Pantry Challenge Day 23: Popovers that Didn’t Pop

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This is Day 23 of my month-long Pantry Challenge series  where we’re eating down the pantry (and freezer and fridge) to use up what we have, rotate stock, and save some cash. 

I’ve been making popovers for about fifteen years. They have always popped. Until today.

My kids were thrilled that I was making them for breakfast. It used to be the way I bribed them to eat soup. We’ve never had leftover popovers, not even today when they didn’t turn out right.

Gonna have to try them again. I’m stumped as to why they didn’t work. But, the kids gobbled them down with butter and jam.

I exercised while they ate. Later I had my breakfast:

Vanilla Cranberry Bread, Yogurt Granola Parfait = so yummy!

Lunch was easy: two different soups from the freezer: Black Bean and Split Pea. I busted out the oyster crackers which the kids love as well as sliced cheddar.

Dinner had FishPapa on deck since I left to go write at Starbucks. FishBoy15 made a salad; FishBoy12 was making an Alfredo sauce to go with pasta. I think that’s what they ate.

Day 23 Menus

Breakfast: Breakfast Bar of Popovers, Granola, Yogurt, Vanilla Cranberry Bread, Oatmeal
Lunch: Soups from the Freezer (Black Bean, Split Pea) Oyster Crackers, Cheddar Cheese
Dinner:  Pasta Night with Papa

That was the day. Only 8 days left.

How ya doing?

This post is part of a month-long Pantry Challenge series. You can read more about my goals for the challenge here.

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  1. i LOVE reading where your children are helping with the meals. my mom had my sister and me help prepare supper. we were the official bakers – except for her awesome pies! at our home clean-up was part of the job. =) being the younger sister, i always dried the dishes. perhaps that is why i now enjoy washing dishes. Mom was wonderful about encouraging us and telling us (and others) what a great job we did. it meant alot to know that she had confidence in us and we were part of the team, helping our family. if we messed up, she didn’t get upset. we just knew we needed to clean it up. it’s fun to remember back ……. “long long ago, in another galaxy, far far away.” haha

  2. I’ve seen that same image through my oven door so many times that we now call them “flopovers”. And we also never have a single one leftover. I have made them perfectly and have not been able to decide what the problem is when they don’t work. Beaten too much/not enough, too cold, pan not greased well enough, mixed too long/too soon before baking….

    Whatever the reason, the first time a kid makes them, they turn out beautifully. We keep trying though.

  3. The day didn’t go at all as planned, but it still used food from home. Except for when we were at Costco and decided we were hungry but almost all the samplers had packed up. We got a polish sausage to split as a snack to tide us over until dinner.
    Breakfast: Special K cereal
    Lunch: crab artichoke casserole
    Snack: polish sausage (Costco)
    Dinner: turkey, sweet potato, green beans
    Dessert: turtle pie

  4. Did you make those w/ muffin tins or popover pans? I’ve always wondered if one could substitute.

  5. We are having vanilla cranberry bread from your cookbook right now, too. The kids are eating it while I read your blog. =D.

  6. Yesterday was a good day… I decided it was time to eat something besides tamales for lunch.. haha.. I opened a jar of chicken I canned last fall and made chicken salad.. It was pretty tasty.

    Breakfast was oatmeal with honey and coffee
    lunch was chicken salad on lettuce with balsamic vinegar spritz
    supper was roasted chicken with onions, carrots, & garlic and we had molten lava cakes for dessert.

    snacks were bananas & oranges

  7. Aside from spending $73 at the grocery, Jan. 23 was good for the challenge. We were running really low on many staples in our house(carrots, lettuce, bread, crackers, milk, sour cream, OJ, etc. Also bought ice cream BoGo, some other snacky foods, etc.).

    Breakfast: mini bagels, muffins, bacon, juice
    Lunch: lunchboxes(sandwiches, fruit, rice krispy treats); leftovers, fruit, plus I also had raw veggies
    Dinner: Ideal pantry/freezer meal for a cold winter’s day. Perfect for those nights you don’t want to think much, either. Tortellini bake: marinara & alfredo sauces from the pantry mixed together with spinach from the freezer(defrosted/squeezed dry) & italian seasoning, tossed together with cooked cheese tortellini from the freezer, topped with mozzarella. Oh so yummy. Will file this one away for busy days.

    During this challenge, I’ve been doing a sort of Semi-Homemade type of cooking (anyone know that Sandra Lee cooking show?) more often than usual. It’s good in that I’m adding new recipes for my busy nights so we won’t resort to takeout as frequently. And also nice to be cleaning out. But I am looking for more completely homemade things in the near future. Perhaps the chili tonight will be more homemade, unless the canned beans counteract that.

  8. Yesterday was a great day, blueberry pancakes for breakfast, lunch was bologna roll-ups (no bread) and Zucchini/sweet potato cakes, the kids loved it! We’ll be having both of those again. Dinner was Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots. I spent $29.25 this morning on dairy, meat, fruit and vegatables. Did we NEED sour cream and cottage cheese, No, but it will help diversify our alternating potato, pasta dinners. Spent $158.39 this month and about half was non-food items so I’m really not doing too badly with my spending.

    I know this pantry challenge is meal specific but I have learned that I really hate running out of and paying for paper and cleaning products in January. It’s painful to spend on those items. So I have decided that August/September I need to stock-up on houshold items to get us through to Spring when work picks up for my husband.

    Thanks for the daily updates and encouragement! I’m going to have to try these popovers everyone raves about!

  9. Whatever your popovers looked like, they would have been better than mine!!! I know my limits and that would be one.

    Breakfast-i didn’t have to go to work until 7AM so I cooked biscuits and sausage for everyone before I left. I packed cottage cheese for me.
    Lunch-Hubs and I packed left over vegetable soup. Son took a salad and a sandwich. Not sure what college girl ate.
    Supper-spaghetti and meatballs

    Tomorrow we are to have some snow/sleet/freezing rain. That always makes me want to bake in a warm kitchen! I have the day off so I hope to make some muffins and some rolls for the freezer.

  10. Things are going pretty well. I had to run to the store a few times this week for stomach flu recovery necessities and then today for a rotisserie chicken…but overall, we are doing good and still under budget!! Here is my log:

  11. I must confess I’ve never made popovers. I’m not exactly sure what the ingredients are but my suspicion would be the levening agent could be old. My daughter came unglued at Christmas because her chocolate chip cookies were flat. We finally decided it was her baking soda was old. I buy the small box, keep in a plastic bag and since it so cheap, replace it often.

    The challenge is going pretty well here. The three of us all fix our own breakfasts and mine is usually eggs in some form and beans or a protein shake, DH usually has cereal and my mom makes whatever is easiest for her. For lunch I eat leftovers or soup I’ve frozen or a salad w/protein of some type. DH doesn’t eat lunch right now (he’s on a lunch fast) and my mom has either leftovers or canned soup (eye roll). Dinner last night was bbq’d chicken breasts, baked potato and sweet potato and broccoli. Tonight is leftovers and we have social engagements the next two nights so we’ll be eating at them.

  12. The cold and flu bugs have invaded our house. My husband has the flu and only had fluids today. The kids have colds so it was small meals from leftovers. I did have to go to the store for medicine, gigner ale, saltines and jello.

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