausage. I just thought it should be the regular pork sausage that I’ve always used. But Premio makes an excellent sweet Italian chicken sausage. It tastes exactly like the pork sausage that I used to make; even has fennel in it like the sweet Italian pork sausage, just less fat. Now, it’s the only sausage I use for a dinner meal. Having jumped on the “healthy foods” bandwagon, I’ve had to try so many new things this past year and so far so good.

        • Lynn of NC Outer Banks says:

          Stephanie, one of the sale specials from my grocery store this week was on the Al fresco chicken sausage. I’ve gotten it before and thought it was good, and I got 2 more packages today. I got the sweet Italian sausage so can use it in a couple of different ways too. The only thing is that the links are kind of short, which my husband points out!

  274. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    Hello all again. Had a good trip home last weekend and found my parents doing well. My father has since been discharged to home, which is such a relief and a blessing. After being married for 65 1/2 years, my parents were so happy to be back together again after a month apart!

    I continue on with the pantry and freezer challenge, although I’ve needed to restock since I’d eaten down quite a bit of my proteins and everything else! Maybe I’ve met the challenge? but still have some items I want to use up. This seems to be the best place to hold me accountable, so I hope y’all will still have me!

    I had some rain checks that I needed to use or lose, and some were too good to let expire. So I re-stocked frozen veggies, oil, baking supplies, coffee, eggs, bacon, tortillas and some fresh chicken and pork because, like Felicia, I found a price too good to pass up and I was out. I got a boneless pork loin for 1.49/lb for a total of $7. I put half in the freezer and we’re eating several meals from the other half. The shredded cheese sale (B2G3) is on again this week, and though it’s making me a little nervous, I’m not buying any. I think I’m down to about 4 packages, down from 20+! I had previously bought fresh veggies and fruits from Aldi, which we continue to eat. My canned goods are pretty minimal still.

    Breakfast for me has pretty much continued to be peanut butter toast, buttered toast, and/or eggs with coffee or tea. My husband has eaten grits with turkey sausage from the freezer along with eggs too.

    Lunches have been soup, salads, sandwiches or leftovers.

    Dinners I’ve done a little better keeping up with.

    D: turkey a la king (freezer meal), toast points and tossed salad. I found a small container in the freezer and then added more turkey from the freezer and veggies to stretch it to feed 2.

    2/19 I don’t know…

    D: I found some semi-stale corn taco shells. I broke them up and toasted them in the oven. I then added LO roasted chicken with seasonings and they made tasty chicken nachos with lettuce/tomato/avocado/cheese and salsa for toppings. Also had grapes.

    D: LO chicken for chicken pot pie. Used some fresh veggies (carrots, onions, potatoes, celery), LO gravy, last bit of frozen corn and peas from freezer with HM crust. Also tossed salad and orange slices.

    D: LO chicken pot pie, broccoli salad

    D: pork roast, mashed potatoes, LO broccoli salad, grapes

    L: used broth from freezer and fresh broccoli, cauliflower and cheese to make soup. Used up the last bit of powdered chicken bouillon from the pantry. Unfortunately, it made the soup a bit salty. I added some more liquid and veggies which helped and will eat it anyway for lunch this week (I don’t have any pets to share it with 🙂 Some of the extra went…back in the freezer.
    D: LO pork, LO mashed potatoes, green beans almondine (freezer)

    B: toast, coffee
    L: soup, salad
    D: crock pot rotisserie chicken, peas, baked sweet potato (gifted from relative)
    S: HM hummus from chickpeas and ingredients from pantry, carrots

    We are having beautiful spring like weather here. We’ve been taking frequent barefoot walks on the beach enjoying high temps during these February days! Have a good week everyone!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Glad to hear that your dad is ok and your parents are together again.

      Great job on using up most of your proteins. I’m getting very close to the same thing.

      I wish we were enjoying such beautiful weather here. Walking on the beach right now would be very cold. In the summer, every single Sunday, Paul and I get up early and get some bagels and take them down the shore which is about 40 minutes away, walk the length of the boardwalk to the inlet where the boats come through and sit there and eat breakfast. It’s so peaceful at that time of day. It’s usually about 8:00 when we’re there. There are other people standing around having coffee or a breakfast sandwich. It’s so nice. Then we come home and start our day. It’s something we look forward to every Sunday. We find ourselves talking more and more about it recently because in another 4 to 6 weeks, we will start going again. Can’t wait. But you enjoy your nice walks that you’re having right now. 🙂

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        Our warm temperatures were just a tease, as more typical weather (40s and 50s) has returned today. But it was nice while it lasted and left us wishing for more. Can’t wait for spring!

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        And Stephanie, thank you for your thoughts on my parents. He continues to do well and results from follow up medical appointments this week were good. So thankful.

  275. Pat says:

    We had beautiful weather today in Omaha! The high was 42, the sun was shining and all the ice melted. So far there is no mention of moisture for the next week.
    It was a pretty laid back day in the kitchen.
    Feb 25
    Breakfast–He had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I made a sandwich out of the leftovers.
    Lunch–He finished the tuna salad with crackers and finished the jello. I skipped.
    Dinner–L/o prime rib,freezer mashed potatoes with gravy and steamed California blend.

  276. Alice E says:


    B – l/o bulgur pilaf with l/o creamy ground pork, hot tea
    l – egg sandwich, cottage cheese, hot tea
    D- pasta salad with chicken and celery

    Only l/o pasta salad in frig, others all gone, Chopped up the rest of the celery and froze it for later. Celery is a problem for me, I like to cook with it, but rarely used the whole stalk up before it was past it, so nowadays I chop it up and freeze it for later, that way I can buy it on sale and not waste any of it. I’ve got more ground pork in the frig thawing so we’ll have it in something tonight, but haven’t decided just what. I’ve got supplies for more that one choice, so we will see.

    • Lynn of NC Outer Banks says:

      Alice, I’m the same with celery. I’d forget about it until it was not longer fit to eat. I, too, started chopping it and freezing it and then it was ready to use and no more food waste!

    • Tasty says:

      Count me in too for freezing most of the celery I buy. Used to waste a lot but not any more!

    • Pat says:

      Celery was something I always wasted until I started chopping it almost as soon as I buy it:)

  277. Terry calkins says:

    Yesterday was clear the deck day in my kitchen.. there wasn’t a lot to feed the animals. We did a good job with the leftovers last week. I had dragon noodles for breakfast. Hubby had the last turkey cutlets with gravy, hash browns and eggs. Neither of us could finish so the dog got the rest. Lunch we both had ham sandwiches. I cooked a batch of pinto beans. Hubby was into them numerous times the rest of the day. I cooked the butternut squash. The pulp is in the freezer. The skin and seeds went to the chickens along with egg shells, potato skins and some long frozen burritos that we didn’t care for. We’re used to homemade. The cheap frozen ones just don’t get us there. For dinner I had oatmeal cooked with a frozen banana. Added chopped apple and maple syrup. Again couldn’t finish so the chickens got that as well.
    I cubed all the rest of the not so fresh Rosemary bread and baked it to make croutons. Feeling good about starting the week with everything fresh. My fridge is in great shape and both freezers are finally showing some space. There’s almost nothing on my grocery list!

  278. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Sunday 2/25
    B me bagel with cream cheese Coffee hubs breakfast with a friend
    L tuna salad on English muffin w/ swiss cheese both
    D chicken thighs pineapple in crockpot with jasmin rice
    S chocolate cake

  279. Roberta says:

    Sat. 2/24/18

    B: Cereal, toast, OJ, coffee for Hubs (he had a work event and had to leave early). Son and I had French toast and scrambled eggs (w/ the extra FT “batter”), OJ, coffee for me.

    L: Hubs ate at his event luncheon. Son and I had PB/apple butter sandwiches on whole wheat, string cheese, and a banana.

    D: Son and I had Mexican food at the Blue and Gold/Bridging Ceremony for the son of friends of ours (Cub Scout moving onto Boy Scouts for those who are unfamiliar). Hubs was on his own and said he made a quesadilla using up random things from the fridge–last large tortilla, cheddar, LO peppers from the burrito bowls, some dried tomatoes, etc.

    Sun. 2/25/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Out after church.

    D: Son had LO waffles from the freezer and a banana. Hubs had the last of the salad. I had PB toast.

    S/D: Pistachio pudding.

    Have a great week, all!

  280. Felicia says:

    Monday 2-26

    Breakfast – French toast w/red raspberry syrup, decaf coffee
    Lunch – sardines on WW english muffin, decaf coffee
    Dinner – defrosting jumbo stuffed ricotta/spinach shells with iceberg lettuce salad

    All my dinners for the week were cooked on Sunday – it’s a ‘heat and eat’ week for me! YAY!

  281. Stephanie M. says:

    Monday, February 26

    B – Paul had cereal; I had two poached eggs on a bed of arugula and sliced tomato on top of an open-faced whole wheat bagel thin, strawberries/blueberries, and V8

    L – Paul had General Tso chicken and leftover rice pilaf from the other night (a few months ago, I bought a bag of Perdue General Tso chicken just to have around for a lunch for Paul and today I opened the bag. I’ll give it to him again in the next several days to finish and then another bag out of the freezer); I had steak salad. I still have a couple of wrapped packages of home made roast beef that I made last week and froze. I froze the packets in 4 oz. servings for sandwiches but at the end of the roast, since I couldn’t slice it thin anymore, I just cut it and wrapped it. Today I defrosted that packet and cubed it and put it into a salad for myself. I also had two slices of whole wheat toast.

    D – Leftover Pot Roast, mashed potatoes and peas from yesterday

  282. Alice E says:

    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea.
    L – he took pb sandwich I stopped for a chili dog.
    D – We are having ground port and rice (like a pilaf with meat) and California blend veg with hot tea, raspberry peach fluff for dessert.

    • Joa in IA says:

      What is raspberry peach fluff? Sounds good.

      • Alice E says:

        It is a quick and easy dessert, not original or especially healthy. You take two containers of yogurt I( I used peach and raspberry), the add a package of dry jello ( I used Raspberry) and stir it in. Then I let it wait a bit or keep stirring until the jello isn’t gritty. Next stir/fold in a container of cool whip. You can use it as pie, with a graham cracker filling, but I just put it in separate dishes/containers and serve it like a pudding. The advantage of serving like pudding is you can eat it right away before it sets up, with a pie you have to chill it at least a couple hours so it sets solid.

        Obviously you could use any flavors you wanted. The original recipe in one of those booklet things was for a lime pie, but that isn’t a flavor we are that fond of, so I have played around with it through the years. It works well with just one flavor like strawberry, but I enjoy mixing up the flavors. This particular combo works well with peach jello obviously, just a slightly different color. (grin)

        Bruce likes it, but jello and cool whip aren’t the healthiest of ingredients, so I don’t usually fix it that often.

  283. Pat says:

    Obviously my husband didn’t stay on the bland diet long enough because his symptoms came back last night! So he is back to plain rice, jello and Gatorade.
    Today I made oatmeal packets and chicken veggie soup. It has homemade broth and chicken. I added fresh onion and garlic and frozen corn, peas, carrots, grated zucchini and some pureed butternut squash.
    Feb 26
    Breakfast was the usual
    Lunch–He ate a hamburger, and the l/o mashed potatoes and veggies from last night. I had a hard boiled egg.
    Dinner–He had rice and broth ad jello and I had soup with homemade bread’

    • Joa in IA says:

      Hopefully your hubby feels better soon. On the news the other night they were talking about the Norovirus. It is very contagious and affects the stomach and intestines. Wonder if he possibly has that.

  284. Terry calkins says:

    Pantry challenge is going well. Freezers are going down but my weight continues to climb.
    Eggs and hash browns for hubby for breakfast. I had oatmeal with bananas cooked in and chopped apple on top.
    I ran out Todo a couple of errands. Hubby was having a bowl of beans when I got home. I cooked a piece of frozen ham with garbonzos and veggie stock. Had that for lunch plus some braised cabbage.
    Bought more hamburger and seasonings so hubby can have a big batch of taco meat. Some will go to the freezer. I made some Cole slaw to have with them. Baked another butternut squash to put into the freezer. There are just a few left to process.

  285. Lynn of NC Outer Banks says:

    B: fried egg, toast, coffee
    L: some of the salty soup…
    D: boneless pork chops (cut from first half of pork loin) with veggies, rice, creamed spinach (freezer)
    S: crackers with HM hummus

  286. Joa in IA says:


    B- Ham, mushroom and cheese omelets

    L- Boys had toasted sub sandwiches with the sub bread from a few days earlier. Hubby had hamburger and fried potatoes mixed together leftover from awhile ago. I had leftover chili ( barely a cup )and fried potatoes.

    Supper- Grilled hamburgers and all the fixings, with oven roasted brussels sprouts.


    Son1 went back to school today after a week at home from shoulder surgery. Did pretty good he said. Had some pain but ibuprofen helped. After school he had physical therapy. That was not fun.

    B- Protein shakes for 3 of us. Hubby cinnamon oatmeal

    L- Leftover hamburger and bun with chips, hubby had a protein shake, Son1 had chicken nuggets and not sure what else, Son2 had school lunch.

    Snack- avocado with tortilla chips for me, Son2 had salsa and chips

    Supper-Smoked chicken thighs, green beans and packet of alfredo noodles.

    We had some nice weather today. Sunny and 52 out! Not normal February weather here.

  287. Kathy in Denmark says:

    Monday feb. 26:

    Breakfast: HM rolls and milk/coffee for everyone.
    L: Packed lunch for DD1. Rye bread with egg/fish/leftover steak for the rest of us (DH was home sick)
    D: Vegetarian lasagna with chopped salad and HM rolls

    I made a really big lasagna, which will provide leftovers for another dinner this week and then I will freeze the rest for quick dinners.
    It is REALLY cold in Denmark right now. A coldfront from Siberia (yes, Siberia!) is making it’s way across the country. So even though spring is supposed to be right around the corner, we have snow, wind and freezing temperatures.
    I think I will change my meal plan and thaw a roast from the freezer, so we can have som hearty meals this week. Brrrr!

  288. Terry calkins says:

    Just above zero here again this morning. We have snow predicted for the rest of the week.
    Food for thought. Anyone else having problems with trying to lose weight while pantry challenging? It seems to be near or the other with me

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Terry, I continue to struggle with weight loss in general! (If I had a tenth of Stephanie’s willpower, it might be a different story!) The strategies I have used successfully in the past don’t seem to work anymore. Danged metabolism!!

  289. Terry calkins says:

    So cold. Soup is called for. Took spaghetti sauce out of the freezer. Added onions, frozen corn celery and cabbage and the last of a catsup bottle. Think I will bake cornmeal muffins to go with it

  290. Roberta says:

    Mon. 2/26/18

    B: Cereal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their regular packed lunches. I had salad w/ a HB egg and some sunflower seeds. I also finished up the last of the pistachios.

    D: HM chicken noodle soup (HM chicken stock, a cooked chicken breast, corn, and some sliced celery from the freezer; last bag of egg noodles from the pantry; fresh onions and carrots), salad, orange slices, cantaloupe.

    I’m running a bit low on pasta (one bag of macaroni, some ziti, and some small mason jars of random shapes that can be tossed in soups). I’ll have to do some restocking in March.

  291. Stephanie M. says:

    Tuesday, February 27

    B – Paul had two home made breakfast burritos – used up the package of breakfast sausage that I had I the freezer; I had a whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Paul had a ham and cheese sandwich on rye using some more of the sliced ham I have in the freezer; I had a roast beef sandwich on whole grain rye with lettuce and tomato, using the second to the last packet of roast beef that I made last week specifically for sandwiches and froze in 4-oz. packets. I also had an apple

    D – Taco Tuesday – Fish tacos on whole wheat wraps; Paul also finished the last of the rice pilaf that I made the other night

  292. Alice E says:


    B – He had oats and eggs with hot tea, I microwaved some frozen meatballs to eat while organizing/cleaning
    L – he took pb sandwiches, I had sausage egg muffin and trail mix while volunteering.
    D – I had leftover pasta salad and cottage cheese, he had leftover pork and rice, leftover veg, cooked apples and fluff.

    I finally have my new oven installed. It was scheduled originally for last week in the middle of the ice storms and got rescheduled for today. They were supposed to come between 7 and 11 this morning, so my morning was early and hectic to be sure I was ready for them. They had it installed by 9:15. Since we ate leftovers, so far it has heated the tea kettle and of course I had the oven on for half an hour for the original heating cycle with no food.

    I am looking forward to baked eggs for breakfast tomorrow! I will probably do some baking soon, definitely on the weekend, I would do more, it we weren’t in the middle of a warm spell, but it so nice to have it!

  293. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shake for Son1 and I. Hubby oatmeal, Son2 leftover hamburger.

    L- Leftover hamburger and popcorn corn for me, hubby had a protein shake, Son1 and friend went to Culver’s for lunch, Son2 had school lunch

    Supper- Tacos, tomatoes, black olives, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, tortillas and tortilla chips

  294. Laurie in CA says:

    It’s been crazy busy the last week and I don’t remember where I left off. We had our 16 yo grandson for the weekend so we ate his favorites which aren’t waistline friendly. We’re trying to get back on track. Sorta. Kinda.

    B – Hubs had a couple pieces of toast and nuts. I had a piece of toast with almond butter
    L – it was errand day so we had lunch at Mimi’s with a coupon
    D – homemade lentil soup out of the freezer w/toasted artisano bread from the freezer

    B – baked banana nut oatmeal (so yummy)
    L – I took the l/o soup from dinner last night. Hummus and pita chips, hubs had a protein shake
    D – I put a shoulder roast w/salsa in the crockpot this morning. Shredded it and made soft tacos when I got home.

  295. Pat says:

    It was 58 here today! No coat weather to be sure.
    Our !8 year old is having his wisdom teeth and one other tooth pulled Thursday afternoon and will be home until Sunday night to recuperate. I went thru the pantry and the freezers and don’t think I’ll need to buy anything for him. We’ll see how it goes.
    Feb 27
    Breakfast was the usual..
    Lunch was the soup from last night for us both and toast.
    Dinner–We had a meeting and didn’t get home till after 6 so it was breakfast for dinner. I cooked hashbrowns with ground up ham, garlic and onions. My husband wanted scrambled eggs mixed with his, I put easy over eggs on top of mine. I had cuties, He had jello

    • Joa in IA says:

      Hope your son does well tomorrow. Wisdom teeth are no fun. Son1 had his done back in November the day before Thanksgiving. He ate a lot of pudding and macaroni and cheese. He is an odd kid, he doesn’t like mashed potatoes.

      • Pat says:

        Thanks Joa. My son is loves mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs. baked potatoes, mac and cheese and other soft foods. He also has a pretty high pain tolerance. The first 24 hours might be rough but I think he’ll be pretty good after that as long as he’s careful with what he e.ats

    • Alice E says:

      Hope it goes well for your son. I recommend he sleep the first night and any naps the day they are pulled in a recliner or at least well propped up. It really does help keep down swelling and the resultant pain. You may already know this, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

  296. Terry calkins says:

    Struggling with trying to lose weight and continue the pantry challenge. Breakfast for hubby. His hash browns and eggs. I had scrambled eggs and apple slices
    Lunch was soup made from the veggie bin plus beans, corn and spaghetti sauce from the freezer. It made a big batch. I had one bowl full, ladeled some over the dogs food, left enough for tomorrow’s lunch and froze three packages. Hubby had a ham sandwich.
    Dinner time I had a huge green salad and a small piece of ham. Hubby fixed something for himself plus a bowl of beans. He likes simple things. I cooked 1 1/2 pounds of pinto beans with veggie broth. And dried onions . He’s been eating them every day. I see that cash and carry has a 25# bag of pinto beans for just over 13.00. that’s going on my list this week

  297. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Yogurt,orange me Hubs Kashi her from pantry last one coffee both
    L tuna sandwich me Hubs salami and swiss cheese sandwich chips
    D L/O chicken enchiladas me Hubs ate at the hockey game

    Bbagel with cream cheese me Hubs 2 doughnuts at meal on wheels free when we volunteer Coffee both
    L/O chicken enchiladas me last of those. Hubs bologna and cheese Sandwich
    D. Hot dogs homemade macaroni salad

    This is my 2nd month doing the challenge and will continue he next month. I’m getting better at planning and using leftovers but still have a lot in pantry and freezer!! It feels good not to throw so much food out! Am also trying to eliminate one freezer with just the 2 of us 3 seemed too much!! So enjoyed ideas from everyone.

  298. Terry calkins says:

    Did my grocery shopping this morning. 26.59. that included 25# of pinto beans and 5# of Romain salad mix and all of the misc items on my list. Everything I needed was either on sale or discounted. Happy days! On my way to make a big pot of beans and a big green salad

  299. felicia says:

    Wednesday –

    Another rainy day but these days are good for pantry organization. I found a bag of MYO choc raspberry muffins and made up a batch for breakfast! I could have finished yesterday’s pancakes for National Pancake Day but decided choc was the preferred flavor de jour this morning! LOL! Had my muffin with a cup of hot tea.

    Lunch – Egg McNothin Muffin and decaf coffee. That would be egg over easy sandwich onto a toasted WW English Muffin. 😉 Nothin else!

    Dinner – Slow cooker BBQ pulled pork with my 99 cents/lb pork shoulder. Made some coleslaw; homemade potato salad; have some leftover turnip greens and refried beans and in-store baked burger buns.

    My stash of oats is running low. Hope Sprouts has a sale soon. Beside conventional oatmeal, I grind them into oat flour for my baking. When I can get them for 50 cents/lb….I buy POUNDS of it.

    I spent horribly this month almost doubling my $100 budget. FInishing up at $186 and change. MAR shopping will be minimal mostly b/c I will be out of town for about 3 wks of it. TIme to travel to visit dad and celebrate his 91st birthday at home. If you are a prayer warrior, I could use prayers for good weather. Last MAR, we were snowed in for an extra week. This year, I pray that is not going to happen!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Hi Felicia:

      Have a safe trip up this way. I can tell you that next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday it will be cold at night in the 30’s with some rain/snow mix but during the days it will be in the 50’s so if this is actually true, whatever snow we may get will melt quickly. I have not heard any forecasts for any crazy amounts of snow. That’s the good thing about March in this area; it can snow but it goes away fast.

    • Kathy in Ohio says:

      So great that you can spend that much time with your Dad. My Mother will be 100 in October but we are fortunate to live only 2 hours away. Every day with her is a gift. Safe trip.

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        Kathy, you are right-every day with elderly parents is a gift. With my 90 1/2 year old father’s serious illness last month, I was reminded very acutely of this. Thankful for his improvement and my mother’s TLC for him.

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Felicia, prayers for good weather, a safe trip and a memorable birthday. Here in the Outer Banks, kids are out of school tomorrow due to high winds. We just never know about weather around here-snow, wind, hurricanes, floods…you name it! I hope travel north will be uneventful for you.

  300. felicia says:

    Phew…I feel better now. I went back over my FEB spending and altho I did go over budget, not sure what my calculator did but upon re-entering all the figures, my spending was $115.29. I feel so much better now! 🙂

    • Felicia says:

      Found the problem …lost a receipt. Okay, back at $167.20 which is still over what I wanted to spend. Tightening in on MARCH.

  301. Stephanie M. says:

    Wednesday, February 28

    B – Paul had breakfast burritos; I had a whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese and 1 oz. peanuts

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had a chicken burger and the last 1/2 cup rice pilaf from the other night\

    D – Pepper steaks over brown rice and cucumber salad

  302. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shake for 3 of us. Hubby had oatmeal.

    L- Beef nachos with salsa, cheddar cheese, black olives and tortilla chips for me, hubby had a protein shake, Son1 had chicken nuggets and not sure what else. Son2 had school lunch.

    Supper- Dump and bake chicken alfredo casserole with rotini noodles and frozen sweet corn. My mother in law froze it a couple of years ago and I keep finding more packages.

    February total grocery bill came to $507.19. Really was hoping to keep it right around $400.00. Our normal total is between $800-$900. January’s total was $278.78. If I could keep hubby out of the stores that would help too. No one at home knows that I’ve been doing the pantry challenge for 2 months. I’m planning on going into March still plugging away at it.

    • Alice E says:

      If no one knows, then you are doing very well, especially with hubby helping shop. (grin) My hubby used to only get what was on the list, but lately donuts and cinnamon rolls are also coming home.

      I envy you the frozen corn, years ago my father-in-law used to freeze it and give us some. My it was good, and I still find the kind I buy a bit lacking.

  303. Roberta says:

    Tues. 2/27/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs and I ate at Souplantation after our tax appointment.

    D: LO chicken noodle soup, salad, cantaloupe.

  304. Pat says:

    I inventoried all my freezers today and there is still lots of meat and veggies in there. At least they are organized again and I can find things wiithout too much trouble. The fridge freezer has half a shelf that is empty, the chest freezer is 2/3 full and the upright is 3/4 full. I’ll be continuing in this challenge for quite a while! my grocery list is pretty small. We need eggs, coffee, onions and sandwich thins.
    Feb 28
    Breakfast was the usual for us.
    Lunch–My husband took zucchini sweet potato hash and a yogurt. I had a hard boiled egg and an apple.
    Dinner was from the fridge freezer. My husband had roasted pork loin, a baked sweet potato and the last of the veggies from Sunday. I had the last container of peanut butter chicken and toast.
    My husband is feeling better. He is staying away from oils, salads and spicy foods for now.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Glad to hear he is finally feeling better, Pat!! 🙂

      • Pat says:


  305. Alice E says:


    B – Baked eggs, WW toast and hot tea. Hooray!!!
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had the last of the pasta salad
    D – leftovers, pork and rice with veg, poached apples, and fluff.

    Thank goodness he likes leftovers. I did some extra early spring cleaning and organizing in the kitchen before they brought the stove yesterday and today I am feeling it, definite sore muscles. Oh, well, it is done and I have an oven again so all will be well.

  306. Terry calkins says:

    Thursday morning. March 1. I woke early to wind and blowing snow. So happy I did my running around yesterday.
    Breakfast for hubby hash browns and eggs. I had steamed veggies and scrambled eggs. Neither of us could finish so the chickens got a warm breakfast. Lunch was a big green salad along with ham sandwiches on rye. My pot of pinto beans was calling me to an early dinner. Roasted butternut squash, Cole slaw and seasoned pintos topped with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.
    Hubby pronounced the beans okay! Said he likes them plainer. Promptly started another batch to soak that he intends to cook today. At less than 50 cents a pound for pinto beans he can cook as many as he wants..go for it…we’ll have dueling bean recipes going. I could live on beans, eggs and green salads but that sure wouldn’t help the pantry challenge.
    Yesterday I got Thompson’s English muffins for 25cents a package, rye bread for 50 cents a loaf and 14 grain bread for 1$ a loaf. There is no white space in the freezer again.

  307. Laurie in CA says:

    I’m hoping for a more normal week next week. Grands every day this week except Monday (our day to run errands and/or go to appointments). They’re fun but oh so tiring. I need to see if I can find my receipts for February. I know I bought a lot of things for the grands that we normally wouldn’t buy so it will probably be higher than I would like.

    B – baked blueberry oatmeal
    L – I had a half apple, walnuts, hummus and chips, hubs had lunch out
    D – I made a really yummy sheet pan shrimp, tomato and spicy broccoli over quinoa pasta meal. It is a modification of a Ree Drummond video I saw on Facebook. We had French bread and wine with it.

  308. Kathy in Ohio says:

    B out at a local diner to celebrate getting back into a shoe after 2 months since foot surgery!!
    L nothing full from breakfast
    D L/O chicken With rice and pineapple

    I was able to Check the frig freezer in the basement since I couldn’t do stairs after my foot surgery oh my it was fuller then I thought! I will be going into March and beyond. I set my budget at 150.00 went 69.97 over mostly from my Costco trip for coffee and creamer. Next month shoul be low we will be gone for 10 days to Oregon to visit our son and daughter in law and baby.. Good luck in March everyone!

  309. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    B: toast, coffee
    L: more of the salty soup
    D: chicken sausage with peppers and onions over LO rice from casserole last night, roasted carrots

    First time trying the chicken sausage. My husband said it tasted a little bland even though it was the Italian style, so he wasn’t a huge fan. I thought it was good but it was a bit on the mild side. Have another package to use. May taste better in something with a little more spice.

    B: toast, coffee
    L: forgot my soup, so ate a pack of crackers and a slice of pie from work (doesn’t help with weight loss:)
    D: Jessica’s peanut butter chicken with noodles, Asian salad. This was really tasty and I still have several more jars of peanut butter. Thank you for posting Jessica!

    B: toast with peanut butter, coffee
    L: last of the salty soup til I get to the container in the freezer
    D: asparagus, chicken and Swiss cheese quiche, fruit

  310. Stephanie M. says:

    Thursday, March 1

    B – Paul had cereal; I had a whole wheat bagel and lite cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had a chicken burger on whole wheat bun and 1/2 a banana

    D – Leftover pepper steak over brown rice and cucumber salad

    Bracing for a weekend of rain/snow and high winds. Sounds like a good soup weekend.

  311. Felicia says:

    Thursday – 3/1/18

    Happy March, y’all!

    I made gnocchi today with some potatoes that I made earlier in the week today. We’re going to have them with eggplant parm tomorrow night.

    But today….we had a meal that I cooked in my instant pot. Came out very tasty!

    Breakfast – English McNothin’ Muffin. Whole wheat english muffin and an egg over easy. Decaf coffee.

    Lunch – pancakes with PB&J

    Dinner – Jamaican Jerk Pork, turnip greens, homemade potato salad.

  312. Terry calkins says:

    Banana pancakes and an egg for hubby. I had a homemade bean and cheese burrito.
    Lunch. I had a big green salad with chopped apple and peanuts. Hubby had the toast and yogurt
    Dinner I had a scrambled egg and apple slices. Hubby had sandwich and a bowl of beans he cooked.
    This morning I added homemade oatmeal mix with dried fruit to yesterday’s leftover pancake batter to make 4 muffins currently baking in the toaster oven.
    I drained the extra broth off two batches of beans, added some fatty ham from the freezer and recooked the broth 20 minutes in the instapot. Best soup broth ever. Wonderful broth as is. I might add some veggie odds and ends and a bit of pasta to make an easy mnestrone

  313. Alice E says:


    B – Baked eggs, toast and hot tea
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had honey cake and veggie straws at volunteer job
    D – he had the last of the l/o park and rice and poached apples, I had a pot pie and some chips

  314. Sandy says:

    Hi ladies,
    I’m finally back! The last few weeks have been so crazy that I have been MIA from the chatter here. I’ve been plugging away, but life has gotten the best of me a few times. Since I last posted we hosted a Confirmation party for 16 year old, painted the whole bottom floor of oldest daughter’s new house with primer and 2 coats of paint and moved her family in less than a week, hosted a card party for friends, made a quick day trip to Amish country and spent way more than I should have on a pantry challenge, oh and all the regular farm chores we always have. It’s been exhausting, but glad to have family and friends to help and have fun with. Hoping things will slow down a bit now, but the calendar is filling quickly for March. I spent $533.75 for the month of February. Way more than I hoped, but $285 was from the Amish trip. Unbelievable prices on things that I couldn’t resist. Noodles that were in 5 lb. bags, big hunks of cheese that will last us a long time, homemade frozen dough for rolls (similar to Rhodes, but Amish lady made) $1 for 25 of them (I can’t make my own for that!), 2 hams at .99 a lb, 5 lb. of bacon for $4.50, 10 lb. box of fish, 50 lb. bag of potatoes, some flavored brats we couldn’t resist, and a whole bunch of other misc. spices and baking supplies. Felt a little guilty, but I can get excited about food shopping like some ladies do about shoe shopping! It’s sad!! I did use a lot of pantry and freezer items for both parties, so I guess that was a win. We had an Italian feast for the 16 year old, it’s what he requested. I made huge batches of everything and then we used the leftovers all week while I was helping daughter get ready to move. Between leftover pasta and ham and cheese sandwiches it’s what we lived on all week. We did have lots of fruit and veggies left from the party too, so it wasn’t just a carb lover’s week. This week has gone better, but I did have to already make a stop for produce and dairy and a few other staples that were low. So, I already have $90.36 in this month’s total. Time to tighten the belts. I did do one catch up day in the kitchen this week and made 6 loaves of bread and 2 double batches of granola.That should help out for breakfast for awhile with our own eggs. The fridge is presently full of lots of leftovers, so the weekend is looking fairly easy for meal prep. Sorry for such a long post. Hopefully back to regular posting now. Here is the low down on dinners from this week. Can’t remember all the lunches and breakfasts. Mostly leftovers for the most part.
    Grilled burgers, green beans and peaches and strawberries (Everything from the freezer except burger toppings)
    Potato, ham, broccoli and cheese casserole, salad
    Chicken tortilla soup and veggie soup for those not keen on tortilla soup, cheese and cornbread
    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and honey carrots, corn bread

    • Sandy says:

      Realized I put 2-29 instead of 3-1! Boy can tell I’m tired???

    • Roberta says:

      Congrats and blessings to your son!

      February was a crazy month for us as well. Like you, I’m hoping for a calmer March.

    • Kathy in Ohio says:

      Sounds like you had a really busy month, being with family is always so much fun. Where in Amish country do you go? Sounds like you got some great deals.

      • Sandy says:

        We have several places we go. This time it was Berne/Geneva, Indiana area. We are only 20 minutes from the Indiana state line, so it takes about 40-45 minutes to reach those stores. We also like a store in Fountain City Indiana. My all time favorite is Holmes County in Ohio, but that is a 3 hour drive for us. We have gone and purchased furniture there and stocked up on lots of groceries. Every once in awhile hubs surprises me with a trip there. Not sure where you are located at in Ohio to know what is closest for you. Some of the stores are run by Mennonites not Amish, but equally good. Some are not fancy at all, but you can find interesting things!

        • Kathy from Ohio says:

          We live outside of Columbus in the country and go to Holmes County it’s only about a hour away. Thanks for the info on places near you. Always love to find new places. That would be a great trip for us with our travel trailer this summer.

  315. Roberta says:

    Wed. 2/28/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries and bananas, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs and I ate out while running errands. (Waaaay too much eating out in February. Will have to buckle down in March to rectify this.)

    D: One-Pot Sausage and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta, salad, and cantaloupe.

    Thurs. 3/1/18

    B: Scrambled eggs (our hens are giving us 2-4 eggs a day at the moment), son had two LO pancakes from the freezer, Hubs and I had toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: The guys had their usual packed lunches. I had the last of the chicken noodle soup.

    D: The rest of the pasta, salad, and the last of the cantaloupe.

    S/D: The guys both had PB toast, son also had an apple, and I had a handful of cashews.

    Well, February ended up being a bust in terms of a PC. I came in at $317.15 for the month (which is over last year’s monthly goal, and significantly over my goal for this year). That said, $92.28 of that amount was spent on 2/23 and includes quite a number of items that will go into March and possibly beyond–including 5 lbs. of frozen wild caught Alaskan salmon which I picked up for $5/lb. (S & F) and 12 cans of tuna for 69 cents a can (Sam’s). (I see that Smart & Final has salmon on sale this week for about $4.50/lb., but now I don’t have any room to store any more.) Over the course of the month I also restocked sugar (10 lbs.), bread flour (25 lbs.), brown onions (3 lbs.), quick oats (6+ lbs.), soy sauce for the guys, canned kidney and cannellini beans (4 of each), roasted red peppers, almonds (3 lbs.), dried split peas (1 lb.), flour tortillas, ketchup, and whole milk to make yogurt. A lot of these things will last through March.

    On the plus side, I am finally seeing some space in the refrigerator freezer. I have some frozen fruit in there that needs to be made into pies/jam, so that’s on the to-do list for March.

    Yesterday (3/1) I went to Smart & Final and bought 25 lbs. of AP flour ($5.89) and 3 lbs. of mandarins for $2.49. Then I popped into Grocery Outlet for Heinz organic diced tomatoes 99 cents each BOGO, so a bit less than 50 cents per can. I bought 12 cans ($5.94). It’s a no-limit offer, so I may go back for more . . . . They also had bags of trail mix which ended up being $2.55/lb, 3 lbs. of Fuji apples, 3 lbs. of Gala apples, a little jicama, and a bunch of bananas. All in all, I spent $19.40 at GO. So, my total thus far for March is $27.78.

    In March I will need to buy mozzarella, frozen blueberries, chicken, pasta, potatoes, a ham (for Easter), Easter candy. I’ll also buy dairy, OJ, and fresh produce (although our garden has lots of lettuce, so I won’t buy that). I may also have to buy more bread flour and dried milk for baking (sheesh; we go through a lot of bread!). I’ll also look for sales on frozen veggies, quinoa, butter, dried lentils and garbanzos, pasta sauce, green chiles, Swiss cheese, and Feta.

    I’m hoping to spend less in March than I did in February. (It may work best for our family to alternate months in terms of PC/restocking.) March should be a calmer month (fewer celebrations, appointments, etc.). Wish me luck! 😉

  316. Stephanie M. says:

    Friday, March 2

    B – Paul had the last of the breakfast burritos; I had a whole wheat bagel thin, an omelet with tomatoes, scallions, red bell pepper and turkey sausage; I also had 3/4 cup of strawberries/blueberries and four oz. V8

    L – Paul had the last of the pepper steaks over rice; I had a roast beef sandwich using up the last of the roast beef that I cooked last week specifically for sandwiches and froze in 4 oz. packets; I also had 1/2 banana

    D – Pea Soup and salad

    We are right in the middle of the Noreaster that you probably have heard about on the news. I am right now sitting at the computer looking out the window. It is snowing but it’s not sticking. The wind is so strong; it’s howling out there. The trees and bushes are blowing. I have to tell you though, I love a good storm. I just told Paul I hope the wind is howling tonight when we go to bed. Strange, I know. But I love all weather, including storms. LOL
    And it’s a great night for soup. 🙂

    • Roberta says:

      Stay warm!

    • Felicia says:

      I’m following your weather too!!! Hunker down and eat soup!

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

      Good morning Stephanie. Like you, we are still in the throes of the Noreaster, though no snow for us. Out of school yesterday due to the high winds associated with the storm. We have many bridges here and school buses can’t cross them when winds are high. Flooding also always accompanies our noreasters, making many roads impassable. Our town’s roads are flooded as are some of our connecting roads. We are fine where we live. Though we are near the sound, we are 15 feet above sea level, so no flooding here in our neighborhood.

      It is the weekend of our anniversary. The year we got married, many family members couldn’t make it to the wedding due to snow and storms in more northern parts. It was just really cold where we got married. That year, like this year, it was spring weather the weekend before. (Last Sunday my husband and I walked barefoot on the beach). Well, over the last 40 (!) years, the weather has VERY often been bad/cold/snowy for our anniversary. People will remark that spring has arrived. I always remark, wait until after March 4th!

      • Roberta says:

        Happy anniversary! Hope you can do something fun to celebrate in spite of the weather.

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

          Thanks Roberta! We made it out to brunch, though at first we thought our options might be severely limited if the roads remained flooded, but they were clear!

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

          Roberta, I replied to you, but am not sure what happened to the post. ? Thank you! We were able to go out to brunch. The connector roads were clear. We’d been worried that our options would be quite limited if the roads were still flooded. During the off season, our restaurant options are somewhat limited as many (most) are closed. Come Memorial Day, everyone will be open again. But we had a very good meal with leftovers as well for dinner.

          • Roberta says:

            Glad to hear you had a nice time. 🙂

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Lynn. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Well the storm is gone now. New Jersey had quite a bit of flooding and lots of power outages like many other states. Where we live, we are fine. But the wind!!!

        Spring is almost here and before you know it, we will all be praying for cooler weather because it’s too hot. LOL

        Have a wonderful time this weekend for your anniversary!!!

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

          Thank you Stephanie! It was a very nice weekend, despite the weather! Hope you are faring okay with noreaster #2. Being without power when it is cold is no fun, so I feel for those with outages.

      • Joa in IA says:

        Happy Anniversary hope you were able to enjoy it! Ours was today also (March 3rd). We celebrated 22 years.

        • Tasty says:

          Congrats on 40 years Lynn. Sure is a long time. (We’ll reach the next big milestone next month). Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

          • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

            Thank you Tasty for your good wishes! It IS a long time. I really can’t quite believe it. We spent some time reminiscing about our wedding and the first years before children, houses, moves, etc. In some ways, it does seem a while (maybe not 40 years “while”) but then for other remembrances, it seems much shorter. We dated forever before we ever got married, so we have quite literally grown up together. I guess it’s like they say…the days are long but the years are short.

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

          Well, Joa happy anniversary to you too! How has the weather been in IA over the last 22 years for your anniversary? Cold there too? Hope you had a great weekend!

          • Joa in IA says:

            Yes it has been cold for every year that I can remember. We lived in South Dakota when we were first married for a couple of years and that was worse! I bet you have had some nice weather for quite a few of your anniversary’s since you live in North Carolina.

  317. Pat says:

    My son came through the wisdom teeth removal like a champ! They filled his face full of novacaine and used laughing gas. Other than not being able to feel his face he was totally fine. He stayed up until midnight and his swelling is pretty minimal. He ate scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and ground up ham when we got home,, and spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. Our dinner out was Italian–penne and meatballs and chicken parm with salad, garlic bread a yummy chocolate cake.
    Mar 2
    Breakfast–We had our usual. Son had more scrambled egg stuff.
    Lunch–My husband had his l/o fish, sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli he took last week but didn’t eat. I skipped. Son ate the little bit of spaghetti from last night.
    Supper–My husband is working the fish fry and will eat there. Son and I had homemade mac and wheese with tuna added and cuties.
    I spent $24.22 at Aldi today. I bought yogurt, a loaf of white bread and a gallon of milk for my son and grandson who is spending the weekend. I also bought 24 cheese sticks, 3lbs coffee, 4 packs of sandwich thins, and 4 dozen eggs. Not a bad shopping trip.

    • Roberta says:

      Glad your son is doing so well. (When I had mine removed I was in more pain than I had been following a C-section! Of course I was in my 40s by the time I got around to having them taken out, so that may have been a factor.)

      • Pat says:

        Having things done later in life does seem to cause more pain and takes longer to recover.

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        Roberta, I was in my mid 40s too when I had mine out. (I decided to get braces about then also, hence the wisdom teeth out! Guess I’m a late bloomer) They warned me that it being “later in life” that the wisdom teeth removal might be problematic, but I got along great- even better than my then 18 year old son. I felt quite fortunate!

  318. Felicia says:

    Friday – 3/2/18

    Breakfast – English McNuthin’ Stuffin’ Muffin and hot tea

    Lunch – tuna on rye, cookie and hot tea

    DInner – daughter’s treat! We unexpectedly babysat today their little 14 month old and then were invited to stay for dinner!

  319. Alice E says:

    B – Baked Eggs, toast and hot tea
    L – He took the usual pb sandwiches, I had a card for a free mini pizza and used it, since I was out past noon
    D – Fish sandwiches, couscous and Tuscan blend vegetables, and donuts for him.

    I stocked up on some meat at real good prices this week as well as buying bread and veg. I’ll be organizing freezers this weekend and freezing roasts.

  320. Laurie in CA says:

    B – I had a berry protein shake, hubs had baked oatmeal
    L – hubs had tacos, I had leftover shrimp pasta
    D – hubs had a ham sandwich, I had a burrito from l/o cp beef

    B – we both had toast, hubs had nuts and I had 1/2 apple
    L – hubs was out and grabbed a burger, I had Chex mix and some cashews
    D – chicken breasts and homemade gravy from the freezer with can of cream of chicken soup in the CP over instant mash potatoes from the pantry, steamed baby broccoli and l/o french bread

  321. Kathy in Ohio says:

    B. Poached eggs both toast me Hubs English muffin and OJ coffee both
    L. Bean soup from freezer me Hubs salami and cheese
    D out Mexican (my bad!!)

    Did some shopping at Krogers. Spent 57.57. Should last till after we get back from Oregon on the. March 21. Going to work on getting the frig cleaned out this week since we fly out a week from Monday.

  322. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

    B: PB toast, coffee
    L: LO salad, LO quiche
    D: chicken enchiladas with HM sauce, tossed salad

    Went back through my receipts and it looks like I spent $153 to re-stock in Feb. That’s still under my monthly budget so I’m good with that since I had eaten up most proteins and many other pantry staples and essentials.

    • Roberta says:

      That’s not bad at all–especially for a restock month!

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

        I didn’t think so either. Now I just need to make sure I don’t overbuy in March, or any other months!

  323. Terry calkins says:

    Watching the east coast weather. Please ladies. Stay warm and safe

  324. Roberta says:

    Fri. 3/2/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs had a PB/apple butter sandwich; I had PB toast. We both had carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch dip, orange slices, and bananas.

    D: Salmon in Foil (Jessica’s recipe, except I subbed snap peas for the asparagus ’cause that’s what I had. Soooo easy and tasty. We’ll definitely do salmon this way again.) Herbed rice and salad.

    S/D: Son had PB toast and an apple after school. We all had some popcorn while watching TV in the evening.

    Popped into Sam’s for frozen blueberries (4 lbs.) and carrots (5 lbs.). Spent $10.46, which brings my MTD total to $38.24. So far, so good!

  325. Alice E says:

    Brunch – oven omelet, toast, hot tea
    Supper – Hamburgers, baked potatoes and ice cream

    I stocked up on some pork and beef roast since it was the special meat sale. I have skipped the last two or three so it was time. Have been organizing the downstairs freezer so these will be separated to be used after I use up the last of my previous purchase.

  326. Stephanie M. says:

    Saturday, March 3

    B – Paul had cereal; I had a whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Paul had an Italian hot dog (found hot dogs at the bottom of the drawer in the freezer; really getting down to almost the end of the meat in there; pretty soon. I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato

    D – Paul worked literally all day on installing our new water heater (it’s the kind that hangs on the wall and provides endless hot water) and tomorrow, he is going to paint the laundry room and install new shelves – this is where the water heater is. So I was shopping all day for bins, wicker baskets, and a few laundry room decorations. It’s just one of those closet laundry rooms with a water heater in it. It’s 10′ x 4′. But I wanted to pretty it up anyway. So with both of us busy all day, we ordered out from a local Italian restaurant. I had chicken picatta, spaghetti, and salad. Paul had penne with vodka sauce and chicken and pasta. We also had salads.

  327. Tasty says:

    Sunday March 4th

    We arrived at our destination yesterday afternoon. We are in Hilton Head for the month and have a lovely condo by the tennis courts and golf course. Today or tomorrow we will have to go to the store and get some basic groceries. I know it won’t be a cheap month and obviously does nothing for the PC but that’s OK. I love seeing what different stores have available. Not prepared to try everything eg: grits. Been there, done that, not my thing but love seeing what’s around! There probably won’t be much real cooking but we do have a nice BBQ to use.

    • Sandy says:

      Sounds like a lovely vacation spot. Enjoy yourselves!!

    • Felicia says:

      I go for the grocery stores too, Tasty! Love to see what different areas sell and their pricing. Sorry to hear your grits experience wasn’t a pleasant one. I like them cheesy or with shrimp, myself! 😉 This must be a good week to be in HH as my DIL’s parents are there too. Me…I’m headed North to the snowy NE!!!!

    • Joa in IA says:

      It sounds like a neat place to go on vacation. Hope the weather is nice while you are there!

      We always are in the grocery stores when traveling too. I like to see how prices compare and what they have that is different.

    • Alice E says:

      Well, not everyone likes everything, grits included. If you didn’t try them down south where they know how to cook them, then you might try them one more time. I love grits, usually, but did have some really bad ones one time at a chain restaurant in Kansas. The cook obviously didn’t know how to cook them! Enjoy your stay and exploring the stores there.

      • Tasty says:

        I tried them right here iin Hilton Head a couple of years ago!! Just not for me tho.

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says:

          I guess maybe grits can be an acquired taste. We just grew up on them, so have always eaten and liked them. Like Felicia, I like them cheesy or with shrimp but typically just eat them with butter. I will say, some people that haven’t eaten them before often think they are like oatmeal and need brown sugar, cinnamon, etc. YUCK. All of those add ins are great in oatmeal, but not grits. Grits are meant to be savory not sweet. Of course, I’d never eaten a bagel until after I graduated from college. (My kids can’t believe that) A roommate from PA gave me one, and I expected it to be sweet like a doughnut, though still liked it. So maybe it’s similar. All about what you grow up with, though I quickly decided I liked bagels.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Hi Tasty. Glad you arrived in Hilton Head safely. Paul and I were there two years ago. I thought I would recommend a couple of nice restaurants to you. One is called Ela’s. It’s near the harbor; very pretty there. Delicious food and great ambience. Just to let you know what we had there: For an appetizer, Paul had the crab cake and I had fried green tomatoes; both delicious. For dinner, Paul had lobster with lobster risotto; I had pan seared scallops with crab risotto – each was wonderful. For dessert, we split a white and dark chocolate mousse cake; delicious. We chose not to drink that night so our bill was $106.00. Worth every penny too. This is not a fancy restaurant but smart casual is a good way to dress.

      Another wonderful restaurant was called Hudson’s. It’s a family owned fish market with a restaurant attached. It’s also on the water. You can eat outside on the docks or inside in any of the three dining rooms. This is a very casual style restaurant and everyone in the area knows about it. It’s very good. Fish is very fresh. For an appetizer, Paul had BBQ shrimp in some kind of sauce with garlic bread. I had coconut shrimp. For dinner, Paul had broiled mixed seafood, baked potato and broccoli; I had pecan encrusted grouper, baked potato and broccoli. For dessert, we had Mississippi Mud Pie. Everything was delicious. I bought a cook book from them so including that our bill came to $114.00.

      You will probably notice that there isn’t a lot of color in the buildings or homes there. The government has strict standards on the colors there. They want all natural colors and the color you choose for your home has to be within the guidelines or you get fined $50.00 per day. Also store signs and gas station signs must be low to the ground within a certain amount of feet. They have there rules there but it’s really a very nice place to go. We enjoyed it. We stayed at the Omni Hotel.

      Anyway, enjoy your vacation. If you go to these restaurants, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Have fun. 🙂

      • Tasty says:

        The weather has been pretty nice since we arrived in HH – sunny and in the 60s. Perfect for golfing – if only the golfing was as good as the weather.

        You must have a great memory Stephanie, remembering what you ate and where 2 years ago.

        We have eaten at Hudson’s a couple of times. It is lovely to eat outside there. The other place you mentioned I have not come across. Will bear it in mind tho thanks.

        The first time we came here it was tough trying to find where places were because of the signs being so low..

        Yesterday we did a bit of basic grocery shopping and we had also bought some lovely grapefruit at a Farmers market inSt Augustine as we left there on Saturday. So we can now have some healthier breakfasts! Last night we hada great pizza for supper – not particularly healthy but really, really good.

        Well, it is time to go and get ready for another day!

        • Stephanie M. says:

          I keep a travel diary everywhere we go on vacation and write down everything that goes on each day including where and what we eat. Then when we get home, I take my rough notes and write it out nice in a journal so that we can look at them and have nice memories whenever we want to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t remember all of that. LOL

  328. Sandy says:

    B-Eggs or yogurt with blueberries and granola
    L-Crab stuffed ravioli and salad
    D-Oven baked shrimp, salad and green beans
    L-New creation using things up. Made Asian meatballs with veggie stir-fry and ramen noodles that I wanted out of the pantry. Didn’t use the packet though, just the noodles. Also used a sauce that I bought at a food party o long time ago. Wasn’t sure what to use it with, but this was a success. Everyone loved it. Served a salad and strawberries with it. Made some quick bar cookies using up a bag of mini m&m’s from Christmas. Kids don’t care that there were only red and green ones!! Lots out of pantry and freezer with this meal!!
    D-Date night for parents, kids had leftover shrimp and potato ham casserole and strawberries or grapes.

    • Alice E says:

      Sounds like you had a wonderful dish, glad everyone loved it. I have a whole stash of red and green m&m’s from the Christmas sales. Grandkids don’t care either and they were much cheaper. (grin)

  329. Felicia says:


    Forgot to post Saturday. I got a membership to SAM’S CLUB (ours is not closing) for $30 and a $10 e-gift card to use. While there, new members were eligible for the ‘scavenger’ hunt. Are prizes were a rotisserie chicken, pizza slice w/drink and a 4-berry sundae. I couldn’t find a chicken that I liked (well, it was 5:30 PM and only 3 left) so we’re going back today and having lunch (splitting the pizza, sundae and drink).

    Saturday breakfast was an omelette filled with leftover turnip greens. YES, it was good!
    Lunch – whole wheat English Muffin and decaf coffee
    Dinner – hubs took us out for dinner. It was going to be defrosted meatballs on a sub sandwich.

    Sunday –
    Breakfast – WW English McNuthin sandwich with egg over easy, decaf coffee.
    Lunch – homemade leftover minestrone soup; banana bread (bananas from freezer!) Made it Saturday nite.
    Snack – 1/2 pizza slice and 1/2 berry Sundae at Sam’s Club
    Dinner – Meatball sub sandwich which we never got to eat on Saturday night!

  330. Terry calkins says:

    Normally. Sunday morning is clear the decks. This week we did a good job of eating up leftovers. I put two containers of bean soup in the freezer yesterday. The only leftovers we really had this week was pinto beans. Some left from 3 different batches. We will have those this week. I thawed out split pea soup. There is one serving left. Also thawed out turkey noodle soup. The dog and I finished that today. We also finished the caramel pudding I made. Today I made baby back ribs in the instapot. Then rice made from the broth. Baked a butternut squash. My salad mix is going south. I might have to give up and feed it to the chickens.

  331. Joa in IA says:


    I’m having trouble remembering everything for Thursday. I do know we had spaghetti and meatballs for supper and used up all the hamburger buns to make garlic bread. They needed to be used up.


    B- Protein shakes for 3 of us. Hubby had oatmeal.

    L- My work bought pizza for lunch. Hubby had a protein shake, Boys??

    Supper-Hubby cooked fried chicken in his cast iron pan. With fried potatoes and corn bread all in his cast iron pans. Supper- was a 2 and a half hour event. Needs to make some adjustments to get everything done a bit faster.


    B- Omelets with ham, cheese and mushrooms

    L- Everyone found their own

    Supper- Hubby and I went out for our 22nd wedding anniversary. Boys ordered pizza. We asked them to come with us but they were playing Xbox with a group of guys online.


    B- Protein shake for me everyone else did their own thing

    L- I had leftover taco meat with chips, boys had leftover pizza. Not sure what hubby had

    Supper-Smoked brisket, smoked mac and cheese and banana cake ( baked in a cast iron pan). Hubby was cooking again.

    Also means he was grocery shopping again on Saturday. I know my grocery bills are already over $200. The brisket was from Sam’s club and it was a $50.00 piece of meat. Granted we will get probably 3 meals out of it. He also smoked a pork butt with the brisket because he had some room. We will get quite a few meals from that too. I’m very lucky he loves to cook but during my pantry challenge he makes it a challenge…

    • Alice E says:

      I agree you are lucky he loves to cook. If you don’t smoke it yourself smoked meat is very expensive.

      Try not to get discouraged about the challenge. Your efforts do make a difference!

      Maybe you need to keep two separate categories. Your regular grocery purchases and his special purchases in a separate ledger so to speak. That way you can track your efforts/progress separately from his purchases. You could even do a standard meal cost adjustment where you only charged a set amount per meal against regular groceries and the rest to the other category.

      • Joa in IA says:

        I was actually looking over my receipts when I got your email. He spent $88.01 for the things he has cooked since Friday.

        You are right though about smoked meat being expensive if going to restaurant. Couple of months ago we went to a place that had a brisket dinner with 2 sides that was $19.00 a plate. Another place that has good ribs, a full rack with sides for $22.00 a plate. So for a family of 4 with drinks you can’t hardly come in under a $100.00. So it is cheaper than going out for the same kind of food.

        My monthly total so far is at $230.78. If I take out what he spent I’m at $142.77. So I think I will keep what he spends separate.

  332. Alice E says:


    Brunch – Amish breakfast casserole (modified) and hot tea ( he also had a donut )
    Supper – Italian sausage, bulgur pilaf with onion and mushroom, broccoli and hot tea.

    Well the downstairs freezer is at least partially organized. I found the Italian sausage tucked away and an arm roast that is thawing for the crockpot Monday or Tuesday depending on how fast it thaws. We will have a roast meal and I will freeze the rest for sandwiches and soup later. I love having cooked meat available in the freezer.

    I also chopped up all the mushrooms I bought on sale and put the ones I didn’t use in the freezer. With the 2 beef roasts and 3 pork roasts I bought on sale, packaged and froze the space I have opened up in the freezer is refilling, but these will be for the future after I use up older stuff.

  333. Stephanie M. says:

    Sunday, March 4

    B – We had whole wheat pancakes and turkey sausage; Paul also had a banana. I made a new batch of these pancakes yesterday.

    L – Paul had an Italian Hot Dog like he had yesterday; two more hot dogs in the freezer. I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole grain rye with lettuce and tomato

    D – Paul had leftover pea soup from Friday night; I had leftover chicken picatta and spaghetti and salad leftover from last night’s take out dinner

    Paul was again busy all day working on the laundry room. The new water heater is in now. He also had to move some of the pipes around. Glad he knows how to do all of these things. Today he spackled and painted. He temporarily moved the washer and dryer back in there. But tomorrow, when the paint is dry, he will move them out while he installs the cabinets and shelving. After that, it will be my turn to add all the “goodies.” LOL

  334. Roberta says:

    Sat. 3/3/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries and banana, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Egg salad sandwiches, snap peas w/ ranch dip, orange and apple slices.

    D: HM chili con carne (used ground beef and black beans from the freezer, 2 quarts of home-canned tomatoes and a can of kidney beans from the pantry); HM Mexican corn muffins (frozen corn, last can of green chiles). So good on a chilly, rainy night.

    S/D: Orange Ginger Scones

    Sun. 3/4/18

    B: The guys had cereal, toast, OJ, and coffee for Hubs. I had PB toast and coffee.

    L: Out.

    D: Hodgepodge (The guys had quesadillas. Son also had LO refried beans from lunch; Hubs also had salad and a string cheese. I had a banana.)

    S/D: Hubs had PB toast. We all had a scone for dessert.

    I also went to Vons for 6 lbs. of pasta (two were free; the other four were .69 ea). Pasta sauce (I grabbed the wrong kind, though, so instead of spending $1.51 per jar I spent $2.49 per jar–uggh). White wine vinegar and six bags of shredded cheese–mozzarella, colby-jack, and Monterrey jack. A whole chicken for .77/lb. All together I spent $30.87, bringing my MTD total to $69.11. And my freezers are full again. sigh

    • Felicia says:

      Roberta – I love scones! Could you post the orange – ginger scone recipe that you made? TIA

      • Roberta says:

        It’s from the Taste of Home Dinner on a Dime cookbook. I’ll be happy to share it if it won’t break copyright laws.

        (Jessica, can you chime in on whether or not it would be ok to share a published recipe here?)

        It’s probably a basic sour cream scone recipe with the addition of 2 tsp. ground ginger and 1 1/2 tsp. grated orange peel.

        • Alice E says:

          The recipe is available online. I posted the link above on Felicia’s question.

          • Roberta says:

            I wondered about that but didn’t get a chance to follow up. Thanks for going the extra step. 🙂

      • Alice E says:
        • Felicia says:

          Thank you Alice! I can’t wait to try them!

  335. Felicia says:

    Monday –

    Breakfast – finished the remaining pancakes with hot tea.
    Lunch – whole wheat thin crackers w/cream cheese and grape
    Dinner – defrosted eggplant parm and made rigatoni pasta.

    The Journeyman and I need to reach NY before the snow hits on Weds. May be leaving before the crack of dawn the next two mornings. Then I will begin to cook out of Dad’s pantry!

  336. Stephanie M. says:

    Monday, March 5

    B – Paul had oatmeal and sautéed apples with cinnamon; I one slice of whole wheat raisin toast and a vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries/blueberries and 4 oz. V8

    L – Paul had the last of the leftover pea soup; I had the last chicken burger from the freezer and 1/2 banana

    D – Roast Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, corn for Paul, peas for me, and salad for both of us

    Another roast out of the freezer!!

    Paul took the day off today to finish up the laundry room. It came out really nice and since I’m the one who works in there most of the time, I put some cute goodies in there for me to look at while I’m loading and unloading. LOL

  337. Tasty says:

    Monday March 5th

    B – hubby had grapefruit and yogurt with a bagel and creamcheese, I had pineapple and a banana with yogurt, and an english muffin

    L – we snacked on granola bars and bananas while golfing

    S – chef salads

  338. Joa in IA says:


    B-. Protein shake and tea for me, Hubby had oatmeal. Boys had protein shakes too.

    L- I had 2 eggrolls and popcorn, Hubby had a protein shake, Son1 had leftover mac and cheese. Son2 had school lunch.

    Snacks- Boys were eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.

    Supper- BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, oven roasted asparagus, fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and bananas, and noodle packet

  339. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shake and tea for me, Hubby had oatmeal, Both the boys had protein shakes too.

    L-I had 2 eggrolls and popcorn, hubby had a protein shake, Some had leftover mac and cheese, Son2 had school lunch

    Snack- Boys had Flaming Hot Cheetos

    Supper- BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, oven roasted asparagus, fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and bananas, noodle packet

    Snack- Son1and I had lemon poppy seed bread from the freezer, Son2 chips and queso dip, hubby had ice cream.

    • Joa in IA says:

      Well looks like I double posted. First one didn’t show up. We all ended up having a dessert after supper.

  340. Pat says:

    Things were super busy and now I’m 2 days behind! Having my son home for 4 days and the 12 year old till this morning was just crazy! Good, but super busy.
    Mar 3
    Breakfast–I made cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and sauteed apples. Everyone ate the same thing.
    Lunch–everyone was on there own.
    Dinner–meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn.
    Mar 4
    Breakfast–My husband and I had our usual. Son and grandson finished Saturday’s breakfast with more bacon
    Dinner–We had lemon peppered tilapia, roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. The boys had leftovers from Saturdays dinner. The boys also had popscicles.
    Mar 5
    Breakfast–We had our usual. Grandson had cherrios and toast and milk
    Lunch–Husband took a lunch out of the freezer. I skipped
    Dinner–Ham and potato soup from the freezer, burgers on bread and cuties

  341. Roberta says:

    Mon. 3/5/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his usual packed lunch. Hubs had the last little bit of chili, and I had LO from yesterday’s lunch. We both had corn muffins from Saturday, salad, apple and orange slices, and guacamole.

    ( I used the last avocado, the last home-grown orange, and a lemon from our tree. One of our peach trees is loaded w/ tiny peaches; we’ll have to cull some or the branches will break ’cause it’s a really young/tiny tree. Our other peach tree hasn’t bloomed yet, nor has our plum tree, but we’ve finally had some cold-for-us weather so I’m hoping we’ll have a decent harvest this summer. There are blossoms on our apple tree, too, and our pomegranate tree is starting to leaf out. Can you tell I’m looking forward to having more home-grown fruit again?)

    D: Jessica’s Hand’s-Free Cashew Chicken w/ steamed rice, salad, apple and orange slices.

    S/D: Son had the next-to-last scone and a banana after school. Hubs and I split the last scone. (They didn’t last long! Ha!) The guys may have something to snack on after scouts, but I’m done for the day.

    I also made Italian dressing, honey-mustard dressing, and ranch dip to use in the week ahead.

  342. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Sunday 3/4

    B. Protein shake me Hubs hot chocolate coffee both

    L. L/O meat loaf me Hubs bologna sandwich with cheese

    D. Sausage eggs mushrooms hash browns English muffins both

  343. Kathy from Ohio says:

    Monday 3/5

    B. Coffee me Hubs nothing

    L L/O bean soup me with crackers last of that. Hubs 2 bot dogs

    D. Salmon patties baked potatoes green beans corn both

  344. Terry calkins says:

    Hubby had his hash browns and eggs. I had an apple omelet
    Lunch was freezer split pea soup with sausage and an English muffin.
    Dinner was french onion soup.over steamed rice
    I thawed out a package of chicken breasts, a pint of split pea soup and a quart bag of pureed plums. I will make spiced plum jelly this morning.
    The plums are from our tree from2016, but they have been buried in the bottom of the freezer. I was happy to see that somehow they migrated to the top. The mom’s will get eggs, English muffins, and plum jelly when I visit this week.
    My grocery list is very short, and Albertsons has each item on sale. I plan to run in quickly this morning.
    I have everything ready to make egg rolls in a bowl..perhaps for lunch today. Homemade turkey sausage works well for them. I plan to serve them with the last of the apple slices, then the veggie drawer will be empty and ready to wash.

  345. Alice E says:


    B- Baked Eggs, toast and hot tea (pb toast for hubby, mine plain)
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had a Reuben between volunteering and grocery shopping.
    D – Homemade veg soup with the leftover Turkey Italian sausage and gnocchi added.

  346. Felicia says:

    Tuesday –

    The Mighty Quinn has put a delay in our travel plans. We (Quinn, hubs and I) are all scheduled to arrive in NY on Weds. As of this morning, only Quinn is on track to arrive on time. We’ll arrive on Friday.

    I packed plenty of food for hotel living, just in case. With a fridge and microwave, we’re all set. Muffins and banana bread for breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch. Rotisserie chicken for dinner. I brought flip-top Delmonte can veg and lots of rolls and breads. Making an adventure out of this trip for sure!

    • Terry calkins says:

      Have fun!

    • Sandy says:

      Be safe Felicia! Will be keeping you in my prayers. I admire your dedication to packing food for the trip. Hope you arrive safely.

      • Felicia says:

        Dad wants us to turn around and go home!! We’ll make a decision, I think, on Thursday morning if we are forging on or retreating back home. I’m disappointed but he said we can celebrate his birthday at a later time. May have to call on my NY friends to get an idea on truly bad things really are up there!

  347. Sandy says:

    Sun. 3/4
    B-Bananas and bar cookies left from Saturday (Not a proud mom moment, but keeping it real. Kids said they were probably healthier than a do-nut!)
    L-Leftovers before running some errands. Soup for some, ham, potato, broccoli casserole for the rest and strawberries.
    D-Frozen pizza and more bar cookies
    Mon 3/5
    B-Grits for hubs along with blueberries and yogurt, cereal for kids and yogurt parfait for me.
    L-Leftover tortilla or veggie soup, crackers and cheese and grapes
    D-Oven ham sandwiches with Swiss, green beans, salad and grapes
    S-Popcorn or salsa and chips

  348. Joa in IA says:


    B- Protein shakes for 3 of us. Hubby had oatmeal.

    L-Pulled pork and a few oreos, Hubby had a protein shake, Son1 had a frozen pizza, Son2 had school lunch.

    Supper- Beef brisket, oven roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad with grapes , mandarin oranges, bananas, raspberries and blackberries.

  349. Tasty says:

    Tuesday March 6th

    B – cereal for both of us, pineapple and an English muffin for me, bagel and cream cheese for hubby

    L – turkey sandwich and a banana each

    S -Quiche and salad

  350. Roberta says:

    Tues. 3/6/18

    B: Waffles, scrambled eggs, OJ, coffee.

    L: In N Out (Son had an early out day.)

    D: Baked ziti, salad, apple and orange slices.

  351. Pat says:

    Today was cold, windy and snowy. It did stop this afternoon before I had to go babysit. It was a busy morning in the kitchen. I grated the baked potatoes from yesterday. Made pumpkin choc chip muffins for the grandkids and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread for us. One of the loaves went to a friend that shoveled the sidewalks.. I made rice in the instapot and made chicken fried rice for dinner tonight. I was done by noon.
    Breakfast–He had eggs and toast. I had toast.
    Lunch–He took a l/o hamburger and roasted sweet potatoes and an apple’ I ate a fresh muffin and a cutie.
    Dinner–Chicken fried rice and pineapple.

  352. Stephanie M. says:

    Tuesday, March 6

    B – We both had cereal

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat

    D – Leftover turkey, mashed potatoes for Paul, noodles for me and broccoli for both

    All leftovers gone now with the exception of a few slices of turkey which will be used tomorrow for a sandwich

  353. Kathy from Ohio says:


    B cereal. Coffee both
    L out
    D. L/O cheese manicotti from freezer salad ( with peas from freezer last of bacon lettuce and cheddar cheese, garlic toast from old hot dog buns

  354. Felicia says:

    Wednesday –

    The fridge on the road is keeping my cooler items quite well. I have plenty of rotisserie chicken leftover! LOL!

    Breakfast – bagel, cream cheese and hot tea. DH had a blueberry muffin from home too.

    Lunch – Wendy’s (DH wanted a ‘double stack’????) and so I had a baked potato and chives. Could have bought a bag of potatoes for that price. Oh well….it’s “vacation”.

    Dinner – cut up drumsticks and wings and leftover sliced breast. Have tortillas and enchilada sauce, leftover refried beans and rice. Enough shred cheese to make cheesy rice in the microwave with my microwave chicken and bean enchiladas. Bones went into the big plastic container for soup when/if I ever get to Dad’s house!

    Went to the local store for hot dog buns – thinking Thurs night “dinner” in hotel with coleslaw that I made with mayo packets that I travel with and leftover 1/4 bag of Fresh Express Coleslaw from home.

    Doing a good job of emptying out my refrigerator! LOL!!

  355. Stephanie M. says:

    Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    B – Paul had oatmeal; I had bran cereal with strawberries/blueberries

    L – Paul had turkey on whole wheat toast with lettuce and tomato (enough turkey left for one more sandwich). I had the last of the tuna on whole wheat toast with sliced pickle

    D – Chicken and dumpling soup and salad

    What a great day for soup; that’s not what I planned but it seemed like the right thing to do with the second noreaster that’s coming through today.

    I can’t stop staring out the window. Some of the wind bands are so heavy with snow and for the first time ever, we heard thunder snow. Maybe you heard about it on the weather channel. Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey had it. It was the strangest thing. Usually when it snows, it’s so quiet and peaceful. Then today, at one point, all of a sudden, there was a flash of light and Paul said, what was that and then there was one loud thunder. It was weird.

    • Alice E says:

      I saw the thunder snow mentioned online. I have only experienced it once or twice in my lifetime but it can be surprising, for sure. Stay warm. I think soup was an excellent choice for a day like that!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        I’ve only heard about it but never actually witnessed it so I’m thrilled that I did.

    • Pat says:

      We have had thunder snow here is Nebraska. It is really strange and startling when it happens.
      I think soup was an excellent choice for today. Stay warm!!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Startling is a good word for it. It was so unexpected and a little bit creepy. I hope I hear it again one day.

  356. Alice E says:

    I was sure I posted last night, but it isn’t here now, so I’ll try to remember yesterday.

    B- Baked Eggs, toast and hot tea
    L- he took his usual pb sandwich, I had a burrito
    D – leftovers I know, I think he had breakfast casserole and bulgur pilaf and I had the sausage gnocchi soup and the rest of the couscous.

    B – Baked Eggs, toast and tea
    L – pb sandwich for him, I had a hamburger
    D – Arm Roast (beef) in the crockpot with rice and carrots

    We now have leftovers for tomorrow. After that I slice and freeze any leftover roast.

    It has been very windy here lately and yesterday we had snow blowing around off and on all day, but no accumulation at all. Really weird weather.

    • Tasty says:

      Wednesday March 7th

      B – grapefruit, pineapple and yogurt for hubby, I had pineapple and yogurt with a toasted English muffin and pecan honey

      L – french bread and cheese

      S – salad for hubby followed by the last piece of french bread and jam, I had an ‘asian’ mix from the takeout bar at a local grocery store and the last piece of cherry pie.

      So far, no cooking!! Kind of a nice change but I keep seeing all sorts of things that would make for a good meal!!

  357. Joa in IA says:


    B- The usual for all 4 of us.

    L-I had a ham, cheese and spinach sandwich with popcorn, Hubby went out to lunch, Son1 had frozen pizza, Son2 had school lunch

    Supper- Kielbasa sausage with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut and broccoli. Made a can of cinnamon rolls that were just a few days past their expiration date for dessert.

  358. Pat says:

    Still cold and windy in Nebraska. The sun did come out for a couple of hours this afternoon. My cats both slept in the sun streaming in the picture window! 🙂
    My son called asking for soft foods to eat at Boystown. So I cleaned out all the leftovers and took them to him. I emptied 6 containers that can hold a whole sandwich and 2 twice that size, He was a very happy boy and there is lots of space in that freezer now!!
    I don’t have any shopping plans for this week. I will have to go to Sam’s and Aldi’s on Monday or Tuesday tho. The last of the case of applesauce I bought in January went in the fridge today. The case at Sam’s is cheaper than the 6 packs. We also need olive oil and Heinz ketchup. My Aldi’s list will include salad stuff, eggs, yogurt, flour, sugar, sweet and russet potatoes and onions, unless they are on sale somewhere else. I’ll be checking the fliers before I shop.
    Mar 7
    Breakfast was the usual for us both
    Lunch–He took a lunch out of the freezer. I had a piece of l/o egg bake that I didn’t send to my son and an apple.
    Dinner–l/o prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn–all from the freezer.
    The gravy had pot roast in it so I strained it and put the meat back in the crockpot. After dinner I added the fat and the prime rib that was left, the gravy, garlic, onions, water and some grape tomatoes that needed to go and I’ll make stew for this weekend with it.

  359. Terry calkins says:

    Nothing interesting going on here. Hubby had hash browns and eggs. I had oatmeal with a hand full of raisins and some peach slices.
    Lunch was french onion soup. Bean and cheese burritos for dinner. That was the last of the plain beans in the fridge. Hubby likes them better than the seasoned ones I make.
    I put some pintos in to soak. This morning I put them on to cook with the leftover french onion soup.
    Soup seems to be the meal of choice here. Can’t wait for spring

  360. Sandy says:

    Tues. 3/6
    B-Meat grits and yogurt parfait for hubs, cereal for kids with bananas and grapefruit and toast for me
    L-Leftover Asian meatballs and noodle stir-fry and cuties
    D-Took advantage of somewhat warmer temps and grilled brats and asparagus. Served sauteed onions and peppers, sauerkraut, salad and strawberries with it
    Wed. 3/7
    B-Meat grit and egg sandwich for hubs with blueberries and yogurt, cereal and bananas for kids and yogurt parfait for me
    L-Leftovers- Last of Asian noodle stir-fry and cutie for me, meatloaf, mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and strawberries for hubs
    D-I smoked a beef roast all day and served it with baked potatoes, corn and grapes (It was a large roast, so that freed up some freezer space)
    S-Popcorn or hummus with pita chips

  361. Roberta says:

    Wed. 3/7/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his regular packed lunch. Hubs and I had LO cashew chicken, LO corn muffins (an odd combination, I know), orange and apple slices.

    D: LO baked ziti, salad, grapes.

    S/D: Son had an apple and some granola after school. Hubs had a corn muffin when son got home and some toast w/ apple butter while watching TV in the evening.

    I made a run to Sprouts and picked up quite a bit of fresh produce, some bulk oats, bulk peanuts, bulk tri-color quinoa, bulk dried apricots, and a package of BLSL chicken thighs. I spent a total of $32.85, bringing my MTD total to $101.96. I also harvested two kinds of lettuce, green onions, and some snow peas from our garden. Yum!

  362. Kathy from Ohio says:

    B Protein shake coffee me, Hubs cereal Coffee
    L. L/O pea salad salmon Pattie me Hubs?
    D out dinner and meeting with our Model A club

    Thursday 3/8
    B L/O sausage and pancakes from freezer coffee both hubs OJ
    L. Tomato soup from pantry grilled cheese both
    D. Skyline chili pastafrom pantry cheddar cheese crackers
    S pudding

  363. Stephanie M. says:

    Thursday, March 7, 2018

    B – Paul had oatmeal; I had a matzo cracker, 1/2 a banana and peanuts

    L – Paul had a business luncheon; I had leftover chicken and dumpling soup and the other half of the banana

    D – Paul had a farewell dinner for someone at work; I had steamed chicken, steamed veggies and brown rice from the Chinese restaurant.

    Our local grocery store gives away 5 lb. boxes of free matzos at this time of year every year and that’s an awful lot of matzos. So I used some to make the soup last night and had one for breakfast this morning. I gave two of the boxes that were inside the big box to our daughter and I’ll see who else I can give some to. I had our grandson here all day and eat ate one too. He’s only five but I can’t believe what he ate for dinner while he was here. For him I made breaded chicken tenders, French fries, broccoli and cucumbers and he ate the whole thing. Last week he had a cold so he wasn’t that hungry; I guess he was making up for lost time. LOL Well, now it’s bath time for him. It was a full day for Oma!! (That means grandmother in German). And soon Opa (grandfather) will be home and then we will take him home.

    • Joa in IA says:

      Hope you and Paul are doing OK with all the bad weather in your area.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you Joa. We are ok but there are trees down everywhere and lots of people without power. We are fortunate enough not to be one of them. We heard the thunder snow yesterday. It was the strangest thing we ever heard. It was snowing and it was so quiet outside and then there was some lightening and one very loud thunder. Never, ever witnessed that before and may never again. Now, we brace for the next storm coming our way. Thank you so much for thinking of us. 🙂

        • Felicia says:

          Glad you have power too, Stephanie! We didn’t get very far into the trip and returned home esp when we heard another Nor’easter is coming in on Monday. Then, I got sick and it’s a viral/respiratory thingy so no antibiotics. Can’t risk getting Dad sick at his age so we’ll try again later in Spring. Maybe late April. Sad that I’ll miss his 91st BD. Hopefully his neighbors will fuss over him and family will deluge him with calls!

          • Tasty says:

            Sorry you had to postpone your trip Felicia but better that than Dad pick up whatever you have. I’m sure he understands. Take care and get better soon!

          • Stephanie M. says:

            You did the right thing turning back Felicia. It’s a mess up here and we are bracing for another one coming. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to visit your father for his birthday but he understands and was right to tell you to go home. You will be there in spirit with him. And, of course, at his age he needs to be careful about being around anyone that’s sick. You’ll see him soon. 🙂

          • Roberta says:

            Sounds like you made the right decision, Felicia. Hope you feel better soon and can reschedule your trip.

        • Roberta says:

          Stay warm and safe, Stephanie. Will Paul have to drive in that mess?

          • Felicia says:

            Thanks, Ladies! It was hard turning around but my first thought was indeed that Dad cannot catch this cold at his age. I could not bear if anything happened to him that I could have prevented. We may have lost the cost of the hotel but I’m not losing my dad over this!

    • Roberta says:

      Stay warm and safe, Stephanie. Does Paul have to drive in that mess?

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you Roberta. No, thank God. Sometimes, for no reason, he works at home. So in bad weather, he definitely works at home. He worked at home earlier this week when the storm came through. I’m thankful he can do that. He is a distract manager for a large data center so a lot of what he does is spending time on the computer and having meetings. Many of his meetings are over the phone. So both of those things can be handled at home. In his previous job, he was the chief in charge of another large data center and if the sky was falling, he absolutely had to go in, no matter what. He had to drive there during tropical storm Sandy and there were cots set up for everyone to sleep there. This is a much better set up for him.

        • Roberta says:

          That’s a blessing! I’m sure it saves you from lots of worry.

  364. Joa in IA says:


    B- Son1 and I had protein shakes, Hubby usual-oatmeal. Don’t had leftover spaghetti.

    L- I had kielbasa sausage and roasted potatoes from the night before. Hubby had a protein shake. Son1 and a friend went out to lunch and had gyros , pita chips and hummus. Son2 had school lunch.

    The friend, Son1 took to lunch has been helping us get him to school and from school when Son2 isn’t able too. Son1 still has another 2 weeks before he can drive and hopefully the big arm sling will be done too. Physical therapy is going well, even though he doesn’t like it. We were told 5 to 6 months recovery time.

    Supper- BBq pulled pork quesadillas. The boys requested them and I like them too.

    Snack- Check mix

    We are leaving Tuesday for Florida so trying to use up a lot out of the fridge.

    • Tasty says:

      Have a wonderful time in Florida!!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Have a great time in Florida where the weather is much nice than here. LOL Bring back some warm temperatures for us. We are so cold.

  365. Pat says:

    Still cold and windy in Nebraska, but no snow or freezing rain! Please be careful if you are in parts of the country having bad weather.
    I made vegetable beef soup with the broth and gravy from last nights prime rib. It has enchilada sauce in it for a little kick. I added carrots, celery onions, peas, corn and a diced baked potato all from the freezer. We will have it Saturday for lunch or dinner and I will freeze what’s left. I also roasted the last of the sweet potatoes and made potato wedges out of the last 3 russets.
    Mar 8
    Breakfast was the usual for us both.
    Lunch–He took l/o meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy and peas. I had a cheese stick
    Dinner–He had a l/o burger with cheese, roasted sweet potatoes and baked beans our son gave us. I had a brat, potato wedges and beans.
    The beans were from a function my son worked and they are delicious. It is pork and beans and spices, ground beef, bacon and smoked sausage and pineapple. Yummy!!

  366. Alice E says:


    B – Baked Eggs, toast and hot tea
    L – He took pb sandwich, I had leftover soup
    D – leftovers for all, soup is all gone as is the bulgur pilaf, but we still have roast beef, rice and carrots for tomorrow, then I will have to get busy and cook again.

  367. Felicia says:

    Friday – very early in the morning!

    We returned home – travel to the Northeast was just too icky, and I am feeling equally icky with some viral respiratory illness. Today, all I want to do is make soup and pudding – swallowing hurts too much.

    Yesterday, I packed up the food that we still had left for the trip and brought it back home too. We were getting by with muffins, banana bread for breakfasts. Found a bakery outlet along the way and got some bagels too.

    Lunch – no apetite
    Dinner – we were back home but still ate what was planned for the hotel….hot dogs on buns, coleslaw and I had a flip top can of Delmonte corn as a side dish too.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Glad you got home safe Felicia. Now take care of that cold and feel better soon. 🙂

  368. Tasty says:

    Thursday March 8th

    B – grapefruit, pineapple and yogurt and a biscuit for hubby, 2 biscuits and peach pecan honey for me

    L- turkey sandwiches on ww, banana and a granola bar each

    S – ribs at a local restaurant. So, so good

  369. Roberta says:

    Thurs. 3/8/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had his regular packed lunch. Hubs and I ate out while running errands.

    D: Son had LO pasta. Hubs and I weren’t very hungry. He had some yogurt w/ compote and granola and some PB toast. I had a handful of peanuts and the last of the corn muffins.

    S/D: Son had PB toast and an apple after school.

  370. Terry calkins says:

    Felicia. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you are home and not feeling miserable in some motel somewhere on the way
    Chilly and windy here. Doesn’t seem to be able to decide between snow and rain.
    Last summer the magpies ate all our fruit long before it was ripe. They are busily building a huge nest in a tree in our neighbors yard right next to our fence. I told the neighbor today. He hates the magpies too so said he will be happy to take down the nest.
    Yesterday was busy with taking my mom places. It wears me out. I cooked in the morning, but by time I got home in late afternoon all I wanted was a cold beer….and another for dinner…and another for dessert…and early to bed.
    Breakfast this morning was french toast. Lunch is chicken cutlets and baked potatoes.