Pantry Challenge 2016

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Ready to eat down the cupboards? I’ll be leading a Pantry Challenge this month, showing how our family is using up what we got and saving money.

Pantry Challenge 2016 | Good Cheap Eats

You knew it was coming, right? It’s time for a Pantry Challenge! Every January I set aside time to use up our food storage. While we still buy groceries, we focus on using up the food we already have in the freezer, fridge, and pantry.

This year it’s particularly important for me to use up what we have in the freezers because our house will be tented later this month for a termite mitigation. Womp. Womp. Such a bummer. And since I really don’t want to bag up tons and tons of food, we’re going to eat it up first.

Consider this your official invitation to take the Pantry Challenge!

Pantry Challenge 2016

I think this is my SEVENTH year live blogging a Pantry Challenge, and it’s become so much fun, particularly since we get pretty chatty in the comments section. I love it that Sandi, Stephanie, Heather, and so many others (sorry for not listing others) chime in, encourage each other, and build camaraderie. The Pantry Challenge really has become a bonding experience.

I’m gonna need your support, ladies. Usually I poop out after two weeks, but I really need to get BOTH freezers clean. So, cover me — and come with all your encouraging words.

If you’re on Periscope I’ll be scoping the freezers tomorrow at some time, so tune in @jessicagfisher. I’ll be blogging this everyday, so hopefully no one will get too bored. I might scope my daily food prep and planning if there are enough people interested, so let me know.

If you’re new here, welcome! You might have come for the healthy recipes and tips for the Whole 30. I hope you’ll stay for all that plus the tips for saving money and using what you have.

My fridge is not that full right now, so I am going to do some shopping for basics tomorrow as well as inventorying my freezer if I’m brave enough.

My purpose for this Pantry Challenge is to use up what we have so if I need to buy groceries to complement it all, I will. I hope you’ll join me — whether in your own kitchen or just in spirit!

Let’s do this!

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  1. Seems that I happened to come across your site at the right time. I’ve been looking at the freezer and pantry and saying to my daughter for months (she and my 2 grandkids are living with me now) how we need to figure out how to organize this mess and eat what we have before buying more. I was looking for a site to help with meal planning and here it is and more. Exactly what I needed. This will be a great motivator and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  2. I hear you! I really need to dig through and use up what is in our fridge freezer. I lose so much as it slides to the bottom in the drawer bottome freezer! With an unexpected layoff I am doing very good at using up what we have and am so grateful for God’s provision and well stocked pantries! So I need to discipline myself to deal with that freezer. Eep!

    • Heather M says:

      Hi Kristy! You’re proof of exactly why we should keep our cupboards full— for those unexpectedly lean times, they get us through. And we all need to rotate out food from time to time so when we need it, it’s not old and bad. Good luck with the freezer!

  3. I started today-all inventoried (last week) and have meals planned. As usual, we were excessive consumers in December and I love using pantry challenge as a time to get out of the shopping habit and use what I have, which is plenty. After I inventoried, I received a surprise gift package of Omaha Steaks from my brother. From the looks of it, I won’t have to be creative until the end of the month. My goal is to see how long we can go without buying any groceries at all. Also I’ve set a goal of no thrift store shopping this month. I really don’t need anything and am just going to stay away.
    Thanks, Jessica, for hosting. I think it’s my 6th year and it’s always a fun adventure.

  4. I have tried a freezer inventory multiple times but I find it’s just too hard to keep up with it. It’s not a foreign concept to me as my mom has always used one and still does! But I just can’t get into it. Our deep freeze is packed full and we really want to get the budget under control so I’m with you this time 🙂

  5. I really need this!! I keep intending to follow along and then I get lazy, but my freezers and pantry are full to bursting and we just set some serious financial goals for the first quarter of the year in my family, so shopping the house will be huge for us. And since we are on such a strict budget right now, I’m hoping I won’t lose motivation. Or if I do, I’ll have to keep going since I don’t have funds to do something else!

    • Being on a super strict budget, especially if not especially voluntary, is not fun. Hopefully the pantry challenge will help you out. I find it is more of a game, trying to see just how low I can keep expenditures, during the pantry challenge time. It somehow seems more fun to penny-pinch in a group setting. 🙂

  6. Stephanie M. says:

    Hi Jessica:

    Yesterday, I inventoried my freezer and made a menu for the first week of the pantry challenge based on that. I always feel more comfortable doing menus on a week to week basis; why I don’t know, I just do. In any event, I am ready for this challenge and look forward to saving some money and the end result. 🙂

  7. Stephanie M. says:

    P.S. I’m also ready for a nice reunion with my pantry challenge ladies! 🙂 🙂

    • Heather M says:

      I’m ready for that reunion too!! Yay!! Hi Stephanie!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Heather:

        I am so happy to hear from you. I know you traveled all summer. I hope you had a great time and a wonderful Christmas. I am so looking forward to talking to you throughout the next month. Happy New Year and well wishes for you and your family!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        I forgot to tell you that we traveled too recently. Just got back from a two week stay in Hawaii. We left the day after Thanksgiving and came home December 9. From that point on, we raced around the clock with Christmas shopping, wrapping and all of that. We decorated before we left and I baked all of my cookies before we left too so at least that was done but we haven’t sat down since we got home with parties and family things and that. I just told Paul that we need to go back to our little grass shack in Hawaii right now but sadly we need to save up for it again. 🙁 While we were there, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we got married there also right underneath Diamond Head in Oahu. Oh I miss being there. Every time we leave, we leave a bit of our hearts there.

        • Heather M says:

          Oh what fun, Stephanie!! Hawaii is amazing. I have 3 siblings and their families who live there. In fact my parents are there now. I’m the crazy one living on the east coast. Ha! I’m impressed you got baking done before you left. Great work! Looking forward to chatting more this month! 🙂

  8. I’m in this year ?
    I skipped last year, as I was due with our second child on the 27th and just didn’t have the energy.
    This year, I have been looking forward to the challenge ? .
    Kathy in Denmark

    • For some reason, my smiley faces turn into questionmarks. Hmmm

    • Heather M says:

      Congrats on the news baby last year! Welcome back!

      • Thank you, Heather.

        She is now a wonderful little girl almost 11 months old! Time really flies.

        I have really been looking forward to this, it was so much fun last time I participated.

        I enjoy reading all the comments and getting new inspiration.

  9. I love reading about your pantry challenges, they really inspire me. I always do mine in November and December since they are expensive months for me. (With the exception of stocking up on a few baking items.)Even though I am not joining you I wish you all lots of creativity and success.

  10. I’m in! I have actually been working down the pantry and freezer since the day after Christmas as that day always feels like a starting place for me somehow. I took an inventory of what I have, including the preserved food I put by this fall. While we don’t have huge stock piles of anything, we definitely have plenty! I did grocery shop for dairy and produce the other day, spending about $70, all of which is just about gone by now. I will need to get milk, fruit and maybe some deli meat for this week to help make the transition back to school easier (I am a teacher and have been on vacation this week).

    Thrilled you’re doing this again and glad to see so many on board already!!

  11. I’m in, and I’m also starting a diet,, pray for me 🙂 ! but my family is not dieting and my freezer has unidentified packages in the bottom. I have a ***ginormous*** bag of dried kidney beans in my freezer that I will need to get creative with?

    I feel blessed to have Jessica and all you ladies to do it with.

    • offhand ideas: chili, refried beans (often made with pinto but can use kidney as well), red beans and rice, soups, bean salads, bean dip, I’ve seen recipes for using them to make burgers but never tried it — good luck!

  12. I’m in!! Been waiting for this 🙂 organized my pantry the other day. Need to check my freezers. Am making a batch of chicken stock today from a carcass I had in the freezer (rotisserie chicken carcasses make great stock!). Just signed on to scope recently so am really looking forward to that addition to the of posts. Happy New Year!!

  13. I will be doing a pantry challenge of sort. While my pantry is full, we are out of some staples in our house and our fridge is bare since we just gave our friends an over flowing bag of produce since we are out of town for the week. But my freezer has plenty of meat, so the goal is to use that up!

  14. Jessica S says:

    I did heavy shopping in November/Early December knowing I would want to glide the end of the month and try to start 2016 on the leaner side! The deep freeze and Pantry shelves are both pretty sparse for me! That is just fine! I am hoping this weekend to get some alone grocery , couponing time in! I don’t have many paper coupons right this moment.. but the local stores have some great deals on basics right now and I have quite a few matching coupons from Ibotta and Savingstar apps.. Just need to stock up on lunch packing basics and meal items. Checking in daily for great ideas!!!

  15. I am in, again! Inventory complete and menu for this week done. Looking forward to hearing from everyone again. Love your Pantry Challenges….

  16. I’m in! I told the kids the other day that we are going to be starting our pantry challenge. My seven year old always loves to help me plan meals out so it’s good bonding time. Can’t wait to see what the month brings. Happy New Year to everyone!

  17. Good luck! I’m not participating due to move/travel plans, but I’ll follow along with interest.

  18. I’m in!
    We have an odd assortment of things available since we spent the week of christmas out of town. A lot of staples, but no meat and no produce. So we will participate in a slightly different way. My goal is to use up those random boxes and cans that got pushed to the back of the cupboard, along with the rice (why do I have so much rice?) and pasta. That, along with the relatively inexpensive seasonal produce we will pick up. It is a perfect time. December was an expensive month and we need to get back on track with our budget and save where we can.

  19. I’m very excited to join you in your Pantry Challenge this year!! 2016 is going to be an expensive year of traveling and lots of special events for my household, so wherever I can save some money I’m willing to try!! I plan to do a pantry and freezer inventory later today.

  20. Vanessa B says:

    Challenge accepted! I am bursting at the seams with food. I spent almost double my monthly grocery budget in December. I have over 4 pages of items on my dry goods inventory. I won’t even attempt to inventory my freezers until some space has been made. If I take it all out I know if won’t all fit back in. Weird how that happens.
    I have an added challenge this year; the bottom half of my Gemini duel oven is inoperable at the moment. So I am restricted to cooking in the smaller upper oven that is usually used for keeping warm and broiling. 2 9×13 pans fit side by side but it’s only one level so I can’t make 2 pizzas at once or roast the turkey in my freezer. I was able to cook an entire Christmas Dinner of beef tenderloin, yorkshire pudding and all the fixin’s in my tiny oven so I am up for the challenge. I knew there was a reason to have 3 crock pots.
    We are also doing a “No Fast Food Month” for January. My kids are becoming junk food junkies so it’s time to rein it in. I am trying to come up with a reward for making it through the month. Any suggestions?

    • the1chery says:

      Vanessa, Your story sounds like mine! Except I spent 3x my budget amount on food in December! My frig, my frig freezer, my stand alone freezer, and my pantry are all bursting at the seams. Like you, I can’t inventory my freezers because they are so full I wouldn’t be able to get everything back in. I’m not going to buy ANY groceries at least for the month of January and see how much I can get rid of. If it barely makes a dent, I’ll have to go into February!

    • Heather M says:

      Re: reward ideas, if it’s for the kids, maybe a trip to the movies, complete with treats? Or maybe a family outing to a favorite non-fast-food restaurant, after eating in all month? Or maybe make fun and not typical desserts or goodies regularly throughout the challenge?
      Regardless, sounds like you are positioned to eat well this month! Good luck!

  21. we are dairy farmers & have our own meat…..we just butchered this fall so I wont totally clean out the freezer 🙂 but I’m in to cleanout pantry….goodness gracious it needs a purging…..have never tried this but going to this year!

  22. Nancy travers says:

    For any obsessively out there – I love the prep and pantry app on iOS. It takes a fair amount of work to set up, but it scans the code and often identifies the product. You can insert an expiration date and it will show you those things that are about to expire. I use one of the fields to identify exactly where in the freezer things are – I.e. 2nd shelf left rear. You can also have the app automatically add an item to the shopping cart when you use something up. You also identify the place where things are located. It’s really halpful cause we have a cabin we use in summer so I can check if I have a certain spice at the cabin or need to buy or bring one from home. I can’t wait to get recipe and meal ideas to use up my older freezer and pantry items! Thanks, nt

  23. I’m in! I’ve done my inventories, made my menu list, and have already started. I don’t have a ton of meats but have some things from our garden I would like to use up. And of course save money after having to buy a new stove, a large car repair bill on top of Christmas gifts the last two months.

    • Heather M says:

      totally with you on the needing to save after major expenses. Between Christmas, new tires(and expensive, rare size unfortunately), and today an unexpected car repair, yep. Time to replace that $$! Good luck!

      • Why do those things happen all at once? In the Spring we had to replace the fridge and hot water heater on back to back weekends and now the stove and car repair. Here’s hoping 2016 will be less expensive!

  24. I’m in! I’m not sure how long I will last because both freezers are looking fairly sparse for a family of 8, but I know there are some things that have been lurking in there too long. 🙂 I was just sitting down to work on next week’s menu but will stop and do an inventory first.

  25. This is perfect timing for me as I have to empty my freezer ready for moving and using up at least some of what we have in the store cupboard will be good too. I’ve just made a list of all that’s in my freezer hitch isn’t a whole lot but should keep us going for 2-3 weeks. We move 4 weeks on Monday so that should work out well.
    Looking forward to joining in

  26. Lea Ann H. says:

    We are SO ready for the pantry challenge. We inventoried and cleaned the pantry and freezers yesterday, and completed a menu plan for the month. I was shocked to see that – with the exception of replenishing milk, eggs, and bananas throughout the month – I only need to purchase 3 ingredients in order to put meals on the table this month. Guess I’ve stocked up a bit too much recently . . . it will feel great to pare down and use up all that we’ve been blessed with.

  27. Meant to also say, I’ve done my meal plans for the next week. All. Should need to buy s some milk and fresh fruit/veg

  28. I’m in! I made a big pot of stock this week and will make another next week to clear out some odds and ends from the freezer. It will feel good to clear out supplies that have been there awhile.

  29. From the govt websites and coming from everywhere they are warning us to store as much food and water as we can. I cleaned out or freezer and started all over with food that keeps a long time. I got quite a lot of flour and rice and beans…that keep for ages. I got a gallon of honey. Even having extra meds we take on hand. With the floods, hurricanes, tornados and the the warnings of even tsuamis, and seeing the destruction in so many states this season, I now am a believer and they say that worse is coming this year. From the Pope to even the Queen in England come the warnings. We are only two but if we had our children who were still young and my parents, we would do even a lot more. Do not mean to rain on anyone’s parade but we need to stake stock and plan ahead. We are no longer living in the days when many of us grew up. It is a far, far more dangerous world today and I do want to be prepared.

  30. Yay! We’re in this year. We’ll probably get some dairy and fresh produce, but otherwise I’m hoping to stay away from the stores. Our freezers are stuffed (and there’s only three of us, so it may take us awhile to empty them out).

  31. I’m in! I need to do this. I find it difficult to cook for just the 2 of us so always have at least another meal leftover from whatever I cook. Into the freezer they go. I have quarts of chicken broth in the freezer to use along with cooked chicken meat. I do get a produce box every month and supplement it with produce from the farmers market so not only will we clean the freezer and pantry out, we will eat well.

  32. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    Ok, I’m not sure how this is possible, but I still have both my freezers full of food! I went through both of them the beginning of November and made up a menu that took us through Christmas. I followed the menu and didn’t buy much to add to the freezer. Just a few meat items that were at a really LOW price! I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go through them both again and make another menu up and see how long I can get through. I shouldn’t complain though, because my grocery bills have been pretty low lately!

  33. I am very ready for a pantry challenge! I have two full freezers and many pantry items that need rotated out. We should only need fresh produce, milk, bread and cheese to get us through. Looking forward to putting some money aside this month after over spending for Christmas and car repairs in November and December.

  34. Crystal Hankey says:

    Just finished a self imposed 3 month pantry challenge. Partly to use up freezer and pantry items but mostly to save money. My husband is self employed and winters are always challenging to say the least. I was surprised how long we went and I did get the bigger freezer defrosted at the end. Now looking for deals, sales, coupons to start rebuilding. This is the year I want to work towards a deeper pantry of foods we use for just such surprises in life. I will be with you in spirit.

  35. Heather M says:

    Happy New Year All! So ready for the Challenge, after we head home tomorrow from my in-laws in the NY area. The pantry and freezer are so full, so it’s time to rotate out aging items and eat them before I have to chuck them. We also just had, today, an unexpected car repair (ugh, don’t ask, stalling on the Verazzano Bridge in NYC was scary), while out of town, no less. Only spending on fresh items/necessities will make up that repair cost no problem. We are three at home, my husband, 14 year old son, and myself. We also have a 19 year old daughter but she’s out of state on a church mission this year. Looking forward to connecting with all of you, getting creative in the kitchen, eating healthily (always a priority), saving some money, and having fun! 🙂 And, Jessica, thanks for the shout-out! I’ll be here to cheer you on through the end!

  36. I don’t have a bursting pantry, but I would like to do this to use up what is there. Also, I think it will help me think outside the box for the rest of the month. Like when the Cheerios are gone and I don’t buy more. I can make granola and muffins. I have meals for the week, but will need to buy produce tomorrow and meat by next weekend. However, I am going to utilize the rest of what we have for snacks etc. I am excited about this.

  37. Tastycook says:

    Count me in!! I need to do this – 1 pantry, 1 fridge & freezer and 2 freezers – all full, not quite overflowing but almost.

    I have done inventories recently and know that the over-the-fridge freezer alone has enough to do dinners for probably 10 days, no exageration. There are only 2 of us and most times when I cook, there will be enough for at least one extra meal.for us. Something like pork chops woulkd be the exception.

    I don’t meal plan as such but every week or so i check to see what is available upstairs in the fridge. Once the little freezer is depleted somewhat, I go down to the basement and “shop” from the other freezers. That way I will always have some options in mind for what to prepare.and if I know that time will be short one night, that is when the slow cooker comes out or I use up some of the leftovers!

    Love seeing how others handle the challenge too. Like most others, I will have to buy milk, eggs and some fresh produce!

    • This is exactly what I do in regards to keeping the little freezer stocked and then shopping from the big freezer when supply starts to dwindle 🙂

  38. I have enjoyed reading about your pantry challenges and think I will try to participate this year. We’ve had extra expenses this year with some more coming up soon, so the timing is good. I like to keep pantry and freezers well stocked, but this year they need some paring down. I also won’t inventory freezer right away because they’re pretty full. I might get it back in less space, but that’s a lot of work. I know they hold lots of meat, fruit and vegetables. I’ve been rotating the older things up, so to start with I will just start using up. I will do some pantry organizing to make sure I’m using the oldest first, but that is pretty standard with me. We will need to buy fresh fruit, dairy and maybe bread; but I’m thinking about starting to bake our bread again. For starters I’m planning to cook up a pork roast tomorrow.

  39. Oh have you come at the right time. I have to begin saving $300 a month for a move to an island probably in fall 2016 – costs a fortune to move an apartment on a ferry boat. SO – I am happy to use up everything, every little saved thing in my freezer and all the cans in on my pantry shelves. Today though, I had to be in the market to exchange a small crate of spoiled clementines for a new good box and I bought fresh spinach, 2 small sweet pears, a loaf of 12 grain harvest bread and a piece of London broil on super sale for $3.75 (a good three menu items with this). Sitting down tonight with my pen and notebook to figure out menus with what I have. Can’t wait for this month!

  40. I’m in. I’ve never finished one before, but this is going to be my year! We’ve had some crazy vet bills lately, so really need to save some money. My M-I-L and I double bought quite a few things during the holidays, so the pantry and freezer are very full. I’ll have to buy some fill-in things, but I’m hoping to spend only about a fourth of what we usually do, and not find any stuff that’s out of date or iffy in a few months.

    I haven’t really done a full inventory or a long plan. That seems a little overwhelming. I’ve just planned out the next few days, based on what I know is there. I’ll do the same thing again in a few days.

    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

    • I haven’t done a full inventory either. I simply sat down at wrote a list of meals from what I know we have. It ended up being quite long!

  41. I’m ready for this. My freezer is packed and I need to clean it out. I’ll be joining you on this journey.

  42. This is the first pantry challenge I have ever done, but I am very excited about it! I just ordered your Dinner in 30 minutes or less book, so hopefully I can use some of those recipes this month in the challenge!

  43. No matter what I do, my freezer always ends up absurdly full. We hit max capacity mid-December, so we’ve already been doing a no-freezer-purchases challenge. My fridge is actually fuller than usual, including an abundance of cheeses that were gifted to us plus what I’d bought. The pantry itself actually has visible open space! So exciting. I like having some stores in the house so that should something happen, we’ll still be able to eat. I don’t like panicking if the lights flicker, thinking how much I’ll lose if that power goes out. So, time to pare down! It always seems easier to stick to it during a pantry challenge. Peer pressure is not always a bad thing. 🙂

  44. Count me in too! My freezers are so full of meats and homemade beef and chicken stock that I could probably go thru February so I might as well give it a try. Inventory and meal planning is on my agenda for tomorrow. Time to go thru your cookbooks for inspiration!!

  45. I”ve read your pantry challenges in the past, but this is my first time joining 🙂 I have a side by side fridge and freezer, a large closet style pantry, 2 small kitchen cabinet style pantries, a medium size deep freeze, and an old armoir in the garage that we use as additional pantry space. The fridge and garage pantry are slim pickin’s, but everything else is packed to the max. My goal is to cut our grocery bill in half for the month – buying only produce, milk, eggs, breads etc. Can’t wait to learn from everyone elses challenges and see the creativity!

  46. This will be the first year I’ve ever tried this. All the other times seemed too overwhelming with a nursing baby or some other such thing. Anyhow, I have a whole grass fed cow hanging at the butcher right now. I’ve got two weeks to make some room for it. I bought about six hams for 99 cents / lb before Christmas, thinking the cow would be a ways off. I made a list of all of the meals I can make from what I have on hand, so that’s a start. Of course I’ll still need to buy fresh produce, dairy & eggs (winter slows our laying hens down quite a bit). Eggs at the store are so expensive!

  47. I decided to do the challenge! Just found your site after getting 3 of your cookbooks for Christmas. I’ve spent the past week reading through the pantry challenge archive, lol. I do have about 22 meals ready to put into the crockpot in my small chest freezer, although, there are a few we didn’t care for. Lesson to self, don’t make 2 of an untried recipe when freezer cooking! Oh well, live and learn, or practice better common sense… I’m dreading on digging to the bottom of my chest freezer, I know most of what’s in the bottom will need to be thrown away. I was looking for a meal yesterday and came across a container or bean soup from 2010, if that tells you anything…yikes, I didn’t think it had been that long since cleaning it out! Looking forward to the challenge!

  48. I just learned about this from your post on Facebook last week. I did an inventory of my two freezers, pantry shelf in the garage and kitchen pantry on Wednesday. On Thursday I bought a few fresh fruits and veggies. I’ve set a rule for myself that I will allow 1 trip to the grocery store per week with a budget of $25 for milk, eggs, bread (for the kids) and fresh produce. That’s pretty tight for my family of 6. I’m gonna record my journey on my Instagram account (I just found you yesterday) and tag with #pantrychallenge. Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  49. Long time reader & lurker, and I’ve always enjoyed reading your pantry challenges in the past but never really participated. We have to move at the end of February, so we’re trying to eat down some. So this will hopefully give me some motivation!

    For the record, it’s my partner & I, in our early 30s, no kids. We live in Perth Australia, so it’s rather hot, which I always find makes it harder to cook. Hoping to not have to buy *too* much this month, though I work in a grocery store so it’s always very tempting!

  50. I’m in! We have been eating up our cupboards and Freezer already. I will need to buy weekly items like eggs, milk and buns ( Just 2 of us and I find a bag of buns does more for us and lasts better than a loaf of bread). I do make up home made things like pancakes, dumplings, muffins etc. but always make too much bread and buns and I don’t like to use up freezer space with them.
    Fresh vegetables have gone so high here that we are eating frozen on sale, and staple veg, like potatoes, carrots, cabbage, rutabagas, and onions. I miss my tiny garden for fresh greens ( green onions, lettuce, spinach, and by august tomatoes).
    Like many others our pay isn’t increasing but many items that we have little control over are headed higher, heat, light, medical premiums and on. Of course too our Canadian dollar is way down from what it was a couple of years ago, so no trips to the States to stock up on items I can’t even find here to buy. Or for many items that were 1/2 the price of ours at regular prices!
    Searching for recipes that are tried and true, that are low cost to make, and yet cover the basics. Also making a flexible weekly menu plan. Will try and post weekly.

  51. I too have been a pantry challenge stalker, but have never participated. We are dairy farmers and butcher our own beef and hogs every winter. I need to defrost freezers before filling again. I have so much left from holiday shopping that I think we will be eating really good for awhile. Looking forward to all the posts.

  52. Yay! It’s time again. I’ve been waiting. Once again, my shelves are stuffed to the brim. Friends cleaned their pantries and cupboards and gave me all their stuff in addition to my overstuffed pantry and freezers.

    I didn’t inventory because it would take too darned long. Really. I have so much food. I will do what I did the last two years and start with easy meals with stuff I can see.
    1-3 Scrambled eggs, sausage./ pbj/ baked a small turkey.
    1-4 Pancakes from mix./ leftover turkey/ spaghetti and meatballs using sauce I put up from the garden and misc bits for the meatballs.
    1-5 Bf burritos using the leftovers from 1-3 plus ends of cheese./ leftover turkey./spaghetti. (I’m freezing the rest because there’s still so much.)

    Thanks for hosting this again!

  53. michelle porter says:

    Will join in somewhat. Major car issues here and going to break down and find a good used car. Not fully stocked but have a decent meat stock. Looking to spend no more than $30 per week. Spent $25 last night and should be good for the week. Last time I joined I, my refrigerator went out and I list my surpluses. Here’s to hoping for a better challenge this time.


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