Pantry Challenge Day 6 (Summer 2015)

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This is day 6 of our Summertime Pantry Challenge. We’re trying to eat up what we have and not go over budget this month, despite all the craziness we’ve had going.

pantry 6

We are surviving! I think I’ve still got $60 in the budget, so this challenge must be working. My tummy is full.

It helps that there were plenty of s’more fixings in the pantry!

Today was mostly leftovers which was not very exciting. But, we survived. And no, we don’t often eat this much fish, but there we are.

Here’s what we ate today:

Breakfast: English muffins, leftover oatmeal

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Grilled fish, creamy noodles, steamed broccoli

How’s the Pantry Challenge going for you?

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  1. Breakfast – Cheerios, nectarine
    Snack – watermelon, popcorn
    Lunch – beef hot dog
    Dinner – pork loin, buttered veggie pasta (leftovers), broccoli – very similar to your dinner except pork rather than fish
    Dessert – Girl Scout Samoa ice cream with sliced nectarines as a topping

  2. Yesterday I made two batches of maple cinnamon rolls. I baked one batch off for breakfast and put the second in the freezer. I also made 12 dozen cookies. I package these 1-1/2 dozen to a bag. My girls are at the age when nearly every weekend there is at least 1 or 2 girls spending the night. I thaw a bag of cookies every Friday and these become the treats for the sleepovers. I have yet to have a child spend the night that turned their nose up to milk and cookies.

    B-Maple cinnamon rolls, orange juice and strawberries (from the freezer)
    L-Texas Lasagna from the freezer, tossed salad, orange slices
    D-Ham & potato soup, cheese plate, blueberries

    We are down to just 2 small bags of diced ham from Easter in the freezer. I will be using the last two bags to make ham and pinto bean soup and mac & cheese with ham casserole.

  3. Down to the last 2 quarts of chicken stock in the freezer, so have white chicken chili in the crockpot (it’s going to be 115 today, so no oven cooking for us); made chicken spaghetti on the stove last night. Lunch continues to be salads and sandwiches and fruit. Breakfast is cereal, eggs and such. Everyone is on their own basically for the first 2 meals of the day. We will be out of freezer meals and components by July 14, so kind of excited to see bare freezer shelves! The pantry is almost bare already – just a few cans of tomatoes and sauce, tuna, chicken and beans. Will get filled with whatever we put up for winter – probably just applesauce, peaches and apricots and maybe some tomatoes. We’ll see how ambitious I really am as the summer goes on…

  4. Stephanie M. says:

    Yesterday, while Hubby was working in the garage all day, I was in the kitchen. Without planning, I baked two banana chocolate chip walnut breads, a large Tupperware of fruit salad, a quiche, turkey sausage, and dog biscuits. The dogs are in on the challenge too and love it!! We had a very successful day on the challenge.

    B – I made a quiche using up the last of the deli ham, some cheddar cheese, the last few weeks leeks I had, and the last of the sour cream. Lots of small stuff being used up.

    L – Hubby had more of the General Tso and rice leftover from yesterday. The rice I cooked yesterday but the General Tso was leftovers from the freezer. I skipped lunch because I was on such a roll in the kitchen and didn’t want to stop.

    D – Hubby was still busy in the garage. He spent the day working on his 1966 Red Volkswagen. Very beautiful car that he bought and had shipped over across the country from California two years ago. It has won many awards and he was putting a radio in it. Anyway by dinnertime, he was still working on it so he didn’t have time to grill the steaks for our dinner so they will be for tomorrow, and instead, I cooked some hot dogs and we used up the last of the buns and he ate the rest of the potato salad that I had in the refrigerator.

  5. Stephanie M. says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that the banana bread was made from bananas I had in the freezer. So I was able to use up all four that I had in there. And the turkey sausage was made from two lbs of ground turkey that I had and wanted to make since we used up all of the turkey sausage from the freezer that I made a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Betty Porter says:

    For breakfast, I had leftover Pizza that my daughter brought over last night. For lunch we had baked spaghetti, and for dinner we are having leftovers from lunch. I am all for leftovers. I think everything taste better the next day.

  7. karen J says:

    I could easily eat fish 3+ times a week. Lucky you to have that “problem” during pantry challenge. I am not participating at this time, but am enjoying reading posts. I’ll be there in January.
    Happily I stocked up on boneless chicken breasts for $1.79 lb. That’s an incredibly deal where I live.

  8. B – neither ds nor myself ate breakfast. I was busy working in the garden, and he just wasn’t hungry when he got up.
    L – ds ate two slices of pizza and a leftover sandwich from lunch out yesterday. I had a salad.
    D – BBQ chicken (on a sandwich for ds), leftover baked beans for ds, and just chicken and salad for me.

    We are working with what we’ve got, and eating relatively well… no one is going hungry and not spending any money. 🙂

  9. Still eating sandwich from fixings 2 days ago. Dh still in hospital.
    So today
    Breakfast , Bagel with scant spread of strawberry jam and coffee
    Lunch sandwich , club house made with only 2 slices of bread, turkey, ham, and bacon ( from what I had already cooked the other day when Dh. was still home. Small dish of cut up fruit ( still left over)
    Afternoon snack another small dish of fruit ( finished!! and none went bad).
    Supper , I am going to boil a few small baby potatoes in the microwave, cut them in half and use up the turkey gravy, also will put it on my turkey ( I only cooked a 1/2 turkey, but I’m sure each time I shut the fridge door it multiplies!) I need to use my asparagus too so that will be my veg. When you’ve bought for 2 and then there is only one eating it seems like so much more food around. I think I will have to refreeze the rest of the turkey and bring it out in a week or so and make my soup and turkey pie then.

  10. tastycook says:

    Pat, sure hope your hubby will be home soon.

    Breakfast – fruit and yogurt, burgers at our village restaurant at lunch time. After that we really weren’t too hungry so I made a big fruit crumble, which will be dessert for several days, or maybe breakfasts for us. I have lots of fruit in the freezer so used some strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, rhubarb and peaches – good!!!

  11. Crystal says:

    B- cereal and yogurt
    L- hodge podge of whatever we could find- we were doing a bunch of yard work, planting trees, etc, and didnt really stop for lunch, we just went in and grabbed an apple, a cheese stick, piece of toast- whatever we could find that was quick, cold and easy!
    D-homemade pizza, salad, broccoli and cookies.

    We are still eating good and no one knows I am pulling a pantry challenge!

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